Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L188D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The shadow is a source of recognition and leads to the shadow, which is the lead behind something, the shadow. The shadow is also a source of light and is the lead behind something, which is the shadow. The shadow is designed to boost breathing, health, and sleep, and is used to create beauty and blessings for humans. The shadow is designed to be a source of control and personalized decision, and is not in control. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being content with one's decision and adjusting to weather.
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I'm Tara iloud have bigger Have you not considered your Lord?

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Lm Tara? What does that mean?

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You see, right? And over here what is being said, Have you not seen your Lord? Is there anyone who has seen Allah subhanaw taala amongst the people, you know, even the Prophet sallallahu sallam, even musar Islam did not see a loss.

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So what does it mean by this? Have you not seen your Lord? Meaning Have you not considered Have you not reflected on this deed on this work on this craft of your Lord? Have you not considered this, what he shows to you every single day? What that came from at the Leela, how he spreads the shadow how he extends shadows, mud from the root letters mean that muddy muddy literally means to extend something, to prolong something, to lengthen something. One is to stretch something with twice. But the other is to stretch something lengthwise. Mud is to stretch something lengthwise. So how he spreads how he extends asleep, the shadow

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of Lynn law, lamb lamb, what is the shadow,

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it's basically like a dark area that is produced by a body that comes between light and the surface. So you have light, and you have a surface, when there's going to be light, that light is going to fall on that surface. But when you have a body in the middle, what's that body going to do? It's going to prevent the light from reaching that surface. And as a result, you're going to see a dark area, a dark shape on that surface. Now that light could be the sun, it could be some artificial light, it could be any kind of light, could be even moonlight. So going for Magdalena, how Allah extends the shadow. This shadow refers to the shadow that is produced by the sun.

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And how is it lengthened? How is it stretched? How is it increased? That first of all, at nighttime, what do you see? shadows, it's all dark. Then upon sunrise, what happens as the sun comes up. As the sun rises, the shadows are long towards the west, because the sun is coming out from the east and you see the shadows falling towards the west. And then they are long at that point. If you notice after Friday, in the morning, if you go for a walk, you will see the shadows are quite long as the sun is rising upwards. But as the Sun reaches the Meridian, what happens to the shadow, it almost disappears because it's right underneath you because the sun is right above you. And as the sun

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begins to decline towards negative time as a sunset, what happens you see the shadows towards East because the sun is going towards the west. And again, they're long. And then what happens as the sun sets, then it's completely dark. So Kay from Attila, how Allah extends the shadow, that it does not remain the same. It does not remain the same. It's small, it increases it reduces, right? And then it increases and then it reduces and then it increases and then it reduces again and again. So the shadow, it keeps changing, increasing decreasing over the day.

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And the longer the day, the longer the shadow.

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The longer the day the longer the shadow. Why? Because the longer the day the sun is up, it's hot, you need more shade. This is the mercy of Allah. So came from Adelina while OSHA and if he will, if Allah wanted ledger, Allah who second and he could have made it stationary, he could have made the shadow still, what does it mean by that?

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That the shadows would not move from the right to the left from the east to the west or west to the east? Nor would their length increase or decrease? What would that mean? The Earth would not be rotating.

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Because the shadow increases or decreases durance from right to left based on what the position of the sun,

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which is based on what the rotation of the earth. So if Allah wanted, he could have made it still the shadow would not increase decrease the light of the day would always remain the same all the time.

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Because that's the magic if the shadow is the same all the time. What does it mean? That the light, the position of the sun is always the same as well, just like a light bulb, that when you have a light bulb, and if it's at a particular position, then what's going to happen no matter when you turn it on. The shadow is always going to be the same always.

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But if you have a light that increases decreases that moves from one point to the other than the shadow is also going to change. So imagine if the sun

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was like a light bulb on off. And only at one point, then you wouldn't get sunlight in every part of your house. Because in the morning, you get sunlight in one part, during the day you get sunlight at what part isn't it? And by the time of sunset, you get it at another part. So this is a huge blessing of Allah. If he wanted, he could have made it still so much, Elena shumsa, then we have made the sun I lay over it meaning over the little delille and a guide. What is the legal mean?

