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At-Taubah 64-74 Translation 64-74

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The hammer the windows slowly are allowed to sue the hill Kareem and I borrowed firewood we let him in a *load of rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Baba surely assadi were Sidley and the better Missoni. yaku Holy probenecid in our in

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Lesson number 107 pseudo to Toba? I am number 64 to 74 Translation Yeah, he fears Elmina mucuna. The hypocrites and that tuna zela it is sent down I lay him upon them so rotten a sutra a chapter to not be a him It informs them Bhima with what fee is in the movie him their hearts go say is Desi oh you all mark in the law indeed a law must region one who takes out ma what the room your fear

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when are in and surely if CELTA whom you ask them you question them. Leo Colin show surely they will definitely say in memory indeed not but cumnor we were not who we indulge when allowed and we play to say did the law he with a law What is he and his versus what are slowly and this messenger Quinton you were thus Desi own you all Mark

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let Do not tell you you all make excuses are in fact cafardo you all have disbelieved babble after Imani comb your belief in if nothing we pardon on Santa if attain a group men come from you know as if we shall punish that if attend a group be unknown because indeed they can do they were legitimate ones who are criminals

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the hypocrite men when when Africa and the hypocrite women by the home some of them men from the events of others yet Marina they order the moon car with the recognized drunk when honer and it's a bit uncertain and models to recognize good work and jacobina they hold back idea home their heads Nestle they forgot Allah Allah fantasy a home so he forgot them in the indeed a homeowner fistina the hypocrites home they unfair silicone those across limits.

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While the he promised Allahu Allah aminophylline the hypocrite men, women, Africa and the hypocrite women welcome and the disbelievers narrow fire Johanna of hell. Holly Dina once who abide eternally fee her in it here it has been home is sufficient for them. Well and Lana, whom he cursed them, Allahu Allah, where the home and for them as a punishment movie man when everlasting.

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Can Medina like those who mean from Albany come before you can do they were a shed more strong men continue to weapon in strength in power, or extra and more awareness in wealth were older than and in children. First and so they enjoyed they benefited behind him with their share first and so you all benefited, be Hanako with your share. Come on just as a Santa he enjoyed and levina those who main from company come before you behind him with their share hope and you all indulged Kennedy like who How do they indulged Anika days have you thought it was wasted among whom their deeds fit dunya in the world and the hereafter for omega and those whom they are harsher on the losers.

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Alone did not yet the when it comes to them. Never Oh news and levina of those who main from Kobani him before them call me people no hint of no and odd with a mood and some mood. Were calling me and people Ibrahima of Abraham and insulin was have and companions Medina of meridian

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and the dwellings that were turned upside down or the overturned dwellings at that home. It came to them. Also the home they're messengers built by us

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Net with the clear proofs from so not Ghana he was Allahu Allah Leo Lima home so that he runs them when I can but can oh they were and foster home themselves he has the moon they do wrong

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when we know that and the believing men one minute and the believing women bow to whom some of them Odia are close protecting friends of some others yep Marina they order the tamales with the recognized good way and hola and they forbid on from an Mancha the recognize drunk when you came in and they perfectly establish a solid data center where you do it and they give as a character

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where you tell your owner and they obey a law of water Sula, who and His Messenger on those say and hammer home soon he will bestow mercy on them Allahu Allah in the Lucha Indeed Allah or season always Almighty Hakeem on always always

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while the he promised Allahu Allah me Nina the believing men when what minute and the believing women genetic gardens veggie it flows men found that the hair underneath it and how the reverse Holly Dena wanzhou about eternally Fie her in it well and masakan dwellings homes to you button pure good, pleasant

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feeling fee in genetic gardens are the name of Eden of eternity.

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Where it learn and pleasure main form Allahu Allah Akbar is greatest or is greater

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than a cadet who are allophones this access alene the supreme the great

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yeah, a U haul or under bu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Jr hit you do jihad, use drive and confer against the disbelievers. When when everything and the hypocrites well, who knows and you be severe, be firm? I lay him upon them home or home and they abroad jahannam is hell, sir and how bad and must leave the destination?

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The only foreigner they swear they lie he by Allah mouth not I know they said when I called and certainly call you they said can you matter word or statement? and cause of the disbelief we're careful and the disbelieved bother after Islami him there Islam were her mo and they resolved they intended firmly be male with what land not yet no, no, they obtain Why not? And not not como de avenged they resented in law except on that our home he enrich them. Allahu Allah wa rasuluh and this messenger men from Fort Lee His bounty for him so if you're to do they repent yaku it will be higher and better the home for them. We're in and if he had to, well no, they turn away your zebra

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whom He will punish them. Allahu Allah, or there have been a punishment element painful Fiddler in the world will asherah and the hereafter warmer and not the home for them so early in the earth, men from any clothes protecting friend whether and nor misleading. Any helper

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that's listen to the recitation

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here has

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MENA region

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