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Ya-Sin 48-83 Tafsir 59-68

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out to be lahemaa shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 235 sola trc.

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On the other hand, one dazzle yoma au almajiri Moon, but stand apart today. Oh you criminals. A lot of panel data will address the second group of people. And who are they? The group of would you remove into Zoo intelligence from the roadheaders? meme? Yes, I

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mais miyaza you may use it. What does it mean, to separate to distinguish? And in faza MTS to be distinguished. So in dazzle, meaning isolate yourselves, separate yourselves, stand apart, stay away. Don't mix with the believers, one tears will yoma are you hell mode removed or you sinners are you criminals?

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Because the way of the criminals the way of life was not like the way of life of the believers, this is why their end in the hereafter will also not be the same. their lifestyle, their ways, their actions were not the same Indonesia. This is why their end in the hereafter will also not be the same.

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When the people will emerge from their graves. Some will be led to Hellfire and some will be led to Jenna.

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The righteous the believers, where will they be led to paradise and the criminals? Where will they be led to Hellfire in Surat Maryam I 8586 we learn Yo man national motto kena illawarra man he was the one a Sukkot Majid Amina Elijah Nana, with

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that on the day we will gather the righteous to the Most Merciful as a delegation. As soon as the righteous will be resurrected, they will come out to their graves they will be taken to Allah subhanaw taala as a delegation, and on the other hand, we will drive the criminals to hell in thirst. So the criminals they will be led to Hellfire and the believers will be led to paradise, this is why they will be told one third of yoma A you helmet removed and they will be separated.

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If you think about it, they will be separated anyway. But why will they be told to stand apart? Why? Why will they be told the criminals in dazzle yoma evil?

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Why will they be told? This is also part of punishment. Because when a person is told you stay away, you stand apart isn't there humiliation in this? There is disgrace in this. So there'll be disgraced humiliated in front of everyone. Then this shows that Allah will clearly separate between the righteous and sinful in the hereafter as he distinguished between them in this world. into the room if 14 we learn well, Morocco Masato Yama he then had the first record and the day that our appears that day, they will become separated into two room I have 43 Yoga vinyasa during that day, they will be divided

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in dystonia, that people may have been together, undistinguished, but in the hereafter alone separate between them.

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And Mr. Hyde la con javonni. Adam, did I not enjoin upon you or children of Adam, what a letter Buddha shape on that you do not worship shaped on why? Because in the hola como como bien indeed he is to you a clear enemy. And Mr. Hurd? alaikum. This is a rhetorical question. Did I now enjoin this upon you? And the purpose of this question is, there'll be the purpose of this question is reproach. And the purpose is to establish the argument against the people that Allah did warn you, he did send messengers to you, you were told to stay away from SharePoint. But if you obeyed Him, it is your fault.

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And Mr. Hurd, eleiko are hurt from the room flutters in her head what does that mean? I promise. But when the word comes with ILA, like over here are HUD eleiko. It means to enjoin something upon something to make it mandatory. So did I not charge you with this does not command you, you have any item or children of Adam and Aldo by any means sons, but this word includes men as well as women. I left her with a shape on that you do not worship champlin

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Have you think about it out of people, how many literally worship the Satan?

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Would you say the majority does that?

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worship the city in the sense that they call themselves satan worshippers not many. So why is it so that over here Rebbe of shade line is mentioned

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because every bad

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Not just about rituals. Everybody is about humility, submissiveness obedience.

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Everybody includes submissiveness obedience. When you give highest priority to someone, that is what everybody, don't people say in everyday language as well. He literally worships her. She literally worships Him. What does it mean? That He never says no to her? he obeys her in every respect, he adores her. So let our Buddha shape on. This does not just mean ritual worship, but this means obedience to shape our blind obedience.

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We don't insert the Toba 31, about the houden Asana that it has to

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obey them and danella that they have taken their scholars and their monks as Lords besides Allah. So it even happened when he heard that What did he say? That we don't worship them? We don't frustrate them. We don't do record to them. So what was the response that he was given? That isn't it that whatever they declare, halaal you declare us holla and whatever they declare is haram, you declare is haram meaning whatever they tell you, you listen to them. And he said, Yes. So he was told this is exactly their worship.

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So everybody have shaytaan? What does it mean, to be the instinct?

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So did I not enjoin upon you are children of Adam, that you do not worship Shalane in no local murder would be nice to you a clear enemy?

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Who is an enemy, someone who wants evil for you, someone who does not want good free?