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How do you know the word that needed to be? What does it mean evidence, right? What isn't evidence?

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It proves something, it leads you to something, it directs you to something so utterly is that through which one recognizes something?

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Like for example, what is the evidence that something is alive?

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breathing, it's moving, it's walking. That's the evidence. So the lel is something through which you recognize something.

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It's a proof. It's an evidence, it's a sign through which you recognize something. So basically, it's a source of modified it's a source of recognition.

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And the lead is also the cause the evidence behind something, why is this thing breathing, because it is alive. This is why the word delete also applies to a phone book. Why?

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It leads you it guides you to four numbers, right? Similarly, the word delete also applies to a sailor, because he is the guide of the ship, he takes the ship wherever it's supposed to go. So the lead over here is indicator of the shadow meaning Allah has made the sun, the cause of the shadow. The cause of the shadow is what the sun were it not for the sun, the shadow would not have been known there would be no shadows. And also the lel is guide, meaning according to the movement of the sun, according to the position of the sun, the shadows change, they move, they increase, they decrease. So what is the cause behind the shadow? It's the sun, what leads it? What changes it? It's

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the sun. So mockable now who Elena, then we hold it in hand pub bernia sila for a brief grasp. What does it mean by that? So mccobb now about newsletters, off Bell block club, and what does it mean? to grasp something to hold something in your hand? Remember what somebody said that for about two capoten main method it was, I took a handful. So some knockabout now who we grasp it we seize it, Elena to us, meaning with us, of them a grasp that is YesI that is easy.

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This has been understood in two ways. That first of all, in the previous I have what is being said that came from a dozen how the shadow increases, how it lengthens. And what's the reason behind that the sun? But does it remain long all the time? No, it reduces as well. So how we retract the shadow, we reduce the shadow. And how do we reduce it calpurnia Sierra very gently, in a very subtle way that you don't even realize that you're standing, the shadow is there, it's so long, and gradually, without even noticing it. It's gone.

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That sometimes you're standing under a tree, you are sitting in a particular place and you're under the shade, but what happens after some time you notice that the shadow has moved to another position or it has reduced it has decreased. So kompania sila you see the use it means he is right over here it gives meaning very gently that you don't even realize in such a subtle manner. It is reduced, it is retracted.

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Others have said that sama cavagna who Elena cadonia sera that we hold it in hand, meaning we fix it, we make it stay

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near zero for a brief grasp that it's not that the shadow is constantly changing, that all of a sudden you see the shadow on the right and it goes towards the left, or that increases and decreases know what happens when there is shadow in a particular spot. It's there for some time for a brief moment.

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Otherwise, if it was constantly changing, increasing, decreasing, then we would feel dizzy.

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Think about it. If a light is constantly flickering, how do you feel? It's so annoying. Similarly, if constantly the shadows are moving, increasing, decreasing, getting darker getting lighter, it would be such an annoyance. So some knockabout nahu Elena cobden is here

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There's a great lesson that we learned from these verses. What do we learn? That everything that happens, no matter how subtle is it, no matter how obvious it is,

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no matter how quickly it happens, no matter how slowly it happens, no matter how great its effect is, or how little it's affected, who is behind it.

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That when the sun rises, it's very obvious. But the shadows, they're not that obvious to us, we don't really give them that much attention. How the shadows increased or decreased, they move from one position to the other, so subtle. We don't even notice it so many times. Who is behind it? Of Us?

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But what do we see that when the sun rises,

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the shadow, it goes through gradual changes, and then eventually, what happens, the sunsets. And then it's completely

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the same is with our life. That how when a child is born, slowly and gradually, in such a subtle manner, he grows. All of a sudden, you wonder, oh, my God is five years old.

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I'm 20 years old. You wonder how quickly life has passed away? How quickly all those years went by, that people find it so shocking. I'm a grandparent.

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Just yesterday, I remember when I became a parent. And now all of a sudden, I'm a grandparent.

