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Al-Araf 40-53 Translation 40-53

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Sunday I

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am about to let him in the shape on the floor Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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for beshara is further away silly angry. Washington. Better melissani acabo de openers.

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Lesson number 90 throttle are off. Number 4253. translation in indeed, and Latina those who does the Boo, they belied the Athena with our vs. was stuck Peru, and they acted arrogantly. I'm her about it left not to fit the who it will be opened the home for them, of wearable doors, a summary of the sky. Why more and more, you're the homeowner they will enter

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the paradise Hector until gelida he passes he enters

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our journal, the camera fee in some me hole I

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have the needle

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walk around Lika and likewise madjozi we recompense almajiri mean the criminals

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the hunt for them men from Johanna Hellfire we have him arrest in place a bed woman and from faulty him above them are washing coverings.

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What are their liquor and likewise New Jersey we recompense of oily mean those who are wrong, those who do wrong.

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When navina and those who are new, they believed what I may do and they did a solely happy the righteous deeds, law not look at lifou we burden nevsun any soul in except was our her its capacity. May equal dose of herbal or companions agenda of the paradise on the fee her in it Holly don't want to dwell eternally

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won his arena and we pulled away we removed Mel Watt fee in saluting him their chests, their breasts, men from lilin any rancor, any hatred, perjury it flows men from dirty him underneath them and how the rivers are calling you and they said I will handle all praise the Lord he for Allah and lady who Habana he guided us leave her there to this warmer and not connect we were Lena the idea that we obtain guidance. Lola If not, I'm bad. Hi Diana. He guided us. Allahu Allah

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la corte certainly, she came. It came rasuluh messengers are a beaner of our web. They'll help with the truth when they do and they will call out and that they will come that are you all our agenda is the Paradise is to know who you are and we're made is to it be more because of what quantum you were alone you all do.

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Whenever and he called us horrible companions agenda of the paradise of terrible companions and now of the fire

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and that are in fact we're jordanelle we found Mel what Where are they now? He promised us or Boehner our rep

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as true for hold so did rejecting you are fine. Now what what are they he promised Rob become your rep as true for no they said no. Yes. For oven. Then he announced the Athenian and announcer boiler room between them and that learner to curse Allah He of Allah, Allah upon of worldly mean those who do wrong

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and the veena those who used to do in a day stop on from sabini way ally of Allah, wherever their hair and they seek it or ledger as cryptid or home and they will also deal with the hereafter trophy rune when to disbelieve.

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Well they their humor and between them to hijab when a screen a curtain and upon an hour off the heights.

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The elevations

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region man, you're a foreigner they recognize Conan all the SEMA home with their distinctive marks

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when I go and they called out as harbor companions agenda of the paradise and that Sailor Moon piece on a come upon you

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learn not you're the Hulu her they entered it or home and they you have to my own they hope

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well either and when Sudafed it was turned or bizarre to whom their sight their eyes

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towards us had companions and now of the fire

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they said God by now

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do not

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know you make us now with the people of Wally mean those who do wrong

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whenever and he called out of herbal companions are off of the heights of the elevations.

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region and men yeah the foreigner whom they will recognize them be seen by their distinctive marks

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ALU they said may not have availed, it benefited from you, Jim or corn, you're gathering your accumulation Warner and that concern you were stuck in your act arrogantly

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are Haruna EDS and levina those people who are consenting for law not your Nana whom he obtains them, He grants them Allahu Allah barrage Martin with mercy

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or the flu, you will enter agenda, the paradise level not how often a fear or they come upon you, whether and nor until you all,

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you all will grieve

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whenever and he called out as horrible companions are nerdy of the fire of harbor companions agenda of the paradise and that appealed to you on poor Elena upon us men from the water or mimma from what

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he provided you Allahu Allah. Le they said in Indeed Allah Allah had Rama Rama he prohibited them to Allah upon and caffeine those who disbelieve

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and that even those who

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they made they adopted the the home day religion law one and amusement weather event and a play or read tune and they deceive them to the life adonia of the world for the oma So today, so this day, Mensa whom we will forget them camera just as Masuda forgot the meeting yummy him of their day. However this warmer and what can either way be a Latina with our vs huge How do they reject the refuse?

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When are called uncertain certainly gentner whom we came to them be Keaton with a book for Sunnah who we explained it openly Allah upon me knowledge, who then a guidance or a method and immersive the common for people you know they believe

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are are not young gentlemen, they wait in law except that we the home its outcome, the older who its final outcome,

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Yona on day yet the it comes to

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its outcome. Your final he will say a novena those who Mizzou they forgot it. Men from comedy before

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that in fact, a chicken rasuluh messengers have been out of our rep will help with the truth for health. So our letter for us men from shoe fara any intercessors furnish for all so they will intercede Lennar for us all we are sent back for now. So we will do very well other than and maybe which could now we will normally we do in fact, they lost and for someone themselves. Well Bella and it was lost. I'm home from them. Now what can I do the work? You have to do? They fabricate?

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Movie Tina was one

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Little German rupees

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one can you can add me creamy

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not too long he wanted me

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to do

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bc EMA

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lamea Doku