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So if you obey Chevron, what are you going to get good or evil, evil, and his enmity is not hidden, it's moving, it's evident, what an heir bodoni and that you worship Me, meaning that I not enjoying this upon you? Did I not make it clear to you that you worship Me alone, that you observe the heat, you only worship Allah, you obey Allah, Heather Serato, Mr. Payne, this is the straight path, what is the straight path?

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not obeying, shavon and worshiping only Allah?

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What do we say in this ayah?

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That Allah subhanaw taala has made it clear to mankind, who their enemies who they're supposed to worship, isn't it's a loss of power, God has made it clear through his messengers through the Scriptures. This is extremely clear because Allah says LMR 100 eleiko did not enjoy this upon you. How can you enjoy something upon someone without making it clear to them? So Allah has made this very clear to people.

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And this also shows to us that obedience to Chevron is in fact, disobedience to a loss of power.

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And every act of obedience to Chevron is what?

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every act of obedience to Chevron, what is it is disobedience to Allah because Allah has told us not to obey in shape on

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so when a person who based upon in any respect, is it good or bad? It's bad.

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And when a person only obeys Allah, or booni, then what is that other sort of?

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One or the other lemon congi bill and Kathy era, and he had already led astray from among you much of creation, who shavon shavon he led astray, much of creation already. For the cost of living comfortable antebellum from the new clappers Jean balamb jevelin. What does gentlemen mountain when you think of a mountain, what comes to your mind something huge, and the word mountain is used to describe what enormity of something massiveness of something or something is huge. So the word Japan is used for a large group of people as well. A generation in sort of the sharada I have 184 we have done this word already. What the cola the cola coca Well, gbl oven.

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So what are called urban lemon come jubelin kathira, meaning many generations, great numbers of people, before you check on has misled them. Flm Taku Taku Did you not ever understand them? Did you not understand that the people before you? They were misled by chef on? What happened to them? They suffered consequences in this dunya and Allah has informed you about their consequences in the year after a financial coup turkey No. Did you never use your mind and understand and save yourselves?

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If you think about it, how many people have Shere Khan managed to leave the street? What are the statistics

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999 out of every 1000 because that's what the Hadees tells us that on the Day of Judgment. The last panel will address Adam Allison and he will tell him that sent from your progeny.

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Work for health fair and you will ask how many? And he'll be told 999 out of every 1000 Yes, a big part of this 999 is your duty and my buddy duty. My duty is not the entire creation, right? A big percentage is yet judgment dude, but the rest is the rest of the people. So these many people check on has managed to lead astray.

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Allah says Flm Taku Taku Did you not understand?

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The warning was clear. The enmity of shaitan was clear. A line formed you very clearly, yet you chose to follow Him, yet you chose to obey Him. In total Anoma 128 we learn? Well my Sharon Jimmy and Jamar shallow Genie call this doctor 2 million ins and mentioned the day when he will gather them together and say oh company of gin, you have misled many of mankind.

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In total Islam is 62 we learn shavon settler Atlantic Canada reata illa kalila I will surely destroy his descendants his entire area, except for a few incidents he has seen earlier and is seven we learned Lakota hepco, Colorado at 13. For whom la you know, the word has already come into effect for most of them so they do not believe.

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Allah says Flm Taku Taku

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Did you not understand? Did you not use your mind? Did you not take a lesson from this? But most people what do they do? They choose not to use the reason? On the one hand is a man and on the other hand is

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a man who promises Jenna Shelton, who is

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the greatest deceiver are the women being?

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So what does it mean that if we use our uncle who should we listen to a ruck march upon our

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butts still we see that most people choose not to use a reason. Internet facade is 17 we learn what the Buddha Dana, who first the Hubble ama

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asked for some old we offered guidance to them, but they prefer blindness over guidance.

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And if you think about it, many times we also know clearly what's going on. What we should do what we should not do. But still most times many times what is it that we choose to do?

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What is it that we choose to do?

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Is it obedience to rush man or is it obedience to Federal Reserve? It totally doesn't matter. Don't think too much. But we need to think because Allah says Flm Taku turkey don't Did you not use your reason? What does it show? that a person who obeys champon does not use his reason?

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A person who disobeys Allah is not using his mind.

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How did he Johanna? This is the Hellfire and let the content to adorn which you were promised. Notice how he is Michelle Dockery. Why? Because Johanna will be brought near it will be brought to the people died up in 70,000 rains each rain held by 70,000 angels. Howdy Johanna will let you continue to do this is what you were promised. You said matter had Eduardo. This is what you were promised.

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In zero to 13 to 16 we learn Yo man you the owner, Illuminati Johanna muda the day they will be thrust toward the fire of hell with a violent thrust and it will be sad had he now let it come to me it could be both This is a fire which we used to deny FRC home however, until not too soon, then is this magic or do you not see in the denier? You denied it today? You see it is low Holly oma Enter to burn there into the bema Quantum duck photo because of your denial for what you used to deny.

