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Al-Muminun 51-90 Word Analysis and Tafsir 57-61

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On the other hand, there are those people who in the levina indeed those people who, whom they mean Harsha turabian, out of the fear of their Lord, there are mushfiq own ones who are fearful.

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Two groups of people are being mentioned over here.

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There is one group of people who are very proud about the little that they do. They're holding on to his affection apart a piece of their religion. And they think they're the most righteous, nobody else is better than them.

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And the things that they're the most successful ones, and because of that, they feel they don't need to improve. They don't need to do more. This is one type of a person.

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The other type is of those people who are fearful of their Lord. They are apprehensive from the fear of their Lord, constantly, they're fearful. If you notice men crusher of being out of the fear of their Lord, their emotional

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hushes, what kind of fear that is based on knowledge as well as the greatness of someone, that when someone is in awe of somebody's greatness, so they know about the greatness of Allah, and they are in awe of him, and they fear his punishment.

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So, because of this fear, they are mushfiq cone, which we call is a plural of mushfiq.

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And mushfiq is one who has ishfaq.

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And this is from the word shafique. Do you know what cefaclor is?

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What is

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the mixture of light and darkness that you see in the sky when in the morning and also at the time of sunset?

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Twilight, you can see. So when the sky is purple, pink, orange, so that light is shuffled.

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So you see that shuffle is what it's a mixture of darkness and also light,

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isn't it? It's a mixture of two different things.

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Similarly ishfaq bushveld is used for a person who has both love and fear in his heart for someone

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to understand love and fear.

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And when a person has love and fear of someone, then he is very, very careful. And very, very attentive,

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isn't it? Like for example, you love your mother.

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But at the same time you also fear her.

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You love her because she's the best person you know, and you fear her because you don't want to upset her.

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And this comes from what out of extreme respect, isn't it? This comes out of extreme respect for someone that you love them dearly, and you fear them as well.

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And when a person is like that he's extremely attentive. He's never, ever negligent,

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never ever negligent, he is watching every single action of his every single movement of his Why? Because he does not want to upset the one whom he fears. And he does not want to lose their love either.

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So you understand what kind of fear and love each file is.

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So they are mushfiq own meaning they're concerned. They're apprehensive, they're anxious. They're never ever negligent.

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They know they realize how mighty he is how great he is. They love him. But at the same time, they're afraid of upsetting him.

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They're afraid to make him angry. And when a person is like this, he's always concerned, only then will he have the continuty in his good deeds in the good that he does.

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Because at times love will drive him and at other times fear will drive him

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isn't it. So sometimes when your mother asks you to do something, because you love her, you'll do it immediately.

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And other times you don't want to do it, but what makes you do it. It's the fear.

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If I don't do it, I'm gonna get it. If I don't do it, she's gonna be upset. So sometimes it's fear that drives you other times it's love that drives you. So when you have both these emotions in your heart for someone, then what happens you continuously obey them.

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You continuously listen to them, you continuously do that which pleases them.

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So in the Latina whom in Hershey at the rugby mushfiq own, they're concerned, they're apprehensive. They are anxious and because of that they

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remained continuously in obedience to a muscle

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even though they have Eman, even though they do good deeds, they still have fear of Allah.

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What do we see in the previous ayah? The character that is mentioned first, that they may have Eman they may do certain good deeds but with that his pride with that is arrogance, no humanity, no fear.

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Color has been been mad at him for at home. And over here what do we see that despite the fact that a person is doing good, he has the mind still he is fearful of Allah.

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And because of that he will have the worm and his good deeds because of that he will pay attention to every aspect of religion.

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He will never think I have done enough. He will ever think I know enough. He will ever think I don't need to study this. I don't need to go there. I don't need to do this. No, he will then pay attention to every aspect of religion has an anniversary. He said that the believer combines a son with all the believer, he combines our son doing good with words with fear

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that even after doing good, he still has fear of Allah.

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This is a state of who? The believer and on the other hand, the disbeliever he combines evil deeds with a sense of security that he disobeys a lot but at the same time you feel secure and nothing's gonna happen

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for him.

