Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L280C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of knowing the reality of the world and the power of actions to gain knowledge. They stress the distraction of the heart and the importance of serious activities that require attention. The "lee of existence" is the physical and biological process of boasting about oneself and others, and it is the process of boasting about oneself and others. The "lee of existence" is the physical and biological process of boasting about oneself and others, and it is the process of boasting about oneself and others. The "lee of existence" is the physical and biological process of boasting about oneself and others, and it is the process of boasting about oneself and others. The "lee of existence" is the physical and biological process of boasting about oneself and others, and it is the process of boasting about oneself and others. The "lee of existence" is the physical and biological process of boasting about oneself and others, and it is the process of boasting about
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After mentioning the state of those who believe and those who disbelieve and they're ending the after Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us the reality of the life of this world, what is that reality and he commands us to get to know it heirloom all all of you know, Why get to know it, because only when a person has earned him or something, then he can take the proper action concerning it.

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And Allah selling us to have knowledge arolla more animal higher to dunya Larry Boone wala one, know the reality of the life of this world, how can a person come to know the reality of this world? How can a person gain this knowledge by reflection by two factor and that is what is mentioned in this ayah as well, that Allah subhanaw taala presents to us an example. He presents to us what life of this world is, so that we reflect and reflect and analyze, so that this is as clear to us as real is the reality of the life of this world is as clear to us as him is because without this rail, a person cannot make the proper decisions a person cannot take proper action.

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So errorlevel all of you know, know what a normal hire to do near that, indeed the life of this world, meaning this life of ours that we're living, what is its reality? Allah subhanaw taala describes it in five terms. First of all, Larry Boone, secondly, while one third Lee was in atone fourthly, what affair hold on bainer, calm, and fifth water, Catherine, Phil, and Wiley will alert. This is all that this life is about? What? First of all, Larry, what is Larry, play? game? Fun, Larry, remember, is done with God with the limbs. So basically, it is an action that a person does an activity that a person does. Why? For the purpose of enjoyment, for the purpose of entertainment

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to please himself.

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And Larry, over here is describing what the life of this world

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if you think about it, the life that people live, it's one of many actions. It's all about action, isn't it? From one activity to the other, from one chore to the other?

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So all of this, people being busy in one thing after the other, what is the law describe it as Larry, this is all a game.

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And again, that distracts the person that diverts the person from what is more important, what is more important preparing for the ACA, which is by doing the Chroma by Salah, so on and so forth. So this game, the activities of this dunya What do they distract a person from, from preparing for the ACA?

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If you think about it, play sport game play. Who does that? children? Isn't

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this Think about your childhood, or think about how children play.

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They play with blocks, they play with adults. One pretends that he's the host, the other pretends that he's the guest. They're pretending to have a tea party, right? They're making tea. They're eating together, sitting together having fun, isn't it? So this is what play is. Similarly, one is playing with the blocks, you make something makes a tower and then he breaks it rolls a ball, and the ball falls off the other side rolled something and it falls off the other side. This is what plays Isn't it so?

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And why is it done? For the purpose of fun for the purpose of entertainment?

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First of all, we must realize that life is not about play. Life is serious, we're here for a reason. So play should be limited. As an actor.

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Meaning a person should only play as much as is necessary for the purpose of relaxation, for the purpose of life enjoyment for the purpose of spending some time with family and friends. And that's enough, that's efficient. However, what do we tell our children? Would you like to play? How about toys? I remember, when my son was small, I never used the word toy in front of him. Because I never wanted him to be attached with toys. Why? Because unfortunately, people they have this attachment with toys and with bears and with things and with you know different different things and they never learn what life is truly about. I never used that word, but he learned it from somewhere.

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I don't like it when he uses it. Why? Because it shows to me. Non serious attitude. And you might say well, you're weird. These a child only It's time for him to play. But the thing is that children do whatever they're taught. Whatever. They're in

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To do, if I surround his life with toys with play with entertainment, this is what he will think is the purpose of life. Whereas this is not the purpose of life.

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So anyway, Allah subhanaw taala calls the life of this world, Larry, that you're busy from one activity to the other, amusing yourself with one thing. And then with the other. At one point, you're going somewhere at another point, you're going to another place. At one point you're shopping another point you're cleaning another point you're cooking. And if you think about it, this is what children do when they're playing as well. This is the life of this world, Larry,

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while one and a distraction, diversion, what is low, low is that which distracts the person from what is more important, where Larry is done with the joetta. Low is the state of the heart with state of the heart, the state of flow, the state of negligence. And remember, that this state is much worse than there. Because when the heart is distracted, when the heart is diverted, from what is more important, from what the goal is from what the purpose is, then obviously the actions will follow.

