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Al-Ahzab 53-58 Tafsir 57-58

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Shall we continue?

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Number 57

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inland Latina, Luna, la hora Sula, who, indeed those people who hurt Allah and His Messenger,

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Laura homolog of it dounia will Pharaoh, Allah has cursed them in this dunya in this world, and also in the hereafter. What are della whom either by mahina and he has prepared for them a humiliating punishment for who, for those people who hurt Allah and His messenger? The question is, what does it mean by hurting Allah and His messenger? How do you hurt someone? How do you give that to someone?

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giving other to someone can be in two ways, by coal, and also by fear, through one's words, and also through one's actions.

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So causing other to Allah by words, by statements. What kind of words would it be? That would cause a lot other? Think about it? What kind of words

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like for example, saying that Allah has a son, that he has a partner? Does that statement upset Allah, soprano time? Does that make him angry? Of course he does. What's the evidence for that?

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incident Miriam, what did we learn that the guide was similar to yet have autonomy, that the heavens they would as though rupture because of it, and the earth and the mountains, everything would be devastated because of the statement, because this is how much Allah dislikes the statement.

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And in fact, saying that Allah has a child saying that Allah has a partner that he has a son. This is actually an abusive statement, a las panatela does not like it at all. Where do we learn that from? We learned that from a hadith. In Bukhari, we learn in our basil denardo narrative that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah has said that the son of Adam tells a lie against me, though he has no right to do so. And he abuses me, though he has no right to do so.

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As for his telling a lie against me it is that he claims that I cannot recreate him as I created him before. And as for his abusing me, it is his statement that I have a son.

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As for his abusing me, it is a statement that I have a son and Allah subhanaw taala he does not have any son.

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Similarly, abusing Allah by words, what does that include? Saying derogatory statements about him?

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Saying derogatory statements concerning him at tributing to Allah, what does not befit him? describing him in a way that does not benefit him? That he is exalted above like for instance, the food what would they say? In the law of appealing when you open the app now we will be led the Allies for and we are rich, that Allah is asking for charity. He is so poor, and we are rich, we are richer than him. This is what a derogatory statement a statement of mockery This is a statement that does not be fit him a description that does not affect him at all. Because Allah is Ronnie and who is rocky we are *ing yeah you unless antimo cola with a lower level, who will honey

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similarly, saying about a loss of panel data that he gets tired

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that like people say that Allah created the heavens and the earth and then he got tired and then he rested on the eighth day, this is what I'm using almost attribute into him, what he does not deserve, what is exalted other attributes him with attributes which are negative in nature, which do not fit his majesty which don't fit his grandeur.

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And part of the other of Allah is denying his attributes completely.

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That saying that Allah cannot do such and such a law cannot resurrect, he cannot recreate. He does not have the power to create he does not have the power to question people. This is what derogatory statements about Allah subhanaw taala denying his attributes. So in the Medina you Luna Lucha indeed those people who hurt Allah, this is hurting Allah by where it's what about by actions by disobeying Allah by committing a sin.

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Remember that when a person disobey Allah, it doesn't cause any kind of loss to Allah whatsoever, isn't it? However, what do we learn when you're voluntary, but when Allah does not like COVID for his service, he does not approve of it. he dislikes it.

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So when a person disobeys a lot, he cannot harm a lot at all. However, he is causing it

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Allah. So in the Latina, Luna, la wa Sula, who worry about hurting the messenger, how can one hurt the messenger?

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First of all, by denying him by doing his technique by words, how is that possible by denying him by saying that he was not a messenger, whereas he was a messenger?

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Just think about it, you have done something, you do some work, you're qualified for it, you've been doing it for a very long time, you're putting in so much effort in it. And somebody comes and says, No, no, you haven't done it. You didn't do it, somebody else did it.

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Would that hurt you,

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of course, it would hurt you. We do something so small. And if our efforts not acknowledge we could so hurt, we start crying immediately. And we say never again, we're never going to do this.

