Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L276C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of balance and respect for everyone's rights is emphasized in various aspects of life, including government affairs and negotiations. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to maintain balance and achieve justice and fairness in the world, as well as the importance of learning and pursuing knowledge to gain blessings. The use of dates and words like "brillessings" and "brillessings" is also discussed, along with the importance of gratitude for personal growth and fulfillment.
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Last summer and the sky Rafa, he has raised it, the sky, a loss of data, how has he made it, that he has raised it up high, it's very high, that no matter how high you go on the highest mountain, even, you cannot touch the sky,

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isn't it so

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even if you're in a plane, you feel that Oh, you're so up high, you look down, you've almost got frightened, but if you look up, you will see blue space above you. So, as summer

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he has raised it up, I

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imagine if it was very low, imagine if it felt very low, one we feel constricted, when we feel suffocated, this is a huge blessing of Allah, that he has created it and he has raised at a very high, so that the creation of the surface of the earth may live and breathe and feel that they are in an open space. Well, well, they are nice and and he has also set the museum, he has also placed the museum

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what are what does it mean to play something to set up something. So, he has set up the Misa ms n is understood in a number of ways. First of all, Ms n is a tool meaning scale. Myth are a tool through which you can tell the wasn't of things you can tell the weight of things. So what is it the scale?

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Secondly, the word means and alternatives meaning of Mozu that which is weird.

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Because what is the scale used for to wait? Right? What do you put in it the Mozu that which has to be weighed? That's the main purpose.

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So means and first of all means scale. Secondly, it also means Mozu that which is weird. Thirdly, the word Misa also gives a meaning of wasn't what is was the mean weight, because that is what you obtain from the museum. There's a difference between Mozu and was Amazonas. The object that is being weighed and wasn't is the weight that you get. Okay. And fourthly, the word meezan is also used for either justice.

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In certain Hadith we learned a lot of Salah vasudevan v. net, when xlm or humann Kitagawa, Louisiana, the acumen NASA Lucas, that Allah sent His messengers, and he sent with the messengers the book and also means on so that justice may be established. What does meezan refer to are the justice? Because how do you establish justice? How do you get justice through the scale? Isn't it?

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Like, for example, outside many courts, you will see a scale because what does that symbolize? justice? So the word means and has many meanings. It's used in many different ways.

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Over here, in this ayah, well, what are the reason and he has established the reason reason over gives meaning of justice, balance,

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that in the creation that Allah has created, whether it's up in the skies, or it's in the earth, Allah has get perfect balance and justice in it.

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Right before World armies and what has mentioned the sky, the sky that is above us isn't a perfect balance, and it's a perfect balance in how far it is. There's a perfect balance. So in the creation, Allah has kept a perfect balance in disguise, and the stars and the earth, in the plants in the people, their farms, their quantities, functions, their length of time, so on and so forth, just as we learned earlier, that in color, shape and color, color will be cut off. So this other is what, yes, this balance, there's a perfect balance of everything that Allah has created,

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and led to, and this perfect balance that Allah has created, whether it's in the ecosystem of the earth, or it is any kind of system, this balance that Allah has created, whether it's in the number of the creation, like for example, when it comes to sheep, they are many more in their number compared to Lions, isn't it? When it comes to zebras and giraffes, there are many more in their number compared to lions and cheetahs. There's a balance in that. Imagine if lions were as many as people on earth, who would survive, they would end up eating one another because they would find nothing to eat them.

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Similarly, a lot of the creation that Allah has created, what do they eat? They eat plants, wherever they live in whichever area they live, Allah has got the perfect balance, that whatever food they need to survive, it's there.

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So while there are enemies and so this balance that Allah has got, what lesson does it teach us alertable reason that you do not transgress within the balance when you live in a place

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is full of other than you must also maintain.