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So when the heart is distracted, when a person's goal becomes the entertainment, the amusement of his heart, then what happens, he ends up only pursuing his desires. This is why Allah says and sort of calfire 28 went to Thurman often called bahaar, and nikolina, whatever, however, who, the person whose heart is locked in from the decode of Allah, and as a result, what does he do? Whatever, however, who he follows his desires, law one, this is what the life of this world is about. What is it that this life distracts us from? From the earth era? First of all, it occupies us. And if you analyze the occupation of dystonia, what is it Larry does that children are playing with blocks and

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then you know, books and then toys and one thing after the other, one time, they're running another time they're sitting and other times they're crying, playing right. This is what people are doing their entire lives as well. One activity after the other, then this dunya is low, that which is a distraction. They're distracted from what is more important, distracted from the Akira was ina turn. Thirdly, the life of this world is Xena. What is enough beauty, embellishment, ornament decoration. So this life is all about decorating yourself. People frequently adorn themselves, how, by their clothes, by their different different things that they put on different things that they travel in

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different things that they write on different places that they go to everything. So the life of this world is what a means of just adorning yourself. People eat for the purpose of adornment as well you go to a particular restaurant, or to particular food, eat a particular dessert, why this is all part of Xena.

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Somebody was telling me that now the mark of you know being elite is not to do with the clothes that you wear the pen that you will, it's about the food that you eat. Food is what distinguishes the elite from those who are not elite. This is what people are striving to do. That if you think about it, even food, good food is supposed to be that food which looks beautiful as well. So if you look it's a huge plate, a huge bowl, and in the middle you have only a small piece of you know something with a beautiful, lovely colorful sauce, all the declaration. So anyway, this life is Xena.

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What people wear is for Xena. What people do is for Xena what people learn sometimes is also for Xena, isn't it? The titles that people acquire even there for Xena, the places they go to? What is that for for Xena children they have what is that? Xena life is all about just making yourself beautiful. Whatever hold on bainer, calm and boasting between yourselves that are formed from the root letters fair for

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what is for me to be proud

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and tougher hook is when people boast to one another, they are proud before one another, you understand the falsehood is what to do follow before one another do boast in front of each other.

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So the life of this world is about the fair hold on by knuckle.

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And remember that fold is to boast about to be proud of those things which are not a person's own achievement. But rather it is to be proud about those things which a person has been given.

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Like for example, if a person is proud about the money that he has made a book that he has written, okay, he did something but if a person is proud

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About the family that he belongs to, is there anything that has to do with his own effort in that? No. Similarly, the country that he was born in know, the race that he is from, no, the ethnicity, he has no. Similarly gifted abilities, talents, nationality, all of these things are what they're ascribed, you don't acquire them, but rather, they are ascribed, you don't have to put in any effort to get them you just have them already from before.

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So, the first one is to boast about what things such as lineage, things such as your family, things such as the wealth that you have inherited, not earned, but inherited, the country that a person belongs to. So Allah says, the life of this world is the physical and biological meaning people are very proud of their family backgrounds. They're very proud of the country that they're from. They're very proud of what they have. And as a result, they boast to one another, considering themselves superior and others as inferior, isn't it? If you think about it, sometimes, you know, I've heard this many times amongst people, that in our family, we don't marry outside the family. Why?

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Apparently your family is the best. Hmm. But other families also think the same way about themselves, isn't it?

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This is what people think. So which one is truly the best? None. If you think about it, all people are equal. That's what we learn is

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that all of these differences that are lost peloton is made between people this is for the purpose of recognition, and in the economical mirandola he welcome. But despite that, people boast to one another, they are very proud of what they have. They're very proud of who they are, where they're from, and in this discipline their lives. Very proud to be a man very proud to be a woman, very proud to be of this country, very proud to be a member of this group, the Fairholme binaca

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and their entire lives are spent in just promoting themselves, the Fairholme bainer.

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Similarly, people also do the fact over what over things that they have earned over things that Allah has given them, for instance, knowledge, even sometimes people boast about what they're in that they have. The one who has the medicine degree thinks he has the best degree, the one who has, you know, some other degrees in engineering, they think they're in the best department. Similarly, people, they boast about religious knowledge as well. And this is the worst type of boasting.

