Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 15

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shadowfell Ambia Eva mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam does live on cathedral cathedra my brothers and sisters, we talked about two conditions, obedience and fit. For yesterday really well you will be

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and as I said, all goondas began begins with repentance with expressing our sincere

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regret to Allah subhanaw taala for having disobeyed Him.

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It begins with that, and for that Allah subhanaw taala told us Coleoptera the Latina Surah for Allah and fusi him la doctrina to me Rahmatullah in Allah Azza Phu Nova Jamia in the whole world of Rahim Allah subhanho DeRozan which means, say O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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say to them to who? The ones who Allah is talking about and who are they? Yeah, bad is here to them. Oh my slaves. And is Allah subhanaw taala speaking to the people.

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Paul Yeah. By the Alladhina Zavala anfis him Oh, my slaves who have transgressed against themselves. lategan automa Rahmatullah do not lose hope in the in the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. Do not despair of the mercy of Allah Smelter.

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In the lie of Aruba, Jamia in the whole world of Rahim,

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Allah subhanaw taala, will forgive all sins, and truly Allah subhanaw taala is

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the Most Merciful, the Most forgiving and the Most Merciful of all right?

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So we start from this faith in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And we turn towards him with this

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belief, and we make dua to him. And we have a bar and faith that this law is accepted by law smarter, then what do we do? Then we change our lives in line with the dua that we made.

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Please understand, making this the VA and then going back and doing the same old thing

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is a sign of the fact it's a sign of lying. It's a sign of hypocrisy. Because if I say that, Oh Allah accept what I have been doing is wrong.

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Then what's the next step? The next step after is the VA is Toba after repentance, the next step is to turn towards Allah Subhana.

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Allah, Allah Surat that ordered us to eat Allah He though batana suhar and let's say turn towards Allah subhanaw taala with sincere repentance.

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So when we repent to Allah Svarta for something Oh Allah, I have not been praying

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please forgive me.

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Then what must happen? What must happen is that I must then onwards from that minute onwards from the next prayer onwards, I must never leave my salah no matter what happens.

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Oh Allah I have not been given the cut. Please forgive me. Yes. So what must happen? I was calculate all those I got there I did not give till today and give it

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oh Allah I have not been good to my family, to my parents, to my spouses to my children, whoever then what must happen my behavior must change.

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All I have been eating, you know, like animals eat anything.

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Without concern of whether it is halal and haram whatnot.

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Please forgive me. Right then what must happen? I must be concerned about what I eat. I must ensure that I'm eating only halal, and that I'm not eating doubtful things. Oh Allah. I have been indulging in interest based dealings.

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I have written my name in the list of your enemies. I make us the foreign Toba. I want to write my name in my in the list of your Olia what must I do? I must leave interspace dealings.

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I must realize when shaitan comes to me and tells me that if you leave this you will lose the money. It was turned out to shatter and tell you a good friend that

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I will lose my money anyway. When I go to my grave, but when I go into my grave with interspace earnings I'm taking the fire of Jannah with me into my grave.

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Since you made friend reset and now make him your enemy. Understand that he is your enemy.

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This is the condition of the acceptance of that is the meaning of human you once you once you make is the far once you make the DUA then have faith that is what will be accepted inshallah. And the DUA must be supported the faith must be supported with the action. If there is fear if there is a claim for faith and there is no action it means the claim

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as false We ask Allah to save us from light or sunlight and we'll get him early he was I remember I had to go

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