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I've done so many other good deeds doesn't matter this will be forgiven. No. This is not the behavior of a believer. What's the state of the video that he will combine your son with fear in the Latina woman hotshot European mushy hoon.

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When levina and those who whom they be it robbing him in the eyes of their Lord, you know, they believe and I add over here includes all of the

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Goni and shutter.

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And amongst all of the ayah

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they don't just hold on to some ayat, and they leave others know whom big Ravi machico they give importance to every aspect of religion. They believe in every ayat of the Quran.

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Well Edina and those who whom they will not be him with their Lord, Langer, shikun, they do not do schicke they do not associate partners with Allah.

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And this is what happens to a person who is fearful of Allah,

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who has knowledge of Allah, who has love for Allah, and who also has fear of Allah. Such a person will never do * with him, neither open nor hidden,

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neither major nor minor, nor will he do.

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He will like to shake openly by worshipping idols, nor will he show off when, when a person is fearful of his Lord. When Latina whom European law usually call

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one Latina and those who you don't and they give ma whatever that they give, whatever that they give, in charity, whatever good deeds that they perform,

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whatever they give in the way of Allah, how do they give it work Luba home, while their hearts What did you learn are fearful? Why? Because unknown Isla Rob be him Roger your own, because indeed their to their Lord, they will return.

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This is a state of who, the one who is fearful of his Lord, that even when he does good deeds, you do no matter they give whatever they give, whether it is something to give in charity, or they do a good deed, anything that they do, what's the state of the art is it full of pride and arrogance? color has been remanded in for the home. No, the state of the heart is off fear wedgie law. The word wodgina is a feminine of the word weijun.

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And it's used for someone who is extremely fearful. Someone who is extremely scared, apprehensive. We have learned earlier that Ibrahim is and I was told that I would watch it at Hulu boom. So work on oboe modular.

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Why are they fearful? Why are they scared? Why are they afraid in their hearts out of this fear that what if this act is not accepted?

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What if this good deed that I have done is not accepted? What if there's some problem with it because of which it is rejected?

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Because a sincere believer he can never be proud of his good deeds.

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He can never be proud that he has I've done so much

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I've done this, I've done that. And because of this, I'm definitely going to paradise. Definitely, my ranks are going to be higher. No, he can never, ever be proud about them. He's always afraid

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that what I have done is not up to the standard.

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What I did could have been done in a much better way.

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I fell short, I could have done it in a much better way. Welcome, boo, boo modula. And when a person thinks like this, only then he can improve the quality of his good deeds.

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Isn't it? When you feel that whatever you did was not good enough. And what happens? You want to keep improving. And when you think that what you did was good enough, it's perfect. There's nothing wrong with it, then is the quality going to increase? Or is it going to decrease?

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It's going to decrease it's going to go down.

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You do no matter what kulu Margiela

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and what is this fear? Why do they have this fear that what if this is not accepted, because unknown in our being robbed your own, they know that they're going back to their Lord, and they're going to be shown their good deeds?

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Not just their good deeds, but also their sins? And they're going to be shown the reality of their deeds? what way do they deserve?

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Have they been accepted? Or have they been rejected?

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I shadow the learner she asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about this ayah

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she said that I said, O Messenger of Allah, are these the ones who steal, and they commit dinner, and they drink alcohol, while fearing Allah.

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That, you know, they do good deeds, but because they have done so many sins, so many major sins, this is why they're afraid. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no, or daughter of acidic, they're the ones who pray. And they're the ones who fast and they given charity, while fearing that it will not be accepted from them.

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It will not be accepted from them.

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So even after giving, even after doing their hearts are fearful,

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that we haven't done enough, we haven't done good enough.

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I have fallen short, I could have done better.

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And besides, if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala is so great. He is so great, so sublime, that no matter what good deed we do, is it going to give the house to him? Is it going to be enough? No. Like the angels who are in such the, from the moment they were created until the day of judgment, and what will they say? We have not given the hook of worshiping Allah soprano.

