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Ya-Sin 48-83 Tafsir 48-54

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So, I'm going to shift over to Mr. Lang over him. Lesson number 235. So let's see if number 48 283

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where coluna matter has a lot to do. And they say, when is this promise? In quantum side again, if you should be truthful,

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the disbelievers those who deny the promises of Allah among them, which is the promise of resurrection, they would ask in their arrogance, so when is this promise going to be when is there going to be fulfilled if you're really truthful?

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Now, this question, this interrogation is not for the purpose of inquiry to really know as to when the Day of Judgment is going to be. But rather, the purpose behind this question is, is too broad? What does that mean to show the impossibility of its occurrence? So when they would ask when is it going to be? Why would they ask to show the impossibility of the coming of the Day of Judgment? And also to challenge the Prophet sallallahu wasallam? And the believers that if you say it's going to happen, so when will it be? If it's going to come soon, then how come it hasn't come yet? We are coluna mata have and what to do, in kuntum saw the thing if you really truthful, meaning if you're

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truthful, in your claim that there is resurrection and there is also Recompense. Now this challenge of there is that when is it going to be? This is incorrect, it does not make any sense. Why?

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Because those who inform them meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the believers who inform the people of the coming of the Day of Judgment, if they ever specify a date, did they ever specify a date? No, they never specified it. So asking about which day it is going to be is incorrect. Similarly, they also demanded the machine, the deniers of the resurrection, that bring our forefathers back, if you say there is going to be resurrection in sort of two jatiya or 25. To 26, we learn what either to play or lay him is to now begin adding McKenna hoogenboom in an honor to be back in our in quantum sadiya team. And when our Verses are recited to them as clear evidences,

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their argument is only that there's a bring back our forefathers if you should be truthful. But if you think about it, what does it put under this resurrection is going to be in this world? Or is it going to be in the hereafter? It's going to be in the hereafter. So when they demand that their forefathers be brought back alive in this world, is this a correct demand? No.

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So what this does is show to us that there are people who, because of their lack of sense, lack of understanding, what do they do? They deny resurrection, they deny the promises of Allah, and they challenge them. But when they challenge them, when they deny them in reality, what does it show? their lack of sense? They're trying to be very smart and intelligent, but in reality, it shows their lack of sense. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Maryam Luna Illa say Hatton were Haider, they do not await except one blast. You're asking about when the resurrection is going to be. Keep in mind it's not too far. It's in fact very, very near and how much effort is required to commence that day. Just

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one blast my young Luna they are not waiting in, say herten wahida the word young Luna from Nevada and what does Nozomi to look at something? The word nocellara when it's followed by Ella it means to look at something with one's eye. Like for example, we learned in sort of Tiana I 2223. Would you who Yama even now little Ll of behalf Nazareth, so Illa coming with NASA What does it mean to look with the eye

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but when the word natural comes by itself, like over here, then it gives the meaning of waiting for something. So my young zorana they are not waiting in there except saying Hatton where Haider just one scream just one blast. Say hello from the voters slot. Yeah. And what does it literally mean? A loud piercing blast, a very loud piercing sound. And this word is also used for punishment as a result. Why? Because the previous people, the nations of the past, how were they destroyed many of them by a Sangha. So this is why the word say has synonymous with either punishment.

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And over here, so he had an wahida one blast, what does it refer to the blowing of the trumpet. And this is referring to the first blast in the trumpet who will blow it the angel is fluffy. And it is called say hell because it will also have a very loud

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blasting sound,

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say her scream. And this blowing of the trumpet will also be extremely loud. And it will be so loud, that it will terrify the entire creation. And it will literally kill all creation, the entire creation except for those whom Allah once. So imagine the loudness of the Sangha, that it will not just terrify the entire creation, but it will literally kill them all.