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So that leave of the messenger is what hurting the messenger

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I love the messenger also includes what else think about

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mocking his son, mocking his ways, objecting, at his marriages, objecting at his son. Why like this and why like that this is like hurting the messenger sort of obvious. And

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similarly, a lot of the messenger includes physically hurting

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all the ways that the machine has adopted in order to hurt the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Like, for instance, they would physically abuse him. How that when he would be praying in the huddle, they would come in, what would they do

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for investments of the candles on top of him, that it would be impossible for him to get up. Just imagine how huge a candle is. And imagine how huge the intestines would be, how much they would smell, and how huge and heavy they must be. Imagine you're in such that and they've been put on top of you. Just imagine how difficult of a situation the Prophet Solomon incident was in.

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seminary, he was praying in the huddle and Elijah, he dared to go and trample his neck, his head, but he wasn't able to because he saw a pit of fire them. So this is a thought of the messenger. Similarly, this includes name calling,

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calling him a poet calling him a cat in image noon, a saccade. And this is all that the machine did.

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Similarly, Abu lahab his wife, what did you use to do? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam house outside of which you would spread signs. This is another messenger physically hurting the messenger

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and not just physically hurting the messenger but also emotionally, that when the people accused his wife, I shall be learner, of a crime that is unimaginable that you would ever ever committed. This was also hurting the messenger.

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And also hurting the messenger includes disobeying the messenger. So those people who hurt Allah and His Messenger, Lana, whom Allah who could dunya will, Allah has cursed them in the dunya and the alpha, their distance from his mercy in both worlds, while they're alive and also when they will die, their distance from the mercy of Allah, what are done at home either by mahina and he has prepared for them a humiliating punishment, a punishment that is really going to insult them that is going to humiliate them physically humiliate and emotionally humiliate them. It's going to be derogatory. insulting. This is why we learn in sort of the highest number 43 to 49. About the

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punishment of Hellfire, that inner shadow Lata Zaku me Tom will assume indeed the tree of the comb is food for the sinful. What is it like? can move legally feel boonie galleon Hemi, like murky oil it will boil within Belize, like the boiling of scalding water.

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When you eat something and it's extremely acidic, what happens it's as though it's boiling inside of you. This is how strong this shedra to the home is that when the people of Delphi will consume it, it will boil in their bellies like oil is boiling. This is how acidic it will be. This is how harmful it will be that it will burn them from the inside. And if you think about it a Buddha he made so much fun. I wish I thought is a boon isn't it?

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And if you think about it, if somebody offers you food that is stale.

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That is old. That is extremely bitter. If they offer you food that is not good at all. Do you feel insulted? Would you feel insulted? Very much insulted either by mahina look at what they will be given to eat sugar as a poo. And on top of that what will be sad Hulu farty, Lu Illa Sawa if jehane that sees him and drag him into the midst of the hellfire. Not take him not escort him, but drag him Is there a Hannah in this? Is there humiliation in this

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Of course there is and then some muscle boo falcata see human other than her mean and then pour over his head from the torment of scalding water burning hot water poured over his that is their humiliation and that of course there's and then it will be said look in nikka Anthony Aziz al Karim test indeed you are the honored the noble. Why will this be said in sarcasm that yes you were very honorable. You were very noble. Where's your honor gone today? Where is your inability gone today? So addabbo mahina. a punishment that is going to humiliate them physically, emotionally. It's going to insult them verbally.

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And also in the way that they will be treated.

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Well, Ludhiana, Yunel me Nina, well, Mina, and those people who aren't believing men and believing women, after Allah and His Messenger, who is mentioned, believers, that those who hurt the believers believe at mcda Sabu, for a crime that they did not commit the lady without man that which meaning a crime, it possible they earned, who earned the believers, meaning they're completely innocent. They never did anything wrong. They have been falsely accused. And they're being hurt for a crime that they never committed. Allah says Emmylou that in fact, such people who those who harm the believers, they have carried Bhutan and a slander. What is above 10 false accusation. It's from bad data

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for bolita La Liga for what does it mean, to be shocked?

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And when a person accuses another falsely, what happens to them they're shocked. So Papa tamela, Bhutan and such people who heard the believers for crying but they have never committed, then such people are carrying what the sin of a Bhutan, what is my Medina and a clear sin and evidence in mean there's no doubt about their sinfulness? So the harmful words they have sent to them, the false allegations they have hurled at them, this is what but then all those words with which they are harming the believers, what is that? But then, and what does that result in Islam Rubina a clear sin and evidence? What do we learn from these if

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we learn from these if about the warning against abusing Allah, abusing his messenger and abusing the believers? Why? Because the consequences are severe. abusing a lion is messenger results in what learner curse and any action for which there is learn of a law. What kind of an action is it? It's a major sin. It's a major sin, it's completely forbidden.

