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Fatir 15-38 Tafsir 31-32

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So my eldest Nikita then we cause to inheritable. Which book the Quran

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Allah Dina's, profane, Amman or Eva Deena those we have chosen of our servants.

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Allah SNA. Well, sir,

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well, rasa, which is what does that mean? inheritance? And what is inheritance? Think about? I've given you many many definitions many times, what is inheritance? What is if

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what is passed on to others, when is it passed on to others after a person dies right. So, it is basically that thing, which is transferred from one person to another, especially, after the death of the former. When the person dies, whatever he had is transferred to others.

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So, Soma Allah Snell kita, the book The Scripture, Allah subhanaw taala made some people inherited and who did he cause to inherit the book and Medina for Faina, wintery burden of chores and servants of ours? If you think about it, wealth is inherited. And knowledge is also inherited, isn't it? Which is why the prophets are allowed to set himself at the scholars or who the heirs of the prophets? Why? Because they inherit the knowledge mean to take the knowledge from the profits, and then they pass it on to the rest of the people.

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And if you think about it, is

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the inheritance that a person leaves behind? does it stay with one person permanently? Today, it's with him, when he will die, it will go on to someone else, when he will die, it will go on to someone else like this things are passed down from generation to generation.

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So the word a loss now what does it show that this book has been received and it has to be passed on.

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You understand, you think about it, the word Athena has not been used. Whereas there are many words that could be used over here. But oh rasna has been used because it shows it has been received and it must be passed on. So those who have it now, they cannot selfishly keep the work with themselves. They cannot selfishly give the understanding the knowledge of the book with themselves know, it's an obligation on them an obligation that they have to pass it on.

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They have to make sure that others also get to know about the book because they have it only temporarily. So some LS Nikita alladhina Safina Mina, Reba Dena and those who do have a temporary right now while they're alive, because when the person dies knowledge that he has he leaves it behind, right. So those who have it, who are they chosen servants of Venus, the Faina the chosen servants of Allah. And primarily, what is it referred to, as it refer to the oma of the Prophet salallahu destiny?

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In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, radical or unethical, Martin was up on it the whole notion of the ins

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and outs however, were the first generation and after them all the people of the Muslim Ummah, who are they,

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those who have inherited the book, those who have the book, those who have the knowledge of the team, those who have the Scripture. And if you think about it, is to Faina. Allah has chosen that out of all people. They are chosen to be given the book, they have been selected to have the book. It could have been given to anybody but Allah subhanaw taala has chosen them.

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So what does it show? If a person has been given the knowledge of the book, the understanding of the book? Is he chosen? Is he special? Has Allah bestowed a huge favor on him? Of course, a huge favor on him. But do we learn from the Hadees that my unity level the Highland

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team, whoever Allah which is good for he gives him the understanding of the deen How does the law describe the Muslim Ummah? kuntum hieromartyr you are the best of people. Why? Because you have this book. Oh flagellin

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So, somehow, Ruslan kita, Valentina, Stephane and revolting.

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There are many people who have been given the book, but what is their behavior with the book? It's different, just as the colors of the creation, it very similarly, people's behavior with the book, their attitude with the book, even that varies.

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That for many also from them, meaning from the people who have been given the book, The Muslim woman, there are those who are writing weirdly enough CV

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One who is unjust to himself, one who does work

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on himself? How is he learning? that neither did he learn the book? nor did he bother to pass it on?

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Allah bestowed a huge favor on him by choosing him selecting him above so many people, giving him the book offering him the book. But what did he do? He didn't bother to study.

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If he was given the opportunity to study, he didn't bother to study properly.

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He lost the opportunity. He didn't give the half of the book because what is one do not give the half of the other right. So he didn't give the half of the world and he didn't bother to share it with others as well. Because when can you pass it on? When can you pass it on? When you know, if you don't know, can you share, you cannot share. So what's the little over here, that a person is doing well on himself by depriving him of the knowledge the understanding of the world.

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And lallemand NFC does not just mean that a person did not bother to learn, but he didn't act on it. He failed to act on the book, live by the book, this is not given the Hakata book, He neither understood, nor did he read, nor did he reflect, nor did he apply, nor did he pass it on this is

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because remember the Quran, it has many rights, we talk a lot about you know, rights of so and so the Quran also has rights and one of the rights of the Quran, that first of all, it should be believed in then it should be recited it should be read tilawat is one of the hub of the Quran. Then after tilava

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reflection understanding because remember the statement of early learning, there is no good info which is free from reflection, there is no good in it. So after writing the plan is also the double reflection. And this is what is meant by understanding and then after reflection on acting on the book and after acting on the book, passing on the book. These are rites of the Quran.

