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Al-Maidah 51-66 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 62-63


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The speakers discuss the concept of "haste" and its use to indicate rushing towards something. They also touch on the idea of "haste" and its use to describe actions and emotions. The responsibility of the Church is to advise others about what they should know and avoid negative consequences, and the speakers stress the importance of avoiding fear and holding onto behavior. The speakers emphasize the need to show one's disapproval and not allow others to tell about the negative impact of actions.

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I was a bit of a genius when they have over here.

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That's the number 73. So tonight

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What about aka theorem in home, and you will see many among them, you will see many among them, meaning the majority of who have the money is for you.

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Not all of them, but the majority of them, you will find them. You said your own if it is me, hastening running rushing into sin, you say the arena, what does it mean? that a person is running towards something hastening? He's rushing towards something. So you say to your owner, what are they rushing into into is

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what does he mean by that?

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ism refers to those sins that are committed against a loss of

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one or the one and or the one reverse those sins that are committed against people.

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So you can say that isn't, is in the heck of a lot. And when isn't the half of the Hong Kong law, the creation of a law. So you will find many of them rushing into sin and transgression neglecting in the help of a lot as well as a heck of people.

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And you will also see many of them rushing into what a cleaning was sir. Eating, devouring, consuming that which is unlawful.

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There was a surface on the roof ever seen had that we have done this word earlier as well. And so how does you know means to feel right to take the peel off of something. And when the peel is taken off fully? What does it mean that nothing of it is left on the object from which you're taking the peel off? It's completely taken off fully. Okay. Like for example, if you're building an orange than what is in that you're fully taking it off, if you leave even a little bit, you haven't really peeled it off

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and soft is used for

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lawful wealth.

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Basically, any earning any earning, that is possible that is unlawful.

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So anything that a person earns through unlawful means,

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whether it is through theft, or it is through liver, or it is through bribe

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any way that is unlawful

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and why is it called soft? Because first of all, there is no Baraka in such wealth. There is no Baraka in such wealth, just like the peel is taken off fully. Similarly, there is no Baraka Baraka is completely taken out of this well.

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Secondly, it is also called soft, because it destroys the wealth that a person has from before

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when you put headlong into it, when you put something that is unclean into something that is clean, is not going to corrupt the entire thing that you have,

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isn't it? Like for example, if you have a part of fresh food that you just cooked, nice soup, very healthy.

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And you put just one teaspoon of chlorine in it. One teaspoon of some washing liquid into it, is it going to destroy the whole thing?

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It is

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there is somebody I know they were cooking some food made a huge part. And at the end, they added some butter to it and they didn't check the ingredients and it had learned in it.

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Now the whole food was cooked. And at the end they put something that was how long now what do you do, you can't even take it out.

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So the whole thing that you have from before even though it was highlighted for you from before it's ruined, it's gone. It's finished. It destroys it completely.

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So how long earning First of all, there's no biochar in it. Secondly the wealth that you have from before it ruins it destroys it. And you know how sometimes in the bank when you have deposited to your money, you earn some interest on it.

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If you continue to earn that interest, even if it is a little bit a few cents every month, what is it going to do? First of all, there's going to be no butterfly in those few cents. Secondly, it's going to destroy the wealth that you have already that you have earned through halal means.

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This is what soft is.

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So a lot of parents it says over here that you will see many of them rushing into eating into devouring that which is unlawful and not as active clean athlete is a noun and a person is described with a noun He is known for doing that action repeatedly.

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acclaim a source like this is their habit. This is what they do. This is what they're known for.

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Love it said surely how evil Mecca and we are Malone is that which they do. What is it that they're doing? What three crimes are mentioned over here.

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You said your honor, Phil, it's me. Secondly,

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Whether or the wine and thirdly, a claim was served Allah describes these actions as very evil.

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Lola Why not? How come you and her Huma Rabbani Yuna?

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How come they're rabbis? They were Benny, you don't stop them

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the enhanced newsletters known here yet. Now he and what does it mean to stop in whoa 911

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and the word Rabbani as you know, it refers to

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justice corner.

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Know, what scholar,

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spiritual leader, meaning one who trains, one who does Serbia, the manabi whether he is an island or not.

