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Al-Baqarah 163-171 Translation


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters discussing a variety of topics, including warahmatullenses, the birth of a baby, and a proposal to stop a proposal to kill a woman. The characters express their frustration and confusion over the situation and mention the need for action.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to suddenly run out of Sudan Kareem and my birth for the villa him in a shape on a virgin Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish heraclius slitherio A assembly and re watch loads of data melissani of Kahoot totally open as in our in

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Lesson number 22 sort of Baqarah I want 63 to 171.

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What and Ella who can you your God, either one is God were hidden one. They're not either her any god Illa except who are he? A rush man, the Most Merciful. The entirety merciful. A Rahim be Especially Merciful,

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in indeed, fee in healthy creation, a somewhat of the heavens of the skies while and the earth work and if the Laffy alternation and layli of the night, one the Harry and the day, one full key and the ships and Letty which 30 it flows fee in Alba Hurry, the sea Bhima Waitwhat yen Pharaoh, it benefits and NASA the people warmer and whatever unzila he sat down, Allahu Allah, Mina summer from the sky, men from man in water for here, then he gave life be with it have the earth BARDA after Moti her its death. Well, Bertha, and he spread fee her in it, men from cuddly, all the batin crawling creatures, moving creatures, what the sleepy and changing rapidly earlier of the winds were and so have the

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clouds, Alamosa have the one subjected bainer between a summer the sky will be and the earth let I think surely signs will come in for a people, Europe alone, they understand. They use intellect.

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Woman and from a nursing the people man who yet he takes firmly he adopts firmly men from dooney besides Allah He Allah and then equals you have buena home, they love them, go hug be like love Allah He of Allah when the veena and those who knew they believed I should do are stronger, more intense, have been in love lillahi for Allah one Oh, and if only euro he would see and levina those who vellamo they did wrong. They were unjust. It when your honor, they will see either via the punishment and that indeed, whether the power lilla he for Allah Jamia altogether. What and and that Indeed, Allah, Allah, should he do his most severe and either in the punishment,

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it when Deborah, he disowned and levena those who ought to be true, they were followed men from a novena, those who it terbaru they followed what a Whoo. And they saw an R there but the punishment was apart and it got cut off, became for them as bad. The means

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walk on, and he said Alevtina those who it ever they followed low, if only and that indeed less

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For us, Calverton, another chance fernet Avila, then we will disown main home from them karma just as who they disowned min from us.

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Guernica, thus, Yuri him. He will show them Allahu Allah, our murder home their deeds has a rotten as regrets. I lay him upon them wanna and not, boom they Bihari Jena in the least once who go out main and now from the fire. Yeah Are you her? Are you a nurse to the people kulu you will eat, Mama from what fee is in an RV, the earth halon as lawful by human clean, pure water and do not that w you all follow hobo YT footsteps, a shavonne of the shape on in the Who? Indeed he Luckily for you all are the one and enemy mu been open clear.

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innama indeed not but yet Morricone, he orders you the suit with the evil welfare share the indecency one and that the Hulu you all say Allah upon Allah He Allah ma what not Garda moon you all know

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what either and when feelin it was said loan to them. It w you all follow? Man? What unzila he sent down? Allahu Allah Aloo they said, well, rather not w we will follow man. What an Faina we found our la he upon it. Baba Anna, our forefathers

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do work. And lo even if Ghana he was our home therefore fathers, they're not europei Luna they understand che and anything whether and nor yet they don't they obtain guidance. Well, my fellow and example a levina of those who care for all they disbelieved. Gamma 30 is like example, under the of who? yen Rico he shouts he yells, Bheema do what they're not yes Maru he hears Illa except do an alcohol. What and NIDA and a cry

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someone once their Bookman once done early on once blind, for whom so they learn they're not alone. They understand.

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The recitation of these verses.

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One full kinetic energy field

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About one lady next to me oh

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