Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L219A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses a bill they were supposed to receive, but never received. They mention a woman from a house who they believe is a woman from the group's home, and a woman from the group's home who they believe is a woman from the group's home. They also mention a woman from the group's home who they believe is a woman from the group's home.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Leonardo Sudan Kareem and avert for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Baba slightly acidity way assembly and re

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listening of koko de open as a

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lesson number 219. So, to recap and number nine to 27 translation, yeah you heard, or alladhina, those who Aminu they believed both guru you all remember near metta blessing Allah of Allah are they come upon you all? it when

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it came to you Do you know don't armies for the seller? Then we sent or lay him upon them Rehan a wind. What do you do then? And armies? lamb not dharohar you also ate what can and is ever? Allahu Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do the zero. Always all seeing is when

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they came to you mean from fellow people above you, woman and from a speller below, lower men come from you. What is and when there was it bent? it shifted a Bizarro the sights, or is it wandered

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through the sights warbonnet and it reached el kulu the hearts and 100 euro the throat, whatever noon, and you all thought belaire he about a law of Runa the assumptions? Who nanika they're over to Leah. He was tested. Me noona the believers was Zulu. And they were shaken. They were rocked. xilin a shaking shedinja severe. What is and when you're kulu he was saying aluna cocona? The hypocrites while levina and those who feed in kulu be him their hearts. Maradona, a disease. Man not what are dinner. He promised us Allahu Allah. Wa rasuluh Sulu and this messenger Illa except hurrah, delusion. deception. What is and when correlate? It said? For if a tone, affection a group mean home

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from them? Yeah, or a hella people? Yes. Rip off here three layer not more karma. Any stability? Lacan for you all? From zero. So you all return one and yesterday. He asks permission for recon, a group mean home from them. And maybe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jaco Luna they say in indeed butanna our houses are

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unprotected, warmer, while not here it be at all unprotected in not URI do they want Illa except furor to flee wallow and if Dhokla let it was entered, RNA him upon them mean from the Qatari here it regions it sides boundaries, Selma, them Sulu, they were asked, they were exhorted elephant in the fitna. Tell her, surely they came to it, woman and not deliver through, they hesitated, they remained behalf over it Illa except the Se Ra, briefly while occurred and certainly can they were I heard they promised Allah Allah mean from God boo before left not you will loan they will turn

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the backs what can and is ever I have to promise a lot of Allah masuleh one that is questioned what are called the uncertainly ganhou they were they used to our hadoo they promised

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Allah Allah mean from absolute before left not you will Luna they will turn the bearer the backs what can and it is ever I do promise Allah He of Allah masuleh one that is questioned to say land never yen for Arkham it will benefit you, I will Pharaoh the fleeing in if for whom you are fled men from a remote the debt or the killing, war even and then learn not to matter owner you all will be given enjoyment in there except kalila a little cool say man who that is that under the Who? Your single comb, he would save you. He will protect you men from Allah. Allah in if arada he intended become with you all soon an evil owl or arada he intended become with you all. Ramadan. Merci. Wala

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and not eg Duna they will find a home for themselves. Men from dooney other than Allah He Allah will even a close friend. Wanna and nor muslera a helper. Quiet. In fact, already. He or she knows anymore. I will caner those who hinder

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men come among you. Work and I'll call Elena. Those who say he is wanting him to their brothers. Hello, Mama. Come, Elena to us, Willa, and not yet tuna. They come, Albert, sir, the battle inlet, except kalila a little, a few as she had done, once greedy, once niggardly or as she had done, indisposed Aleykum upon you all, for either than when it came, alcohol for the fear at home, you saw them, young Luna they look

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towards you, they do it revolves, or you know home their eyes, cat lady, like the one who you will share, it is overcome. I lay upon him, men from a moat the death for either, but when the herba it went it departed. allow for the fear selaku comb they lash you this might you be LC nuttin with tongues. Hey dad in one sharp Usha Hatton one's greedy, indisposed, Allah upon a higher the good. The wealth, Ola aka those lamb not you may know they believe for ash metal, so he wasted Allahu Allah Urmila home their deeds, what can and is ever velyka that Allah upon Allah, Allah here Sierra one that is easy. Yes abona they think well as

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the company's the group's lamb not yet hubzu they have gone they have withdrawn what in and if yet, it comes

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to the groups, the companies Yeah, what do they would wish low? If and the home that in the day, bear Dune once in desert, Fie among

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the Bedouins. He has aluna they ask about Umberto Eco, your news? wallow and if Kanno they were faecal among you, man not otterloo they fought Illa except for Lila a little.

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Lacan certainly can. It was local for you or fee in Rasool messenger. Allah of Allah was watan a pattern has an excellent lemon for who? Ghana he was your Jew. He expects he hopes Allah Allah will Yama and the day after the last weather camera and he remembered Allah Allah kathira much while I'm mad and when he saw me noon, the day

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leevers observer, the company's the group's corlew they said Hi there this man What? What are their? He promised us? Allahu Allah. Wa rasuluh and his messenger was and he spoke to Allah Allah. What a Sulu and His Messenger warmer and not there the home it increased them inlet except Eman and in faith. What does Lima and in submission mean from among me Nina, the believers region alone are men sodoku they were true man to what I heard do they promised Allah, Allah? Are they he upon it for men home so from them, man who other he fulfilled nashoba who his vow his pledge, woman home and from them man who enter the room, he waits, warmer and not, but the loo, they altered, they changed the

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medela any changing, any alteration, Leah dizzier that he may reward, Allahu Allah, Assad Athena the truthful ones, basically him for their truth while you're at the bar, and he punishes and Mona Filipina the hypocrites in if He willed out or YouTuber, he turns in mercy or lay him upon them in the Lucha Indeed Allah, Ghana he is ever more foreign, most forgiving, bohemian, Most Merciful.

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And Rather, he rebelled Allahu Allah. Allah Vina those who care for Rue de disbelieved belatedly him in their rage in their anger. Lum, not ianello they obtain Hira, any good, work a fair and he is sufficient. Allahu Allah. And me Nina, the believers LPT Allah for the battle. We're cannon and he is ever Allahu Allah obion most powerful or season always almighty. Well Angela, he brought down alladhina those who lost her room, they supported them men from people l keytab. of the book men from CRC him their fortresses workers and diecast fee in Kaluga him their hearts over the fear the terror for your con a group Dakota Luna you will kill what that sirona and you will take captive

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Federico, a group who earthecho and he made you inherit out of the home their land, what the yellow home and their homes were um, while a home and their properties were other one and a land lamb not Delta, all her you all have set foot on it. You all have tried and it worked and is ever Allahu Allah, Allah upon could lead every shaking thing. A deer are always capable.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Lehman, Lehman

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meaner and meaner.

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Al-Ahzab 9-27 Translation 9-27

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