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Fatir 15-38 Tafsir 33-38


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The speakers discuss the meaning behind certain terms and how they relate to a person. They touch on the concept of "by the inter'ams" and how it affects behavior, including major events. The importance of avoiding excuses and not presenting excuses is emphasized, as it is used to indicate productivity and success. The speakers also emphasize the need to learn from experience and not give up.

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Gen two are the name for them our gardens what kind of gardens have perpetual residents are then in eternity? The other who Luna, wherein they will enter who has genetically engineered the whole Luna?

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Some have said that it refers to the last category of people savvy, can bill hierarchy Be it Mila? and others have said that it refers to the alladhina Safina, Marybeth Tina in general. But obviously, remember that the Jeanette are various levels, isn't it? So, Jana has many, many levels, and what will determine the rank of a person the level of a person

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his deeds, right. So, the more sabich a person is, the higher his level will be at if a person is moved outside, then his level will be also average, low, mediocre. And if a person does little on himself, that he's only depriving himself genda to either an India toluna they will enter there in and how long will there be for eternity? You Hello, nothing has been a salvia. And they will be adorned in it with bracelets, what kind of bracelets means they have been of gold. And also pearls, when the Versa will be hurried, and their garment in general will be off? How do

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you think about it? There are three things that people love, gold, pearls. And so isn't it? And these three things, what are they? They are a sign of comfort? luxury, isn't? If a person is wearing silk, can she go and cook in the kitchen? Think about it. She cannot, because otherwise your silk dress is gonna get ruined. So gold, pearls and silk, this is a symbol of comfort of luxury. Now a person who sacrifices this comfort and luxury in the dunya. Why? To become savvy computer firewall, Allah will give him abundantly on it.

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Because one thing that prevents us from being cyber convinced a lot is what is taking it easy. We just want to take it easy, just want to have fun. For example, there are some students when they're going through school when they're going through university, they want to have fun, which is why they don't do extra work. They don't work hard enough. Right. And there are other students who will sacrifice will put an extra effort who will not have so much fun. Why? Because they want to do better. So when a person does better, he sacrifices his reward greater. Yes, it's great. So anyway, so we are headed, and their device will be of honey, even our best will they learn who said that

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those who are savvy can build a lot will enter Jannah without being brought to account, they will be entered into gender how the lady herself

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and those who are mocha said will enter gender by the mercy of Allah. What does it mean by that? That it could be questioned. And by Allah's mercy, they will enter gender and those who are as humble Allah, they will entertain the hell by the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So for example, the person has been doing lumen himself with the Quran. So for instance, if he's been performing haram major since then he has to go through Hellfire, isn't it, and then the profit sort of Alison will be given the permission to do shuffle and then eventually a person will be taken out of alpha admitted into agenda and when a person will enter into gender, then his body will be burnt

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up and then there'll be washed, and that will cause the bodies to grow. And how will they be described as gentlemen?

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Those who have gone through hell?

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Yes, they haven't ridden them. However, they have gone through hell.

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So we see that the greater the efforts of a person the more he excels, the greater the higher his rank will be, the hero

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will call you and they will say who those who will enter Jannah will say, and hamdu lillahi Leddy Praise be to Allah The one who has had an unknown husband, who has removed from us all grief, also. All sorrow he's taken it away from us. Because Genoa is a place where a person will not experience any grief whatsoever.

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In dystonia, what happens? grief, sadness, Misery, fast experiences. No matter what you're doing, they weigh heavily down. They don't let you have fun, they don't let you relax. So when people will enter gender, they will forget all of their miseries. So they will say Alhamdulillah and Lady as her unknown husband. He has removed that

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borrow from us. And this has been understood as the husband over since the mistakes that they have committed, because that also weighs down a person.

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In the opinion of a foreign Shaku, indeed, our Lord surely is forgiving, and he is also a crucial he appreciates the good deeds of his servants, he accepts them, and He rewards them abundantly.

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Under the hand, Lana, the one who has settled us where the comma in the home of duration,

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a headliner from the roof enters her lap.

