Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L062G

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Well, you know the overtone film of the Felisa la congener hoon, and taco Soto, Minnesota.

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And when you travel throughout the land, there is no blame upon you for shortening the prayer

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what you

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when you travel in the earth

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over here, in particular, what is mentioned is traveling for battle.

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Because at the end of the year in Clifton if Tina como La Nina cafaro if you fear that the disbelievers will harm you, if you fear some attack from them. So first of all, it is said that it a lot often for the elderly. It refers to traveling for battle in particular. And if you look at all of these AI acts, what are they talking about?

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So first of all, it is said that it refers to traveling for battle.

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And secondly, they said that that autofill of the it is is generally if you're traveling, you leave your hometown, your population and you go elsewhere. And you're traveling.

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So what what often feels oddly, Felisa a congener 100, there is no blame upon you, meaning you're not at fault.

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That and that goes through meaning

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that you shorten the prayer.

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The word tuxedo is on the rotators coughs, although from the word costs

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and puzzle is to shorten to reduce something.

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What does it mean to shorten? Or to do something?

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So that you shorten you reduce meaner Salah from the center?

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What does it mean by this,

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and Dakota, Minnesota, that you shorten the center,

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you shorten the photon.

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And remember that when a person is traveling, he is allowed to shorten. Rather, he should shorten his salary with what I in particular

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I saw in Russia

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because father and mother if you don't shorten them, but a lot of US and Russia, the former car, you shorten them to how much

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so for this alikum Janardhan and doxylamine Asana. There is no sin upon you if you shorten the sauna

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in Clifton, if you failed, and you have Tina como La Nina cafaro, that the disbelievers put you in trouble.

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If the disbelievers put you in trouble, meaning if the disbelievers attack you, or if the disbelievers they harm you.

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So if you fear that there's an enemy right behind you, and you have to pray,

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then don't pay the full salary rather shorten it to do

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now over here, in fifth dome has been understood in two ways. First of all, it has been said that in crypto, this is not the same meaning it is joined. It is connected with the previous statement.

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And what this means is that this is a condition for shortening the Salah

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that you only shorten the Salah when in the state of fear.

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However, this meaning is not that strong. Why? Because it's so not teaches us that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not just shorten the Salah in the state of fear. But he also shortened the Salah in every suffering in every journey.

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In every journey, he shortened to Salah.

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So then what do you mean by this? encrypted and you have to come in as a condition over here it's a conditional clause and how do we understand this? How do we reconcile it is a contradiction? No, it's not a contradiction.

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It is at the end over here is one facility. It is not what doesn't but rather it is one for sir What does one person mean?

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It is disconnected. It is separate from the above statement.

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The statement that is mentioned so far it ends at an Illumina Salah.

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So the first sentences that are either often filled or the Felisa alikum, geneon and dubsado, Minnesota,

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that when you're traveling, no harm upon you if you meaning you're not at fault, you're not being sinful. If you shorten the

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next sentence in Clifton, Tina, como La Nina careful if you fear that the disbelievers are going to put you in trouble.

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And then

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foxhole Amina Salah. It is implied. foxo Lumina Salah is

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imply What does Fox alumina salami then shorten the prayer.

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Okay It is implied. So what does it mean?

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That generally, in every travel in every journey, we are allowed to shorten the Salah.

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Now personally wonder that why is battle mentioned particular? Why is fear mentioned in particular?

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Because most of the travels of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba

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What did they include? Not just battle, it was fear, fear of the enemy.

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Because remember that when you're traveling through the desert, your enemy can see you from far because there's nothing I didn't do nothing protecting you.

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So, just imagine if the enemy is hiding behind a dune and you're praying over there? Whether that enemy is disbelievers or they're robbers or whatever. I will robbers, okay. So if you're traveling to the desert, you are in the state of fear, whether or not you're going for battle, you are in the state of fear.

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So, over here, the state of fear has mentioned in particular because most of the travels of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were in the state of fear.

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They were always in the state of fear.

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So in Clifton Naft, Nakula Dena cafaro.

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In the Katharina canula, komazawa Medina, indeed the disbelievers they are for you a clear enemy, meaning their enmity is clear.

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It is revealed it is quite obvious.