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So no matter what we do, we can ever say that it's enough. We can ever say that. It's, you know, good enough, and we don't need to do more or definitely it's accepted. No, because what are we and who is Allah? What are our deeds that we do? Nothing.

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Allah subhanaw taala deserves what is much greater, much better. But what do we do? Little good deeds, insignificant good deeds, and we think that we have accomplished great things.

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Allah iica it is those who who those who are mentioned in these Ayah those who fear their Lord, those who do not do * with their Lord,

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those who do whatever that they do, but their hearts are full of fear.

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Such people you said your own if they're the ones who hastening good deeds.

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They're the ones who go ahead in doing good deeds. They're the ones who increase in good deeds.

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And notice you said it. Ruina Massara does not just mean going ahead, but what does it mean? Being quick and speedy?

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That they don't delay.

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They don't procrastinate. They don't say okay, tomorrow,

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next month, next year, next time. Next Ramadan? No, you Sadie aroona. They run the heysen. They take every opportunity they do more and more. When a person is running and doing something, what does he want to do? He wants to achieve more and more in the little time that he has.

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So such believers they know that life is short. And there's too much to do. Life is short, and there is much to accomplish. This is why you sat

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there constantly hastening and doing good. Well whom law and there are for it, savvy who don't want to outstrip other

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savvy who is a plural of savvy

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that when it comes to doing good deeds, they're the ones who outstrip others, they're the ones who get ahead of them.

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And like this, they will be the first to reach john as well.

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So we see that in these I add two types of people are mentioned

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Those who are proud of what they do.

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Those who become arrogant, who become biased, who hold on to parts of the religion, and they think that they're the ones who are most righteous, no one is better than them.

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And the other group is of those believers who are humble. Those believers who are harsher on humbly submissive before Allah, who know that whatever they have done is not good enough. And because of that, they increase in their good deeds.

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They continue to do one thing after the other, they don't procrastinate.

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Now, what happens with that sometimes, that we see an opportunity to do good, but we miss it. We leave it thinking that we have done so much already. Are we doing something else that is far better?

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Isn't it

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like, for example, if we ever happen to pass by the washrooms and we see the slippers, or we come into the school and we see the shoes on the floor, but in a haphazard way, not in a proper way at all, that it's so difficult for people to even walk through them to get their shoes that they have put on the shelves. One way is that a person thinks, oh, I have come here to study the Quran, teach the Quran, you know, that's something so important, it's not my duty, what I'm doing is more important. Therefore, I'm not going to waste my time in this,

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I have other things to do.

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Now, definitely when you have class to attend, you should be focused on that.

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When you're required to be at a particular place at a certain time, that's what you should do.

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But let's say a break time, or when we come early, and we have five or 10 minutes to spare. Shouldn't we use that to increase in other good deeds to do other good things as well.

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There are people who are doing their work, who are doing what they're supposed to do. But in the moments that they have in the middle, the few minutes that they have in the middle, they will do something to help someone, they will do something to remove the other from the road from the pathway.

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So when a person thinks that what he has done is not enough, when a person realizes that he needs to avail every opportunity, then he will see opportunities, he will see them he will find them right before Him and He will avail them.

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We see that Earth manually learn who the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about him, that From this day on nothing will harm Earth man.

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regardless of whatever he does, isn't it? The Prophet said a lot of them said this statement about him. But did that prevent Earth man really learn who from excelling in good deeds, from increasing and good deeds from giving more sadaqa from helping the poor and the needy? from performing the Salah? No. So the Sahaba they never thought like this, that what we have done is sufficient, what we have done is enough, and we don't need to do more.

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Why? Because it had fear of Allah.

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They were fearful in their hearts.

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And when a person is like that, he can never be satisfied with the good that he has done. He will only improve he will only accept.

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We learned from a narration the two types of people are never satisfied.

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Two types of people.

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First of all, the one who desires wealth,

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the one who wants money.

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He's never satisfied with what he has. And what happens. He availed every opportunity.