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Enter into this in order to burn because you used to deny this. Allah told you about this Hellfire Allah told you about many things but what was your reaction of COVID be my content the Quran This cover is general this is not just go for vellfire but cover of Allah cover of his warnings go for of his messengers go for obvious angels go for every internalize informed

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is slow how do we make content up for you used to deny? This is why you will burn in it today in certain molcajete nine to 10. Also we learned the creditor may or may not allow us the Hellfire it will almost burst with rage. calama ltft folgen salam Casa de la mia Tico nearly every time a group will be thrust into the hellfire. The gatekeepers of Hellfire will ask did no warner come to you? What will they say hello, Bella Khadija and Ana de facto.

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award Warner did come to us but we denied wakulla manasarovar homerun shake in until he left field and in COVID so burned today because of your denial

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Illuminati mala for him that day we will see you over there mounts nothing hot. I mean,

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what does it mean? To put a seal on something to close it to lock it up so that nothing can come out nothing can go in there mounts will be sealed, meaning they will be unable to speak.

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The criminals will want to defend themselves, they will want to lie. They will want to offer excuses to save themselves. But what will happen aleo manuf, Timo Allah of where

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their mouth will be sealed, what you can leave at him and their hands will speak kalama you can limit or clean their hands are going to speak.

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How will they speak? How will the hand speak? With which mouth? With which dunk? How will they be able to speak?

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Allah, the One who has given the ability to speak to many things, he will give them the ability to speak as well.

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What to call the Mona ad him their hands will literally speak what the shadows of Julia home and your feet will bear witness be mechanically accessible and have what they used to earn.

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Can you imagine

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that you're trying to speak yourself, but you're unable to speak and somebody else is speaking on your behalf.

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Somebody else is speaking on your behalf. You can hear you think you can defend yourself. You want to speak with your enable, Has this ever happened with you? Perhaps you're on the phone with someone, they put you on hold on mute. And they keep talking for you on behalf of you. You're screaming on the other end, but they cannot hear you. Because you've been put on hold.

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Your voice cannot be heard. You cannot even defend yourself. Or imagine you're trying to speak and somebody puts their hand on your mouth. They don't let you speak isn't a disgrace in that. There's disgrace and that isn't a frustration in that a lot of frustration. But imagine on that day, the mouth will be sealed and what will speak their hands will speak and what will they witness against the deeds that the person used to perform? What the shadow jeweler will be mechanically acceptable. This will be the state of the disbelievers and hypocrites on the Day of Resurrection.

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Because when their crimes will come forth, what will they do? They will lie, they will offer excuses, they will deny they will say well now you have been America which Tiki by Allah our Lord we never did, should we whenever mashiki when they will lie with their mouths, Allah will seal their mouths. And then each part of their body is going to speak of the sinful actions that they use to commit with them.

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And so the facilitator 2021 we learn how to either major or shahida or lay him some of them will absolve him would you do to him be mechanically arm alone, until when they reach it, their hearing and their eyes and their skins will testify against them of what they used to do what is mentioned over here, hands and feet. In that sort of the facility what is mentioned hearing an eyes and skins What is your skin your entire body? They will testify against some of what they used to do. Can we ever say that? That this hand is ours? We can do whatever we want to do with it. Can we ever say that? Can we ever think like that? Because this is what we think my body I can do whatever I want.

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My choice, my decision, my desire, my freedom, my life. But this is not ours. This is an Amana because if we don't use them properly today, they will speak against us tomorrow. The same hands that we think we can do whatever we want to do with it. We can type whatever we want. We can write whatever we want. We can swipe whatever we want. We can tap whatever we want. The same hand will bear witness against us. The same skin the same hearing the same eyes.

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What color did you do to him? Leave Russia to Marlena? And they will say to their skins? Why have you testified against us? The people will say to their skins. I took so much care of you. Why are you testifying against me? Aren't you supposed to be mine? I'm just supposed to be loyal to me. nimisha hit to Marlena our new talkin Allahu alayhi wa kokkola Shay, they will say we were made to speak by Allah who has made everything speak when Allah kakum Allah Allah Wa La ito jerwood and he created you the first time and to him You are returned.

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And so to know I am 24 we learn yo ma Tasha de la him elsina to him. What ad him well julu vema kanayama loon on a day when their tongues, their hands and their feet will bear witness

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against them as to what they used to do. downs even the downward bear witness against the person.

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No part of our body is completely you can say loyal to us rather it is loyal to almost.

