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Al-Ankabut 45-69 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 49-55

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But who am I to begin at? rather the Quran is distinct versus this on who I am by Hina it is clear versus distinct versus where fucile duty levina Uhler ilma in the hearts of those people who have been given knowledge. Where is it? It's in the heart fucile doodle Latina author ilma woman he had to be attina a lovely moon and Nan refuses Our Ayat except the wrongdoers. This ayah can be understood in two ways. That first of all belga it

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It refers to the characteristics of the profits or losses and in which characteristics which have been mentioned in the previous ayah.

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And what are they that he was unable to read? Or write that he was an ami.

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So, this is what these characteristics are Adam clear signs that are beginner that are clear as evidences

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and they are wearing few sudo in the hearts in the chests of who and Medina altar in those people who have been given knowledge. And who are the, the scholars of the People of the Book,

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that it wasn't just that they read those signs, in their book of the prophet SAW the law to sort of know, they had memorized them, they knew those signs so well. That they would literally scan people wondering, Is this the messenger? Is that the messenger?

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You understand that they had literally memorize those signs, they understood them very well. And they were looking out for them that who is the person who has these characteristics, which is why we see the term alafasy when he came to Medina, he came to Medina because of this reason, isn't it?

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So these are the signs were very, very well known to him. And not just him, but other scholars of the people of the book as well.

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And if still a person denies one major hurdle, be it Not anymore. It's only the only people who deny

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the second way of understanding this is that bell who it means the Quran is the Quran that has been given to you.

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It is a atom by hinnat where fucile do the lilina altar. They are these ions are preserved in the heart in the chest of those people who have been given knowledge.

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What do we think that these days, you know, knowledge is widely available? You want to look up an item's of Coronavirus, kotaku.com, type in part of the eye and there the i o be right there in front of you. You have the reference of the translation you have the Arabic you everything before you, isn't it? That's what we think

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that is also knowledge. But the Quran, where was it revealed? hearts on the heart of the prophets of Allah.

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And until a person does not preserve the Quran in his heart, he cannot truly benefit from it.

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You understand?

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If you know about something it's written,

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every time you need to use that information, what do you have to do?

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Go and find that piece of paper and then open it up and then read it, isn't it? So like, for example, some people they cannot memorize their passwords. And what happens? They keep writing them. And they keep putting them in weird places. And when they need the password, what happens? They can't find that piece of paper. Right?

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Now, if a person has memorized it, the moment he needs it, isn't it available to can you not benefit from it immediately? Of course you can.

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Similarly, one is that a person is writing everything in his book, in his notes.

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And the other is that as he's writing, he's also memorizing,

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you understand? He's also memorizing, he's keeping it in his heart is preserving it in his heart. And when he preserves it in his heart and what happens? He's able to use it, he's able to apply it, he's able to remember it.

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Because all the time you cannot have access to your notes,

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isn't it?

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I remember when I took the course and I have these 30 years with me. Then wondering, anytime I have to travel somewhere, I wanted to take my ideas with me because I love them. I'm like 30 just how do you travel with them? Right? It's impossible. And this is when I realized that yes, these notes are very, very important. However, this understanding of the Koran should not just be in your books, it should be in your heart as well.

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So that you have access to it whenever you need it anywhere you need.

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This love of the Quran should not be shown in the way you have made your notes very beautifully. It should be shown in the way that you have taken the Quran into your heart and how it comes out in your actions in your behavior. When you talk about the Quran.

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I remember one of my friends I wanted to show her, you know from school that you know this is how I'm studying the Quran.

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I showed her my juice and she was so impressed by she really liked it. And you know, it was a means of telling her that this is what I'm learning. Now every person, can you do that? Take your juice with them and tell them Oh, by the way want to show this to you, you can do that every person. So how will you impart the love of the Quran? By showing your books all the time? No, if it's in your heart, it will come out.