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And Helen is to cause someone to descend. And from this it is to establish someone in a place settle them in a place. So the one who has settled us where there are no karma, in the home of duration,

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no karma, off well, meme and mahkamah this is pasta, or fluff, and it gives meaning of place of duration, place of residence, a place that is worthy of staying in worthy of living in

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an abode of everlasting stay the state which never comes to when in doubt on mukaiyama.

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You understand that are more common than that it's the place of state. This is the place where one should say this is where the abstain, dunia is it where they abstain. No, Jenna, is that where the abstain, of course.

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And it's the abode of everlasting stick once a person goes in done, he's not coming out, menfolk Lee out of his bounty, Liam asuna, via NASA and NASA toil, hardship fatigue. It does not touch us engine. When, as soon as he had no hope. And no fatigue, no wariness no boredom even touches us in general, NASA from the real fighters, noon saw and NASA is to literally fix something in a place. And from this, NASA is also used for fatigue, strain, hardship. And it's such fatigue, such exhaustion that is caused by what constantly doing something

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that a person is fixed on an action, he's constantly engaged in it. And when he's constantly engaged in it, then what happens? Does he get tired? Does he? Of course. And Can he stay nestled anymore? Can he stay fixed anymore? No, what happens to him, he loses balance, he starts falling down, he becomes so tired. So this is what muscle is exhaustion. It's lack of strength caused by exhaustion, and load from the earth Fs lamb line. And loop is basically used for weariness of the mind when a person gets bored. Understand that you're doing something or you're working, or you're in a place and eventually what happens

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when see what happens. get bored, isn't it. So like, for example, you're traveling for every single day, you have a trip that is planned from before, one day you're going to go visit a particular person and other day going to go explore a particular place, right? But what happens after a week you get bored of that? Too much excitement and you get bored, isn't it? You want to take it easy. But we see that in general, no fatigue, and no boredom.

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And it's amazing how people say, a person isn't gonna want to eventually get bored.

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You know, I wonder Do you get bored of your life? And don't you? Do? You don't? That How can you expect that people will get bored of their life in general? It's not possible. And if you think about it, there's too much to enjoy. In general, right? There's too much to explore. There's too many good people to meet too many conversations to have. Isn't it? So? So how can you get bored? How it's like when a person sometimes it goes on some online community like Facebook or something? And they're going through one person's profile. Okay, what did they write? What did they say? Where did they go? Okay, look through their pictures, look through their events, and then move from there to

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somebody else to somebody else, all those people you like, and you can spend hours doing that you won't get bored. Now think about it in general. The um the the sign up in the Shahada, too many good people to meet? Isn't it? Too many conversations to have with them? How can you get bored? How is it possible to lay him as soon as he has NASA gone? When I am a Salafi Hello. We don't get tired. We don't get bored. On the other hand when Medina cafardo and those people who disbelieve the home now which I'd love for them is a fire of Whoa. La Yoko de la Muto. It will never be decreed for them so that they can die. Yokota of the

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Do you need to make a decision and other is also used for modes for death. Like musar, the tsunami hit the man and fell called La La he, he concluded his matter meaning he killed him. He caused him that so later you could or lay him for a move to their life will not come to an end so that they could die.

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Their life their punishment will never come to an end so that they could die. Never will they die. When are you hopeful for unhuman either be her, nor will it ever reduce from its punishment. nor will it ever reduced, would it be ever reduced from its punishment, the punishment will never be less than for them. Now even for a single moment.

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Kinetic energy calaca who does do we recommend every person who is coupled who is one who commits a lot of extremely ungrateful, extremely ungrateful and we have to see as well, this book is what a huge favor. And if a person does not give the half of the book, isn't he being ungrateful? Isn't that in gratitude? And kurata refers to someone who disbelieves interdiscipline is 77 we learn when though Yama liko, Leah COVID, Elena color in nicomachea swoon and they will call out all Malik medica, zookeeper vellfire they will request Malik that let your Lord put an end to us. Ask your Lord to just put an end to assist finish exterminate us.

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But what will he say? Indeed, you will remain we will remain here you're never going to cease to exist

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in nicomachea soon. Now you could lay him for a

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while Are you have a woman or that we have the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that death will be brought like a horn drum and will be made to stand between paradise and hellfire. And it will be said oh people of paradise. Do you know what this is? And they will raise their heads and look and we'll say yes this is that. It will be said oh people of hell do you know what this is? They will raise their heads and look and will say yes this is death, then the command will be given for death to be slaughtered. And it will be sad Oh people of paradise. It is eternal. There is no death. And all people have hellfire. It is eternal. There is no doubt.