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So in this ayah, the allowance of crane costs of solar is given

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the allowance of praying costs of solar is given.

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Praying the cost of solar in travel is actually mandatory.

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It's not just permissible, but rather it is why did you

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bring financial costs is wired in Germany. Why? Because that is what the son of the Prophet said about us, Adam teaches.

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We learned that the prophets are allowed his enemies shorten the prayer at the time of conquest of Makkah.

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And the journey was 10 days.

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cemetery at hedges and whether at the farewell pilgrimage, the prophet said a lot is an altar shocking to pray. And it was a time of peace. There wasn't a battle at that time, it was Hajj.

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haram month had to deal with that. And the journey was at 19 days.

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We learned that Dr. lebon Amaya. He said that I asked her motivate a thought leader about this ayah.

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And he said that I asked him that Allah granted Muslim safety. No. I mean, now we're at peace. Even if we're traveling through the desert, even if we're not in a state of fear,

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we're at peace sound, there's nothing that we fear, there's no danger.

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So are molded on who said that I wondered about the same thing. And I asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam about it. And he said, solder cotton does what the cover will be here is a con fuckable loose for the curtain.

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That this is a sort of this is a gift. This is a charity that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon you. So accept it, accept it,

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even though you're not in a state of fear, even though you're not facing any enemy. But still when you're traveling because you are traveling a lot and God has given you this allowance. It's a gift from Allah.

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So accept this gift.

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So what does this teach us?

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That so little puzzle is not displayed in the state of fear. But rather it is sprayed on every region, every triangle

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in Buhari, it has been recorded that and so the man who said that we went out with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam from Medina to Makkah. And he used to pray to Dakar until we went back to Medina.

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So throughout his day in Makkah, how much did he pray do instead of four?

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When Ennis was asked how long they remained in Makkah, he said, We remained in Makkah for 10 days. So 10 days, it wasn't just the travel time, that it took them from their home to the destination they were traveling to, but it was also their entire duration of stay. That they prayed Casasola until they came back.

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We also learned that how does that work? He said that I prayed behind the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the lover and so prayers in minute

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What does that mean?

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At Hajj when the people were numerous and very safe.

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Many people didn't hear anything at all. Islam was established.

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And he prayed.

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He prayed to Raka.

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And as you know, the apostle Salah is the shortened Salah. you shorten the Zohar as as well as Russia.

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Now the question is that, do you pray some?

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Do you shorten too soon as well?

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No, you don't.

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You don't pray some Not at all.

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And if you wish to pray enough, well, you're more than welcome to.

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You can pray as much nephal as you wish.

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But in suffer in a journey, praying the summit is not a part of the Salah what is necessary is that a person must perform the fault.

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And we learned that even a modal denial, whenever he would travel, he would only play the short and felt and then he would leave.

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So he would just come, he would pray to the car, and then he would leave.

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So have he asked him that if you pray to motorcar? What's the big deal?

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You come all the way here? you're praying with everybody? You pray the too far? If you pray to more Raka what's the big deal? I mean, why won't you?

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So he said, If I had to, then I would pray my full force.

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If praying to extra locker was necessary, then I would actually pray the full phone and I would not shorten it.

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So what does this teach us?

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That this is a gift of Allah, this is the allowance of Allah take it

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when you're traveling, to save your time. And also Pandora has allowed you

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that you shorten your Salah, so accepted.

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Okay, Casasola. You pray when you are traveling?

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So how do you determine the fact that you are traveling?

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And how long does this apply to you for?

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I mean, if you're going for a two month vacation for three months vacation doesn't mean that you pick us up for the whole three months.

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So what's the limit?

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As we discussed earlier, in the ayah, about the Mo,

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that there is no mileage limit for a surfer, meaning you don't say that only if you travel 50 miles then you are in the state of suffering.

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Or if you travel 10 miles from your house then you are in a suffer? No.

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There is no head that is determined from the Quran or the Sunnah, which is why we see that the prophets are allowed to send them you prayed the apostle Salah at different different places.

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For instance, we learned that the prophets are the loss and death Medina. And when he reached the herd Eva, which is only six miles, six miles from Medina, he prayed the cost of solar.