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So Bella is known for useful doodle Latina. And if you notice a Latina author in those people who have really been given knowledge, they will have the Quran preserved in their hearts.

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And then this is also an encouragement to memorize.

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Because when is that, you know, at the beginning of this lesson we learned through here a communicator.

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So every time we want to recite the Quran, what do you have to do? Find a

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and then I will do and sit down and then open it and then read it, isn't it? But if you haven't memorized, then what will happen?

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anytime you want to recite the Quran, you can recite, isn't it? This is the benefit of having the Quran memorized.

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I remember there was a teacher of mine. At school, he was once asking me about my sister, that what she was doing, I told him that she is memorizing the Quran, she's taking time off of school. He's like, what's the point of memorizing the Quran? Because, you know, previously people didn't have access to, you know, written books and they couldn't read. This is why it was necessary for them to memorize. But these days you need an under search, you'll find it you open the Quran, you have the eye of the gun, you want to read, okay, open up read, every person knows how to read. So why is she spending our time memorizing she should be spending her time doing something else.

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But I'm like, he has a point. This is what I thought at that time. But then later on, I realized that anything that is important to you. You don't just have the book with you all the time. Where is it? Where's that information in your heart. And that teacher mind he was doing his PhD in mathematics at that time, and he was an expert when it came to MIT. Now, when it comes to math, you have a lot of formulas and a lot of different different things, right? What do you do with them? Do you have a list with you all the time? You have to memorize them. Right? You have to memorize the formulas you have to memorize the equations you have to yes, some things are not memorized. However,

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many things are supposed to be memorized. Because unless you have them memorized, you cannot apply them easily. Why is it that from a very young age, children are taught the tables? Why? So that they can use them easily? Right? Why isn't it said that? Oh, just provide them with a book provide them with a calculator. That's it. It's much easier. It's not the same? When something is important to you. When you want to use something all the time where do you keep it in your heart, you preserve it in your heart.

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So Bella item by Jeanette fucile doodle Edina otter in

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and it's a sign of a Latino otter in that they have the Quran preserved in their hearts. So if we don't have the entire Quran preserved in our hearts, we should at least try to preserve part of the Quran in our hands, at least one or two years,

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at least some chapters of the Quran so that we're able to recite them, we're able to read them. Like for example, the ayat of Serato calf, every Friday, you have to read them, let's say, Friday, you have to go somewhere, you don't get time to sit and read as you would want to Does that mean you don't read at all? No. If you have it memorized, you'll be able to read

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it remember once we had to go somewhere to eat, and I didn't have the most heart with me. And I'm like, I don't want to miss myself. And 100 of those days, we were doing sorts of stuff. And it was very fresh in my mind. That parts which I didn't have memorized Alhamdulillah It was as though I had memorized them. So I was able to read, although I didn't have the most have. And then when I did have access to the most have I completed it. But I was just thinking that if I didn't have it memorized at least some parts of sort of recap, would I be able to read

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when you have it in your heart, then when you're talking to people about the Quran, when you're telling them about the Quran, it becomes much easier to go out.

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And if you have the Quran with you all the time, or people will get so afraid Oh my god, she's opening something up. Right? And without the most hype, it shows your confidence as well. So make it one of the goals that says we made a goal earlier that we're going to put our best to learn the Arabic language as well. This is another word that you must have for yourself which is to memorize the Quran, if not all at least a part of it. Because until then, the person does not become of those who are alladhina ordinary.

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There is a clear difference. And Medina to learn more who who have the Quran in their hearts

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will call you and they say Lola ondara lady I met Robbie, how come I have not been sent to him?

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From his Lord, which I add

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in miracles, who says this? The machine of Makkah said this.

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The whodunit Masada they said this, that if he's truly a messenger, then how come he doesn't have miracles? Just as the miracles were given to the previous prophets, Mozart, Islam, he had the staff. He said, The Man either was sent down from the sky for him. So how come nothing like this has been given to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam?