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Because religious knowledge, what should that bring in a person humility, not pride and arrogance, when a person begins to boast to others, then this shows that his knowledge has not benefited him at all.

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So what the * hold on by now. And remember that the Arabs, they used to hold majelis gatherings of the, especially at Hajj, where they would boast to one another about their lineage about their families, about their tribes. And remember, that Bedouin tribe would even come to Medina to do mufa hora with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So this life is just about the father boasting and in order to boast to the other you have to become better. So what a castle and Phil unworldly will and mutual ribery Competition in increase in what? in wealth and in children, the castle and her Komodo castle, what is the castle from Casa Casa is abundance and the cathode, the pharaoh What does it mean

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competition to have kathira competition to have more compete for more to outnumber.

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So the life of this world is about the castle. You're competing to have more more than who more than the other? In what in terms of what in terms of wealth and in terms of children

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who has more wealth, and who has more and better children? The katholikon film Amelie well, Ola, this is why we see that each person what is it striving to be richer than the other

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to become better to have more than your neighbors to have more and better than your sister to have more and better than your brother to have more and better than your cousins and your uncle then your friends and your coworker. Isn't it so this is what the competition is about. She has that first. I don't have it. She has that pen. I don't have it. She has that highlighter. I don't have it. It comes down to these small little things even. She has that hijab and I don't have it. The cathode on Phil and Wiley will OLED literally people are competing. She's wearing that I should also wear it. He's driving that I should also have it just because the other has it. I should also strive to have

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It. This is what people spend their lives doing. Catherine Phil amwell. Well, Ola, so what are these five things that Allah describes the life of this world as learning play? Just for the sake of amusement? entertaining yourselves having fun, forgetting that life is not all about fun.

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Life is not all about entertaining yourself during a big test 101 what is low? distraction? distracted from the answer was in a busy beautifying yourselves. What about hold on by Nick, I'm thinking yourself very good. With a Capital One, Phil, and Wiley will alert constantly trying to have more and better in terms of wealth and in terms of children. Now, when Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the reality of this life, this is a warning, a warning against what against the fitna of this dunya against the test of this dunya.

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Because remember, the profits are alone is lm, what fitness did he suffer most for his own? fitness? dunya? Well, and women, wealth, why? Because wealth is something dunya is something that can completely destroy a person's emotion that can completely ruin a person's arsenal. If you think about it, from the examples of the people of the past, who was it that oppose the messengers? The poor? No, it was those who had a lot of dystonia. Those who are distracted by this dunya fully engrossed in this dunya. Similarly, the facade those who are sinful majority of them are who, those who have a lot of dystonia.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us about the life of this world its reality in order to warn us against it's fitna.

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Because it's fitna is very great. It's very major, it can literally destroy a person. Allah subhanaw taala tells us into the earlier one I have 14 zillion really nasty horrible chahatein Anissa he will Bernina will con el contrato, Mina Debbie wolfelt fill, it will highlight masama while an arm will have different different types of wealth, this has been made beautiful for people, Xena, it's been made very attractive. So when it's been made attractive, they run for it. Larry low, Xena de Falco, de katha, very attractive, so people run for it. This is what the thing is a purpose of this life. But Allah gives us an example of the life of this world.

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So that we can understand the reality of this world and we are not deceived by it. Our hearts are not pulled to it, but rather Our hearts are pulled to what is real, the

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so committed to a thing, like the example of rain, example of the life of this world, meaning the manner in which you admire it and the manner in which how it disappears. The example of this life is like lace. What is lace, such rain that is on time that is timely. And it's also abundant, meaning it's of the right amount as well.

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And if rain comes right on time, and is of the perfect quantity, what's the result of that? What's the result of that? good crop? And if the rain comes too late, or if it's too much, then what's the result? loss destruction. So commodity life in this lace, our jabaal Coffee kuffour on about two who the cofell. They are impressed they are pleased by what by it's no better than a bath of this rain. It impresses the kufr what are the Nevada Nevada vegetation plants, whether its fields or its trees or its flowers, so when this rain is so perfect, what happens then a bat they also look very beautiful. They also ripen quickly. They also become very bright and lush. So when they become

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bright and lush, who gets very impressed by alcohol.

