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Al-Baqarah 221-228 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 222-223

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Lesson number 30 will begin from Isaiah number 222.

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Why is aluna Garden mahube? And they ask you about menstruation.

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And my heel is understood in two ways. First of all, the period itself the menstruation itself and secondly, the place or the time of menstruation, meaning is sexual intercourse allowed in the state or not?

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meaning all prophets are allowed to sudden say to the believers, that who are either it is a discomfort meaning it is a state in which a woman is in great discomfort. Therefore, for 30 donessa A filmer helped keep away from the women while they're menstruating, meaning do not have any sexual intercourse with them.

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Why not the Quran bhuvana had a lot of fun and do not approach them meaning do not have any sexual intercourse with them until they have become clean and what does it mean by Johann that until the bleeding stops and once the bleeding stops completely, and it becomes completely clear, then what for either top 100 then when they have purified themselves and how is that done? By taking about by muscle, fat 200 then you may approach them from where only from mean hi to Amara como la from where Allah has commanded, which is the vagina and nowhere else, which teaches us that any other way or any other place of sexual intercourse or or fulfilling sexual desire is incorrect. The only

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permissible way is the proper way which is another common law. In the law, your Humberto wedding, Allah loves those people who repent and he also loves those people who keep themselves clean.

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And the way that Allah has status is the way that is clean.

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Nisa accom household local, your women are a place of sowing of seed for you. This outcome your women, what does it mean by your women, meaning your wife, she is helps the local health is from the root letters have Ra.

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And as we have learned earlier, that the word health is used in two ways. First of all, it is used for the field that is prepared for sewing, that is prepared for cultivation, where crop is grown. And secondly, the word health is also used for the crop itself, the plantation itself.

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So Nyssa helps the local your women are a place of cultivation for you.

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What does it mean by this feeding a place of sowing the seed of your children in this is a clear command that a person may only approach his wife in the vagina. Because it is only through that, that a woman becomes pregnant any other way, no sex or any other way it does not make a woman pregnant. The only place is a place of fertility, which is a vagina. So Nyssa openhouse to local your women are a place of sowing seed for you. So therefore when you approach them, approach them in the proper place. Do not misuse them. They're not merely a sex object for the purpose of enjoyment.

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Now some women when they hear this, that your women at our house for you. They take this very offensively and they consider this to be very derogatory and insulting, and that women are being called health they're being called a field.

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The reality is that if you ask any farmer or any landowner, how he takes his field, people take so much pride in the land that they own. Literally, feuds, tribal feuds, family fights, they occur from this and it leads to murder as well. Sometimes people are so possessive about their land, they will do anything to protect their land.

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And also if you look at it, the farmer he takes so much pride in his land.

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Even people who just own the land and don't work in the fields, what do they do?

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They go just to see the fields. They go just to look at their land,

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although they don't do anything by themselves in the land. Why because there is a sense of pride that you gain very satisfying feeling.

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So therefore, women when they have been called health, this shows that a man has to take care

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responsibility for the wife, just as a field, a farmer has to take responsibility, he can't just come and go, enjoy whenever he wants and leave it whenever he wants to know, it's a full time job, he cannot ignore it at all. Other people, they may leave, they go for vacation two, three months, okay, they come back and they start their work. Again, if you're in a factory, you can do that. But a farm a piece of land, you cannot just abandon it for two, three weeks or two or three months and expect that it will be perfectly fine afterwards No. So this word that is used for women, it shows that a man has to take responsibility for the woman.

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And also, if you look at it, that the woman has not been described as a garden,

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the woman has not been described as a garden. If you compare a garden with a field, what's the difference? A garden is just for the purpose of enjoyment, just for the purpose of pleasure, uh, to go, take a stroll, you have some fun, and then you leave. Whereas the field, you have to go there, you have to work over there, you have to make sure that the plants are growing properly, you have to go at harvest time, you have to do so much work. Just imagine if a person has a vegetable patch, how much he has to care for that vegetable patch. And just compare that with the whole field. So the woman is not just someone whom you can go and enjoy and have some fun for some time and then abandon

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her. No, she is a house for you, you have to take responsibility

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for that don't have second, therefore, approach your health approach your field meaning your place of cultivation,

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meaning the woman who has highlighted for you You may approach her, how a Nashik

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however, you wish however, you will

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the word Annette grammatically has several meanings or it can be understood in several ways. First of all, and that is understood as is some fluff What does it mean by that? What does it mean by love? That refers to place or time. So, unknown means where meaning place or when meaning time? So, first of all, what does it mean? Where whatever place or secondly, whenever, at whatever time.