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We also learned that he prayed the Salah at a distance of three miles from Medina. And we say that only when you've crossed 14 miles or 50 miles, then you pray. Casasola know from the center, we learned that you prayed even three miles, six miles, what does it show

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that once you have left your house and you are traveling, I mean you call a journey, a journey, a travel a travel, if you're going to the grocery store, even if it's 50 miles away, even if it's in the same town as yours, you're not traveling.

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But once you leave your city, and you enter into a place that is empty, and then you enter another city, then you're actually traveling.

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So for example, from here, when you go, you take the highway for a very long time you see houses and buildings and all of these things by your side. And then you're going through the highway and you see empty space. So what does that show that you are in a sense of

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so once you have begun your suffering, whether it is three miles away from your house or six miles away from your city,

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there is no minimum limit. You call a suffer suffer.

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So this is one thing

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and the second thing that we need to know is that how long can you print Casasola for

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there are two things. If you know

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if you know as to when you are going back home.

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You're sure

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that for example you go to another city and you know that after five days, you're going to go back home if you know for sure about your return. If you know for sure about your return your ticket is booked. Your seat is confirmed. You have your plan. It's

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then in that case, we learned that the minimum from the sunlight is four days,

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four days, that if you are staying somewhere for a minimum of four days, then what's going to happen? You're going to pray.

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If you're staying for more than four days, then what's going to happen?

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You are going to pray full salad from the first day.

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Okay? You're going to pray full salad from the first day. Remember that?

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Okay? So basically, if you go somewhere, and you know that you'll be staying there for two days.

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So for those two days, you're going to pray costs? Have you come back home finished?

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You're staying there for three days, what are you going to pay us. But if you know you're staying there for five days, then from the first day that you reach there, you're going to pray for

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but according to Eben are best, he said that it's 19 days, 19 days, which means that if you go somewhere, and you are staying there for 18 days, how much are you going to pray? Also, but if you're staying there for 20 days, how much you're going to pray for, from when the first day.

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And what's the evidence for that, as I mentioned to you the Hadith earlier, that I've had to deal with that the prophets are about us and me shorten the prayer as well. It was a time of peace and the journey was long,

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19 days.

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So from that, we learn that it's at least 90 days.

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But let's say you go somewhere and you don't know when you're supposed to leave,

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you don't know when you're supposed to leave, if it's within a week, if it's within a week and a half, within 10 days, within 1920. Within a month, you really don't know.

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Then in that state, you continue to pray your Casa Salah until you leave, even if it means that you're praying Casa for like three months.

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Okay, if you have a vague idea that you know for sure that within a month, you're definitely coming back within a month, but you don't know if it's going to be the 17th of the month or the 18th of the month,

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then according to that you decide.

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But if you don't know whether it's supposed to leave today or tomorrow, like for example, we learned from Sierra that this however they would travel, for example, it would go for jihad or something like that. And there would be camped over there. And they would have to leave any day, they would be called back any day. So in that case, they would continue to precursor until they were called. Why? Because they didn't know if they were leaving today, or 15 days from now or 20 days from now.

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So if you're not sure, then that gives you a castle until you find out.

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Okay, so for example, if a person is traveling,

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they go to their mother's house. And they're supposed to stay there for two days. And then from there, they're going to go to their grandmother's, which is another city and then from there, they're going to go to their uncle, which is another city. So you're constantly in the state of travel.

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You're constantly in the state of travel, then

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as long as your stay is less than 90 days, in a particular place, what are you going to bring costs. And if it's more than 90 days in a particular place, let's say you're staying at your uncle's for 25 days.

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Then, in that case, what are you going to pray

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We learned that and so that our new he stayed in Sham for two months. And he prayed also prayer for those two months. Why?

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Because he didn't know when he was going to leave.

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And remember that when a person is traveling, besides shortening the prayer, he can also do john You can also join them. What does it mean by that? that a person is going to build fudger at a time

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and he can join us

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so from the time that a lover begins until our sword ends anytime you can pray both over the NASA together.

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Similarly a person can join Mohammed bin or shell so from the time that Mali begins until Russia ends, the person can pray, moment of inertia shorten as well as join

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in Al Katharina can look amado Medina indeed the disbelievers there for you appear enemy.

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Therefore, a loss of penalty has given you this allowance, that when you fear them, then you shorten the center

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