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My sister has a kid. That's a weird, isn't it? So how quickly how in such a subtle manner, life changes. It changes. It doesn't stop. It's not stationary. So just as the sun rises, the shadows, they increase, decrease. They change such a subtle manner. You don't even realize this is how life happens. This is how life changes that a child is born. He grows slowly and gradually. You don't even realize he's walking, he's running. He's talking. He's going to school. Now he's going to university. Now he's getting married. Now he has a child. Now he's buying his house. Now he's sending his child to school. So how quickly life happens, and one day what happens? He's gone. Life

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comes to an end. So Michael Wagner, who Elena Cardone says

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that so quickly, in a few moments, without even you realizing life comes to an end.

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That person who you knew so well, vibrant, jolly, alive, living, talking, walking before you. Now he's gone.

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Finished, company zero.

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This Allah subhanaw taala shows to us every single day, this is a reality of life. Notice, see it, realize it with the coming of the Sun and the going of the sun, with the shadows moving. This is the reality of life. And Allah subhanaw taala shows it to us every single day.

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If you notice, this has mentioned after desires, that how when a person is busy fulfilling his desires, he does one thing after the other, pursuing one thing after the other, and eventually what happens life comes to an end.

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But what is it that will make a person serious about his life that he really accomplishes something? Because life is going to pass by you don't even realize you're 30 years old? And you wonder what did I achieve? What did I do? Life is gonna go it's going to continue it's going to pass by. So if you keep fulfilling your desires, you won't even realize so much of your life has passed by what is it that will make a person careful about his life, that he really takes advantage?

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What is it? It's the remembrance of death. It's the realization that I am going to go one day, just as the sun went down today, the day was overcome by the night. Similarly, one day I will be overcome by that this life I have will come to an end. This is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, a cathedral vichara has the middle of that, that remember much the destroyer of pleasures. And what is it? That remember it. Because when you remember it, then you will do something with your life.

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Then you will take account of each and every day of yours then you will not want to go to sleep unless you have accomplished something that when you see the sun going down, you know that one day has gone by

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that a part of your life has also come to an end.

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You don't know if you're going to see the next day, therefore do something before the sun goes down.

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Many times it's because of desires that we're not able to set the right priorities. We're not able to do things that are important things that are urgent. It's because of desires. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said remember that, remember your

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if you put it in writing in your kitchen or on some board or somewhere where you can see, I have to die one day,

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I have to die. Am I ready?

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Just put these two sentences. If you speak a different language that other people don't know, write it in that language that it serves as a reminder, I have it written down in Arabic from someone, I have to die

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and ask yourself, remind yourself every day, am I ready? Am I ready, life will keep going. It will keep changing in a very subtle way. And if you keep waiting for that ideal moment when you're going to start doing something, when you're going to start doing something useful, you never know that moment might not come you have to do what is important. Now. You have to value every single day, every single hour.

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Remember that, because that will enable you to keep a check on yourself.

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Well, who under the end he is the one who died and accumulate elevation he has made the night for you as clothing. What does it mean by that? What does clothing do? They cover you. They are a source of covering. And they're also a source of sukoon pleasure and comfort. Because if a person does not wear proper clothing, he is going to be uncomfortable he will be called he will be too hot.

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So clothes are worn not just to cover the body but also to feel comfortable. So Allah has made the night for you why as le bass as something that completely covers you when lelee there Yoshida and the night when it covers up. And it is also a source of sukoon for you. Because imagine if it was light all the time. When would we get rest? Well who are ledi janilla como later lieberson when Noma su baton, and he has made the sleep as Tibetan as rest. The sleep that Allah subhanaw taala gives us it is a means of rest. So that is something you've ever seen. But any other word from the same root

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sub, the Sabbath. Why was it called sub, because that is the day when they would cut themselves off from all types of worldly work, worldly engagements. So said literally means to cut. It means other to cut something. He said sebata Cheryl, meaning he cut off his hair. And so that is used for sleep at night. Why? Because it brings rescue a person, no matter how much work a person wants to do is cut off. Like for example, if you're eating, can you check your email at the same time? Yes. If you are working in the kitchen, can you listen to electric the same time? Yes. If you are cleaning up the house, can you do the car at the same time? Yes. But if you're sleeping, can you listen to