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Secondly, the word unmet is also used in the sense of kafer What does pay for mean? How, however,

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for example, we read into little buffer, and you he had the level bar the multi here, how will Allah bring this back to life after it has died?

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So I'm not meaning how in what way in what manner and sometimes the word and that is also used in the sense of me and Nina from where

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over here, and now she is understood in three ways. First of all, I know is understood as love Zima and not Mecca.

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So what does it mean, when ever

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at whatever time whenever.

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So, to help circum Anusha don't approach your health meaning your wife and Nash it dumb, whenever you wish, whenever you want, meaning there is no restriction on time.

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There is no restriction on time.

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Obviously, when a person is fasting, or in the state of Islam, or when he's doing erotica, then obviously it's understood he cannot have sexual intercourse with his wife otherwise, and that gives a meaning of whenever you wish, whenever you want, there is no restriction.

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Secondly, to help second

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and then is understood as kafer meaning in whatever position the place has been specified and what is that place the place of fertility, the vagina the house and the position has been left open.

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A person may come from above from below from side whatever he wishes. So, to help circum and Nash Ito First of all, and that means whenever meaning at whatever time, secondly, it means in whatever position

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but remember and that does not mean wherever meaning at whatever place it does not mean at whatever place because a place has been specified by the word house. There is no choice with regards to that.

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13 has also been said that an adjective is understood as a

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In whatever manner

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in whatever men and some scholars have understood from this, that in this is an indication to us,

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which is to withdraw before ejaculation in the vagina.

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So, if I do have succumb and I ship them.

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So, basically we see that the place has been specified, but the position and times have been left open to choice, the position and time have been left open to choice.

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Now, why has this been mentioned?

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First of all, to clarify, that the place is specified, you may come in whatever position and you may come at whatever time it is left open to you.

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Also, we learn from several a hadith that the Sahaba lived in Medina, who else live in Medina with them? The people of the book The Jews,

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and with every matter of religion, they would always look up to them, especially before Islam. That what do they say about?

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So we learned that, from a Hadith, that the Jews, they claimed that if a person had sexual intercourse with his wife from behind, meaning he approached it from her back, then the offspring would be cross eyed, they would say that the offspring would be cross eyed. So the unsolved Muslims, they would think that the only correct way was approaching the woman from the front. And they had superstitions about approaching the woman from a different position from a different place. So therefore, this I was revealed, clarifying that the place is specified, but the position is left to you, it is your choice. There are no superstitions. And sometimes in different cultures, people have

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different superstitions about these things as well.

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That you're not allowed to do this, or you're not allowed to do that. Because then this will happen, because then that will happen. However, we see that there are no such realities, the place has been specified, the rest has been left to the person

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will continually unphysical and sent forward put forth righteousness for yourselves. But demo ism newsletters cause they'll mean, as you know, by the means step. But the more you can do is to send something ahead to send something forward. So the move send ahead, advance, send forward, Lee and forsake them for yourselves.

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What does it mean by this? This is understood in several ways. First of all, it has been said that send some good deeds for yourselves as well. Meaning perform some good deeds as well. Because life is not just about pleasure.

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It's not just about sexual enjoyment.

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The relationship between a man and woman is not just a physical relationship, they should also focus on other good deeds, they should also focus on more important matters.

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This is a part of life which cannot be ignored, which is why clear guidelines have been given to us. However, the entire focus of a person should not just be on the physical relationship with his spouse, he should look beyond that as well.

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Similarly, a person should not just focus on sexually enjoying his spouse, but he should also focus on other things that he can do with the spouse so particularly unphysical, send some ammo sorry for yourself as well. focus on other things as well.

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Remember, that fulfilling the sexual desire is not something that is condemned in Islam. In fact, when a person approaches his spouse, there is in fact reward for it because a person is doing it through Halloween.

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However, we have been clearly told that a person should also focus on other things.

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Secondly, peduli unphysical has been understood as that send some good deed for yourself before doing this act,

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before having sexual intercourse with your wife.

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And what is that good deed that a person should do before having sexual intercourse? Saying this when

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we learn from a hadith which is mentioned in Sahih al Bukhari that even our bass narrated that Allah's Messenger sallallahu wasallam said, No an either or other and yet, you know who called a Bismillah Allahu imaginativeness shavon will generally V shaped on the models are put in for inner who in your Catarina Humala don't feed Erica, Lamia boo shavon.

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If anyone of you

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having sexual relations with his wife said Bismillah, In the name of Allah, or Allah protect us from shavon and also protect what you bestow upon us, which is of offspring from shavon, then if it is destined that he should have a child, then children will never be able to harm him.

