Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 03 – L034A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their experiences and beliefs, including their belief in God and protecting loved ones. They also share their experiences with drugs and alcohol, including a night in jail and a night in prison, as well as their experience with drugs. The transcript also includes a brief recitation of certain lines and characters.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem Amar BB for over Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem furbish rightly suddenly were Silly me MRI,

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data mill discerning kung fu kung fu openers

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lesson number 34. So little bacara number 253 to 260

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tilka that a rasuluh the messengers for one now, we favored we preferred Baba whom some of them Allah upon Berlin some others men whom from them mn home carnamah he spoke Allahu Allah, wa and Rafa he raised barber whom some of them that are getting in degrees in ranks, or entertainer, and we gave Risa restarting his salon. Edna son, Maria Maria, of Maria Alba unity, the clear Proops well, and a year dinner who we strengthened him, we supported him bureau he withdrew spirit. And kudos, the kudos or the pure

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Willow and if share he will, Allahu Allah, ma not equitana he fought with each other, and levena those who mean from body him after them. Men from body after man that journey at home, it came to them and Beijing to the clear proofs are lacking, but instead a full day they differed from in home so from them, man who Elena he believed women home and from them man who care for he disbelieved

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when Oh, and if sure he will. Allahu Allah, ma not data do they fought with each other while I can. But Allah Allah, Yes, I do. He does. Ma whatever you read, he wants. Yeah. Oh you and Latina those who knew they believed and FICO you all spend mimma from whatever, Rosa Conoco, we provided you all men from probably before that yet here it comes Yeoman a de la not by any bargaining or any transactions, any trading

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by earn bargaining, trading transactions, fee in it, one a and nor whole Latin, any friendship, one a and nor shefa or any intercession, one caffee Runa and the disbelievers home they are avoidable those who are unjust. Allahu Allah. La not him or her any god Illa except who he

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and pay you the ever living

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Are you the Sustainer of all,

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Alka you the Sustainer of all

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they're not the holder who it seizes him. Sin attune any drowsiness, whether and nor no one any sleep

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Lahu for him, ma whatever. fee in a semi YT the skies warmer and whatever fee in a lovely the earth

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man who there is that? A lady who? Yes Pharaoh He intercedes in the who near him Illa except the izly he with His permission.

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Yeah, he knows. Whatever data is between ad him there are two hands mabhida ad him in front of them

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warmer and why

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ever hold for whom is behind them?

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while they're and not you hear funa they encompass vishay in with anything, men from real me he his knowledge Illa except Bhima with whatever share he will

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what's your extended it spread good to see you who his could see or his footstool, the correct translation of could see his footstool or we keep it as it is could see

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was it extended to see you who is could see a similarity the heavens will up and the earth

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whether or not you do who it tires him, it fatigues him have Luma guarding of them to preserving of them to wahiawa and he is an early you the most exalted and Irene the supreme the most great

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laugh not a call her any compunction fee in a Dini that in the religion, but in fact, the Vienna it became clear, a rush to the right way, men from lie, the error, the string

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Furman so whoever he worked for, he denies before Hootie with the route, the false gods the false deities,

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what do you mean and he believes biLlahi in Allah for God, then in fact, his stem second, he grasped, he held firmly believe with the handhold and was the firm the strong

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lair not emphasize any breaking, any cracking, emphasize any breaking or any cracking?

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Let her for it.

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When law who and Allah semir on always on hearing, or the moon all resolved knowing

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Allahu Allah, Wali, you, his guardian is close protecting friend,

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and levena of those who knew they believed. You read your home, he takes them out, men from over lumati the darknesses illa to a newly the light one levena and those who cafaro they disbelieved over the year or whom their guardians, their claws protecting friends of tahu to the tahu the false deities ukri Jr, whom they take them out men from annuity, the light healer to a volumetric, the darknesses owner aka those of hearable our companions are inmates and of the fire whom the fee her in it. Holly don't want to abide eternally.

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Allah did not throw you see, either to anybody The one who had he disputed, he argued Ibrahima to Ibrahim Fie concerning property he his robe and that

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he gave him Allahu Allah and monka the kingdom kingship

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is when Carla he said Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Robbie, Myra and lady is who or the one who

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you he he gives life what and you Me too, he gives that color he said Anna I

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I give life war and only two I give that honor. He said Ibrahim Ibrahim, for in So indeed, Allahu Allah, yet the he brings the shamcey the sun. So Allah brings the sun meaning he causes it to rise, men from a machete the east.

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So you bring be here with it, meaning you cause the sun to rise, men from a mockery of the West for bolita. So he was dumbfounded. He was astonished. And maybe

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who care for he disbelieved

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Allahu and Allah lair not yesterday he guides an oma the people are really mean those were unjust.

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Oh or can they be Like who? Or like the one who marva he passed Allah upon Korea in a town. We're here while it Hi we are done. One overturned one fallen down either upon arushi has its rooftops

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honor, he said, Anna how you he? He will bring life. How did he do this? Allahu Allah bairrada after Moti her its depth

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first America who? So he gave him that so he calls him today. Allahu Allah. Me at 100 I'm in here. Summer, then barsa Who here is to

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honor he said, Come How long? How much? lavista you remained? You stayed?

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color. He said. Love is two. I stayed. I remained Yeoman a day. Oh, or variable part Yeoman of a

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caller he said been rather lackluster. You remained mediocre. 100 I mean, your phones are so you look Illa to paramiko your food and shower beaker your drink? lung not yet. ascender it ages it spoils

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one's look. And you look ILA to America your donkey? What and Lena jonica so that we make you a 10 assign lunacy for the people. Once and you look ILA to an alarming the bones kafer how non chizu her? We raise it summer then next to her we close it LACMA with flash phenom Ah, so when

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it became clear Lahu for him, Allah He said, our level I know. And that Indeed, Allah Allah, Allah upon cuddling every Shea in thing pudieron always on April. What if and when? Carla he said Ibrahim Ibrahim for me or my rub me You show me kafer How do you give life you will give life and motor? The dead ones?

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honor he said

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do what end lung not took when you believe

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honor? He said banner? Why not? Of course or Yes, we're lacking but Leah Toma in it so that it is satisfied that it definitely becomes satisfied. I'll be my heart

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on it he said for her then you take or barter for men from upgrading the birds for some hoonah then you incline them or for savunma then you cut them up for savunma two meanings first of all you incline them secondly, Captain alayka to you

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so much then aegiali you put either upon could lead every Javelin Mountain Men Honda from them, just a portion, some of them older or when you call them yet Dina, they will come to you, sir, you're running

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or alone and you know, and that Indeed, Allah Allah or z zone always Almighty Hachiko.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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The moon

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shame me Naomi

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but the bush domina annoy me full

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body stem cerca de la Monty Ruth Paul

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Allahu La

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una una

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to be

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blnd Yoshi Will you meet

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me for a hero

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whoa look at

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on the

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phone for

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me know

Al-Baqarah 253-260 Translation


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