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electric? Can you do this? No. It cuts you off from everything. And because you're cut off from everything, what happens your body gets to rest. So when Noma so bad, and he has made the sleep as a means of rest for you, a cut from all work from all movement, rest for your body. Because if you were not given the sleep, then there are some people who would constantly work. They would never give the rest of their bodies what john O'Hara and he has made the day neusiedl A scattering, what does it mean by that Mutual Assured His resurrection, right? So during the day, the people who are asleep the animals that are asleep what happens It is as though they have come back to life. It is

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as though they have been resurrected and natural is also to spread the scattered. So all those people who are in their houses, all those birds were in their nests, what happens in the morning, they all come out and they spread everywhere. misura

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so what do we learn this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala has made our time such that it's divided into two portions, one is the night The other is the day. Why? So that we get the night in which we can rest in which we can get some comfort in which we can relax and he has made the day such that we get to work. The night is dark, it's dull, naturally you want to sleep. The day is bright, it's vibrant. Everyone is out there naturally you want to work. And if you're sleeping at that time you feel guilty. No matter how much you're enjoying that sleep you do feel guilty. So this is the system that Allah subhanaw taala has created. This is the natural system, sleeping at night, working during

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the day. In total an arm is 60 we learn well who will lead the ATO affair can be lelee and it is he who takes your souls by night. Meaning when you're asleep.

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And if you think about it sleep is like the twin sister of death.

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When you're asleep, you can't do anything. You can't eat

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You can't smell, you cannot see you cannot talk you cannot enjoy.

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Even if your senses are working, you cannot really perceive what's going on.

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Now in the previous video, what did we learn the example of the withdrawal of the shadow. And over here, we're given the example of the night and sleep and that they're closely related to one another. If you think about it, sleep is rest for all.

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Any person who sleeps whether believe or disbelieve, no matter how hard he's worked, no matter how much work he's neglected, when he sleeps, he gets comfort, his body is rejuvenated, he gets his energy back. But who would really find death comfortable?

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Who, a person who has done something in his life,

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a person who has accomplished something in his life, who did not make his desire his God, but rather, he gave all priority to a loss of

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sleep is a recipe for all people. However, death is only comfort for who are the believer, the one who has accomplished something in his life,

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even in this dunya, if you think about it, a person who has done some work, who has worked very, very hard when he sleeps, he has a good sleep.

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But a person who has not really done anything, in fact, he has caused trouble to other people, will he be able to sleep comfortably, no.

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Even if he's extremely wealthy, but because he has hurt other people, he has caused harm to other people, he will not be able to sleep comfortably. Even the comfort from his sleep is going to go. Same thing is with that

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a person who has done good a person who has done what he's supposed to do, who has not done alone, who has given the help of others, his death will be a source of comfort for him

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who are who are loving, and he is the one who out celeea who sends the winds. Why bush Ron bainer de Rama de as good tidings before His mercy. Leah has a plural of three. So Allah is the one who sends the winds as bush one. What is bush one? Me? bush one is a plural. And it's a singular of the word bashira.

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What does bashira mean? One who brings good news. So the winds Allah subhanaw taala sends them as very good news before the actual drama comes.

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So the winds during the good news of rahama What does that mean refer to rain. So before the actual rain comes, Allah sends the good news.

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Isn't it so nice? That one is that you receive something good, but the other is that you are sent the good news that within two three hours, so until will come you will get such and such you can so excited. It adds to your enjoyment and your pleasure, you look more forward to it.

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And you will only give good news to a person when you care about them.

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So look at how much Allah cares for his people that he sends winds as good news before the actual rain comes.

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We're under them in a summer and we have sent down from the sky man, the whole water that is pure

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from the sky, what type of water comes down pure water who the hood is from the refectory spa enter who is that which is clean, but remember that the hood is ferrule so there is mobile Allah. So it is not just clean in itself, but it also cleans the other. It's something through which cleanliness is obtained.

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It's something through which cleanliness is obtained. So for example, if you want to do will do with rainwater, you can actually do it.

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You understand?

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rainwater can be used we will do Why? Because it is man for hula water that is a source of purification. And if you look at it, this water that does come down from the sky.