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Well, homea study hoonah fee her and they will cry out there in your study hoonah sorrow, sorrow. What does that mean to scream? To Cry out to yellow desperately?

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Remember the word Yes, the three hole that the man he was crying out to musar s&m for help making a scene. So similar to the people of Hellfire yesterday who know via crying for help, calling for help being desperate in distress. And what will they say have been an occasional Oh our Lord take us out. Take us out normal silence and we will do righteous deeds, viola de ko Nana and what not those ones that we were doing before we will do different deeds now.

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They will request that they should be taken out of Hellfire return to the dunya so that they can do good deeds, they can do something different. But will they be given this permission? No.

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Instead of profit. Number 11 we learn all you have been a tennis entertaining.

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entertaining. First off now is a no brainer for her either. Hello, Jim, in serving the people who help I would say Our Lord, You gave us that twice. And you gave us life twice how we were dead. You gave us life causes death. And now you have given us life again. So to that end two lives, and we have confessed our sins. After going through all of this we confess our sins. So is there to an exit anyway. Is there any way to get out of Alpina? Anyway for her in a hotel room in Serbia?

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And if a person will try to come out of Hellfire himself, who are you doofy how they will be returned into it.

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So what's the response that will be given to them? under a miracle? Did we not give you a long life or medical Amal your middle to give a life to live to give a long life to live? Did we not give you a long enough life? Marietta Kofi

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man that yes at that coffee, he would receive admonition in if he could take a lesson in it. Who mantequilla the one who would take a lesson.

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We gave you a long enough life in which you could understand the reality of life in which you could take a lesson in which you could improve yourself.

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And what is this long life? How much is it? 60 years

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When a person has lived for 16 years, he has no excuse. No excuse whatsoever. Why?

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Because it's long enough of a life in which a person has gone through many experiences. He has seen many things. He has lived through many things. He has enjoyed. He has suffered. He has grieved, he has celebrated. He has done a lot in 60 years, isn't it?

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So 60 years you lived and you never took a lesson. You never thought that when you die, there's going to be an afterlife. You never got it, that what you're doing. They're going to be consequences for it. It never hits you. You never understood that. Oh, well. I'm not a medical Mayor to that Kofi mantella como como una de and on top of that a warner came to you. A messenger came to you

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for the Roku, so it is familiars lolly medium and honestly, there is no helper for the wrongdoers.

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In addition to Holly, we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah has left no excuse for a man who reaches the age of 60.

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Allah has left no excuse for the man who reaches the age of 60. Why? Because if you think about it, when a person is young, he's going through his 40s. He's busy

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making money looking after a family. But when a person hits 60, then what happens? Typically, when do people retire around that age, isn't it and a person has experienced so much of life? That he knows what is good, he knows what is bad, isn't it? Which is why people ask older people for advice. Many times it happens if people retire from their work, but they are still advisors, they will still advise Why? Because what they have learned through experience other people don't know.

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So people will be addressed on the Day of Judgment, those in Hellfire who lived a long enough life, and you still never got it. That alone is one that he also has, how can you that your Creator also deserve something from you.

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And especially when the Warner came to it wasn't that you were ignorant, somebody warned you. Still you never got it? Whose fault is it? It's your fault.

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We all learn from another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah has left no excuse for the person who lives to be 60 or 70 years old, Allah has left no excuse for him, Allah has left no excuse for him.

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Now, it doesn't mean that a person has lived for 40 or 30 years, he has an excuse, no. What this means is that this is the maximum after that, no excuse whatsoever. Each person will be held accountable.

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In the law, it mileva somewhat you will have indeed a lot he is the Knower of the unseen of the heavens and the

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in the who are the human being that indeed, he is knowing of what is in the hearts. He knows what people conceal in their hearts, because he knows the unseen of the heavens and the earth, nothing at all is hidden from him. So person cannot make any excuses.