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Even if it is not needed.

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Isn't it?

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Like for example, people who love to buy stuff?

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If something's on sale, if they have a coupon for something, and they don't even need it? What will they do? They'll go buy it. Why it's on sale?

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do you need it? No way? Are you going to use it? I don't think so. But it's on sale.

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So when a person has love for wealth, no matter how much he has that desire that love is never satisfied.

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Similarly, there are people who have so much money, but constantly they're working, why to make more money, isn't it, they have money, they will invest their money, they will work, they will, you know put their money in stocks, they will do one thing after the other why to increase their money to grow their money. What they have will probably be sufficient for them until the end of their lives, but they still want more.

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And the second person who's never satisfied with what he has is the one who desires knowledge.

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He will learn one thing, he will learn the other thing and he will realize that he is only ignorant and this way you will continue learning

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he will continue to increase in his knowledge.

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So a believer also is such that he knows that he

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has not done enough good.

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He knows that he has not done enough good. This is why he will avail every opportunity.

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He will use it, he will benefit from it. And any good deed that he finds out about, what will his reaction be? I'm doing enough already know, he will realize I also need to do this.

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I also need to do this, he will not say I choose not to do it. I know it's very rewarding. I know it's very beneficial. I know Allah has promised great reward for this, but I choose not to do it. I think I've done many good deeds already. No, he's never like this.

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Because he knows that it could be this deed that will save him on the day of Jacqueline

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will listen to the recitation and then we'll continue.

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me know.

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We see in the first day that we learned today that eating good food, it has a direct effect on our actions.

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So a person will eat well, why have the fear of a mother because he has to do well?

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That will be zero Zuni and escallonia meta karate, Anantara, wherever they are masala Hunter,

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that you give me the trophy to do those good deeds that you will be happy with. Because it's possible that a person is busy doing one thing after the other he is, you know, getting exhausted, busy, one action after the other. But what if those actions are not that good enough? Or what if those actions are wrong? And he thinks that they're right?

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What if he thinks that what he's doing is very righteous, but in reality, those deeds are not liked by Allah subhanaw taala.

00:23:38--> 00:23:49

So we should pray to a lot that Allah give us a trophy to see the opportunities, avail them and that whatever we do is also liked by him, it is also accepted by you

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are being practical. What do we learn from these I had one Latina you tuna motto, and the next day I will let you can use it a lot for homeless abaco because we see this problem and all of us that we see that we're not doing good enough, isn't it? Or that we don't even see the opportunities, we don't avail them. And there's so much work to be done. But we think that we have done enough we don't need to do more.

00:24:16--> 00:24:19

So what did you learn from this is share some reflections.

00:24:22--> 00:24:29

Love was one of the opinion he said that it's the gizmo as well. Right? It is a shark as well. And all the time we're learning that arrogance is is that virus.

00:24:31--> 00:24:45

So throughout when you are ignoring the half you are doing the case, it means you are denying something you're not having the hasha hasha you will not fall into the other Can we see that in the qualities that were mentioned at the beginning of the surah as well or

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

what was the first quality that was mentioned that alladhina hongqi Salatin passion and he sure is the fear of the heart, the humidity and submissiveness of the heart, because when a person is humbled and fearful

00:25:00--> 00:25:28

In his heart, only then can his actions change. Because isn't it natural that when there's fear in the heart, it will be visible on the body. When there is humidity in the heart, it will be manifest in the actions of a person. So this is a reality, that when a person is fearful in his heart, it will automatically have an effect on his actions. And we see the same thing over here as well. That those people who mean Hershey at the ob mushfiq cone, they're the ones who will let you say their own if if Hayato, homeless.

00:25:32--> 00:25:43

When a person holds on to just a part of the religion, and he thinks that he's right, whether it is believing that a certain righteous person is definitely going to intercede for you, then what does it do? It prevents a person from excelling in good deeds.