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What is it clean,

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cleans up the air, cleans up the streets, cleans up the trees, cleans up the cars. Some people refuse to wash their cars and what happens when it rains? Then they get a natural carwash. Similarly or trees. It's possible that your driveway you never really bother cleaning it. But what happens when it rains? It gets cleaned up naturally. My uncle hoorah the entire environment, it looks clean it says oh somebody has washed it.

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It has said about rainwater that Kolkata rotten men who feel very barren that every raindrop on land is with it's a source of goodness. Warfield battery, the ruin and in the sea. What is it turn into the the re What is it? pearl Sylvain water Manta hora elsewhere it is mentioned us

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Mobile can be a source of great blessings, great benefit. So, before sending this clean water, this cleansing water, Allah subhanaw taala sends good news. And then when this water comes, it's a source of great benefit for people leaner, heavy, so that we may bring life through it. Well the man made that to a dead land, a land that was that void of any vegetation, no plants and no plants. That means no insects that means no bees. That means no birds, below the tomato that land. But what happens when rain comes down? It turns a life there's so much life on it. One is there who and we give to drink it what this rainwater that comes down we give it a drink mimar Hakuna from that which

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we have created, who benefits who drinks this rainwater? And are Armen grazing livestock onesie jakirah and many, many people, they benefit from this rainwater. So what do we learn this is the benefits of rainwater that first of all dead land comes back to life.

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And secondly, nestea humi, mahalo Khanna and Armin onesie yeka deal, many, many people and many animals, they benefit from this rainwater.

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Now, you may wonder we don't generally drink rainwater.

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You may think like that, today, especially, where do you drink from? People actually tell you don't drink rainwater? They tell you don't eat snow, don't eat hail. Why? Because the environment is so filthy, the air is so unclean, that because of that, any water that comes down from the sky, it's not clean. It's not safe for consumption. That's what we're told.

00:26:45 --> 00:26:49

But if you look at it, the water that comes down from the sky, where does it collect?

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in lakes, in rivers in reservoirs, right? Similarly, in your dams that you've made. Or, for example, if it comes in the form of snow, it collects, and then as it melts, it is absorbed by the earth. And as it's absorbed by the earth, it goes into natural places where water is collected, and from that people draw out the water. So if it wasn't for this rainwater, if it wasn't for the system that Allah had created, then how would we get to drink water? It would be so difficult. So Mustafa, who magma Hakuna and Raman will nsca. Katia. And if you notice, out of all the animals who has mentioned grazing livestock, why are they mentioned particular? Because we benefit from them. If they drink,

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we get milk, we get meat. And if they don't have to drink, then human beings also suffer. And the word NSC is it Florida in San

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it's Florida, in San or in C, but

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why not conserve now who buy a new home And We have certainly distributed among them. We have distributed this rain among

00:27:58 --> 00:28:01

among the people, some of you study for the sleep, what does it mean?

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The three slough sleep, slough COVID the sleep What does it mean? We have done this word earlier as well. Suddenly, you suddenly go to sleep, diversify. So it means to send something to bring something to take it back and bring it again in a different form. You understand that you bring it you take it back, you bring it in another form like for example your brief in grammar. You have the word which had the different different forms of the word, isn't it? So you have the family you have the physical body or you have the muscle you have the fire you have the mushroom you have dissolve so on and so forth. You have the majority of the maruf this is what surface so surf is to change

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something and bring it back. It also means to repeat because you really have to repeat yourself. It means to distribute to circulate. So subtle of novena home. What does it mean that we bring it in circulation? We bring the rain, how in circulation? It's not that it rains only in one place. And it does not rain in another place. Isn't it so it's not that it rains only in one place in concentrated areas. And if you want to benefit from rain, you have to go there. No. Any place every place it rains over the weather a little or a lot sort of there who

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and it's distributed amongst the people. Everyone gets it everyone gets to benefit from it. Similarly, it's not that it rains only in one specific quantity. No, sometimes it's more sometimes it's less different lands, different people. Sometimes it rains in one place, and at another time it rains in another place. So when I've got some have never been home, we bring it in circulation. It's not that there's only one month in which there will be rain. And the rest of the year no rain at all. No. It's brought in circulation. It rains one week.