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Alcohol is a plural of caffeine. And over here co founder has been understood in two ways First of all disbelievers and secondly, farmers why farmers because what does a farmer do? He covers the seed buries the seed. So cafaro literally is to cover. So that's why the word calf it over here some have said it refers to the farmers, meaning those who have put the seed in and when it rains and the plants come forth, and they look so beautiful, who gets very impressed by them who loves them the most. The farmer isn't that when you have a plant, even if it's very small. You buy it, it's very tiny. You start watering it, you put it in sunlight, you maintain it you look after it when it's

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nice and big.

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Who is most proud of it? The person who has taken care of it isn't it's Oh, and other people, they're indifferent to it, isn't it? They say, why do you have all of these, Francis take them out already? This is what other people think, is one not enough, but the person who was taken care of those plants. he admires them a lot. He appreciates them the most. So arguable confero number two. So who are the farmers then? Those people who have been striving for this dunya those people who have been putting an effort to see some results in this dunya so when they see something in this dunya when they see the results of their efforts, they become so proud and happy about it. they've

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studied for so long, they have a degree while Finally I have it. The started a business now it's thriving. Wow. Finally I did it.

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Literally accomplishments, even if it's a small purchase, right, they make a purchase a very nice jacket. While see my jacket, How nice. I got the best one. Orange iboco fell on about two.

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Secondly, the work of art is understood as disbelievers. Why

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because it is the disbelievers who get impressed by dystonia.

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If the disbelievers will get impressed by the beauty of this life, and they become happy with it, and their hearts are attached to it. Why? Because they're only hum and Milan their only worry and concern. What is it? It's the life of this world. There are concerned about the

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so the beauty of this dunya is very beautiful to them. The success of this dunya is very great to them. They get attracted by its glitters, they get lost, they get caught up in the glitter of this dunya Archibald cofilin about to where's the believer? What is his way? What is his way?

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Does he appreciate the things that Allah has created the food that he eats the clothes that he wears? Does he appreciate them? Yes, he does. However, he does not get caught up in them.

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He does not get lost in them. He does not get distracted by them. He sees it. he admires it. But he knows that it's not everything. That's why it's not his goal.

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You understand?

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Like for example, if a person sees a nice jewelry, they see the jewelry they admire the like it. No one is that a person keeps looking at it and saying wow, so beautiful. I wonder how much it costs get this much. Maybe I can purchase it as well. Perhaps if I save this much money, and there's a whole plan in the head. I wish I had it. I've never bought one myself. I've never had something like this. You see why? because a person thinks his jewelry is everything. This jewelry is very beautiful. It's very precious.

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And other person, the person whose goal is the author, he looks at it admires that beautiful good, Mashallah. And if he wants it your life you want Give it to me, I would also like to have it and move on. Don't get lost in it.

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You see, when a person is just staring at something, he's going back to that store again and again. He's opening, flipping through the pages of that magazine again and again. This one, this one this one, what does it show? That that is the goal. That is the purpose. A person looks once okay moves on. So what if I don't have it? So what what's the big deal? Even if I have money, I wouldn't buy it.

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For example, some people their goal is I want to save up $5,000 that I can buy this diamond set. Another person says I want to have $5,000 that I can go for

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right? People have different plans, different goals.

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So could fall they get impressed by this dunya they save up to enjoy this dunya more.

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This is why when they see something of this dunya they admire it a lot as well. Here we need to question ourselves, we need to ask ourselves, our jabaal could fall on Ubuntu. It doesn't fit a believer to be impressed by this linear.

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What befits a believer is that he is impressed by

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that is what attracts him. That is what pulls him. That is what moves him. Archibald co founder and about two who

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said a man or a salon. He also had a lot of wealth he admired and he admired the horses. But what did he say in the era of the herbal hair and ziplock be it's because of the color of my Lord, because they helped me be more grateful. This is why I like them. This is why I like this. Not that I like them because I look good. I like them because I look rich. I like them because I look very impressive, not the whole. Why not? Because when a person is surrounded with the people of dunya then his worry and concern and

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Goal everything also becomes linear. So RJ will confirm one of our two who the cofell they get very impressed by the Nevada of this rain. By the Nevada that is on this dunya they get very impressed look at this business look at this school kamati lighting are double confirmed on about two but what happens to that and about so my age doesn't stay fresh for long. It withers. You hear from newsletters hair? Yeah, gene.

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The word hate has two meanings. One is to become stirred up and the other is do become dried up. And over here your agent gives a meaning as to whether to dry up.

