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Ash-Shura 1-19 Translation 1-19


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Madhu on a Sunday and out of soda Hill karimabad for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim are beshara odd were sadly MD one of them melissani is totally open.

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That's the number 263 solar to shoot Ah,

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this is not sure at all. This is Shura Shura is boats and Shura consultation.

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Lesson number 263 sort of the Shura is number one to 19. Translation. Tamim. Shamim, I'm seen off, I'm seen off,

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Guernica, thus, up here revealed alayka to you what Illa and towards a la Vina those who Min kubelik from before you, Allahu Allah, Allah Aziz the always Almighty, Allah Hakeem the always always

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know who for him, man, whatever system I work in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the earth. We're who and he is an early you, the Exalted, Aleem the great decadal it is near a semi where to the heavens, yet have a partner, they break asunder, men from folding in above them, while Malaika and the angels you said be shown, they glorify, be handy with praise, but be him of their route. Well, I still feel Runa and they seek forgiveness, lemon for who fee is in the earth. Allah unquestionably in Indeed, Allah Allah, who are He is Allah food, the most forgiving of Rahim, the Most Merciful,

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one of the Edina and those who in the huddle, they have taken men from dooney he besides Him, Olia close friends, Allahu Allah happyland a guardian or lay him upon them warmer and not until you are they him upon them, they will kill at all interesting

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what are their Lika and us a hyena We have revealed in Africa do you earn an Albanian Arabic letendre so you warn own mother and Cora of the tones woman and whoever hola hair is around it. What turns era and you want yoma of de algen? The Gathering? lair not labor any doubt fee in it for econ? A group that agenda in the agenda in the paradise? was 31 and a group fee in a series The fire?

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Well, no and if He willed, Allahu Allah ledger Allah whom surely he made them all mutton, a community, a nation wahida 10 single well I can but you the seller, he enters man whoever he or she he will see in proximity he is mercy. What was the moon and the wrongdoers may not law home for them men from Wellington, anybody any protector whether and nor Nestle's any help

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or it to her Do they have taken mendonca here from besides him earlier, close friends for law who so Allah who he is actually the close friend, or whoever and he is Yoshi, he gives like Al Mota to the dead ones, or whoever and he Allah upon Kali, every che anything pudieron always all able,

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warmer and whatever, if they left you all different, see he in it, men from che in anything for Haku so it's judgment, either towards Allah, Allah, then he come that are you all Allah who is Allah, but I'll be my rub, or lay upon him to work and I have trusted what he lay and to him when I return. Sadly, creator, originator smls of the heavens

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and the earth geralyn he made. Luckily for you all men from unfussy calm yourselves as virgin, spouses, mates, woman and from an hour

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grazing livestock, as well Jen mates, yet draw a comb, he creates you, he spreads you fee in a laser, he is not or it is not Camus Li, like similar to him che on anything.

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And he is a semir the always all hearing about the old results, seeing the whole for him, McCauley, keys as some of the heavens while up and the earth yet versatile, he extends as is the provision Lehman for whom He wills, while others and he restricts in the who indeed he because only with every che in thing or Lehman always all knowing Sherif he has ordained Luckily for you all men from a dean the religion man that which was he enjoined, be he with it. No one knew or the salon one lady and that which Oh hyena we revealed ilica to you warmer and that which was cleaner we enjoy and be happy with it. Ibrahim Ibrahim were Moosa and Musa, or Isa and Teresa are they he was Cena

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and that ottimo you all establish Edina the religion Wallah and do not settle for Roku. You will differ fee in it. Kabbalah It was great, Allah upon Allah mushrikeen the polytheists man that which that through whom you invite them, lie to it, Allahu Allah, gadget ob, he chooses, lie to himself, man whoever he assured he will ymd and he guides lie to himself, man who unique he returns

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warmer and not default Roku deferred inlet except main from bardi after ma that jet a home it came to them and it really moved the knowledge bazian as rebellion by no home between them, while Ola and if not, Kelly Matan a word cyber caught it proceeded. Moravec from Europe, Ella to agile a time masama one fixed la cobia surely it was decreed by in a home between them were in it and indeed alladhina those who who resolved they were given inheritance Al Khattab of the book, men from barty him after them Luffy surely in shakin adult men who from it, Marie, one that arouses suspicion, fairly danika. So for that, further than call was stopping and stand firm gamma just as omit that

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you were ordered. Wallah and do not that who you follow who or whom their desires will call and say man to I believed Bhima with that which Angela he sent down, Allahu Allah, min kita of book will omit to and I was commanded the ardila so that I do justice by Nicole between you. Allahu Allah, wa buena our rap, war of bukom and your rap. Leonard for us our meluna our deeds welcome and for you our marylu comb your deeds. Let's not forget that any argument by Nana between us ouabain accom and between you Allahu Allah, ye tomorrow he will gather by Nana between us what LA and to him and mostly the destination.

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One Medina and those who you had Juna, they argue fee concerning Allah, Allah, men from Bart after man that was to jiba he was positively responded Lahu for him

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to whom their argument the

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one that is useless or in the near will it be him there? What are they him and upon them? Radovan anger while a home and for them. Are there been a punishment, shoddy don't severe.

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Allahu Allah, Allah de The one who unzila he sent down, el keytab the book will help with the truth while meezan and the balance wamba and what you darica it may inform you

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It will inform you that Allah, perhaps a sir, the hour or even one that is near yesterday, he seeks to hasten be here with it alladhina those who love not human owner, they believe, be here with it. Well Edina and those who am I knew they believed mushfiq una, ones who are fearful men her from it. We are lamona and they know and the hair that indeed it and hepco is the truth. Allah unquestionably in Indeed, Allah Vina those who youmail Runa de dispute fee concerning a SAR to our Luffy surely in Berlin, a string burried for

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Allahu Allah. Luckily for most kind, Barry birdie he with his servants Yasuko he provides man whom He wills were who and he is alcovy the most strong, Allah Aziz the always almighty.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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be wonky.

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Whoa, d mu

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one lady