Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – July 16, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The loss of power and the success of black people in Canada have been lost's lost. The speakers emphasize the importance of fasting during the day and urge the community to celebrate the loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of loss of
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My son and

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my wife

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it's just

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go pick up

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just have one request sure

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name is

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stick around

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he's he was admitted in the hospital for some time not only

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can you put in COVID and

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different words

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were you able to do everything to the last second I did there were so

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if I knew I would have come Chaplin them hospital

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I wanted to do

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since the

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I didn't commit just within one

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no no no

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send me

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a lot less.

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No candidate in

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our own movie

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said he adds

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an extra

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simple more

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Well, we'll see from one LCD Come on.

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Come on.

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Back, everyone, we'll be back on Monday. See?

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the gentlemen,

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whatever model

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in our model Canada had a lot

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of brothers and sisters,

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here we are in the first 10 days.

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And we know the importance of these 10 days.

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We know that a loss of PowerPoint as we learned last week,

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most the good deeds that we do throughout these 10 days more than any other days throughout the year.

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And within these 10 days, as you mentioned, we have another lesson

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that is still with mercy.

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Filled with Rockman. Filled with,

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filled with pardoning forgiveness

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for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam send is about the day on our phone.

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So we open it

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in the

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lobby, and you can feel the mood.

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And you can feel a sense that the

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one little guy

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he said some a lot more I mean, he was

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passing on the day of our offer. I hope that it will be an expiation for our citizens for a long for the years that have passed and the years for the year that has us and the year that will come

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in so I think Muslims the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentions

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fasting on the day of our

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is an expiation for the preceding year, and the following year.

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So fasting on a single day,

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the day of October, the ninth of

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which coincides with Monday, this coming Monday, the 19th of July.

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Fasting on this single day, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam says that he hopes for forgiveness from her mom for the previous year and

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two years of forgiveness, but one day,

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that's like the best sale, the best deal that we can ever

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ask for.

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Usually when things go on sale, and I was listening to the radio yesterday, just for a few minutes on the way going from home to the bathroom. And they were talking about the size of the TV screens in our homes nowadays. And the amount of inches, and one of the colors called in and said I feel like I need to buy a bigger home in order to fit the TV.

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As in we are looking for what is on sale. And we're looking for what we can have and benefit from, from the things that we love.

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And we as believers know that we love forgiveness from Allah. So can we data more than any other sale that's out there? And so one day, it's a day of class. Now here's a question Is it really meant to be fasted

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the day of

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are we supposed to fast on that day? And the reason why I bring this up is because I remember last year, when we shared these heavy and encouraged one another too fast on the day of alpha. Some of the brothers in the community came and said but there are authentic IDQ that mentioned that it is not permissible to pass on the data.

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And they're absolutely right. For those who are there performing cuts. The profits are longer I think he was one of them says that it is not that you should not fast on the day of alpha for those who are in

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but many of us will hear a part of a headache and disregard the rest of the profits in the long run. Even someone says we shouldn't pass on.

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For rules who are in.

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We are in Milton. There is no appointment.

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We are in Canada, there is no auto button in Canada. Wherever we are on Earth as long as we are not in our phone. Then we are encouraged.

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The past,

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think of the things that we've done in our lives. Think of the times that we want another person, think of the times that we've wronged our own selves. For every single time that we commit a sin, we are rolling our own selves, we are making it more difficult for us to stand before a wall and give accounts for what we've done in our lives. And so my brothers and sisters, encouragement for today is simple.

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That we pass on the day of our one day, Monday, shop along with them ninth of the picture, which is the day before the Day of Peace.

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Come to the learning.

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a few things with regards to these 10 days,

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in addition to faceting, in addition to all the good deeds that we're doing, is to remember to phrase the loss of

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an object to be a lot, we know that before each we do that,

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we see that in the summer, we can begin for those who are not going for hedge, we can begin to see a lot from But Joe on the day,

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from fudger, on the day, after the sun up, you know, after somehow, the odds on the days of the week, we can begin this because we're not there to touch from photo on the day. But

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there are times in the day where we can be general

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or general. And that can happen only in the 10 days of the year. But my brothers and sisters is encouraged to do so keep in mind, the tech the Hawks, before we even come from inside, we should be already reciting, then secondly, a lot regularly. In addition to this, my brothers and sisters, of course, he doesn't mention to me next Tuesday and jump on the data lesson for a moment the majority of the world is going to be celebrating a veto of the same day. And when we look at the world, a company that's a blessing, but it's nice to see that within our own town, we will be celebrating and even on the same day on Tuesday and shot.