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It is when due to lack of water, or because of natural process. A plant turns dry, thus losing its color turning golden yellow Brown. And which means that it's ready for harvest. Like for example, any crop, how is it initially green looks very beautiful. But then eventually what happens it turns dry and yellow. When it turns dry, yellow golden, what does it mean it's ready for harvest. It's not necessarily that it turned like that because of lack of water, but because of natural process. A particular amount of time has passed. Right. So now the plant will turn yellow.

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So similarly, these plants also they're very nice, lush green initially, but then after some time, it's only natural that they will change. Because this dunya is not the home of Hulu, it's not the home of eternity. Everything in this dunya what happens to it? It ages isn't itself. it undergoes change. It's not a Hulu, it undergoes change. So So Maya Haeju it turns it withers, Fatah whom was fun one, and then you see it turning yellow was fallen one that has turned yellow. It's from the root letter side photo.

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And remember, this is not just yellow color yellow. But it is a color between whiteness and darkness. So it could be beige, brown, gray, dirty Brown, light brown, something like that.

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So for the homeless following, you see it turned yellow after it was green and lush. And when it turns yellow, it means it's dry. So Michael mahoma and then it turns into broken pieces, shreds crumble debris held on from the root letters help me What does it mean?

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That initially the plant was very beautiful green, very impressive. But very soon, because of the passage of time, or because of the decision of Allah. What happens that plant it suffers from downfall where it was growing upwards. Now it stops. It doesn't grow anymore, but rather it turns dry and yellow and eventually broken up into pieces. How common and those pieces which the animals eat, finished Obama. So what does it show? What does this example show to us? that nothing of his dunya nothing of this dunya can last?

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The end of this dunya What is it? downfall decline. This is the reality of this life. This is the reality of the Noreen of this dunya the houses of this dunya the vehicles of this dunya anything you can imagine a car, a house, clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, glasses, cutlery, anything you can think of a carpet when it's bought when it's brought new, how is it nice, very impressive. But after some time, the same thing becomes old, the same thing breaks down. The same thing is thrown away, isn't it? The same thing is thrown away how a new carpet is brought and installed in a house. And then after some time, it's pulled out and put at the curb for the garbage man to pick up

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isn't it?

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And then it's thrown in the dump. Hope Alma so anything of this dunya whether it's people or it's buildings, or it's precious jewelry, or it's very expensive watches, everything. What is the end of it decline? So my akuna Obama and what is this decline that either the dounia it leaves you or you leave dounia

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so sometimes it happens that a person is rich is enjoying he has everything. But what happens he suffers from poverty.

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The dunya that he had is taken away from him.

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There was one day when you went and bought something, you save money for it, you bought something, you enjoyed it and eventually, you lose it. Eventually, it breaks down. Eventually, it has to be discarded. So either the donor leaves you or you leave

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this companionship of men, and dounia is not eternal. It's not forever. It's a very temporary companionship. It's only for some time. So my akuna Tama it doesn't remain forever. Therefore, this companionship was Of what? It's of deception. This is why Allah tells us of the reality of this life so we don't get deceived by it. aerelon will know it, and how do you know it? by reflecting on it? So my akuna Lama, and at the end of this life will fill Ashura and in the Hereafter is our that woodshed Eden, is either severe punishment for who, for the one who preferred dystonia

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or one more filler to Manila forgiveness from Allah, what is one and also his approval? For who for the one who preferred the

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for the one who stayed away from disobeying Allah for the one who did something good for his shortcomings, Allah subhanaw taala has mofetil because of his Eamon

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and for the good deeds that he has done, Allah has for him that one, because lilina are Sanu and Hosanna was he.

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So there are two types of results in the hereafter either punishment, or forgiveness and reward, forgiveness and pleasure. Which of the two is better? any sensible person can understand

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a woman higher to dunya Illa material, and the life of this world is nothing except a matter and enjoyment. What kind of enjoyment of a little of deception, meaning this life is a deception. It deceives you how that man plays, he has fun. He is distracted. He thinks his life is everything, which is why he's running from one thing to the other, one chore to the other. But eventually, the dunya suffers from decline.

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Eventually that house that you made, it's brought down. Eventually, the degree that you had is meaningless when you die. The resume that you made is meaningless when you're buried. This is the deception of this life, that when a person is in donia He is busy in Larry load the photocathode Xena, he's busy, he thinks is everything. But in reality, it's not everything. What is everything? It's the Acura. But this dunya distracts you from that. This is why Allah says woman hyah to dunya Illa matar?