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Then it rains the next week, then it does not rain the next month, and then it rains the next few weeks. Right? This is the system that Allah subhanaw taala has said, Well, a couple of now who may know why they are the coho so that they can take a lesson. What lesson do we learn by the fact that rain is not in our control? It comes in circulation, it comes according to the will of Allah. And it sent everywhere.

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What's the lesson in that?

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That rain is only in the controller.

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It comes only at the command of only he has complete authority over it.

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When Allah shows us the rain like this, that we want it to rain, it does not rain, we want that it should not rain, but it rains by for example, if you're gardening, and you put these tiny, very delicate Herbes, you put them in your backyard, and then it's raining for three days in a row, thunderstorms. What does it show to you, it's not in your control. It's an Alaska control.

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It shows us our weakness, that how little we are, that just as rain is not in our control. The shadows are not in our control, the sun is not in our control. Similarly, our life is also not in our control.

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The changes that happen, the certain events that happen, the birth of someone, the death of someone, the sickness of someone, the long life of someone, the short life of someone, this is what's not in our control. So instead of getting upset, instead of getting angry, what are we supposed to do?

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Do what we can

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be content with the decision of Allah. And when we accept it, when we're content with it, only then we can do something productive. Because if a person is only wondering, you know, why am I like this? Why am I 30 years old?

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I should be younger, then what can you do? Nothing. In fact, it'll make you so depressed that you won't be able to accomplish anything at all. So what about sort of have never been only at the Kuru. But what is the response of people forever a thorough nasty in lack of order, but most people refuse except disbelief, meaning the only reaction they show is what of ingratitude of denial.

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COVID is what? denial as well as in gratitude. And if you look at it in gratitude is something that is so common, especially with regards to rain. That when it rains, people complain. Why is it raining? Haven't we had enough? Another snowstorm? We've had so much snow this winter, and now we're having so much rain? Do we really need it? Is it really necessary? People complain all the time. It's too much rain, we can't go outside. See now it's humid see now the grass is growing so much seen so many insects? Too much rain? or other people complain too little rain? Why doesn't it stop? Why doesn't it come? It's such a bother. And if you look at it, people who are complete strangers.

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If they come across one another, what is the common typically that people will make something about the weather. It's so hot today. And it's so cold today. It's all wet today complaining

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to people who are complete strangers. Forever acto nasty illa fura.

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This is like a rebuke forever. Actonel nasty illa cavora. This is the only reaction they show. Look at the mercy of Allah. He sends rain before the rain he sends winds, good news. This is Rama, this is blessing and you complain. You show in gratitude. So we must be very, very careful. We should stop making negative comments about the weather.

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We should stop making negative comments about the weather. Don't complain about the heat. Don't complain about the cold, don't complain about the rain. There is one thing to mention it but the other is to complain about it.

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You always have to be content with the weather because who's running the system? Allah subhanaw taala. He knows what people need. He knows what the earth needs. He knows what the creatures need. And in order to fulfill the needs of everyone, not just our desires, he sends the rain or he sends there's no reason to the sun or he sends the humidity or whatever that is required. So we should stop complaining. If we have something good to say we should say and if we don't have anything good to say that we should remain quiet.

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The fact that we don't have any control over rain shows to us that we don't have any control over where he is. Well, when rain comes we have to accept it. Whether we're ready for it or not, isn't it? We have to change ourselves. Like for example if it's winter, if it's raining, you know wear a jacket bundle up before going outside. You have to accommodate you

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have to change yourself. You cannot expect the brain to change. Same thing with the commands of Allah. Many times what happens is that people they get distracted from the dean because they're very concerned about earning their risk. But the fact is that visits are love now by no rain represents what provision. So for occasional nasty lack of auto what's the lesson we learned from this? Don't say anything negative about the weather.

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We should remove such comments, such conversations such complaints from our lives, because this is in gratitude.

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Founder and

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anta, a stockbroker wanted to be like a Santa Monica.

Al-Furqan 35-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 46-50

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