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The transcript describes a powerful event that occurred during a time of distress and loss for the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa security. The event was a recitation of the Prophet's formula for action and action is something that is action oriented. The event is a reminder and a reflection of the message from the Prophet.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah here are all the Mustafa T's amigas Sima Attica BD tion gelila la cadena Rafi decree moto Emilija legal berghahn Firstly mill Ismail was in me was Hill Hill me cathedral from Jamila Santa eg la artha image GB dua, Amelia San Sally sabe Shadi delay kabhi le mila Adobe Aziz is soap on when I shall do hola ilaha illallah Hua hula Shadi color Phil Hello clay will amor wanna shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh

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el Moroso evil so they will Ullman are to be shorter here so they were afraid they was sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was herby Allah Xena whom hola so talara will araba wa hadal holla at Burdell MBR a MOBA Vega Johan NASWA Allah for in tow Hydra SUTA RT What's up Hola, fina taka Mila Koolhaas an ad where they can be sunnah vainness una de de De La Liga, Amana to Allah Huaraz hula hoop aka de Russia what? What year come will be the thing that will be the it daddy Elon Marcia, warming our sallahu wa Rahmatullah who vaca de la vaca Wa alaykum Sun fading allah how you're able, merci Nene with the roofer in whom would you would die Irene was sofiero Whom did a combi I'm wondering what

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burning are with the bIllahi min ash shaytaan Rajin where you see the LA who led the United ohada While back here to saleha to heighten interrupt because I love and well Hey Ron Mirada.

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We are nearing the days

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of Elisa will miraj This is generally reported by the scholars as the time of the lunar calendar, the time of the Islamic calendar that coincides that correlates to the occurrence of one of the greatest events in the life of the prophet salatu salam and thereby one of the greatest events in human history. And that was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam miraculous journey by night, from Mecca to Jerusalem, and then his ascension above the heavens. This is a very powerful moment, from human history from the life of the prophets a lot he said them that we revisit with that we revisit every single year. And even more frequently than that, because of all the profound lessons and all

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the realizations and the wisdom and the blessings that were contained within that event in that moment, that occasion, and what particularly makes that occasion and that event. Profound is the time at which that event occurred. It occurred during a time of great distress to the

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Prophet alayhi salam,

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it was a time of personal tragedy. It was a time of loss, a time of sorrow, a time of sadness, and within that time of difficulty in adversity, Allah subhanaw taala granted the prophets a lot he said them, the greatest honor bestowed upon any human being.

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And not to announce that event in the hood but we'll be talking because Alyssa Will Rogers such a detailed and profound event. That for example, Allah ma Salafi in his masterpiece on the life of the Prophet salallahu Salam SuperLumiNova Rashad, he's written nearly 200 pages on just the event of Elissa will Mirage Kitab omy Raja Tenebris sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So this is such a detailed and profound event that we need more time to be able to explore it and discuss it and reflect on it properly. That insha Allah on Sunday evening, we've carved out some time here at the campus in sha Allah to be able to have an event where multiple of our teachers and scholars will be reflecting on and sharing the details of Illustra will miraj

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but what I did want to touch on today, related to that, kind of reflecting on it and drawing some inspiration from Melissa will miraj

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is that

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the recipe that we've been given the formula that has been given to us to deal with any kind of difficulty in adversity begins with hope.

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And it concludes with action.

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It begins with hope and concludes with action. And Allah subhanaw taala talks to us about this within the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala tells us at the end of sorbitol calf, the surah that we recite every single Friday

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as a reminder and a reflection and a reconnection to the message from Allah. At the end of SNOTEL calf Allah says from uncanny yard You are Raja from uncanny era Juliaca Arabic, that whoever hopes looks forward to has the hope of meeting their Lord in a good state in a good condition for Yamaha Milan saleha the let that person do good deeds,

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conduct deeds of righteousness. Allah gives us hope in the Quran and the idea that I quoted from Surah to Merriam way as Eid Allahu Allah the Buddha. Allah gives us hope