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Rabbani is basically a more of be someone who trains the other someone who teaches the other person, the manners or the etiquettes

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whether or not he is highly qualified, because it's possible that there is a person who is very knowledgeable. And with that knowledge, he is doing tarbiyah. But at the same time, it's possible that there is another person who is not that knowledgeable who's not known for his

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who's not really a scholar, but his words are so effective.

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His words are so effective. So there are two types of people who do tarbiyah. One is the scholar, and the other is

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the one who is not a scholar. Remember that, for example, a mother, she is required to do therapy over children.

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Now doesn't mean that every mother has to be a scholar.

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But she knows the basics. And through those basics, what does she do? She teaches her child she does therapy, every child

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sort of banni refers to them or a B, whether an item or not. But basically, what's the job? What's the responsibility of this person?

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That he has to do therapy of people. So Lola and hammer Rabbani unit one, and who are the above and

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above refers to in particular, the scholars. So how come there are Benny Yoon and their about their scholars? They don't stop them from what I'm calling you, Islam. From there isn't speech from their sinful speech?

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How come they don't stop the people from sinful speech?

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What's the job a lot of Bernie that he's supposed to be if he's not doing that we're by stopping the people from saying that which is sinful, is doing his job? No.

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The above the scholar, the Hebrew, if he has learned so much knowledge, what uses that knowledge if he's not teaching people about what to do and what not to do?

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So how can they rabbis and they preach? They don't stop them from calling him What is? The question is what is sinful speech? sinful speech only refers to first of all lies against a loss of

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lies against a loss.

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Like for example, saying statements such as Allah has a son.

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Like they said, they don't even know what the Masada said, reasonable.

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Similarly, lies against sinful speech includes fabricating things in their religion, innovating things in their religion. This is what sinful it's sinful speech.

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Or, it includes denying a messenger

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opposing a messenger through words, they denied they oppose retardation and they oppose the Heritage Center. When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came, they also denied Him, they also rejected his messenger ship.

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And then only and will isn't in the general sense, refers to it applies to found speech, that speech, mocking and other people saying negative things about other people spreading false propaganda. All of this is what sinful speech.

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So any word that a person utters for which he is going to earn a sin, what is that Odin is

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whether it is a lie against Allah, or it is a lie against people, whether it is words of comfort, or it is words of mockery, any kind of speech.

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They said statements about Allah subhanaw taala such as the Lima Lula, Allah His hands are tied up

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or in the law for freedom. Now, even if they were mocking at the Muslims did not believe in a loss pentagram. Then they believe in and of course they did. So it did not suit them to market a loss of primal data in their hatred for the Muslims.

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So how come their rabbis and their priests are not stopping them from such a thing from saying such words?

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Well Oklahoma's cert and they're devouring that which is unlawful How come they're not doing their job? Leavitt center? Can we use their own how even is it that which they're earning?

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Yes narrowness from slot noon.

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And Sunnah is to perform is to do something skillfully.

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Basically, Sun is used for craft.

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And when a person has a skill, meaning when he skillfully does something when you skillfully make something doesn't action, that is what his craft.

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So looking at some of that can we use in our own? How even is it? They have been doing so skillfully?

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Now we see over here, that their rabbis and their priests that are Benny unity about they would not stop the people from wrong things. Why?

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In order to maintain their religious leadership? This is why

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and also because they themselves were doing the same actions. They themselves were busy in a claim of certain insane, sinful speech.

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So how could they stop their people from doing this wrong?

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So what were the two reasons First of all, they would not stop them in order to maintain their leadership because of this stuff, then, then the people would leave them. People would not listen to them, people would not like them. So because of this fear, they would not do now here and in mooncup.

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And sometimes this happens with us as well, that we clearly see somebody do something wrong.

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We know that what they're doing is wrong, we have the ability to stop them. Or we can at least tell them that what you're doing is incorrect. But out of this fear that if I tell them, they will not be my friend anymore. They will not like me anymore.

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They will not come to me anymore. Because of this fear. We do not stop the wrong. This is the problem that the scholars of the Bani Israel were suffering from as well.

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And secondly, because they themselves were doing those wrong things. Obviously, if you're doing something wrong yourself, basically, you have made it hard. And

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so if you tell the other person don't do it, they're going to say, then why do you do it?

