Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L221A

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Al-Ahzab 36-44 Translation 36-44


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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Delta Sunni here, Kadeem, I'm about to be laying in a shape line over jeem Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. But the strategy is so dear to us, Sydney MD, Washington.

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Lesson number 221. Sudoku is number 36 to 44. Translation woman and Ghana it was remote meaning for a believing men. Whether and nor what minute in a believing woman either when

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he decreed, Allahu Allah, wa rasuluh and his messenger and run a command a matter

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and that yakun it is the home for them.

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The choice men from under him there matter, woman and whoever he honestly he does obeys Aloha, aloha Allah wa Sula, who and this messenger for that in fact, Birla, he has lost, he has trade. Berlin, Australian Medina, one that is clear. What is and when the kulu use a little lady to the one who and he blessed, Allahu Allah, are they he upon him? Well under under, and you favored Our Lady upon him. I'm sick, you retain our Laika upon you? zodac your wife? What 30 and you fear Allah, Allah, what to see. And you hide, see in Nafziger yourself, your soul? Ma that which Allah who Allah MOBA D. One who reveals it, what doc share, and you fear anessa the people will love who and Allah, a Haku is

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more deserving. And that duck share who you fear him? Salama, so when

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he fulfilled, they don't date men her from her work or raw need, purpose, desire. So what generika her

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we married you to her?

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Lucky so that they're not the akuna It is Allah upon me Nina, the believers, Hello Do you any discomfort fee in as word wives other year of their adopted sons.

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Either when although they have fulfilled me in hoonah from them work although need desire. What can and was under command, a law of Allah Marula want to be done. Man, not Ghana, was Allah upon an OBE the Prophet men from Hello Jean. any restriction FEMA in what forever? He has made obligatory Allahu Allah. Allahu for him. Soon another way, a law of Allah see in alladhina, those who follow the past men from Abu before what can and was a Mullah Command of Allah other a destiny, a decree makura one that is ordained one that is decided

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and levena those who uban Luna they can be the Salah messages Allah, Allah, we are shown the who and they fear him whether and not yet shown, they fear a hidden anyone in the law except Allah worker and he is sufficient. biller definitely has Seaborn as an accountant, man, not Ghana, he was Mohammed Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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above farther ahead of anyone, men from readerly your men while our kin but

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Rasulullah messenger Allah of Allah will hoard them and a seal intervene

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The prophets walk in and he is ever Allahu Allah. Because with every shade thing or Lima, always all knowing,

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yeah you her for Allah Dena, those who ever knew they believed, with Kuru you all remember, Allah, Allah, the Quran, a remembrance gezira. Much was the bihu and you will praise Him, you will glorify Him book, Clutton in morning. We're asleep and in evening in afternoon,

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who he is led the one who usefully he confers blessing,

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he sends a blessing or lay come upon you warmer the equal to who and his angels. Leo phrygia Co. So he takes you out men from a womb at the darknesses illa towards a new delight. walk in and he is ever been moved me Nina with the believers rahima one who is Especially Merciful raheja to whom they agree to yoma on day yellowkorner who they will meet him Salaam is peace. What are the and he has prepared la home for them as a reward. Kadima one that is noble

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to the recitation

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what a

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what's up

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he as

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man can.

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