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So for many homes already Moline FC, who is the one who did not give the half of the book, he didn't bother to learn, he didn't bother to implement. He didn't bother to read. He didn't bother to reflect. He didn't bother to share family homes it was enough see me.

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And also saw it well enough see has been understood as the one who commits the heroin. He has been given the book, he has been given the knowledge it's quite possible. He knows a lot about the book as well. He has studied the book. He's very well versed, perhaps he has memorized. Perhaps he has a lot of understanding of the book, but when it comes to action, what does he do? He commits how long he commits that which Allah has forbidden. And he leaves the wedge of what is that which is mandatory that which is a must. He doesn't do it. That is what injustices. He knows the principles. He knows the rules, he knows what should be done, what should not be done, but he disregards

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He just follows his desires. he commits harangue, leaves the widget, despite knowledge for men who wouldn't have seen women who mocked us and of them is also mocked. So who is one who stays in the middle?

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One who adopts a mental course you can say average

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life For example, there's a group of students, some students that don't bother to study. So what happens? They get these they fail.

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And some students what is their way of just staying? In the average just getting by just doing the bare minimum to pass? You understand? Are you with me? This is extremely important. Everybody pay attention. Okay. Some of them said this will one who just does the bare minimum, he says in the average category doesn't bother to strive too hard. So he's looked as a motorcyclist from the reflectors upside down. And it does all that if desired, as you know is that which is between two extremes, right. So that which is in the middle course. What are two extremes failing?

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And secondly, extremely famous days in the middle. Margaret doesn't bother to put in too much effort just doing the bare minimum to get by. So women who mocked us and not as it is also used for something that is neither completely blameworthy nor is it completely placement.

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inshallah you will find out about your results. Some people what they have done, excellent

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So what they have done, they deserve praise.

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Other people, they have performed very poorly. And because of that, they need to be reminded, right? They need to be pushed, and other people just hang in there. You understand? And you see this average category is one of the worst categories. We think, oh, at least I'm getting by and okay and fine. But in fact, it's on the worst categories. Why? Because a person can do better. But he thinks, Oh, I'm fine. I don't need to do better. I'm getting by, he doesn't get a push. When a person is failing, when a person is doing better than what happens, he feels guilty, at least, you understand. But when a person has mocked us, he doesn't feel guilty. So never be content being in the average

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And when a person is just in the average category, then what happens? One speed bump and that's it.

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Right, one difficulty, and that's it, they fail to understand, there is no feeling of guilt. There's no motivation to do better, because a person thinks I'm fine. So when main homework does it now who does not this is referred to in the context. Like what does it mean by being mocked aside with the book with the Quran

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that a person performs mixed deeds. The volume was someone who does harm. He leaves the word you know,

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someone who performs the logic, he leaves the home, but he doesn't bother to do extra good.

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You understand?

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So he's just doing the bare minimum. He doesn't know how long he does that which is legit, but that's it. Like for example, lolly would be someone who does not even pray Mufasa is someone who prays only the * you understand? So not

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only that,

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and even in Salah he's just praying whatever is necessary to just complete the prayer. When it comes to having closure in the senate when it comes to reciting vocal iron and solder when it comes to doing more humped this V in ruku Institute reciting extra garb, not just bare minimum, understand, just to get by, this is one of the seconds.

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And notice it also applies for someone who sometimes also performs mcru what is no clue that which is disliked.

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It's not Haram, but something that is disliked. And he leaves most of the help. What does he leave? was the

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most Mr. Have is what that which is highly recommended. So you understand what the problem is with the look doesn't. There's no motivation, no motivation, no feeling of guilt, no desire to do better, no desire to improve? Look, does it just average?

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So first is the one who is learning. Second is the one who was marked as a just getting by. And the third group is a rule where many homes have become a little higher.

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And of them are those who exceed in doing good deeds, how, by the permission of savvy,

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savvy, senior cop What does it mean to get ahead to excel. So the third group is of those who outstripped everyone else in doing good. They get ahead of the line and they get ahead of the doctor said they take the lead in performing good deeds.

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So where does I live is someone who does not even bother to learn the Quran? maka says he learned but he didn't bother to share savitha who when he learns and he also shares with everybody

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he learns any also acts on it servicon Valhalla. And where volume was one who performs how long leaves the wedge of motorcycles. The one who leaves the Huron does the wajib and sometimes performs mcru and leaves a monster hub. Posada convinced iraq Saudi Iraq is one who performs and with the hub and leaves the mcru

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You understand?

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Are you with me? These terms are very technical. I want to make sure you understand them and you have them written down properly. So Sarah Campbell highlight is

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the one who performs them was the hub and he leaves them a clue. And he doesn't just leave them accrued. But he also leaves what

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you see when it comes to actions. There are different levels.