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Allah subhanaw taala says will say to them, in Himalaya to Allah, indeed the signs there With who? With Allah, meaning he sends them to whomever he pleases, in whatever way he pleases whenever he pleases. And what's my duty? We're in an ideal movie and I am only a clear warning.

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Now the reason why miracles were not given to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam like the previous miracles of the Quran is ultra miracle and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given many miracles, but miracles that were given to the previous prophets. Such miracles were not given to Mohammed Solanas and why? Why? If you think about it,

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the previous people they saw those miracles, yeah, that is Funny, isn't it?

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musar escena, he was guiding the people only of his time. But we see that Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was for whom they are alami. Now, if miracles such as a staff and such as the mighty that were shown to the Arabs, than what would the rest of the people say? How can we believe the miracle should be shown to us as well? Only then we will believe.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says, are with me for him? Is it not sufficient for them? Yeah, coffee Cafe is not enough for them. And and zenair la Calcutta that indeed we have revealed to you the book, youth learning that has been recited to them in Nevada colorama, where they call it camino. Indeed, in that is surely a mercy and a reminder for those people who believe.

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So in this ayah, what do we see that the miracle that has been given to the prophets of Allah seven is the Quran?

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Because it is an eternal miracle. It will be until the day of judgment, it will not just be for the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but also after him.

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And we see that in particular, what is being mentioned over here is that is it not enough for them that Amna and zelner la can kita the fact that the Quran has been revealed to you?

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If you think about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he lived amongst his people for 40 years, a very simple life, ordinary life. He never knew how to read or write. And now all of a sudden, he's seeing such great color. Isn't that enough of a miracle in itself? Think about it. A person who never wrote a book, never read a book never said anything like this before. All of a sudden, he is reciting such eloquent, such profound, such meaningful, such beautiful column. This itself is a miracle in the fanatical aroma, and indeed in that meaning in this miracle, this miracle of the Quran is a mercy, how it's a healing,

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what they call an alternative reminder, the Camino for people who believe because if you think about the previous miracles, yes, there were also a source of mercy for the people like for example, the staff of Musa al Islam, he stuck it into the CNF market into to write that was a miracle. However, the mercy that the Quran brings that the actions of people change, the values of people change their behavior towards one another that changes and on top of that, when they collide, it's a reminder, they call me a minimum.

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So in contrast to the previous miracles, the Quran is as though the best miracle the best admonition

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Colca fabula. He benei verbena CompTIA. He didn't say sufficient is allowed between me and you as a witness if you don't believe fine, don't but remember that Allah is enough as a witness between me and you. That he is a witness to my sincerity. He's a witness to my honesty. He knows best what you're saying and he knows best what I am telling you.

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Yala Murphy's similarity will have he knows whatever is in the heavens and the earth when levena amanu bill Berkeley and those people who believe in the false hood worker for rubella he and the disbelieve in Allah, Allah, Allah wa sallam, they are the losers were in this dunya and also in the hereafter.

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So what do we see that a person who believes he benefits himself and a person who rejects he only harms himself?

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were started Giuliana Kabila either and they urge you to hasten the punishment that they would ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam show us him

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miracle. Now this evidence is given. Why do you need to see a miracle? Is the Quran not enough of a miracle?

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So what would they come down to? Okay, bring the punishment.

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So whenever the people were defeated an argument, what would they say? Bring the punishment. Go ahead. And this is exactly what the previous people did as well. The previous nations, this is what they said to the Prophet as well.

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So as their de Luna Kabbalah or their the CQ they urge you to bring the punishment quickly. We learn Institute of Art is number six, where stereogenic OBC at covenant has an allotment de Mola Salud. They impatiently urge you to bring about evil before good. While there has already occurred before them similar punishments to what they demand.

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Allah subhanaw taala says while Ola Angelo Muslim, and had it not been for a fixed time, for what, for the end of these people, ledger, a homeowner there boo, the punishment would have come.

