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The conversation discusses the negative impact of a woman on her partner's life, citing quotes from a book and a speaker. The discussion also touches on the concept of Allah's ridden path of loss and the media's coverage of the idea. The segment uses a hypothetical scenario where a scientist holds himself against reality while the news media is spreading and causing confusion, and emphasizes the importance of showing evidence of hate and proper behavior. The conversation also touches on the negative impact of the Earth on the sky and the existence of life on the planet.

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The poor lady, he is the one who Allah is the One who Jarrah welcome he has made you, Hana if I feel old successors upon the earth color if Florida of the word Khalifa, and who is Khalifa, Khalifa is one who comes after the other, and does what the former did. Meaning one comes, he goes, and then the other comes and takes his place. And while he's there, he's doing what the first one did. And then soon he will go, and the third one will come and he will do what the second one did you understand? So each is replaced by the other, and the work goes on. So who won't let the Jarana come holla if I feel

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Allah has made you, successors upon the earth, meaning your time on Earth is short, just like those before you came and left you to have come and very soon you will depart from an Guevara. So whoever disbelieves far lay he could throw them on him is his Cofer on him, meaning against him will be his Gopher, meaning his Gopher is only going to harm him. He will suffer the consequences of his gopher

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Wallah and not yours He will Katharina while I usually do and it does not increase for who I'll Catherina the disbelievers what is it that does not increase them go through home their cover, meaning the cover off the caffeine. the disbelief of those who disbelieve does not increase them are in the rugby him near their Lord Illa Mahkota except in mocked hatred. The word mocked it means to have extreme hatred and anger and detestation you know for someone why on seeing them do something that is wrong. So it's a combination of both and hudec, a shadow both. And the other extreme dislike hatred coupled with anger. Like for example, when a father, when a father tells his teenage

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daughter, for example, you better study hard, alright, because you have your exams coming up. And, you know, we've been trying so hard to make sure that you go to school and all of this. And what happens the exam is the next day. Apparently she's studying in the room. And what happens, he finds out that she's actually chatting online.

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Now this is going to cause anger, extreme anger. Right? But with the anger also frustration and dislike that how could you do something so lowly? How could you, you are being helped accommodated in so many ways, what are you doing? And eventually what happens to such people, they lose all their chances, and then they're left on their own. So well, I use either caffeine or coffee at home or in the rugby game in Mahkota. The more kufr they do, the more anger they deserve, and the more loss they suffer. What is this showing us that really, golfer is what brings ultimate loss to a person in this world and also in the next world. In this world out that apparently a person may be having a

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lot of fun. A person may be successful in worldly terms, but in reality near Allah subhanaw taala he's only gaining more and more mucked up can you imagine?

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A person is disliked by Allah. And not just dislike but hated. mocked for Allah does not even like this individual hates this individual because of what because of the Kufa that he is committing while you're Yeah, the biller. This is the greatest loss that a person could suffer well as evil Katharina Khufu whom are Indore have been in Mahkota wala years eidl Katharina Khufu whom Illa Hazara and the disbelief of the disbelievers does not increase them except in loss, meaning they only suffer more and more loss. Earlier we learned those who do try the Kitab then they are doing to Java that learn taboo, they will always forever Prophet continuously they will gain and gain and

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here what do we see the exact opposite continuously only suffer loss and more and more loss. So in summary, Allah subhanaw taala has created us he has placed us upon this earth for some time as a test and in this time we have been given freewill, it is up to us what we do, whatever path we choose, that is what we go further in whatever path we choose. The result of it is something that is avoided

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But if a person chooses the path of obedience to Allah of gratitude to Allah, then the consequences are good. And if a person chooses a path of disobedience to Allah, disbelief and Allah, then this will only cause him loss. Allah says cool, say our item Have you considered meaning tell me have you thought about this? Show me. Shula caecum your partner's,

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your partner's meaning those whom you associate with ALLAH, ALLAH Dnata their own Amendola, those whom you call upon besides Allah. Have you consider now about the Shaka Aloni show me a Rooney from the word Raja Raja he saw Allah He showed

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All right, so a Roni you all show me? Show me mother? What is that witch hunter? Oh, they have created mineral out of the earth.

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These partners whom you associate with ALLAH, and you call upon thinking that they are Gods tell me what part of the earth have they created?