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So for the newly unphysical meaning or the move at a smear

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before, say Bismillah before doing this act servicemen

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13 has been said that we're continually unphysical sent forward for yourselves, meaning, as I told you that the third opinion with regards to the previous statement, which was fed to health, local or national, the indication is to us which is to not ejaculate inside and to withdraw before that, which is an ancient way of contraception. Over here is an encouragement that the only purpose of sexual intercourse is not just pleasure, but you should also focus on having children,

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you should also focus on having children.

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contraception is allowed, it is permissible, where there is a need. However, the entire relationship should not just be about sexually enjoying each other. But it should be focusing on having children as well.

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So we're continually unphysical and send ahead for yourselves, send good deeds for yourselves, or proceed this act with Bismillah.

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Or focus on having children as well.

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Other scholars have also said the peduli unphysical means that abide by the instructions that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you with regard to this matter, and earn good deeds as well. Because when a person does the simple act, apparently a very indecent act, when he does this according to the instructions of Allah, then he gains reward.

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What the COLA and all of you should fear Allah how, what does it mean by taco over here, that fear Allah and do only that which he has allowed for you

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do only that which he has made permissible for you follow His commands, and stay away from the prohibitions,

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what the fear of law

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even with regards to fulfilling your sexual desire.

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Many times when it comes to taqwa many times when it comes to fear of Allah, we think about not eating her own food, or not lying, or not bad writing, or other things. However, the court is also very important when it comes to the intimate relationship between a man and his wife, what takala

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varnamo, and all of you should know that under como la ku, that you're going to meet him, you're going to meet who you're going to meet Allah, that eventually this life is going to be over and you are going to meet Allah. This life is not just about enjoyment. It's not just about fulfilling desires. It's not just about pleasure, but it's about preparing yourself for the hereafter.

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So know that you're going to meet him.

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The word muliple is actually moola akuna,

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mula Puna. And the noon has been dropped because we are who is connected with who? And will our corn is the plural of moolah pin.

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And will our pin is one who does live ah What does the card mean lucky to meet someone.

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So know that you're going to meet him when on the Day of Judgment, and when you will meet him, he will recompense you for your deeds. So therefore, focus on that goal as well focus on that destination as well.

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While we're shooting what meaning and give good news to the believers give good news of what of rewarding the hereafter do who do those people who believe in Him? Those people who

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listen to the recitation

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look at the video.

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What takala, whirling and Nakula. Fear Allah and know that you're going to meet him.

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Many times, when people are married, sometimes there are these in justices, which are in the private life in the most intimate life of a husband and wife. And these injustices are completely unknown to other people, which is why they cannot even interfere,

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which is why they cannot even advise.

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And many times the woman, she feels shy of speaking about these issues of taking advice, or even talking to her husband about this. So what has Allah said, Every person should fear Allah, even with regards to giving the physical help of the husband or the wife,

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every person should fear.

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And also we see that the court as we mentioned over here, and hereafter has mentioned over here, because both the husband and wife should not be so lost in each other, that they forget their goal. They forget their oxido they forget everything.

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Many times we see that people before they get married, they're very religious, or they're very focused on their Deen. They pay their salary on time. They never miss their budget. They go to the masjid, to pray their Isha, or do you pray their budget, or they pray to emulate, they pray the 100 sometimes, but as soon as they get married, then what happens? The entire focus goes on the spouse. And many times the person ends up ignoring the right of Allah.

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Many times a person ends up ignoring the rights of others. So fear Allah, and remember that you're going to meet him.

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And because you're going to meet him. Therefore, just because you love your spouse, does not mean that you should ignore everything else,

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does not mean that you should put your dean behind now that you should not give priority to your dean anymore.

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And this is the reason why before the is about the relationship between a husband and wife are mentioned. Clearly it was stated that do not marry someone who is mushrik. Why? Because they call you to the fire.

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And if a person marry someone who is not that much indeed and obviously is Dean is going to be affected, he is going to end up compromising his team

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and Mater's and people are overcome by the love of their spouse, they end up ignoring their ad. So even in this relationship, Fear Allah, and remember your final meeting with him. Remember your meeting with Allah.

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We see over here that Allah does not shy of the truth. And he has clearly stated as to what is permissible and what is not permissible. And many times when children when they reach the age of puberty, or even when they're close to marriage, many times these issues, they're hidden, they're not spoken about, they're completely, they're taboo, you don't talk about them, you don't mention them. And, of course, the person should not become so casual that he mentioned about these things all the time. He talks about these things all the time. However, it is important to educate,

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it is very important to educate.