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One action is that which is mandatory, it's a must. You don't have any choice like for example praying five times a day.

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Then underwriting is what it is Mr. Health

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Meaning an action that is highly recommended. It's not mandatory, but it's highly recommended.

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Then after mazahub is worth MOBA, what does that mean? It's neither praiseworthy or blameworthy, meaning when you do it, you don't get reward for it. And you don't get anything for it. Basically, it's like a time killer.

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And I don't mean watching television by time period because many times watching television would mean doing something wrong. or listening to something wrong or watching something wrong. MOBA is what an action which neither brings reward, nor does it bring punishment. So it's like a neutral action, okay.

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Now under MOBA is what mccoo What does mcru mean? That is dislike? And after moku is that which is how long

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MOBA like for example, a person is talking to another, there's no deeper but you're just talking to your mother about or your sister about what happened in the day, I went there and went there one day, now. Okay, we are sitting with your mother, you should be getting rewarded for it. Now, you you spoke to her 15 minutes. Good, but if you're talking with her one hour, well, there's no need. Okay, there's no lever. But does it bring you any worldly benefit? No. Does it bring you anything? No, it's just one hour gone. You understand?

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So, Baba, and then Baku and then Hello. So my main home savvy company Hayato. savvy. One who does the watch what he does the monster. avoids MOBA avoids moku and never even goes near.

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So you see at the top seven right at the top, these are his actions the first two. So momentum, so you can build a hierarchy, which is by the permission of Allah.

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And you see a lot is one who is getting ahead, excelling, going on and on. He doesn't stop. He doesn't need to be told, please do this. Please do this. He doesn't need to be reminded, by the way, the assignment is due on so and so date, no salary, hierarchy. So as soon as he finds out, he doesn't he doesn't need to be told he doesn't need to be pushed, savvy. He is ahead of everybody. Just the other day I reminded someone you know, your assignment is due on Friday. And he said I gave it on Monday. I thought that was a very good thing to do. savvy, humble favor, ahead of everybody else before everybody. I wonder how many people have brought it today? And how many people intend to

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give it later? So you can check yourself? rollin lookaside, or savvycard will be Isabella verica, who will fulfill Cody that is the great bounty. What is a great voting

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danika what is the article referred to getting this inheritance of the book and being sad or

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being sad compared to a life that is unfolded locally. So we see that some people, they recognize this photo of being sabich and other people, they don't recognize it, they disregard it.

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Some people value the blessing of the Quran and other people, they don't die you

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those who value it, they get ahead they excel and Allah subhanaw taala He rewards them abundantly

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and those who don't value it Who are the depriving for the harming only themselves. So what do we see in this ayah that there are three types of people when it comes to the Quran? There are three types of people or if you look at the Muslim Ummah, because this is talking about who the Muslim woman, there are three types of people three categories. What are the first of all is the line,

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a person who calls themselves a Muslim, he was born in a Muslim family, that's it. That's all that is religion is about. He doesn't care about what Allah has said. He doesn't care about what Allah has forbidden. This is what one against himself.

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Now when it comes to the Quran, what is anybody's dealing with the Quran a person does not bother to learn implement, pass it on as we discussed earlier.

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Now we have to see when it comes to the Quran, am I giving the hug of the Quran?

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Am I giving the hug of the put on the hug that it deserves? The right that it deserves.

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The second categories of who mocked us, those who consider themselves to be moderate. But unfortunately, there's no pride in being loved. Because it says we have seen a person who just stays in the average. He doesn't have anything special about him. Do you get it? He doesn't have anything special about him.

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When a person is performing poorly, he gets embarrassed, he feels guilty, that pushes him to do better. And when a person just stays in the average, then what happens? There's no push, there's no motivation. So when you get your results, look at them and see for yourself, do you just fall in the average category? If you fall in the average category, don't feel contented, or at least I'm getting by No, you can do better for yourself, you can do better. Never Be content with being average matassa dezhou. Someone who just knows the work, okay? Doesn't really excel in improving his knowledge. Right, in sharing the book with others, just knows the bare minimum doesn't bother to

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share with others.

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Like, for example, some people when they study the Quran, they're content with this, knowing the word to word going through it once taking the course once and that's it. They think that's efficient. But other people, they become more thirsty. And what happens? They go on, for instance, learning Arabic, or learning more to read or memorizing the Quran. Why? Because what they have started, what they have learned, they want to increase in

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motorcycling someone who thinks, oh, what I know is enough, I don't need to know more.

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And then after an officer, this will save you a lot to be in in those who hasten in doing good deeds, that they have acquired knowledge. And they also spread that knowledge. They're not content with less, they have high standards for themselves. They have set high goals for themselves. They don't look at Okay, so this particular action, is it Why is it Mr. hub? No, what do they see? This is something that Allah has said, this is something Allah likes. Allah likes for me to do. I'll do it.