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Which continent did they create? Which mountain did they create? Which river which lake which see which atom which plant? Something big or small? Show me something of the earth that they have created? Or the reality is they haven't created anything. They've created nothing. Insert for Kanaya to Allah says what Taha the woman Dooney Lehighton, lair, lacuna che and WA whom you color code they have taken besides Allah gods who don't create anything, rather they themselves have been created. They are a creation, how could they create? Um, or meaning or tell me love whom? They have meaning? Do they have *can? A share some partnership, for some are worth in the skies? Meaning if they

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have not created anything on the earth, any part of the earth, then do they have some partnership when it comes to the skies being partnership with Allah? Meaning, did they create the skies with Allah? Do they manage the skies with Allah? Do they look after the skies with Allah? No, they don't. Um, or meaning then if these gods these idols, they've created nothing, and they don't deserve to be worshipped, then On what basis? are you worshiping them on the basis of some scripture on some revelation? While that is not true? Allah says, um or at a now home, we have given them Kitab and a book for him. So they are Allah by Hinata men are allowed upon by unit in some proof men who from

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it, meaning some proof that they have from that scripture, meaning what Scripture do they have, on the basis of which they are performing this trick?

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Because you see, there are two reasons why you would do something. Right? Firstly, because logically, it makes sense. All right. And secondly, because your religion or your book, it tells you to do it.

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Right. Now, if you think about a chick doesn't make sense logically, and the people of Makkah, specifically remember they had no scripture, they were an unlettered nation. And even if they did have something Firstly, they didn't even if they did have something, then is it really true? Or is it something that's written by men? Um, are they now home? Is it really from Allah, some scripture from which they have taken proof of this idol worship? Allah says Bal rather, the fact is that they have no proof

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in not your idol volley Moon era do He promises a lolly Moon, the volume the wrongdoers and over here wish the cone because in the *can alone when Eileen, the wrongdoers, they do not promise Bob bloom, some of them bargain to others. Illa except hoorah delusion, meaning they're only affirming each other in deception. They don't really have any truth. They don't really have any textual evidence. They don't really have any revelation for God, Revelation, they don't even have any logical proof. So then on what basis are they doing this chick? It's just that they are promising each other off deception. This is similar to how one person is lying. All right, and another person

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accepts his lie. And then he passes it on. All right. And then what happens? A third person hears of that lie and passes that on and then a fourth person and the next thing you know, it's all over the internet. It's all over the world. And if you dig into that story, where did it start from? Hearsay assumption, no factual proof, no evidence whatsoever.

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is it something that we experience in the media today?

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It's something so common. And it's so sad. It makes you wonder of how reliable many of these agencies are, or many of these journalists are. Because it's just making a story out of what? Out of nothing. Right? A story is fabricated. pieces are put together, which don't even make any sense, right? And then what happens, it's blown out of proportion, one takes from the other, another takes from him, and then it's accepted as truth,

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isn't it, whereas in reality, it's not truth at all. If you dig into it deep down into it, you'll find out that it's all based on assumption, hearsay. So this is how Sheikh is also, it's just that people are affirming each other without any proof.

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It's become part of their culture, it's become religion. And if you really go deep into it, there is no basis for this false religion. There is no basis for this idolatry. And many lies can spread like this many lies, and literally people hold them as, as their beliefs, they have European they have certainty. I remember I heard a story as a child of these animals that lived in a forest. Okay. And what happened? There was a rabbit and the rabbit heard something, and he started running. Alright, started running. And another animal asked what happened? And the rabbit said, oh, there's groom. Alright. And then what groom? Oh, it's groom groom. What is groom? It's a monster. All right. And

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then the news just spreads and all the animals are just running, running, running. And finally, somebody's questions. What is that? And they realize it was just a coconut or some fruit that fell.

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This is how falsehood spreads.

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This is how it spreads. And this is how should have spread. It's funny, but it's sad. Because imagine people believing that that groom is real. Whereas there's nothing such as that groom. Fight. If you look into it, it has no basis. No evidence. Well in your idols, Lolly Mona Barbara home, Bowden, Illa, hoorah. It's just deception.

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These wrongdoers are just following their forefathers blindly. They have no proof. Each generation is following the previous blinding and each group is affirming the other and so they think they're upon the truth. Whereas in reality, they're not upon truth at all. Allah subhanaw taala he draws our attention towards real proof that shows us the evidence of the tau hate the Oneness of Allah, the existence of Allah, in Allah, indeed Allah human sick was somehow worth he went out, he is holding the skies and the earth ume Seco him sack to retain meaning to keep something Do not let it go. Like for example, not let it fall, not let it go out of its place, leave its position. So Allah is

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retaining, he is keeping he is holding the skies and the earth from what and the zoulah. Less de de zoulah They bought the zoulah The zoulah Aliff. What does it indicate? Its dual, meaning he is protecting them from going they're ill. What does it mean by this word? Azula? From the letters ze? Yeah, lam xhale? And what does it mean, to swerve to sway from one's place? All right to move from one place, meaning Allah is holding the earth in its place in its orbit, the sky in its place where it's supposed to be each creation, each celestial body where it is supposed to be? Because if they were to move from their positions, then what would happen to the earth?