00:25:45--> 00:26:16

The problem that we don't excel in doing good and then we think that we have done enough is because we don't see a loss greatness. So what happened is that oh, I have done instead of focusing on how Allah grade is we focus on our deeds, or I pray I did this, I did that. So we count the good deeds that we did. And then we just neglect, we don't see the opportunity. So we have to focus on like, Who am I worshiping? What am I praying to, instead of like, I have done this, I have done that and compare with somebody else who's doing nothing.

00:26:20--> 00:26:50

How many of us actually make while this one's gonna give us opportunities to do good, right? If you're on a bus, or you're commuting or anything, just make the right there's probably a non Muslim taking something that you'll have an opportunity to help them to give Dawa. And the other thing is, when I came today, I saw like people setting up the sheet setting up the benches. And I don't notice these people are the ones that come early. And these people are the ones that get the opportunity to do good. And you'll notice these are the same people who are sitting in the front rows. So it depends on what you want to do. If you come late, you won't have any opportunities if you were

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Right? Because they weren't doing good. This is why they get the opportunity as well, before the other people get that.

00:26:59--> 00:27:08

And they don't have to be told, because they know that what they have done is not enough. They know that they need to do more. And because of that, they will find many opportunities,

00:27:09--> 00:27:13

just like Abu Bakar, Iranian or Marathi, right, there is always a competition between

00:27:15--> 00:27:23

Omar Abdullah, who would always try to do more than a Baba, but the workers around him he would always Excel, he would always be the first one we're homeless.

00:27:26--> 00:27:36

I was thinking about Abu Bakar. Elena, when he told me one fetus and gender and the other one is outside gender, I would fear that I would be prevented from entering my second foot antigen.

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So just imagine, these are the people who are fearful of Allah. And these are the people who strive to their last breath, that they know that they haven't done enough.

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And we all need to think about ourselves as well. Honestly, analyze yourself, how much have we done? How much have we done? It's nothing, hardly anything. And then what kind of grades do we assign our actions?

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It's always a plus. It's always, you know, distinction. However, in reality, what value? Are they off? For example, just analyzing Sala we learned about the various levels of Salah that people pray it, right?

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And if you think of it, majority of us many times most of our Salawat How are they prayed? Is it at the highest level? Is it at the mediocre level? Or is it at the lowest level? We need to analyze ourselves. And when a person is fearful, then you will realize that nothing of mine is good enough, then you will think about improving, increasing, excelling.

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There's like a person who thinks that his house is not decorated enough, what will he do?

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What will he do? Every little thing that he will see, he will buy it and he will put it in his house until the house becomes almost like a junkyard. But because he thinks that no, it still needs to be beautified. It still needs to be added more to that he will keep on buying he will keep on putting

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here I just realize like the importance of remembering Allah and having a shot and every deed you do. Because if you think about Allah, and the reason why you're doing every single thing, even the little things, whether you're getting ready or anything for school, you're getting ready to gain knowledge. If you think about it, while doing those actions, then it wouldn't be hard to regain that fear when it comes to us. It wouldn't be hard to do those actions.

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When I was feeding the cat, I was thinking why did I just put the food there. And then is to pet the cat and to be close to the cat with little little things. If you do it for the sake of Allah having that intention, it makes a difference. Of course, then it brings quality to the actions. It brings us on to the actions of a person things of speed that God has given the food and it's only an animal forget about it, just you know, get out of here. Let's go then

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There's no essence. So what is it that brings us and what brings quality and increases the quantity of actions? It's the fear of Allah it's the love of Allah.

00:30:11--> 00:30:23

That is what increases the quality and the quantity because many times we complain we do but it's not good enough we do but it's not enough. So how to solve that increase in the fear level?

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You all know that the a level is above provincial level, then B is the meat secretary and then see he's somehow explaining all the concepts right? I was thinking this is kind of report card we're gonna get in the hereafter to and we will be mentioned that the home will worry sooner for those right if we are aiming for such a big thing. It means then criteria has been given to us and that is to be pushed back because then you don't need any mahasi on you yourself is mahaska for yourself. call yourself to account analyze your your dates.