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Yes, Allah subhanaw taala has not sent a punishment to these people. Why? Because for every people, the last panel data has fixed from before their time of exploration. And the time of these people has not come yet. The time of the machine of Makkah has not come yet.

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So had it not been for this fixed time from before and a jet a homeowner that and it's not that this punishment is not going to come to them for their denial? No, it is going to come to them

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when they fit in the home and it will surely definitely come to them how bothered and suddenly all of a sudden by surprise when they were not even expecting it or home laying around and they will not perceive and how did it come

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in the form of the defeat at Reddit. They never expected it. But how it came back. Suddenly wahome layer scharoun were started yuuna Kabila, Diaby, they urge you to hasten the punishment. Allah says we're in Niger Hana and indeed Hellfire la mohila tonewheel care feeding, surely it will encompass the disbelievers right now they asked for the punishment. How do they know that might come to them at any time? They might die at any moment. And if the die in the state, then the Hellfire Lambo here for tumble caffeine, it will encompass the disbelievers. mohito how well thought it helps, which is to completely surrounded encircled something and they will not be able to escape it. Yo male shelf

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woman or that woman focusing on the day, when the punishment will cover them from above them

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yoma on the day when he shall whom are there boo. The punishment will cover them from weyermann foking y'all shall ancien yet Russia, Russia to cover something.

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So it will cover them from above them.

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So where will they escape? Where will they try to go? Down below? But Allah says women devotee of God him the altar from underneath their feet. Think about it. If something is above you, and you want to avoid it, what will you do?

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Go downwards bent downwards, but women tend to have Julie human alter from beneath their feet.

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They will not be able to escape when you're kulu and he will say zu Kumar kontum Dharma loon test what you were doing this is the deeds that you were performing this is the consequence of what you were doing. This is the punishment that you wanted right here habit xoma Quantum terminal.

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Instead of alpha 41 we learn the human jahannam ami head on woman Falcon him have a rash they will have from hell a bed and over them coverings of fire.

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To right now they mark right now they just bring the punishment. This is the punishment that it will encircle them that they will not be able to escape and look Zuko. McClinton tamela imagine they'll be scolded, they'll be rebuked. This is what you asked for. Go ahead, take it, experience it now.

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We listen to the recitation

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me know what

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you mean? ob

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Shani de la?

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Here arson.

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Why do you think this has mentioned over here all of a sudden? Why is this mentioned that don't argue with the People of the Book except in a way that is

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what do you think the connection of this is with the theme of this,

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that you will face difficulties, you will face challenges you will face opposition, sometimes from

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your family, sometimes from your friends, sometimes from those people who are very close to you, and sometimes from those people who are distant as well.

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Now, anytime somebody argues with you about the religion, you have to be respectful.

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You have to be respectful.

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Because what happens, you decided to do something? And what happens? Your parents said, No way you can't do it. You tell yourself I cannot listen to my parents at this point, become angry, or my parents told me something wrong. And there you argue with them, you become harsh with them? Can you do that?

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How do we need to discuss it with them? Build it here?

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Talk to them in a good way. Anyone who opposes you with regards to anything you get angry, of course. But what's their problem? Why don't they let me do whatever I want to it's my choice, isn't it? You get frustrated sometimes? Why do people have to interfere so much and whatever I have to wear and what I have to do. But at that time, remember that they're arguing with you about their religion, you have to be respectful, because if you are not respectful, it's going to turn them away from Islam.

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It's going to turn them away from their religion.

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So this is a very, very important thing that we must keep in mind.

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And if you look in all of these is basically what is being mentioned. The objections that were being raised against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the opposition, the persecution that he was facing,

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and see how a lot defensive

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so if you remain good, remember that Allah will defend you. He will take care of you. You rely on him, and he will protect you.

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We listen to the recitation

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Kenobi me

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