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So this is the reason why they wouldn't stop them.

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What do we learn from these two is?

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First of all, we learn about the trades that are mentioned in these two if and which ones are they that you cited? Runa. Phil isn't when earth when a claim was served, and then in the next dire, Coleen will is sinful speech.

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So these characteristics are mentioned over here. And there is warning for us against all of these characteristics, because Allah subhanaw taala says little bit semuc, can we use No, this is an evil thing that they're doing. What?

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saying words that are sinful, rushing into sin, rushing into transgression, rushing into eating that, which is how long there's warning against these actions.

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And there is also prohibition of indulging in these actions. Secondly, we learn from these two is that the responsibility of the scholar, the responsibility of the trainer, of the one who is in charge,

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the one who is in charge, his responsibility is not that he should just gain knowledge himself, or that he should show his credentials, or that he should just practice it in himself. Or he should write books and that's it. No.

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What's the responsibility of the one who is learning

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of the one who is made the incharge to train other people? What's his responsibility?

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That he should admonish people?

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That is his responsibility. Why? Because if he just focuses on his own learning,

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why, because I have to have credentials, I have to have this degree in that degree. Because if I don't have this degree, then people are not going to listen to me.

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Or that a person is just busy implementing the deen himself, and he's not telling other people.

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And what good is that knowledge?

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Because he's not benefiting other people through that knowledge. So the responsibility of the scholar is what, then you must advise other people, you must tell them about that which is right, and about that which is wrong.

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We all know about that nation, upon whom the punishment was going to be sent.

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But the angels, they said that there is a worshiper in that particular nation, that particular people, what was that, that let the punishment begin from there? Why?

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Because he knew and he did not stop other people.

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He did not tell other people he only kept the good to himself.

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The responsibility of the learned is not to keep the knowledge with himself only. But what is his responsibility that whatever he knows he must tell other people about it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was commanded Burnley mountains in a canoe topic, convey all of that which has been revealed to you, every single thing.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, There is no one who resides among people committing evil among them. And they do not stop him, though they're able to do so. But Allah will punish them all before they die.

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I will repeat, there is no one who resides among people committing evil among them.

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So there is a person who is committing evil amongst others, and his evil is being witnessed by other people. And they do not stop him, though they're able to do so.

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But Allah will punish them all, before they die.

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Before the die, Allah will punish them. So it's the responsibility of the knowledgeable of the learner to stop other people from wrong that they're doing.

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Even our vessel dinardo said there is no ayah in the Quran that has more severe admonition than this is why because the older man are being reprimanded.

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The learned are being reprimanded that What's your job? How come you did not stop them?

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Because if you seen the previous if what was mentioned, the punishment that these people were inflicted with?

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Why did it get to such a serious stage? Why that they were punished in such a severe way.

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It's because they're not Benny Yoon and about did not stop the people from the wrongs that they were doing. Why? Because they were busy themselves.

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Another lesson that we learned from this ayah is that the fear of losing worldly and religious prestige, and fame should not stop a person from doing his job.

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Just the fear that if I say, if I do this, if I stop them, then what's going to happen? They're not going to listen to me. I'm not going to be liked anymore, people are going to think I'm very extremist, this fear should not stop a person from doing that which he is responsible to do.

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And sometimes we see people making obvious mistakes. And sometimes they don't even realize the other person doesn't realize about what he's doing. He doesn't even know if what he's doing is wrong.

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Because he doesn't have knowledge.

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You have knowledge and in your heart, you're just thinking bad about the other person, you're holding a grudge against them.

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What good is that knowledge if you're not going to help the other person with that knowledge? So when you see someone doing something wrong, don't just think in your heart, oh, they're so evil. They're so ignorant. What is your responsibility?

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Tell them

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correct them.

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And obviously, you will be wise in the way that you approach them.

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And even everybody said, no, that enjoining righteousness, and forbidding evil does not reduce the provision or shorten the term of life.

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Know that enjoining righteousness and forbidding evil, it does not reduce risk. And it does not shorten your life. Why don't you mention these two things

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that we're afraid of that if they don't come to us, because we have upset them,

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then we will get our money from.