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Therefore we can ever say we can do whatever we wanted with them. It's an Amana. This body is an Amana. And we have to see, what are we doing with this body? Is it just being used to satisfy pleasures, to enjoy to have fun? Or is it being used in obedience to a loss?

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We see over here was a near bodoni had a Serato, Mr. King, that worship is exclusively for who Allah subhanaw taala but unfortunately, we have divided worship into rituals and other things. Or we think worship is just about rituals that only use the body to perform Salah to perform those deeds that Allah has commanded. That's it. And when it comes to other things, do whatever you want.

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Do whatever you want, and you won't be held accountable, you won't be questioned, definitely will be questioned. into the facilita 46. Allah tells us man Amina sila Han falleen FC, whoever does good, it's for himself. Woman Assa for LA her and whoever does evil, it's against himself. If you do something evil with your hand, it's going to be against you. You want something evil with your eyes against you. Listen to something evil with your ears against you. Even if nobody else finds out your ears or witness, your eye is a witness. Your skin is a witness. Your hands are witness. Your body is a witness and it will not remain loyal to you. Miami lasallian faline fc woman acera for LA her

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woman Rob Booker Villa lemelin rb. Bernard is not at all unjust to his service.

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When ownership and if we will let thomasnet on our unit him we could have obliterated their eyes, the Commissioner thomasnet from the room clutters glove means seen pumps and pumps. This is more profound than Air Max Air miles just to make blind the pumps is to wipe off completely erase. So if we wanted we could have completely erased their eyes. Forget about the ability to see even their eyes would not exist. festival consolata. So then they would race for the back. They would race to find the path is debacle. What does it mean to run? Remember, what's the vocal bag, they ran to the door? So first of all, they would race to what to refer to the back meaning to find the way if we

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want we could have obliterated their eyes and then they would grow up around searching for the path. But Allah has a new job soon and From where will they see? How can they see? Once the eyes are gone? Can they see anything? No. Why is this mentioned over here? That if Allah wants he can take away these blessings from us. We take our eyes for granted. We take our ears for granted. We abused them. We use them to disobey Allah. But do we ever think when we are doing something wrong, that this blessing could be taken away from us instantly? right at that moment? When we're looking into somebody's private matters, reading somebody's text messages on their phone, reading their email,

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which we're not supposed to going through their book, which we're not supposed to looking into their notes which we're not supposed to. Do we ever think I could lose my eyesight at this moment. Do we ever think my eyes could be obliterated at this moment? We need to be careful. Allah warns us over here we'll only share Natoma snur Allah or unichem festival cassava naiop zero and then they would grow up around blindly looking for the way but how can they see unable to see

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when ownership and if we will let myself know whom Allah McCann Athenian we could have deformed them in their places myself now meme seen muscle and muscle is to disfigure to deform, transform, distort. So we could disfigure them either mechanically to him right on their places.

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Meaning the very spot they are standing in. They're sitting there lying in. We could deform them. We could transform them into something right there and then Ireland mechanic at

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the very place. They're busy doing whatever they're doing. They could be transformed right there.

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Just as a bunny is for you what happened to

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What were they told Kunal kiloton Farsi and instantly Farah takasi llama Sana Humala mechanic team, mechanic team has been understood in two ways, first of all, their positions their places, meaning where they are.

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And secondly, mechanic has also been understood as mechanic meaning houses in their houses

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from a storeroom will begin, then they will not be able to proceed well as your own nor could they return will begin from their own fetters mean law the mobile yummly and mobile only mildly What does that mean? fast. So mobile yummly is to go by to proceed to move forward to leave. So they would not be able to move forward, they would not be able to depart, they would not be able to go ahead from their positions. Well, I have zero Norco they return. What does it mean by this? Well, I told you that they could not even go back to where they came from. Imagine a person goes to a particular place, he's disobeying Allah, Allah says, he can freeze him right there, and then he could transform

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him into something right there. And then so person would not be able to go anywhere from there, he would not be able to go back home either. Well, I have do your own, and you'll do your own in another way, return to their original state, they would not be able to return to their original state no matter what they do.

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And this is also a warning that when a person is disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, he should be afraid, he should be concerned

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that first of all, his body is going to be a witness against him. And secondly, Allah subhanaw taala can infect him with anything at that moment. He could be frozen, he could be turned to stone, he could be transformed into another animal, he could be finished. Anything can happen, because ultimately, all power and control is with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Nothing is in our control. So many times we see people who get paralyzed, isn't people who are paralyzed, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to do anything. And sometimes the person who's driving, not even one negative thought crosses his mind, all of a sudden accident, all of a sudden in a coma. And that's it a

00:27:14--> 00:27:20

person is paralyzed. Within seconds within moments, life has transformed, it's changed.

