Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L235A

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Ya-Sin 48-83 Translation 48-83


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The transcript is a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. It includes a proposal to stop a bill, a woman who wants to return to her family, a woman who wants to return to her family, and a woman who wants to return to her family. The speakers discuss various topics, including conflict, family members, and a woman named Lahu.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Hello Sunil Karim, I'm about for a bit let him in a shavon rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, from the Shahada de were silly. I'm the leader of data melissani yokocho. Cody probenecid in our mo

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lesson number 235 sora trc is number 48 to 83.

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translation, y ocho Luna and they say matter when Heather this, Eduardo the promise in if quantum you were saw the team want to or truthful,

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man, not young Luna they wait Illa except, say Hatton a scream why he didn't one single debt holder home, it will seize them while home while they do history moon they will be disputing Fela they're not yesterday aroona they will be able, they will be capable of densely written to make a will whether and nor ala towards the him, their family, your direction, they will return

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one of your heart and it was blown fissile in the trumpet for either than instantly. home they mean from alleged they're the graves in our ob him to the DNC Loon. They will hasten they will move quickly.

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kalu they said here Why? Ilana over to us man who barsana here is us. Men from Mark Medina, our sleeping place. Heather this man What? What are the he promised of rush man the Most Merciful was solid. And he spoke truth and more saloon the messengers in not ganache. It was Illa except say Hatton a shout a scream where he didn't one for either than instantly home the Jimmy are altogether. La Dana near us more Varun once presented for neoma So today, let's not do it shall be around nutzung any soul che anything? Well now and not to rizona you will be recompensed in there except ma what quantum you were Dharma loon you all do in indeed, US habit companions agenda of the paradise

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and yoma today fee in chauvelin. In occupation faqih Hoon once amused ones rejoice for whom they will as word to whom and their spouses fee in Lila Lin CEDS Allah upon Allah, the adorned couches, Motoki own ones reclining la home for them fee her in it feki her to fruit one a home and for them man whatever yet their own they call for or get their their request.

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Salah one piece olan a word made from Robin or Haman Especially Merciful, one taboo and you all stand apart, get apart

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polyoma today Are you her all almajiri Moon the criminals Allah did not our hood, I promise in equal to you. Yeah, or Bernie Adam, children of Adam, and that lair do not darboux you will worship you will obey a shade on the shades on inner who indeed he Luckily for you all are the one an enemy will be clear. Why and that will dooney you will worship me have this slit often about Mr. Team one straight

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what occurred and certainly a wonder he led astray men come from you given a multitude kathira many Flm to the not the kulu you all were dirty loon you all use intellect. How the he this jahannam is hell allottee which content viewer to arduin you all were promised is slow her you all burn in it polyoma today be mad because of what quantum you

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Duck falloon you always believe anioma today nuff Timo we shall see you either upon of why he him their mouth, what took alumina and it shall speak to us, Id him their hands, what they should do, and it shall bear witness of judo whom their feet the man with what Kanu they were the zebu they earn

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while Oh and if Nasha we will let our Meissner surely we obliterated surely we wiped out our law upon our unique in their eyes festival. So they raised us little to do this

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for an hour. So how you will see rune they could see what oh and if Nasha we will learn myself now whom surely we would disfigure them.

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Allah upon mechanically him there places firmer so not is the thought they were capable Mobley and wants to go forward. Wanna and nor yield your own they could return. Woman and whoever know our mid who we give him long life. Luna kiss who we reverse him Phil Hulk in the creation of Allah do the not europei loon they understand warmer and not our alumna who we have taught him a share of the poetry, woman and not emberley it is befitting Lahu for him in not who it is that except the Crone a reminder will call and on and on moving on clear. Leon zero so it warrants man who can he was Haiyan alive way ahead. And it is justified. alko Lu, the sentence the word are there against Al Catherine

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irine the disbelievers are welcome to and not euro they see under that indeed we have a lacuna. We created law home for them. member from what our millet it did, Idina, our hands and Armand grazing livestock for whom so they love her for it. Molly Kuhn want to own owners

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while they learn their hair, and we have subdued it. La home for them. femin hair so from it, Roku bow home, their modes their writing animals, woman her and from it yet Kowloon they eat

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while at home and for them. fee her in it. My nephew benefits one machete boo and drinks a fella do the not the hash spoon they give thanks. They are grateful. What the huddle and they took mendola from besides Allah le Hutton Gods La La home so that they used saloon they are helped lair not yesterday una they are capable nacinda home their health while home and they love home for them during an army or gendun soldiers Maroon once presented. fella so not yet

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it greenview Ola home their speech in the indeed we narrow level we no matter what you see Runa they conceal warmer and what your linoone they reveal our land to and not euro he sees an insane the human being a nerd that indeed we have a lacuna who we created him men from notified in a sperm drop for either then instantly Who was he costly human and adversary a great disputer will be in clear or baba and his truck. Lana for us my felon and example when a car and he forgot who his own creation. Allah He said man who your he he gives life and a llama to the bones were here while it Rami moon totally decayed or for me one rotten

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old say your he here he will give life to it. And lady who ensure a her he created it a winner first model at any time. Well who and he be cuddly with every Hulk in creation or the moon always all knowing

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and lady who jaren

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He made Luckily for you, made from a shadow, the tree and the green, now one fire for either So, then, until you all mean who from it, do they do you all Kindle

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his work and laser, he is not

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and lady who halaqaat he created a semi with the heavens, while Alba and the earth will call them at all able Allah upon and that he is local, he creates with whom like them, but a rather wahoo and he is 100 the supreme creator, Arlene, they always all knowing

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in Nima indeed not but Umrah who his command either when he intended Shay and anything that your cooler he says Lahu for it can be for your kulu so it is it becomes for Super Hana. So glorified a lady who via D he in his hand, Maluku Dominion coalition of everything will be late and to him to you all will be returned

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the moon

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Hello Hello.

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de la

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isla de PUE

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boo, boo, coo

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coo coo coo

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