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And there's our Abba mahina a humiliating punishment. Any crime for which there is a threat of punishment in the hereafter. What is that crime? A major sin.

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So abusing online as messenger is what it is a major sin.

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Then we also learn from the saya that abusing the messenger is like abusing Allah. abusing either of them is what is of the same seriousness.

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abusing Allah or abusing his messenger is of the same level. How do we learn about that? Because you Luna La La Sula, who both are mentioned together in one eye, and then the believers are mentioned separately.

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Because why would a person abusing messenger he doesn't accept what the messenger is saying. He's refusing to accept what the messenger is saying, who is one who sent the messenger Allah so if you abused the messenger, are you not abusing Allah? Of course it's the same. obedience to the messenger is like, obedience to Allah and disobedience to the messengers like disobedience to Allah.

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Also, we learned from this ayah about the perfection of the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Where do we learn that? That it has been said in alladhina lunula that those people who hurt Allah abuse Allah,

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meaning when a person tries to abuse Allah, that Allah He feels other which is why it has been said in alladhina Luna

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when a person tries to abuse a lot of Allah few other Yes, this is exactly what is being said in alladhina lunula

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because a person who is abused verbally or physically or in any way, and he doesn't get affected by it, does he have any heart? Think about it.

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A person is insulting him, saying derogatory words about him derogatory statements concerning him physically abusing him and he doesn't get affected. What's the difference between him and a donkey?

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Think about it a donkey. You can yell. You can

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insult, you can mock you can physically abused would it make a difference? It will not make a difference to the donkey at all.

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So one who does not feel hurt? When he is hurt? This is what an array. This is a fault. This is a deficiency, you understand?

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Do you understand the point that I'm making over here? One who does not feel hurt, when others are hurting him? This is what a deficiency because it shows that that person does not have a heart. He does not have a mind. He does not feel anything. He's senseless. He's as good as a rock. He's as good as something that is lifeless, something that does not have a heart whatsoever that does not have sense that cannot differentiate between what is good, what is bad, what is praise, and what is insult.

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Do you get it? But Allah subhanaw taala he yet other he feels other? Which shows that this is not a weakness, okay? This is not a deficiency This is in fact, a part of perfection.

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Do you understand it's a very subtle point, very fine point.

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It's a part of perfection because it is part of our aim to not feel other

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and it is more of perfection for Allah because people what do they do? They give that to Allah, but Allah is heading, he does not punish immediately.

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So many people say that Allah has a child, he has a fartman he cannot resurrect, that he does not exist. And there are so many people who say that. So many people say that, from the time of new hire ceram till today 1000s and 1000s of years, but as the year has been finished already has it? No. Have the people been deprived of food and drink? No. Has the human race been exterminated? No. What does that show the hilum of Allah? How forbearing and tolerant he is.

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So yes, people try to give that to Allah. But Allah He is so Helene. What does it show to us? the perfection of his attributes. He is so perfect.

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Also, we learned from this ayah that the punishment for a crime is like the crime is of the same nature.

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The people tried to give other why in order to humiliate what will they get?

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What kind of punishment will they get? Are they haven't mahina they're trying to humiliate a Lynas messenger, what will they get in return? humiliation.

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Also, we learned from this ayah, about the prohibition of hurting the believers, prohibition of abusing the believers.

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And it also shows to us about the prohibition of every kind of idea every kind of other, whether it is by word or by action. And we have to be very careful over here, especially hurting believers by words or by actions. Sometimes it's quite possible we use very polite words, very good words. But by our behavior, we are hurting others. How in the way that we ignore them in the way that we look upset all the time. In the way we show as though, oh my god, I don't know what has happened. And you are so evil. And I hate you. This expression on the face all the time. This is what giving that to people.

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You see a personality clash. This is something normal. You don't get along with someone and they happen to be your sister. They happen to be the person who is living with you. They happen to be your sister in law, your mother in law possible. This is possible. However giving other for no reason. This is not acceptable. Not acceptable. Because sometimes the other person has done nothing. They have done nothing. But we just don't like them. Why? I just don't like them. Why did you like them? That's it. You cannot even explain why you don't like them. Okay, understandable. Because this version that is in the heart has been there from before you were created even

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isn't there heavyset tells us that at the time when all the people were created for the eldest, those who were averse to one another over there are averse to one another even in the dunya

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and those who got together over there even together in the dunya. So this aversion to someone in the heart is natural, it's okay. However, if you hurt someone based on that aversion for no reason, I don't like her therefore.