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No excuses, that I could not do it because of that reason. You see, if you look at the three categories that we learned about lollywood enough to hemodialysis and Cybermen clearlight Bismillah many times what prevents us from excelling? We say we're too busy. Is it? For example, young people, what's their excuse? Too many friends, too many weddings, too many parties, too much to do. A bit older, children, a bit older, again, children, older children, grandchildren, right? It never comes to an end, everybody has an excuse.

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So we see that on the day, gentlemen, excuses will not be accepted.

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You were given a long enough life in which you could do something. Still you didn't do it. It's your fault. So don't present excuses.

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You understand? And you see, every person must look at, you know the situation that he's in the circumstances that he's in, and he should be honest with himself. What is it that I can really do? And am I just making myself handicapped for no reason? You understand? Every person knows what they can do. Be honest with yourself.

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You know, for example, my grandmother when she was here, I was talking to her a lot about her life and what she did and how she raised her children. And something I cannot imagine but she raised a total of 13 children, she raised them. And if you think about a two children, even one child, even our solar gets affected

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30 children imagine and not just our children, so many other people, she was cooking for them, cleaning for them doing laundry for them. But when it comes to her as God when it comes to her solar when it comes to her Dean, she doesn't make an excuse. I have seen it as a child until today.

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There are older women who will spend time watching television who will spend time just talking to other people socializing going here, going here, talking to everybody on the phone. But I saw her and I was amazed that how, Mashallah, every single day, she would read through the console

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every single day.

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Lila Mashallah, you know, when there were some days when she wasn't able to for some genuine reason, but otherwise, from morning until evening, she would make a point that she would read her instead of because

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when can a person do that?

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When they have never read a word of the Quran? Can they do it, especially in old age? When your head is hurting? When your eyesight is weak? When your mouse becomes dry? so quickly? How can you do it when you are used to doing

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we think we're too young we have a long life before us. Have fun right now read for unlimited. You can only read nature when you have read it when you're young.

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It's only possible

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you can only wake up for Salah during the night, early in the morning, when when you have been doing it all your life.

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So never make an excuse for yourself. I'm too young. I'm too busy. I'm too this I'm do that. No, Allah has given a long enough life everybody and situations they change every single day today. You're busy tomorrow, you'll have some free time. five days a week. You're busy. Allah gives you the weekend, isn't it so you're busy for a few months, then you get last 10 days off in Ramadan. So no excuse now. And it's the most special days of Ramadan, last 10 days of Ramadan. And never we can tend to have less of it.

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I just want to share with you.

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There's this lady who's praying she's old. You can tell that she's really old Strunk already and she looks really frail. But when I look at her at the taraweeh she stands really straight and firm. And she does like perfect salute and everything and hamdulillah and I looked at her and she's standing for the Salah was the young person or sitting down praying I was like, but how bring to going away to the back talking to this lady and I was looking at her and I said she must have done a lot of good things when she was young. And up to now she's doing the goodies and then when she comes out of the machine, she wears her little niqab in his life is so beautiful, Mashallah. I mean, I want to

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hug her when they see her. Because she looks so much I love pious woman and I would pray beside her And I'm making the art for her. It's like, I just admire her, because I see young girls and it's like, you know, for heart and they're sitting down on the ground already. I remember once I happened to go too much it was Robbie was going on. And I had to go towards the back. And I was surprised at how so many young people, they were standing at the back talking to one another. And, you know, either they've been having their periods from the first day till 15th of Ramadan, which is why they don't have to pray. Or there's something else that's preventing them. And when I asked them did you

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pray as to how much did you pray for? How much did you press X? It's like you don't need to pray more. Like honestly, you don't need to pray more. There's Salah going on. People are praying and being recited. You're talking and opportunity that is before you in your hands. Ask those poor mothers who are desperate to go and pray and they cannot because of their children they're unable to.

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And while you have the time you have the opportunity, you're losing it. avail the time that you have avail the opportunity that you have before it's too late before it's taken away from you. Because these days these nights they're very precious, very precious.

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Kevin very standard will listen to the recitation and continue

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v one

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move on to

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colada foo wahoo meals

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Danny Boone

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yo Jonah t

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v one

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One lady

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in the lobby

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Li de

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una de

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one lady in

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It's protocol lahoma byham, deca national law

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Mr. felucca wanted to be like Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh