Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L231A

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Fatir 39-45 Translation 39-45

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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necromunda Leonardo suta Hill Karim amerit for the villa humanists shavon, rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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rubbish. Rashi is suddenly were Sidley, Emory Washington, Dr. Melissa Annie of koko de Robin, as you know,

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that's the number 230. So that felted I am number 39 to 45 translation. What he is a lady, the one who jellico He made you holla if successors fee in

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the earth, Furman so whoever cafaro he disbelieved for are lazy, so against him, go through his disbelief Wallah and not jazzy do it increases. l kathina. The disbelievers go through home their disbelief or in the near future be him there inla except mahkota, hatred, anger,

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wala and nor iezzi do it increases as Katharina the disbelievers go through home their disbelief Illa except herself in loss. Oh say

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have you considered Shoraka your partners and Edina those who did you all invoke men from do need besides Allah, Allah aloni you all show me mother? What is that? called a poo? They created men from the earth

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or the home for them. Shere Khan any share any partnership see in a semi what the heavens

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or Athena home, we gave them kita been a book for home so they are law upon by generating a clear proof men who from it been rather in not yet he promises a wily Muna the wrongdoers barbu home some of them Barba some of others in LA except rura deception in the Lucha Indeed Allah UMC coup he retains he holds firmly

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a semi wet the heavens while up and the earth and that does oola they do move away or does oola day to seize seize as intermediate? Si se

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What are in and surely if zavaleta they do move away in not soccer humor he retained them to men from a hadn't anyone men from bar d after him in the who indeed he can he is ever halimun always offer very well for most forgiving well up assemble and this war Villa he by Allah just the firm strongest

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emani him there are a lot in Surely if jet a home he came to them that Iran a warner lacuna surely they would definitely be

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more guided men from if the anyone have an omen the nation's fella so when jet a home he came to them. Now they are on a warner ma not that the home it increased them in law except new for our hatred, light

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his thick belt on to seek arrogance see in an earth the earth warmer class and plotting a say the evil one and not yet here. It encompasses

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the plot a say the evil in there except we lie with its deserving people for help so not young Luna they wait in line except senator we have one of the first ones felon so never that either you will find listen Natty for way a lot of Allah de vida and change while and never studied you will find listeners for way a lot of Allah Desh Wheeler any turning I want them do and not yes you they travel fill up in the earth science guru. So they look kafer How can it was Arqiva to end alladhina of those who made from poverty him before then what can I do and they were a shed, the more intense

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more severe men home than then to weapon in strength women and not Ghana. He was Allahu Allah Leah Judah who that it makes him helpless men from che in anything system outlet in the heavens wanna and nor sell out in the earth in the who indeed he can and he is ever our Lehman always all knowing pudiera always able

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one Oh and if you ask him he seizes Allahu Allah anessa the people be mad because of what Guess who they earned? Man not that okay he left or the upon what he has it's bad men from there but in any creature well I can but you assume he delays them. He gives respect to them either too, adjust a time muslimah one fixed for either so when it came to home their time for inlet and Indeed Allah, Allah, Ghana he is ever very badly he with his servants, bus Lila always all seen.

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That's the recitation

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was born.