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into the number 87 we learn why Yama, Yun fell off his story for fuzzier Memphis, Mr. wealthy woman fell in love and sha Allah. And Warren of the day, the horn will be blown, and whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth will be terrified, except whom Allah wills and this fuzzer will eventually lead to that,

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say heaven wide and just one blast, and it will see is them suddenly, like an enemy seasons, all of a sudden it's going to seize them, they will not be prepared for it. And they will be arguing with one another. Your history moving from their newsletters, call fraud mean hustle dispute. And your history mon is actually you're just arguing with one another? What does it show

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that the day of judgment will occur at a time when people will be arguing with one another, they will be debating with one another. The Day of Judgment, it will occur while the people are still arguing it will occur suddenly and it will seize them. And this shows to us that the hearts of people at that time How will they be disunited

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people will not have any form of mutual love any form of concern or care for one another when the Day of Judgement will occur? Rather, how will they be with one another? averse to one another? Because it's only people who dislike one another who fight with one another? people who love each other? How are they even when they have differences? Do they respect one another? Of course they do.

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So well when we officially moon this reflects that the day of judgment will fall upon the worst of people.

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Because the only thing that is mentioned about them is their argument, which was what will be most common at that time will be the hassle argument, the hatred and the double turning away from one another. Because people will not have any man they will not have any good manners and they will be the worst to people in their dealings with their Lord and also in their dealings with one another.

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And this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us in a hadith which is reported in say Muslim, that an massada letter como inla alleged

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that the Salah the final hour will not occur except on the worst of the worst of people will be living on the surface of the Earth at that time. Because when people have excessive love for this world, they become extremely selfish and concerned about themselves then what happens it leads them to arguments each person is only fighting for himself.

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And this AI also shows to us the might have a lot of power of Allah how he will seize all of them with just one say say hadn't worried the holder whom with whom he officially moon while they will be arguing with one another for now yesterday una dos Ethan and they will not be able to give any instruction, when the Day of Judgement will occur, they will not be able to move from their places and people will not even be able to utter a single word which is why it is said falaya stuff to your own associate yourself to your own as from their own Petrus ball. Well, I mean from the word is too thorough, and what does it mean?

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To be able to do something, to have the ability to do something to have the ability to complete something. So they will not be able to do any tosia what this they'll see me they'll see a means to do what for you to give a will see

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and what does what's the yummy

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final will testament the important instructions that a person gives right at the time of his death before he does and this could be concerning his well it could be concerning his family, it could be concerning his children, his property is out so on and so forth. So fun is that the owner dosia then at that time, the people will be unable to give any instruction to their families or their children or their dependents. Why? Because they will be unable to speak. They will be unable to utter even a single word

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winner either only hear me on your own and nor will they be able to return to their families. Why?

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Will they not be able to return to their families? Because they will be unable to move from their places? So what does it show that when the Trumpet will be blown the first time, people will be terrified as a result of that terror, they will be unable to speak a word. And they will die over there, they will be unable to move from their places to even go home, to even go and see how their families are doing, how their children are doing.

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What is the truth,

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that what we'll see is them, the blowing of the trumpet is going to be extremely tremendous, something tremendous, because it's going to seize all people terrifying them, disabling them from speaking and disabling them from moving even. This is why Allah says way over unifocal the soul for fuzzier Memphis similarity when men fill up, and it will be so sudden that people will not get the slightest chance even to resolve their affairs, to resolve their arguments.

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When new field office footie, and the horn will be blown, meaning the second time the Trumpet will be blown.

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What will happen at the first blast, everyone will be terrified and they will die. And at the second blast, what will happen? What is mentioned in the following guy

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that all will rise up one nuclear facility for either one minute or geodetic in a B and C room, and at once from their graves to their Lord, the people will hasten when you feel if you notice snowfall is what kind of fares module four module module. And a verb is in module sometimes to show the enormity isn't at all. And many times if not every time, the trumpet, the blowing of the trumpet is mentioned in module. Why? Because it shows how great the sound will be and how great its effect will be and how much it will terrify people. When new physical facility, the second blast will be blown. And why is this so for the purpose of resurrection.