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Haven't we heard that if the earth was to move even an inch closer to the sun? What would happen? It would burn. Right? And if it was to move an inch away from the sun, then what would happen? It would freeze.

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Right? So who is it that's ensuring that the earth remains in its orbit?

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Who Allah I mean, Isn't this enough of a proof that there is God?

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Because aren't there are so many other planets or so many other bodies out there in space, celestial bodies that cannot sustain life because

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because what they're not in the proper location, right? So Allah is the One who is keeping the sky in its place the earth in its place, so that there is life and Azula Zelaya in is also when something declines. Alright, like there's a while of the sun when it begins to decline.

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to disappear to cease to exist, meaning Allah is sustaining the sky and the earth so that they do not cease to exist. I mean, it's amazing. The Earth for example, the resources that Allah subhanaw taala has kept within the earth.

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Alright, how much water there is? How much water there is even frozen. Right? It's amazing. Who is sustaining life on this planet? Allah, one to N and surely if zagaleta They both swayed, meaning the earth and the sky were to move from their positions, or they cease to exist, then what would happen in am sucker humor in not, um, sucker Homer? He could retain both of them. I mean, I hadn't anybody mimbar D after him.

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No one had mean I had no one could bring the earth back to its position.

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No one. I mean, if you think about it, if a mountain if a part of a mountain even, you know, it collapses or something an earthquake, right, landslide? Let's not go very big, even a landslide? Are we able to bring that land back to where it was? No, we cannot.

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We are so weak. Wala insalata in soccer home in a hottie min birdie in the whole Cana halimun Hurrah. Indeed, he is ever Haleem for bearing and he is ruffled, he is forgiving. So what's the lesson, you want to learn about the evidence of the hate? You want to learn who truly is deserving of worship? All you need to do is look up to the sky and look at the earth beneath your feet. Where did this come from? Who is sustaining it? Who is maintaining it? Who is ensuring that everything stays in its place so that life can continue?

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And look in no Cana Haleema fora he is forbearing and forgiving? Because really, the kind of actions that we do the kinds of things we say, the kind of behavior we display? What are we deserving off?

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That we don't get even a moment to live?

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Has it ever happened that you see a child disobeying you? Or somebody's not following your instructions, and you take revenge immediately?

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Sometimes by shouting or sometimes by taking away what you've given them sometimes but in the form of punishment, sometimes in the form of a slap or something, you show disapproval, you show a rage? And what are those acts so small?

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And compare that with the kind of disobedience we show to our Rob? And despite that he doesn't take our ability to breathe away from us. He doesn't destroy the earth beneath our feet. He doesn't destroy the Earth, this universe. And if he wanted to, he could. But he doesn't because he is Haleem. And he is awful.

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Exactly. I mean, the skies and the earth existed before us. Right? We're just here temporarily. And we know that when we die, the Earth will continue the sky will continue and all of this will come to an end when on the Day of Judgment when Allah decides either summer on shockcord either summer on Fatah rot, right what either G ballew su yields, when this universe when the sky will fall when the earth will be broken, when everything will be finished, who can stop the day of judgment from coming? Nobody can insert the rule Maya 25 Allah says woman at he and the coma sama oil Looby Emery, it is of his signs that the sky and the earth are standing by his command standing meaning they are

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calling him. They continue to exist. They're running

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by whose command by the command of Allah. Allah is Haleem and Allah for who is Helene Halima is one who has the power to take revenge.

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Who has the power

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but he is tolerant.

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And this is a sign of great strength and honor.

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You see, even for a human being if he's patient, right and forgiving. Isn't that very honorable? It's very honorable. And a person who's always lashing out always yelling always taking revenge. There's no honor there. So in no kind of Holleyman he is tolerant and he's awful Ron, He is Forgiving

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recitation. all lovey JOHN

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BERMAN vermin care fell off our

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feet in a coup for

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being in

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one is eidl Caffeine CUSUM

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are you doing show aka Levine

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follow up oh Mina

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she says

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Cebu sana

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in second home I mean a handy

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