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You must not transgress in that other alert Oh, and this is Mufasa explanatory. This is the lesson that we learn, when Allah has kept me than other than everything, that we are not to transgress that knees on,

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we are not to transgress that knees and that are that justice that Allah has established. So in other words, you must also give, you must maintain justice as well. You must respect this balance that Allah has created. Don't transgress it, meaning maintain it, respect it. And remember that in county affairs and in Chetry affairs in both affairs, Allah has kept a perfect balance

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gonee affairs with regards to our lives with regard to the creation, Allah has got the perfect balance, we have to respect that balance maintain it. So for example, when people become excessive in, let's say, hunting, and fishing, and using up oil and using up the resources of the earth, then does that affect the balance? Of course it does. When people become excessive in producing many things in their factories, then does that affect the balance of the earth? Of course it does. What does Allah say? latter often isn't. It doesn't mean we don't benefit from the creation that Allah has created. No, we do benefit because Haleakala comberford of the gymea, but when you benefit don't

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abuse it, respect this balance that Alaska.

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So first of all, in Konya. First in shuddering affairs, is what Allah has given every person the right that they deserve. The parents have their right children have their rights, the siblings have their rights, rights with regards to inheritance rights with regards to the respect that they deserve rights with regards to many different aspects, isn't it? So? Those who have knowledge those who don't those were older in age those who are younger in age every person has been given a specific hock so unleaded all film is an What does it mean? That in shadow affairs as well give every person that have that they deserve? Don't transgress the balance that Allah has kept? Don't

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think that you're smarter. The only thing that you're more intelligent, don't think that your laws are better than the laws that Allah has given.

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Don't think like this Aled autofill means and if Allah has kept a perfect balance in the universe in the creation, then he has also placed a perfect balance in his career in the law that He has given so don't transgress rather respected maintain it

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well, peyman wasn't an established Wait, how bill crisply injustice Well, he wasn't that when you give the wasn't to someone when you're waiting for someone whether it's in buying or selling or you're giving someone their right Then how should you do it but at least with justice with equity with fairness, not with injustice? Okay, well wasn't just as a sort of an Iowan 52 return Well, okay, that one reason bill kissed, that give full measure and weight in justice while at zero Misa and do not reduce in the Nizam dot zero dot zero cause Ron to cause loss. So do not cause loss in the Misa and and over here means and gives meaning of Mozu that which is wait.

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So let's walk through that which you are weighing don't cause loss in it, meaning don't skip, rather, give every rightful one is right, whether human related or not any person lots of subtle niza

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that we see in these is that the universe is a great sign of a loss of hunger.

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And whatever that Allah subhanaw taala demands of us, he has placed its example. Where in the universe, if a loved one says that from us, if a loved one's obedience from us, that obedience he shows to us how, by the obedience of the stars, the creation that is all around us. Similarly, if Allah wants justice from us, that we in our affairs mutual affairs, whether they are social, political family, or they are financial, any affairs, if he wants us to maintain justice, that he has practically showed that justice to us, isn't it's a, this is a huge arm of Allah. Because imagine, if Allah did not show justice to us if he did not show what balance is to us, if Allah did

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not show to us what obedience is, what submission is, then would we be able to do it

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No, we wouldn't. We can only do what we understand. And people when do they understand better when they see an example, isn't it so. So this is the regime of a law that whatever he wants from us, he has placed it in the universe as well.

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And in these I add justice as being mentioned, balance is being mentioned, equity, fairness, which is something so important that we learn from our Hadith, that Verily, the just people, those who are just those who respect the means, and who respect this balance Allah has created who maintain it. In every aspect of life, such people will be with Allah on podiums of light,

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when on the Day of Judgment, and where will they be to the right of? And both his hands are right. So where will people be such people be on podiums of light on the right of Allah subhanaw taala. They are those who are just unfair in their judgment, who are the

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those who are just unfair in their judgments, and with their families, and those whom they are responsible for?

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So with their families, also just unfair, maintaining the balance, giving every deserving person their help.

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And they're also just with regards to those whom they are responsible for, not family, but others that they're responsible for. And we see that justice, this is the foundation of a peaceful life, isn't it? So?

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Imagine if this balance was not there, in the universe around us? Would we be at peace? Could we live peacefully? No, we will be frightened all the time, worried for our security all the time. And we see that this is exactly what's happening. When people don't maintain this balance. And there is injustice that's common everywhere. Or that the resources of the earth they're running out, or we are afraid they will run out, then doesn't it lead to so much fear? Doesn't it? Of course it does. You know, I remember, perhaps you'll find it silly. But when I saw snow The first time I wanted to eat it.

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I really wanted to, but everybody's like, Don't even think about it. You know, how polluted the air is? I'm like, I don't think so it looks pretty clean to me. Like No, don't even put it in your mouth. And I was like, imagine such beautiful snow nice and cold, soft. You want to put it in your mouth, but you can't do it. Why? Because the air is so polluted.

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So when people don't respect the balance that Allah has kept, when they don't maintain it, then what happens? They suffer from fear, they suffer from a lot of loss, because justice is the foundation of a peaceful life.

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Well, and the earth, what are her, he has laid it down for who live for the creatures, the earth, the entire Earth, it is for who? What are her Allah has laid it down, meaning he is fixed it in place, or that he has spread it out is laid it out. So it's vast, it's open, it's spacious, and it has everything that the creatures need. What are her but for whose benefit and analysis from the newsletters homes I don't mean and and now applies to all creatures on the earth, all the creatures. It includes human beings, it includes animals includes all the creatures, so this entire Earth Allah has laid it out, spread it out, made it vast, spacious. Place everything that is necessary in it for

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who are the creatures, so what does it mean? They all have a right to live on this earth.

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Yes, hi, Nicola. chromaffin OBG Miran. Primarily, it's the human beings who benefit. However, it's the right of other creatures as well to live on this earth.

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We are no one's to disturb the balance. And because of our injustices, because of our greed, because of our selfishness, we harm other creatures. This is unfair, this is transgression against them.

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And in this earth Alesis we have faqih Hutton there in his fruit, faqir fruit, that which a person eats and finds a lot of pleasure in it, he enjoys it. So in the earth, Allah has placed fruits of various colors, various types, various tastes various fragrances feel like he had done and also when not blue, and the day forms these date bombs that will occur ma'am having sheets of dates at Milan is a plural of Kim and Kim is a cover. What is it a cover.

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And a command is used for date sheets meaning a cover that grabs that covers the dates in their early stage.

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And eventually what happens, the dates they grow out of it. So this is the early stage that will occur. So the dead bonds that I'm having sheets of dates,

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if you think about it, the date is mentioned in particular here. Why?

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Because it is the most awful of all the fruits. It's the best of all of the fruits out, if you look at it to taste

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sweet, who doesn't like sweet?

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And secondly, if you look at the texture, it's a various types, you will find extremely juicy dates

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to those that are crunchy to those that are very soft to those that are dry, isn't it? So you'll find different different types, different sizes. Similarly, if you think about it, you take some bananas, you leave them on your counter, you leave them for a week, what's going to happen, they're going to turn extremely ripe. Extremely Right, right. You leave dates on your counter in a box for a week. Very good. still nice and fresh. You leave them for a month still nice and fresh. Correct. Similarly, a data so small, so tiny. It's not very big. But you have it and it gives you instant energy, isn't it so instant energy it gives you

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so this is why the date has mentioned in particular because it is a flotilla it's the best of all the fruits. Its provision its food, it's a source of energy. It's also like medicine, Sophia faqir, often when not know that

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will have blue and green meaning in the earth. Allah has placed Allah has created what and how? And what is

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such grain that is eaten,

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that seed that is eaten, so it refers to wheat, barley, lentils, or so on and so forth. And this grain, how is it the last possessor of us, what does ask me ask

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us was from the fetters einsatz.