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But a suggestion make it fun for the children and company. Another question is going to be opening the company logo, the prayers in many different parks as well. Right? The Muslims are going to be gathering in different places because the mustard itself can't accommodate for all of the people all Muslims here. And so go out with your families and come to the masjid with your families. Right? Bring your children registered registration will open shot along Dallas shortly you can check that out on the app just like we do.

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But I anticipate that registration for July will be less of a hustle. Sorry, that registration for me will be less of a hustle than it is for tomorrow. Because there will be multiple prayers being done in various different parts and multiple organizations within built in hosting. And so in sha Allah because we are all going to be spread out in different places. The registration will be good at ease and calm. The company and other management has

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voiced it to me that we will be allowing families to come keep your children with you. Keep your children with you. If you have sons as a father, keep them with your daughters as a mother, keep them with you. And send them pray and be happy and celebrate. And then come with another management decided to space out the timing of the prayers as well. So it will be one hour between each trainer. So not like tomorrow where we come in, we rush and we have to leave immediately there will be a little bit of time to relax, to see each other to say set out what to say to each other and so celebrate on the Navy. In addition to that I've also reached out to all supporting Regional Police

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and inshallah we'll be releasing something on Monday. But we've requested extra you know, surveillance around the parks and around the masjid and all of the Baltic region so that the Muslims can feel safe. And the Muslims can feel as though hamdulillah you know that those who are who are being paid to look after the community and society are there and doing their job. So trust the loss of power with data first and foremost. And also trust that a muscle casual look at it will protect us whether there's something that goes on or not.

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Everything will be fun and everything is tumble awesome.

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Enjoy your eat.

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It's been a long time.

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It's been a long time. When you think of the last seat

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We gathered for here in the mustard. It was a year ago. And that to me was very limited as well. And so the real reason that we had all together shoulder to shoulder standing puking, shaking hands, you know was over two years now, we asked the boss accountable to Adam to bless us as

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a woman one

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Welcome to another

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along with

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With us, we have a lot to make it easy for us as a community to come together a lot today is the opening stage three or Step three, please make this step mistake to be quick and easy. Allow us to get back to the normal lifestyle that we were used to. You know what, please make it easy for us to follow this guy, maybe some of you you're connected or

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you don't want to make it easy for us to implement the principles within our lives. Please make it easy for us to follow is true it was right to to seek an openness to return to stay away from backbiting and buying and selling tables.

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Every single one of us to remove from our hearts any sort of hatred that we have against our brothers and sisters dependent relatives get along these purifiers these days. Y'all know please forgive us for breakfast is on the date of when we try to attempt to pass seeking forgiveness. Y'all know please forgive our sins of the previous year and the year to come down. But please make it easy for us to remove the proceedings from our deeds to simply submitting the album. Please make it easy for all those that are suffering and struggling with different parts of the world. Those who have lost their loved ones and those that are still wanting to function

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in patients in safety and protection, and medical assistance. We are welcome to stream all of our community members and those that are in the hospital and those who have passed away to one of our community members passed away just recently a few days ago.

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Right here in the Milton, Milton itself a lot of rent, seeking for forgiveness, maybe spraying the wide open seat center guarding

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grant patients to him and his family members loved ones love is easy for all of them to be readmitted

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in the Oval Office, every single one of us to seek

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for forgiveness and frankly, I mean the other

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People who want

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brothers and sisters, don't forget to donate generously and we

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will be on Tuesday.

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Registration will be needed. In addition to that, please do be careful and slow down on your drive out. There is construction on the seals and on my way in and so many brothers breaking the law, driving on grass cutting corners, you know driving on the shoulder, please, please, please give a good example to others coming from the Muslims and Muslim community. Right. So let's try not to drive recklessly the project obey or follow through in respect of law.

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I don't know

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