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Hud 1-24 Translation 1-24


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Salam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa salam. ala rasulillah. Karim amudha Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. furbish Rashi slitherio were silly Emrys Washington rock data melissani acabo de la pena as with

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lesson number 117 sudo whose is number one to 24

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la flamme ro la Alif Lam

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kita when a book came out, it was perfected

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as to who it's versus so much. Then, for Swiller, it was explained in detail. Men from Loudoun near Hakeem and always always hobbiton always all aware,

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Allah that not terrible do your worship in there except Allah Allah in many indeed I luckily for you, men who from him, Nazir on a warner work and Bashir on a pair of glad tidings

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or, and that is still true, you all seek forgiveness or bakoma from your route. So move them to boo you altern in repentance, LA to him. You methodical he will benefit you all, more than a benefit has done good. Isla to agile in a term muslima one fixed, where you think and He will give color, every the possessor sub lane of Fadil of bounty sub law who his father his bounties are in and if there were low you alternate way for me then indeed I a half, I fear or they come upon you, or they're both punishment, young of the day Kabir in one great

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Allah to Allah He Allah ma Jericho, you're returning wahoo and he Allah upon coonley every shade in St. pudieron. Always all April.

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Allah unquestionably in the home indeed this Yes. noona therefore sudo the home their chests, Leah Stoffel so that they hide men who from him, Allah unquestionably heinous when yesstyle Shula they try to cover they seek to cover the other home with their garments. yharnam he knows ma what you said Runa they conceal warmer and what you're really known they review

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in the hood indeed he early moon always all knowing with us with secrets or with possessor a pseudo of the chests.

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Warmer and not men from

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their bettin any living creatures see in

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the earth Illa except Allah upon Allah He Allah that is to her its provision. We are the mu and he knows moussaka explains of dwelling, one was told to her and its place of deposit, colon all fee in keytab. In a book movie, one clear was over nd enmity The one who Kanaka he created a summer where the heavens will over the years fee in CIT 36 a year man days Organa and it was out shuru his throne, Allah upon Allah the water, Leah Blue acoem so that he tests you a youcome which of you Arsenal is best Armada? Indeed. Whether in and surely if you said in Nicola indeed you, Mother ozuna are ones who will be raised men from Barbie after alone the death layer Colin he would definitely

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say and levina those who carefully they disbelieved in not Heather this Illa except sexual magic will be one clear.

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Winner in and surely if a hardener we delayed on home from them or the other the punishment, Isla to him within a term, Mara do that in one numbered loco Luna surely they will definitely say ma what year should be suhu it detains it

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It keeps it back.

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Other unquestionably yolmer en de yet de him, it will come to them. Laser it is not must rufen want to be diverted on home from them will help and it's surrounded by him with them, man. What can oh they were busy with it yesterday on the mark.

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Whether in and surely if a doctor now we made to taste and insert the human being may know from us Ramadan mercy, summer then NASA or NASA we pulled it away Minho from him in the who indeed he layer also surely one greatly despairing, go for one extremely ungrateful

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when in and surely if as a foreigner who we made him to just not America blessings bother after varaa hardship masetto attached him loco learner surely he would definitely say the habit it went away a car to the evils are need for me in the who indeed he left for he has surely greatly rejoicing exalted.

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So hold on, greatly boastful.

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Illa except and the Dean of those who suburu they endured with patients were our mailloux and they did a soil they heard the righteous deeds in Ecuador is the home for them Moffitt are done forgiveness will add your own and a reward can be your own one great

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so now I look so perhaps you or then would you possibly

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further unlocker so perhaps you or then would you possibly

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third econ one who leaves bauval some math what you heard it is revealed elated to you well, and by econ one constricted be with it. So broker your chest and that Yoku they say, Lola, why not? In Xena it was sent down or lay upon him can zone a treasure or he gave Mara who with him Malecon an angel in Nima indeed Norbert under you? Maybe you're on a warner, one law who and Allah, Allah upon goodly every che in thing or kealan a guardian Disposer of affairs

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or Yoko Luna they say a fella who he fabricated it all say to when you all come there are shooting within sewer in chapters, sutras middly he like it, most of it at once fabricated weather and you will call man whoever is the authority you all were capable men from dulay besides Allah in a continuous auditing once you are truthful

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for in then if Lam did not yesterday boo, they positively respond Luckily for you all salamu then you will know a number that indeed not but on Xena it was sent down bear with me with knowledge Allahu Allah wa and that land not allow her any god in that except for he for her so are unto you all Muslim own one to submit.

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Man whoever Ghana he was up to he wants a higher the life adonia of the world was Xena to her and it's adornment Noah see we will give in full la him to them or America home their deeds fee her in it or home and they see her in it land not you because soon they will be diminished they will be reduced

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Allah acre those and levina those who laser it is not the home for them be in an asset of the hereafter in that except and now the fire what have you and it was wasted mouth whatever scenario they earned fee her in it were badly loan and it was nullified man what can oh they were here Malone they do

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esserman is then who Ghana he was either upon by unit in a clear proof main from or be he his way a clue who and he recites it or he follows him

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share hidden a witness men who from him woman and from family before it kita boo book Musa of Mussolini's Santa a moment as a guide, or ash Martin and immersi whether Ecuador's you may know that they believe be here with it, woman and whoever yet for he disbelieves be here with it men from observe the groups for now. So the fire moderator who is promised place, fellow, so do not buckle up fee in media in any doubt. Men who found it in the who indeed it helped the truth men from Rob Baker Europe. When our kinlin bought XL most anass of the people learn not umino they believe

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women and who are vulnerable is more unjust man than who is the ROI he fabricated either against a lie Allah, Gibbon, Allah, Allah, Ecuador's euro Luna they will be presented Allah upon or became their rub.

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Where kulu and he will say unless heard the witnesses. How old are EBS and Medina are those roof credible they lied Allah against him there are other unquestionably larner to curse Allah He of Allah, Allah upon a worldly mean those who are unjust.

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And Medina those who use Sedona they stop and from Seville Allah He Way of Allah way of Luna her and they want it or Jen crooked

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well home and they will ask her with the hereafter home they Garfield one two disbelief

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la cudos lamb not yaku they are more juiciness ones who may calculus three in about the earth warmer and not Ghana it was the home for them main from Gunilla he besides of the main from earlier any clothes protecting friends, your bra or food it will be doubled it will be multiplied

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the home for them and either the punishment magnet can oh they were yesterday earner they are capable as some are the hearing warmer and nor can oh they were you'd say don't they see

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in our EcoBoost and Medina are those who consume they incurred loss or they lost and foster home their souls themselves were burner and it was lost on home from them now what can oh they were so rude they fabricated

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ledger Alma definitely certainly under home that indeed they see in an asset of the hereafter home they an octoroon the greatest losers

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in the Medina indeed those who am I knew they believed what are milou and they did asylee has the righteous deeds were awkward to and they humbled ILA towards or became their route or their acre those are terrible our companions agenda of the paradise home they see her in it Holly don't want to abide eternally

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muscley example I'm sorry Ukraine of the two groups can are more like the blind one Assam and the deaf world perceive and the one seeing was severe and the one hearing how are yester we early day two equal masala in example, a fella do not

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listen to the recitation

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Hakim in hobby

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you met.

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Allah ilaha illa

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dunya was Elijah

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are many

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una de Xena

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Hola Hola.

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Sahni has to be him

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LCD was me