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And literally grass is used for the dry stalks or the leaves of a crop crop which grows seeds, which grows grains. So for example, when you have the cymbala, right in which wheat grows, it's not just that the seeds are there, the greens are there. But besides the greens, what do you have leaves, you have the stock, isn't it so you have many things and all of this, it becomes dry eventually and when it becomes dry when it turns golden. That's when you take the grain out. And sometimes the grain is also such that it's in a cover. right it's in a cover it's in a package. So those are us this has some lentils you will find them with the cover and sometimes you'll find them without the cover.

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So we'll have both the last week and as is then transferred into hay which animals eat and sometimes the cover that's left on the grain. Remember use of Alice lamb he told the people leave the grade in his sheep in it's covered in its husk. Why? Because then it will be preserved for a longer period of time. Even for the right screen you have the cover. Now this cover, it's what you call brand. It's what you call brand as well. So we'll have Buddha speak, green having husks so you can have it with the husk. You can have it with the brand. Or you can have it without it. It's up to you whichever one you want. depends on if you want more fiber less fiber

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what they hand and also center plants. Meaning in the earth He has also placed many center plants and I had it from newsletters that are low hat

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and Rehan is used for every fragrant plant or fragrant herb.

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So where you have greens that have husk that have Bran, you also have Herbes that are extremely fragrant, soft, fresh, fragile, isn't it so you can use them fresh, you can use them dry. And it is said that very hard in particular is basil

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because it's very soft and also very fragrant.

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Someone said that I'll help with raspy it refers to dry crop and rehand refers to the fresh crop.

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Because a fresh crop it actually is very fragrant.

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So we'll have butanol speak loudly.

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Now if you look at these ads, what is mentioned

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the food that we eat, isn't it so that is that Allah subhanaw taala has given and this is also

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a huge Mercy of Allah.

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Because if Allah were to prevent this

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risk from us. Could we get it from anywhere? No. This is why insert molcajete 21 Allah questions as a manner the linear sococo in seconds, if he withheld your provision from you, who will provide you, if Allah decided not to give you this factor? If Allah decided not to give you, this knuckle that will ockman all of this fruit, this grain, the staple food, the food that you eat, for the purpose of enjoyment, all of these different colors, and fragrances and tastes and textures. If Allah didn't give you, where would you get it from? Where would you get it from? You couldn't get it from anywhere. So this is also

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a huge blessing of Allah. But if you think about it, look at the order of the blessings.

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The first one is what knowledge. And now finally, what is mentioned food. And we take it the other way around,

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isn't it?

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The most important blessing is a blessing of knowledge.

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And then food Of course, we're not saying that it's not important, it's very important, but it's about how much we should value the blessings how much we should strive to gain.

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more effort should be put in gaining the coupon more effort compared to the effort that is put in getting food, you understand? Because the order shows us the importance as well, that each of these blessings

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then Allah says Furby,

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it'll be cooler to get the ban. So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

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Which favors Can you deny? Which favors? Can you dis acknowledge? Which favors Can you ignore?

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Can you ignore food? No. Can you ignore knowledge? No, can you ignore your ability to express No, which can you deny, you cannot deny any, you cannot deny any, you don't have the right to deny any, you do not have the right to be ungrateful for any of these blessings. Because each and every single one of these blessings is very important to you. Very important for you.

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If Allah didn't restore these blessings upon you, your life would be in a lot of trouble,

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isn't it? So, every single blessing is important for the Arabic romantica demand.

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Now, this ayah is going to be repeated approximately 31 times if I have the number, right.

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Imagine so many times this is repeated in this or

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after mentioning, one blessing or two blessings are a few blessings. Allah Subhana. Allah mentions this way to remind us that what you have heard, what you have reflected on is in fact a blessing of Allah on you. It's not your own achievement.

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And if Allah didn't give it to you, you wouldn't be able to find it from anywhere.

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And the word Allah, if you look at it, it's the plural of the word alien. It's the plural of the word alien Hamza, Lamia, and alien means blessing. Allah blessings. But what kind of blessings are the

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if you look at the root Hamza lamb Yeah.

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What does it mean? to spare something to leave something out? Lay it Luna comb Kabbalah, they will not spare for you any loss.