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Remember enough hottel Ola is for death. And number 270 that is for resurrection, the second time the Trumpet will be blown. All the people will be resurrected, they will come out alive. When you think of his soul and the soul. What is this? Literally so it is used for a trumpet a horn and this one which will be blown. How is it? It's extremely great. And it's also extremely well here it's Aleem, and it's worth it. It's huge in its size. And it's also very big. In the Hadith That is stated in a poverty, that and assata who from Albania summer he will have that it Sarah it spaciousness. Its vastness is like the sky and the earth. You know, a typical horn, a trumpet? how

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vast is it? How big is it? Yes, it's long, but it also has a width. But how big is this trumpet. its width is like the sky and the earth. This is how huge it is. Now imagine the sound that is going to come out of

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one nuclear facility and the Trumpet will be blown. And what will happen at this time, all the souls will be united with their bodies.

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All the souls will be united with what with their bodies which bodies, the bodies that they were in, in this dunya without any mistake without any error. That even if 100 people were buried in the same grave what's going to happen the soul of each one is going to unite with the right body without any mistake without any error. When you think of a suti and then what's going to happen for either then instantly, home day, meaning those in the graves the people mean Elijah Daffy from the graves from their graves in our Bahamian soon to their Lord they will hasten the word death is a plural of Jeddah from the roof enters Jean del Sur. And Judith is used for such a grave whose marks even have

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disappeared. It's such an old ancient grave that you can't even tell it's a great, it's marks I've been wiped out even it's forgotten. So for all such graves, the people will come out whatever kind of graves they will be in and in our beam to their Lord, not to the dunya not to their houses not to one another, not to their friends but to their Lord and soon.

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The word Encino is from the root letters known seen lab

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and NASA

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NC Lu is to descend. And if you think about it, when a person is descending from a height, does the speed naturally become faster? Does it? It does. This is why the word masala is also used for moving fast moving quickly hastening. So in Albion saloon, people will be scrambling out of their graves and towards their Lord, they'll be running horribly going towards their Lord. Why? For judgment for recompense, what does it show to us? The sound of the worn, the sound of the trumpet will reach each and every person. And as a result, not even one individual will remain sleeping. Every person will rise from his grave when he will hear that sound, insulated Israel fftt we learn yo maya oakum festa

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de Buena Vista handy on the day he will call you and He will respond with praise of him. Instead of an advantage I have 43 yo maya Hello, Jr, middle aged fecr and unknown Ilana so when you feel alone, the day they will emerge from the graves rapidly as if they were to work and erected, idle hastening. Just as Indonesia people run towards their idols. Similarly on the Day of Judgment, people will run out of their graves. As soon as they will hear the trumpet. Intro to karma is seven we learn how Sharon Alba Sato homea through June aminal, edge deathy unknown gerada mentorship Mu clarina illa dari yodel caffi Luna Heather young when I said, their eyes humbled, they will emerge

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from the graves as if they were locusts, locusts. Have you ever seen a lot of locusts, you find them everywhere in air on the ground all over, as if they were locust spreading everywhere. And they'll be racing the head toward the collar toward where the sound will be coming from. And the disbelievers will say this is a very difficult day.

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So what do we learn in this ayah. In these ads, we learned there will be two blowing in the trumpet. The first one will cause everyone to die. And the second one will cause everyone to come alive.

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And this shows the power of Allah subhanaw taala, the novella that what that trumpet is I told you about the Hadees with the size of that trumpet. Just imagine how massive it is. And just imagine the sound will be so tremendous that it will shape the dead out of their graves. Just imagine, typically what happens in adonia, we hear loud blasts, loud sounds, a very loud alarm clock. But still, there are people who can sleep through it isn't until they can sleep through it. It's as though they have not heard anything. But that trumpet that blowing that sound, no one will be able to ignore. It will shake that out of the grapes. And it also shows to us that the trumpet when it will be blown, no one

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will be able to utter a word or even move from his face. Because the sound will terrify the people completely

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hollow they will say Yo Ilana over to us. After being resurrected, they will say the people will say Yeah, well, Ilana over to us Munda send me ma Kadena, who has raised us up from our sleeping place. Mumbai center who raised us who took us out Mima Kadena from our sleeping place. mocha is from the roof address all of that route. And what is referred me

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to be asleep with

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a carbon wahoo rude. You would think that they are awake but in reality they were sleeping. So it means to sleep but what kind of sleep is this? A very comfortable sleep, a restful sleep.

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And where can a person find the sleep when he's uncomfortable? on the floor? in an awkward position? No. Where can a person get restful sleep comfortable sleep

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in a comfortable bed, isn't it? So the word mark

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is also used for a bed, a couch, a sleeping bed where a person can rest peacefully. So the people will say Mumbai fenomen ma Cadena the disbelievers among them will say who has raised us up from our sleeping places because they never expected the resurrection. They never expected the Day of Judgment. They never believed in it. So when they will see it, they will be surprised.

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Now there's one question, isn't it so that in the graves those that is believed they're punished? Isn't

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Are they able to help? Isn't it Oh, it is.

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So why is it so that when they will come out of their graves they will call their grave sleeping places, comfortable sleeping places

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compared to what they will witness now, compared to what they will experience now after resurrection. What happened before was just like asleep.

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What happened before was just like a dream was just like a nap they had taken

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Do you understand?

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How great and terrifying the day of judgment will be? that a person will think or they will ever was just a nap was just asleep was just a comfortable bed. Member I think I'm in la cadena. This is why I lost a parent Allah says in Surah Taha i 127, when our other will fit a shed do what I will call the punishment of the hereafter after resurrection, that is much more severe and that is more lasting, everlasting Mumbai phenomenon of Kadena

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and they will say how am I the man? This is what the Most Merciful promised this is what Allah promised will suck almost alone and the messengers they spoke the truth. Now will say the statement, either the disbelievers themselves will say but obviously, this affirmation is not going to make any difference now, they will believe them, but this belief will not bring them any benefit. And secondly, the statement could also be that of the angels responding to their question. They will say hello their members and I'm Mr. Kadena and the angels will respond. This is what Allah had promised you that they will be resurrection, they will be recompense for good and also evil will sada calm or

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saloon and the messengers who came to you they spoke the truth. When they told you they will be a day of judgment. They were serious. They were speaking the truth. In surah to sofort i a 20 to 21 we learn we'll call you Yahweh Ilana Heather young would deem that people when they will be resurrected, they will say oh woe to us this is their Recompense. How are they young will firstly let it continue to be born. And they will be told this is the day of judgment, which we used to deny. You didn't believe in it before. This is that they

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incarnate in love LLC hetton wahida it will not be but one blast. The second blowing of the trumpet will be how many blasts in total? Just one last nathania just one blast, say Hatton wahida, meaning it will not be that Israel field will blow again and again and again. No, he will blow only once for either than instantly home day meaning the entire creation of people jamir on altogether. Let Dana Mark Barone near us once presented, meaning at once all people will be brought. They'll be presented before a law subprime mortgage loan is a Florida loan from newsletters, how blah, blah, blah. What does it mean to be present? How they huddle? and more about this isn't a fraud? What does it mean?

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One who has been brought one who has been presented? One who has been fetched? So let Dana macaroon. Will anyone be able to escape them? No. for either of them. jameela Dana marone all will be presented for the purpose of herself for the purpose of

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what do we see over here? That the way a single blast is going to cause everyone to perish. In the same way a single blast will cause everyone to rise and appear before

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a single blast. Because when Allah subhanaw taala commands something, when Allah instructs something when Allah wants that something should happen. Does he need to repeat his command? No, he does not need to give the command twice.

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The one who needs to repeat his instructions, who is he are just weak, unable incapable. And the one who is powerful The one who is fathered. He only needs to say once insula to recover if we learn one a Muna in our hidden column him build muscle and our command is but one like a glance of the eye. Just once the Trumpet will be blown, everyone will die. Once it will be blown, everyone will come alive.

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faleomavaega to the level of sunshade. Sir today, no soul will be wronged at all led to lemon absent a no soul. No person will be treated unjustly which

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This polyoma the day that will begin after the blowing of the trumpet, the day of judgment, The Day of Recompense, when people will come for the purpose of decision for the purpose of other decree led to the lemon absent Shania and Nelson if you notice, this is Nikita What does it show? Any person, whether believer or disbeliever, no person will be treated with injustice on that day. Now, if you think about it, what is one, Knox Knox means deficiency to not give the other what he deserves? There are two possibilities of low on the Day of Judgment. What are they? That first of all, a person's good deeds are reduced? The good deeds that he has performed, they are reduced, he is not

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rewarded for them, although he deserves the reward.

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Secondly, the second possibility of woman that day is when the sins are increased.

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The sins of a person are multiplied, they're increased. But what do you see over here lead to lemon absent a a normal person will be treated with injustice on that day, no persons good deeds are going to be reduced. And no person sins are going to be multiplied. Whatever recompense a person gets, that is what he in reality deserves. into the Papa I 112. We learn while many are men men are slowly hurting. We're who are most men on fella half a woman when a healthy man but he who performs righteous deeds while he is a believer, he will neither fear injustice nor any deprivation, he will not have any fear of injustice or any deprivation. Now in the iron soda, who is mentioned in

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particular believer, but over here who has mentioned Neptune

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and Neptune is general believer or disbeliever lattice Lambo Neptune che, not even a little bit while our to do zona, and not Will you be recompensed in learner content alone, except that which you use to do? What does it mean that if there is no injustice, each person will be given exactly what he deserves. He will be given the recompense of the actions that he performed, not the actions that he never did. So the Day of Judgment is the day of justice. It's your model. It's the day of justice. And part of that justice is that no person is given a punishment that he does not deserve, and his good deeds are not reduced. Rather, whenever to design an inland quantum terminal. You are

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not recompensed except what you used to do. Now, when it comes to armor, when it comes to deeds, what are the different types of deeds that people perform? In what ways do people perform armor?

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One is the armor through jawara through limbs, what a person performs with his body. Can you think of examples, good or evil?

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Sala This is what I'm going through jawara through limbs, physical action through one's body, it's a good action and when a person does that good action he will get reward for it. Any other example through jawara

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that a person gives her the call with his hand to a needy, he feeds a hungry person with his hand okay Anything else? Stealing that you take somebody else's property with your hand? This is what a bad action done through jawara through your yet your hand. What else backbiting with the tongue Okay, that comes in statements words, but in a way do it. Anything else through your letter, good or evil?

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Walking to a particular place going to a particular place are your feet your legs are being used?

00:29:16--> 00:29:20

Secondly, the second type of action is through the lesson

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mean the ammo that a person does with his son with his dunk. What does it mean? The words that he says the statements that he utters whether good or evil. So an example was given off backbiting

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anything else like anything else, this be this is also on officer grotto on recitation of the Quran. This is all what Amala listen.

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Now every action that a person performs with his tongue, good or evil. What do we learn from here?

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What do we learn from here?

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person will be recommencement.

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And if you think about it, using the tongue is something that is so easy, isn't it? People love to talk, especially women, isn't it? When a group of women are sitting together, each is struggling to get a chance to speak, each person is trying to get a chance to speak, to tell their story to tell what they think. So talking is something that's not difficult at all. However, it's a big test as well, that we can use this tongue in good ways. And we can also use this tongue in bad ways.

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There are times when we're just sitting and waiting when we have nothing to do. And there are many, many moments that we witness like this in our 24 hours. And those moments, sometimes they're just wasted away, or killed. Whereas those moments can be used in the record of Allah, they can be used in this video, they can be used in so far.

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Because there's something very important whenever it is only in Luma, content or Milan, if you haven't done Amman with your tongue, you're not going to get it, you're not going to get any desire for it. If you've done that, then you will get reward. If you've done karate, then you will get toward

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the third type of ominous the AMA love the hunt. What does it mean by that? What a person feels in his heart the thoughts that he entertains in his heart.

00:31:26--> 00:31:29

They could be positive, they could be negative.

00:31:30--> 00:31:38

Like for example, a person is in difficulty. He could be having positive thoughts about the loss of prime time. Or he could be having negative thoughts about

00:31:40--> 00:31:40

isn't it?

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A person is unhappy with someone, they're unhappy because of what they did. You could either give them the benefit of the doubt. Or you could go on thinking negatively about them. isn't a

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shock of feelings of gratitude. Where are they? Where do they emerge from? From the heart, feelings of ingratitude where do they emerge from from the heart. So I'm going to call similarly, contentment, satisfaction, with the risk that Allah subhanaw taala has given this is also one of the fun, because sometimes people are never satisfied. They just want more and more and more. So satisfaction is also a part of our motto.