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And secondly, if it goes to such an extreme that they physically harm you, that they literally kill you

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aren't even with our live said that know that it's not going to reduce your life. Whatever is written for you. That's what's going to happen.

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If you notice abahani His job is to train people. And above him is someone who has specialized in knowledge in a special field of knowledge. What's the objective of specializing in a particular field?

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What's the purpose?

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Like, for example, if a person specializes in a particular field of medicine, what's the purpose?

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Okay, so that you know everything about that field, what else?

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To practice, particularly in that field, like, for example, if there's a doctor and you specialize in a particular field, what's the objective?

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Just that he can show? Oh, I have the specialization and that's it. No, he has taken that specialization so that he can practice in that field in particular. So what good is that specialization in the religion? If you're not going to tell people about what is

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about something as basic as sinful speech. I mean, this is something that everyone knows.

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specialization is also to deal with, or to treat the advanced level of a particular ailment or particular issue or particular problem.

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So that you know how to deal with it in that complicated situation, even how to practice it, how to implement it in that complicated situation.

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But if you look at it only human

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capital ism is not that complicated.

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You don't need specialization for that. But if despite specialization, a person is not stopping the elephant color isn't?

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Then what good is his knowledge is going to be heard at that level? Or her jetton? Or lady?

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It's going to be against him.

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If you see somebody who's mocking the other and mocking us around mocking the child of the dean, first of all, when they're making fun,

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are we supposed to stay there and listen to them? No, we are supposed to show our disapproval. Show to them, that you don't like what they're saying. So first of all, whenever they're saying something like that, tell them I don't want to hear it. Please, I don't want to listen to it. Like, for example, there are many jokes that are passed around about God about religion.

00:21:21--> 00:21:32

And sometimes, maybe it has to do with Christians, but their God is our God as well. Or las panatela is our God as well. So if they're making fun of their god, they're actually making fun of our God.

00:21:33--> 00:21:48

So we cannot support such people who are indulging in something like this. So first of all, we cannot support them, we have to show our disapproval. And secondly, don't think about this. Tell them because it's possible, they don't realize

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that tell them about the importance of the event. But the reward of giving the event of listening to the earth and responding to the event. So many times people do this out of ignorance. Okay, which is why the scholars are being reprimanded, and how come you're not stopping them?

00:22:06--> 00:22:18

If they're ignorant, they don't know. This is why they're doing the round that they're doing. But you know, better than how come you're not stopping. If we know somebody who's doing something like this, our responsibility is to stop them.

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Any questions?

00:22:24--> 00:22:32

So Monica, Monica, I just wanted to share like a story, I was lucky, I was watching him one time, and he was talking about brownie surprise, and basically

00:22:33--> 00:22:34


00:22:36--> 00:23:22

a little bit of bad and everything. If you haven't watched it, you should watch it. It's a very important lesson that we all need to know about, that a little bit of bad corrupts the whole good that you have that if you basically made brownies. And he showed that if I add a little bit of dog poop in it, you're not even going to touch it, you're not going to want to eat it. And there are many things that we're doing. And we say, oh, they're very good, but they're still a little bit of bad. And that little bit of that is enough to destroy, or corrupt the whole thing that you have. And this is what sort of does, it corrupts the good clean money that you have, even if the harm is just

00:23:22--> 00:23:29

a few cents, it's just a few pennies. That said it's ruined your wealth, destroyed your wealth.

00:23:30--> 00:24:07

I was just saying that the Roth Bernie, it's not actually like a teacher or gi in this case, in our situation. It could even be students or other classmates, meaning if you have a certain knowledge which another classmate doesn't, then it's your responsibility to tell them and also advise them nicely, because then you have that responsibility over your head, and you have to do it. Otherwise you won't be held up. Because many times we think that Oh, it's the responsibility of the scholars and the learned and the people who are up there to stop the wrong. That's what we think. However, Benny is someone who is in a position of doing tarbiyah of training the other half correcting the

00:24:07--> 00:24:26

other. And it could be anyone it could be a friend. It could be somebody whom you're working with, it could be someone who is not even your teacher. Like for example, at the Institute, there are many people over here who are working. So if somebody tells you about something like no, you're not from my course. Therefore Don't tell me. No. That should not be your attitude.