00:27:22--> 00:27:35

A person that's a stroke, and that's it. He's paralyzed. From a thorough Mulligan, is a person able to proceed even take one step. Well, I have zero, can a person even take one step back? No way, it's impossible for him.

00:27:36--> 00:27:43

So we should take this very seriously. That in no state? In no place? Are we safe?

00:27:44--> 00:28:02

As we learned earlier, when October now our demo, what I thought of everything is first of all being recorded. And secondly, nothing at all, is loyal to us. Rather it is loyal to have lost a penalty. If we disobey, nothing remains ours, not even our body.

00:28:03--> 00:28:08

Not even our body, not even our houses, not even our possessions.

00:28:09--> 00:28:17

There's a hadith in Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned us against raising our heads before the Imam.

00:28:18--> 00:28:30

You know, what's the warning? That if a person raises his head before the email, he moves before the email, what's the warning that his head would be turned into like that of a donkey?

00:28:32--> 00:28:39

llama Sakina, whom Allah mcconathy him before a person even gets up from the studio, his head is transforming to like that ever Dunkey

00:28:40--> 00:28:54

allies are able to do that. Because all power all might is with him. So not even for a second, not even for a moment can we feel secure? Can we feel risk free?

00:28:55--> 00:29:01

Never ever can we feel like that? Because all the time we are dependent on Allah,

00:29:02--> 00:29:31

woman or MIT who and he to whom we grant a long life not a miracle. I mean, any person who is given a long life to live, his life is prolonged. He lives past the age of 50 past the age of 60. What happens to him? Luna kiss fulfill Hulk we reverse him in creation nutcase who from the rotators known katzie Next, then keys is to reverse to turn over.

00:29:32--> 00:29:50

Remember Nike saw to see him bending to bend to reverse to turn over tilt. So Nikes fulfill Hulk What does it mean by this? That we reverse him in his creation in his body?

00:29:51--> 00:29:59

This is in two ways. First of all, physically, a person is reversed in his body How then

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

He becomes just like a child.

00:30:04--> 00:30:19

If you think about a child, dependent on others weak, unable to move, fragile, right? Similarly, when a person becomes old what happens to his body? Again, weak, dependent fragile, isn't

00:30:21--> 00:30:52

by for example, recently I met a doctor who was a specialist for old people. And he was saying that just as you need to baby proof your house, when you have a child, and you need to make your house baby proof, the sense that no sharp corners, everything should be safe, no rugs, because if you have rugs and easily a child can trip over, he could slip over something he could fall and hit himself. Similarly, you have to make your house old people too.

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When a person becomes all he needs to make his house safe, because he can easily fall easily loses balance. And once they fall, you could easily break a bone, injure yourself and become dependent.

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So just as a child's body is very fragile, that when you put the child in the car, he has to be in a car seat at home, he has to be in a safe environment. Similarly, an old person in his body becomes just like a child noona case

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we reverse him in his creation.

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And this also in the intangible sense meaning in his abilities, that a person is reversed in his ability in his memory. In his intellect, he becomes like a child. If you compare the routine of a child with a routine of an average typical old person, what's the difference? Both of them, they wake up in the morning, they eat, rest, shower, go for a walk, isn't it? They're taken out somewhere they're driven somewhere, they come back, watch television, eat again, rest, eat again, go to sleep. What's the difference in the routine between a child and a typical old person these days? Hardly any difference?

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Unless of a person has spent his life doing something important even in his old age. He occupies himself with that.

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In a case of an Hulk, and if you look at it, even physically, the body of a person who's become old, how does it become bent? Isn't it so? Maggie Susie invent a person's back bends down limbs they become bent. The person shrinks in is bigger than a kiss who fell called FLIR pillow, then do they not understand?

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Meaning? Why are they so arrogant? With what confidence do people disobey Allah? If you think about what is in our control, nothing is in our control, our hands, our bodies, aging, and this is not in our control. So how can we return away from Allah? So to rule my 50 for a lower level, a common barfing some majority of invaluable if in some majority member decouverte

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will shave a little hedge if five women combined with a woman common euro de la irmo Michaela urine mmm berdiri Redmond shader just as a child does not know anything, he hardly knows anything. Similarly, an older person aged person, what does he remember? What does he know? He forgets. So traffic is 67 Hola. Hola. haka mental Robin. Some women not fighting. Some women are locked in some critical Teflon, somebody who I should call somebody.

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And then you become aged elders

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will listen to the recitation and we'll continue.

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lm lm

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Obi Wan

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koenji Ville Cassio

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