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And if you notice, Allah has mentioned this in the Quran, in certain bakura. Right, in the beginning, in the second Surah. Why? Because this is a part of life. And if we don't tell our children, if we don't tell our adults, what is permissible and what is not permissible, then what are they going to do? They're going to end up making so many mistakes, especially with the media today and everything else where there's absolutely no higher and there is no limit to what is right and what is wrong. In this case, in this age today, we need to tell our young people as to what is allowed and what is not allowed.

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Obviously, it doesn't mean that you make them adults before they're actually adults. But if the question, if they ask, which I'm sure they will, then you can tell them in the most appropriate way.

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Look how everything has been described. But in a very appropriate way. The word health has been used, figurative language has been used. It's clear, but it's not indecent. So in the same way, when we have to explain such concepts, we should be clear, but not indecent, not obscene. And this is the etiquette that we learned from the Quran.

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Debate depending on their age, depending on their mental level depending on what they have been exposed to. You tell them only that much information.

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So depending on the level of the child, depending on

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his mental age you can tell him whatever is appropriate.

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And hamdulillah he Allah near material Islam, the religion that Allah has given us, the teachings that Allah has given us, they're so complete, that they're about every single aspect of our lives.

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Imagine if these instructions were not given. If these commands were not given how much women would suffer, but even during menstruation, she's not spared, that she's being used from every part of her body. So these commands that Allah has given, they protect the women, and they make every act of ours an act of a better as long as we follow the instructions of Allah.

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This is how Islam is a complete and comprehensive religion.

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Many times when it comes to learning the deen when people learn the deen when they become more religious, I think that what they have to abandon is their married life, who they have to abandon is their spouse. However, we see that this is also a part of the this is also a part of something that protects a person's even when a person marries, what does he do, he completes his email, he perfects his email, because this is one way of worshipping Allah.

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Because as human beings, we have physical needs, we have mental needs, we have spiritual needs, we have emotional needs. And this is something that fulfills a person's emotional and physical needs. And if these needs are not fulfilled, then there would be an imbalance, then the personality is not balanced.

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And also, we see that in some cultures, it's completely forbidden to sit next to your husband or to smile at your husband, or even touch her husband. However, the laws that Allah has given, they are the best laws.

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But there are many studies done and it shows that if a woman has sexual intercourse, during her period, she may develop cervical cancer. And it's extremely painful for the woman, it's another. And it's also another for the men, because the woman is not necessarily in a clean state at that time.

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So it is another so keep away from the woman at this time.

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Of course, there is a limit of public display of affection. Obviously, there has to be higher, but what is permissible is permissible.

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Many consider that not getting married is a part of being very spiritual. However, it leads to an imbalance, which is why we hear many stories in which the most pious people who are involved in religious organizations, they're the ones who end up molesting children. And they're the ones who are addicted to pornography, and such things.

00:27:51--> 00:28:27

As family drama, I was thinking this probably the way that's been what Allah has guided us, giving the heck off each other in intimacy is so important. It is actually the root cause of many failed marriages, many times has been his wife, they don't know, when they have difficulties and somebody asked them, what's your problem? Why aren't you getting along, they can't really pinpoint or identify what's going wrong. But actually, what's going on in the bedroom, not giving hug of each other in the proper way that Allah subhanaw taala has guided is the root cause of failing is the root cause of being dissatisfied with each other. And that, you know, develops into more and more

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discomfort and eventually, husband doesn't know what the wife is supposed to do or expected to do. And sometimes wives don't know what they're expected to do. And because until and unless you study the Quran in this way, many times, culturally, we're not educated even till the day of your marriage, you're not educated in a proper way as to you know, what your husband can do to you or not. So it is very important, and it is the last one with Allah's guidance that has brought us to this. So let's inshallah take it and understand it properly, and then pass it on to others who will at least those who are going to get married soon.

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But obviously, higher has to be considered when a person is discussing these things or talking about these things.

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Question is that if you marry someone who's listening to them, then they will influence you, but are you influencing them? The thing is that over here, what has been clearly stated is that a person of a different religion, especially of chick, you are not going to get married to them at all regardless. But when a person is a Muslim, and they are less religious, then obviously you have to make sure that they perform their Feride like, for example, the the front runner, because if they don't press on it themselves, then you as a woman, how can you struggle to get a professor

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or if they want to go out to eat at Muslim time? They don't care about mozzarella. How will you play at that time? So of course it is going to affect your ad. And it's possible that you affect them as well. But really, what are the chances

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Have you affecting them? Many times, women are the ones who get affected by their husbands many, many times. And I'm sure you've also seen the completely opposite cases in which the woman is the one who was affecting the man. That also happens. But it's up to you as to if you really want to take that risk. Do you really want to take that risk? So it's really up to the person. But of course, the conditions are clear that you should choose the person who has the