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So you understand who circumvent this. He looks at the deed. This is something good. Allah likes it. I will do it. He doesn't get stuck in logic. Mr. hoverwatch.

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Just has to have a what was their way? Would they ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? So is it what is it? Mr. How is it? moku? Can I still do it? Was that there were no if the learned about something that a lot like they did it. And if they learned about something that I loved, dislike they stayed away from it. This is how we can reclaim

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a person who does not stop at the bare minimum.

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So we also need to ask ourselves, that in which category do we see ourselves? Where do you find yourself? Where? In which category? If it's the milk, does it do better? You can do better? And honestly, you can never underestimate yourself. You see when it comes to dunia? Do we ever become content with less? Do we know if a girl is given a lot of jewelry at her wedding? by her parents by her in laws? This year is a normal goal for me for the rest of my life. Does she ever think like that? No. First, what does she expect a ring? or some kind of gold jewelry for my husband or some kind of big gift from her in laws? isn't an

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anniversary? That's what she expected? Why doesn't he have so much already? She does. But she's not content with less she wants more. Whatever you like you excel in that.

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It's about liking it. It's about knowing its value delicate who will follow to be a person who realize this has unfollowed Kebede he will strive to get back publicly. And a person who thinks it's okay. Just do the bare minimum, then he's only depriving himself.

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She's giving an example of one of her friends who was a convert. And initially when she became Muslim, she would rely completely on transliterations. And her passion for the deen became an obsession and what happened? She continued to improve. And now all the treatise Arabic. You sometimes I'm amazed. But there are people who are so knowledgeable who are teaching other Muslims. But if you look back on who they were before they embraced Islam 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 12 years ago, 17 years ago. Isn't that amazing? Someone who was not born in a Muslim household? Look at how much he has excelled that he is much better than us. And we think if we weren't taught that when

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we were young, when I was five years old, there is no hope for me. There is hope for you. You're just content with less you need to put in more effort and you can do it. This is a problem with the majority of the Muslim ummah.

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Not the same. They're just content with average. And we think it's good to be moderate. It's not good to be moderate, you can do better.

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Most of time we are like, okay, it's okay, I'm just passing my test, see what importance it has in your life, then you're going to give it importance. Because if we can sit and talk to our friends to three hours talk on the phone, why can't we give that a go study the Quran? Most people can talk for many hours, but they can't complete a sermon, which can take two hours. Exactly. And you see some companies hire someone who leaves mobile even. Because when a person engages in MOBA, when a person engages in mcru, sometimes then that prevents him from extending, like the example that I gave you, if you're talking to your friend, your sister, your mother, whoever, four hours, will that allow you

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to read?

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Will that allow you to finish your work on time, it will not allow you to do that. It's impossible. So when you avoid MOBA, when you avoid makuu, then it allows you to accept

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it for four saying that when he was young, they used to go to the masjid playing basketball. So everyone was going after saliva in the muskie to play basketball, then he realized what it is he decided I have to go and memorize Quran use my time to memorize Quran, the one to two years he memorized the Quran, when he came back, they asked people are still playing basketball.

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Until this day, they became older, their father's still there, what they're doing, they're playing basketball.

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And it's true. Being content with less.

00:26:45--> 00:26:47

No push, no motivation.

00:26:49--> 00:26:51

Lot one who knows? shares and no

00:26:53--> 00:26:59

one who knows. He just used the plan for his personal benefit, but he doesn't care about passing it on to others.

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So think about yourself, what goals have you set for yourself? When it comes to improving your knowledge on improving your understanding of the Quran? What have you planned for yourself that how are you going to pass it on to others, because if you don't have any plan of even improving or passing it on, then that's being content with less, and the person can do better, so you should do better.

00:27:23--> 00:28:12

So I will convince a lot needs work. Effort sacrifice, isn't it? So you have to put in the effort. Like for example, when it comes to the issue of knockoff printer, Teresa issue that we learned about? Who is one who leaves the monster hub? Right. But who is I reckon, a lot one who does the most to help. So even if you take the opinion that it's only Mr. Howe, who is the one who will do the most, because he wants to do the best. Now if you want to do the best you have to sacrifice Do you have to face hardship? You do. But think about it. If you don't face hardship, then how can you excel? students who do excellent at school who get distinction? What are they doing? Having fun,

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party? No, they're putting in so much effort sacrificing, spending so much money spending so much time Why? Because they want to do something that other people are not doing.

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And no one can excel, except with the even of except by the permission of not only one alligator feed to a person, then he can become sad within the hierarchy.