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So what does it mean to spare something, to leave something and are such blessings that fulfill a person's needs, and they continue to come throughout his life, so that a person never feels that there's something missing?

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You get it.

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Such blessings that are a part of life, you constantly receive them one after the other. Because you have them you never feel that they're missing. You know, just as it was mentioned that Diane, the ability to express yourself is a huge blessing when you realize that it's a blessing. When it's taken away from you. You have this ability all the time. Isn't it's up all the time. And you never feel that you have something less it's there constantly. Air, the sun, the moon shumsa will come up there mentioned over here, isn't it? Similarly, the food that people eat, we're surrounded by it. This is what Allah

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Some have said that Allah, what it means is good. So probably a la or Beco medical event. The first meeting is which of the favors of your Lord will you deny? And the second meeting is which of the marvels which of the wonders which of the objects of your Lord, will you deny? That if you think about it, the fact that the sun and moon are running in a perfect order is a miracle.

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The food that you eat, how it grows, how it comes to you packaged in lovely colors in lovely textures and lovely covers. Isn't this a miracle?

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Like I mentioned at the beginning of the solo, the people of Morocco are constantly demanding miracles. And in this surah, Allah mentions blessings, to tell us that these are miracles.

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So, which of the wonders which of the marvels of your Lord will you deny for the lack of Bhiku magic at the bank and notice what bukhoma who does Kumar refer to human beings and Jain

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human beings engine? Because remember, we learned earlier what are the what are her anatomy include zoo, humans, jinn, animals, birds, all creatures. And in the following I add, Allah mentioned the creation of human beings and he will also mention the creation of the jinn. So for the A Allah took a demon

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and some have said that Robbie Kumar, in fact, it refers to human beings only. But it's destiny. Why? Because there's the car in this,

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just as we learned in sort of lpfa, Johanna LTM, and LP LP

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similarly for ba ba, ba, ba Ba, Arabic took a demon, you understand, there's like repetition.

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And imagine in this is repetition in this ayah itself is repeated so many times

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for ba ma it will become a ticket.

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And if you notice, blessings are mentioned, this is mentioned. Then again blessings are mentioned and again this is mentioned that where there are so many blessings that Allah has bestowed. The people also are very ungrateful, you understand where there are so many blessings that people are also as if equally ungrateful, for the A e ll be chromatica D when

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there is a report, which according to some scholars is in fact weak. However, there is a lesson in it for us, because remember that weak narrations they can be coded for the purpose of taking benefit as long as they're not extremely weak. So we learned that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he went to his companions, and he resided sort of Batman, from the beginning to the end,

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he recited sort of Batman from the beginning to the end. And those are however, they were just listening, listening quietly. They didn't say anything. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I recited the surah to the jinn on the night, when he went to teach the jinn and their response was better than yours. Whenever I recited the statement of Allah ba Allah, it'll become a ticket the ban. They responded carlu labiche A Mineiro Mikado banana cut devil.

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They responded every single time that none of your favorites do we deny our Lord, all praises to you.

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This is what they said. After every time this ayah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited so what is a children's through an ally is asking us to be a lie or become a Ducati but we should also respond a lot. We don't deny any of your blessings. Rather, we are very grateful. We acknowledge those blessings.

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We listen to the recitation and then we'll continue.

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Miss mill.

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if you think about it, the blessings of Allah are numerous, uncountable in every aspect of our lives.

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Everywhere, so many blessings. And you see over here, that knowledge is mentioned ability as mentioned, the time has mentioned the sun, the moon that has mentioned right the food that we eat that is mentioned, balance, justice, all of this is mentioned to the blessings of Allah they are numerous of different different types, what is demanded from us one thing and what is that gratitude?

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Allah has bestowed so many blessings, uncountable different different types.

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And one thing he requires from us sugar gratitude, that is what is needed.

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So, we have to see how much sugar is it that we shall

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listen to the recitation

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Ar-Rahman 1-78 Tafsir 7-13

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