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As long as you're struggling, you're trying to control your feelings, you're trying to make them positive, the effort is there, you will be rewarded. But if on the outward, you're being very nice to someone, and on the inside, you're cursing them. This is incorrect. This is hypocrisy. So I'm going to come is also the effort of the heart, to purify one's Nia to purify one's intention. Because when a person is doing something good, what happens? constantly headline, what's in these thoughts? Look, that person's looking and you say, No, I'm doing it only for the sake of what

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you think in your heart. This person never said thank you. I'm never going to give them a gift again, I'm never going to give them anything. But you tell yourself No, I did it for the sake of Allah. Now this struggle that's going on in the heart in the mind, this is what I want you to understand. So even this person will be recompensed for,

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fourthly, a fourth type of action that a person performs after the armor of God of listen of his armor of what the stock mean,

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to leave something

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because leaving something is also an action. And when a person leaves something, if it's something bad, what does he get? reward? Isn't it? So? What do we learn from the Hadees? That when a person intends to do something good, just the near, then what happens? A good deed is written for him, when he does it. reward is written for him again. When a person intends to do something evil, is anything written for him know, if he does it, then what's written for him? Only one cent. But if he leaves it, then what's written for him a good deed.

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So dark leaving, leaving something good or leaving something evil is also what this is also an action and a person will be recompense for it. So whenever to design an inland quantum Dharma Loon. You are not being recompensed except for what you used to do. So what does this I show to us that absolute justice will be established on the day of judgment

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that a person's every kind of action is going to be considered, is going to be weighed, is going to be accounted for and he will see the end of it.

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In total ambia 47 we learn one other Olmo asinelli this polynomial piano

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For the total amount of sunshine

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what incana Miss Paula hubbardton min hordaland Athena be her worker Fabien aha Sabine. And we will place the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection, scales of justice will be placed. So no soul will be treated unjustly at all. And if there is even the weight of a mustard seed something as small as a mustard seed, we will bring it forward and sufficient are we as accounted

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and we also learn in this ayah that a person will not suffer any injustice, neither Colleen nor Kathy, neither a level nor Allah.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala says over here she and Allah tala moon Epson Shea and intellect raffia 17 we learn a Leo moto de Kowloon Epson be my cassava level Emilio. This day every soul will be recompensed for what it earned. This day, every soul will be recompense For what? For what it earned love and money Oh, no injustice today.

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We listen to the recitation and then we'll continue.

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If you notice over here, that when the Trumpet will be blown, what will happen to the people for either who mean allegedly it will be him the ANC loan, but all of a sudden they will come out of their graves and go towards you, towards the Lord. And before when the Trumpet will be blown the first time what will happen to the people what will be their state that Phil is to Tirana to certain weather either early or during

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typically what happens that when there's a disaster, who do people think of

00:38:21--> 00:38:32

their family, their children, their wealth, their money, their bag, their car, but at that time, people will not be able to even make a phone call.

00:38:34--> 00:38:56

They will not be able to even connect with their family members, connect with their friends, let alone go to them. They will not be able to even give an instruction for now. So to not only attend, and they will not even be able to go back to their families, because they will be so overcome by the terror of that day they will forget about everything else. They will forget about everyone,

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and how they will go to their Lord, everyone coming out of the grips going to their Lord, not to their houses, not to their businesses. But typically what happens every morning. What do people run to? What do people run to? Some people immediately run to their phone, the first thing they pick up in the morning is what their cell phone and immediately they check their messages, they check their Facebook, they check their tweets to check this and that. But on that day, when people will rise from their graves, they will run to Allah. They will run to Allah for judgment for Recompense.

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

Similarly, people every morning when they get up, they run to their workplaces, they run to their school, they run to whatever is important to them. Women run to their children, they run to the kitchen. But on that day, this will not be possible. Each person will run to who do their Lord. And if a person has not prepared for that meeting, if he's not ready for that meeting, if he has not done anything for that meeting, then what end will he face

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