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What's the purpose of mentioning this? What's the purpose of telling us about this, so that we understand the reality of this life. And when we understand the reality of this life, we don't attach our hearts to it.

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Because if our hearts are attached to this dunya, then what's going to happen? It's going to be very difficult to focus on the chakra. If the heart is attached to the dunya, it's impossible to focus on the aphylla. Allah tells us about the deception of this life, so that our hearts can be detached from this dunya

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we have Zoho from this dunya. And instead we have lava. We have inclination desire for what? For the

00:33:35 --> 00:34:11

and remember that when a person attaches his heart with the dunya then it will only disappoint him. Why? Because either he leaves or the dunya leaves at the end he's left with nothing, isn't it? What you attach yourself with what you love so much. If you're cut off from it, what are you left with? What are you left with? Only sadness disappointment. So when a person goes after this dounia he will suffer from disappointment. But when a person makes us concerned the hero then Allah will give him of this dunya and also off the

00:34:13 --> 00:34:30

because what do we learn Minami la sala Hanneman de cadena de La Hoya Menon, Fernando he Anna who hire some Thai Eva, Allah will give him a good life in this dunya while alleges the unknown agilon the axoneme Academy, our motto and in the hereafter also, is what excellent reward.

00:34:31 --> 00:34:46

So it's about where the heart is, what is it attached to, if it is attached to the dunya it's disappointment, because you can never be content with it. And if your heart is attached to the author, then there's fulfillment. Then there's happiness

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was enough.

00:35:52 --> 00:36:02

nothing except deception. Why? Because the companionship with dystonia is limited. It's only for a few years, either a person leaves or the donor leaves and

00:36:03 --> 00:36:49

this is why a lot eldest cervical, run race race towards what ilma filati mirabai come to forgiveness from your Lord, don't chase this dunya Don't be involved in this rat race that people are in the majority of the people are in no. Rather Your goal should be what you're racing, towards what mafia rotten middle of the race to earn forgiveness from your Lord. And how does a person do that? by seeking forgiveness literally, by saying a soffit Allah and also a person seeks forgiveness, how? By performing good deeds, because when a person performs certain good deeds, then what do they bring to a person forgiveness their means of forgiveness of sin?

00:36:50 --> 00:36:59

Like for example, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that our two humps What do you want to enter Jumeirah? Ramadan? Ramadan will Kafeel automobilia hoon.

00:37:00 --> 00:37:08

So cervical enamel filati, middle of the comb, don't get lost in this dunya but rather than run to earn forgiveness, do something

00:37:09 --> 00:37:31

with Jonathan and Ron to Agenda a garden, which garden is it out Aloha, it's with his girl this summer you will have like the width of the sky and the earth. This is how vast This is how huge this is how massive gender bias what is dounia compared to that? Nothing.

00:37:32 --> 00:38:21

But this genma Allah says are a deadly Latina Amma novella he also he is prepared not for everyone. It is prepared for those who believe in Allah and His messengers. Those who want that home, those who work properly for that home, or that little Medina amanu Bella, he was really there Lika for the law, that is a bounty of a lot meaning being favored with gender being entered into gender that is a huge favor of Allah. You see, he may assure that he gives to whomsoever He pleases will law who will follow the law Arlene and Allah is a possessor of great bounty, meaning he has a lot. He can give a lot. It's about what you want. You just want donia that's something so small.

00:38:22 --> 00:39:06

If you want a healer, you strive for it. Allah has a hero for you as well. And what is gender outdo hacker out of the center he will out but it is prepared for those who believe in Allah and His messenger. We learned that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went for Merrill edge. He met Ibrahim or the center when Abraham Ernestina gave him a message for us. We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said during the night journey, I met Ibrahim who said to me, oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam convey my greetings to your community, to your oma and tell them that gender is of pure land. Its water is sweet. And its expanse is vast. It's huge, spacious and even. And it seedlings meaning its

00:39:06 --> 00:39:13

plants. What are they? Super Hannah law? 100 in Walla Ilaha, illa Allahu Allah.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:17

This is what Jana is. How is it?

00:39:19 --> 00:39:32

It's a pure land. It's water is sweet. It's huge. It's up to you how big you want it. It's up to you how much you want it. The plants of general What are they? The ticker of Allah

00:39:33 --> 00:39:46

subhanho illa filati murghab decom we're gonna run through that. Don't run after this. Dunya if you run after this dunya it will disappoint you. You run after a Hello, Jana that will please you.

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Al-Hadid 16-29 Tafsir 20-21

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