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I don't like her therefore blame her. I don't like her therefore, don't look at her. I don't like her therefore give her a very dirty look. I don't like her therefore say this harsh word to her. Why?

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What crime has she committed below at mcda? Sabu? What crime has she committed? What crime? Has he committed? Is there a genuine reason behind it? Is there any explanation behind it? There is none. Remember that if a person hurts another believer in this way, then what is he carrying?

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What is this ayah tell us

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is carrying the burden of sin. His mum will Vina

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and there's no doubt about this action being a same movie. And it's clear, it's evident, no doubt about it. So we have to be very, very careful. And sometimes what happens we give other to people by our actions as well by our behavior as well, like for instance, will go to the washroom, we will not leave the washroom clean,

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or we will leave filth outside, we will not leave a clean, we will not even bother to flush, we will not even bother to wipe the toilet seat. We will not bother to put the slippers where they're supposed to be. And as a result, are we not harming other believers? Of course we are.

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Similarly, if we don't take shower for several days, if we don't wear clean clothes, if we don't clean our bodies, if we don't remove unnecessary hair from our body, then what's going to happen? Is that going to cause other to others? Of course it will

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we don't clean our mouths, or we're going to cause other to other people. Yes, we will. So we have to be extremely careful, either through words or through actions because it leads to sin is mamina.

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Also, we learned from the cya, that either of a believer for a crime that he has committed

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for a crime that he has committed, that is not blameworthy. What does it mean minus

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that if a believer has done something wrong, and as a result of that you take some kind of revenge? Is that wrong on your part?

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What if he says you're hurting me? You're not supposed to hurt me. You understand? Like, for example, like a teenager girl, she disobeys her mother, and the mother is setting her off. For the doctor says you're hurting me. I'm a believer. You're not allowed to hurt me. Can she say that? No, because of the mother is scolding her. This is for a crime that the daughter has committed. What is the is a bill at MCC testable. It is wrong to hurt the believer when the believer is innocent

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when the believer is innocent.

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But if the believer has done something wrong, which is quite possible, everybody makes mistakes. And as a result, they're punished. They're reprimanded, they're held accountable, they're reproach or whatever, then that does not come in this. That is permissible.

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Which is why we've seen sort of the shooter is number 40. Which is that we'll say you didn't say

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that the retribution for an evil act is an evil one like it. If they've done evil, you can do evil in return.

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This is why we learned that those who commit evil what is a las panatela safer adieu Houma. So give that to them both, meaning hurt them. hurting them means, you know, scold them, make them feel bad about what they have done. Why? Because if you don't make them feel bad about what they have done, they will not realize their mistake. Okay. So what is wrong is to hurt a believer who is innocent.

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And if a believer has done something wrong, it is permissible to hurt him, hurt him in the sense that in order to punish or in order to teach a lesson, okay? It doesn't mean that just because you don't like someone you say, oh, they've hurt me. Just by me not liking them. And you go on, you know, hurting them endlessly? No, this is not what it means over here.

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Also, there's warning in this ayah against hurting those people who practice the deen because a believer is mentioned right. Now why would people hurt other believers? Why? Because it would be practicing everything. They'd be doing what Allah and His Messenger have commanded them to do.

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So is it permissible to hurt a believer who is observing the deen was following the deen? No, it's not permissible.

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Like for instance, if a girl wishes to put on a hijab, and she wishes to wear proper hijab, if she is hurt, she's made fun of even by her Muslim friends. Is that permissible? It's not permissible. It's not permissible for the family. It's not permissible for the friends for anyone to hurt her in this regard.

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Similarly, if there's a brother, who's growing his beard, he has his pants folded up. Can we make fun of him? Can we give him other in any way? If we're doing that, then we're committing a sin. Because what does Allah say Potanin. What is mo Medina

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This is prohibited. Okay, we listen to the recitation.

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One leg

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up on the

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top on the

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alone will be humbucker Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta Mr. Speaker when I said I'm already coming to life