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Yusuf 88-111 Translation 88-111

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali, Ali Hill Kareem a mother earth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim are beshara Lisa de were silly Emery

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letter melissani of koko de urban as a dinner.

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That's number 126 solid user and number 80 to 111.

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Hello man. So when the Hulu they entered, are they upon him? kalu they said, Yeah. Are you her? Are you well, are these the honorable one? Or are these?

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My center? It has touched us what our learner and our families have been through the harm what Gina and we have come baby with our team

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with emerging days, was jetting poor in quality

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for OC, so give in full learner for us. Al Qaeda, the measure

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what Assad duck and you'll be charitable, Alena upon us in Indeed, Allah Allah, Jeju z, he recompenses he rewards and Moodle for details detain those who give charity or those who are charitable

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color he said her do are limited. You all no matter what file, you did, the use of with use of will he and his brother is when and dumb you were jehlen ones who are ignorant.

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All they said are in liquor. Indeed you are under surely you uses use of honor. He said, Anna I am useful use of

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what however, and this array is my brother, but in fact, Monday he favored Allahu Allah arlena upon us in the who indeed he man who yesterday he fears Will Smith and he is patient for England and Indeed, Allah Allah led not up or he wastes a gentle reward and mercy need of those who do good.

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Carlo they said the law he by Allah luckily certainly Arthur aka he preferred you Allahu Allah or Elena upon us what in and indeed could now we were Lahore to ensure the ones at fault.

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Allah He said, let us know that Reba any blame any reproach are they come upon you all earlier today? Yo

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may He forgive? Allahu Allah, La come for you. Well, who and he is our humble, Most Merciful or rahimian of those who show mercy

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is her Will you all go? Better muesli with my shirt? Heather this for oku so you all cast it? Put it Arla upon YG phase A B of my father yet he he will come basura one seen what Tony and you all come to me be a honeycomb with your family. A marine all together.

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Whenever and when fossil earth it departed under you the caravan? Karla he said abou home their father in me indeed I urge you to surely I find rehab fragrant use of of use of Lola even if not. And that to finally don't you are thinking me week in mind or you will think me demented.

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callooh they said the lie by Allah in nica indeed you laughing surely in Burleigh liquor, your error al khadim the old the ancient

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fella so when

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he came Alba Shiro, the bringer of good news, I'll call who he put it. Allah upon wedgie his face for the day. So he returned Bosley at all one seeing color he said I learned did not a call I say luck home for you. In me indeed. I RLM Oh, I know. Main from Allah He Allah ma wat la not that are the moon you all know.

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Carlos ALU. They said, Yeah, Urbana or our father is still afraid you seek forgiveness. Lennar for us do lubaina our sins in that indeed, We

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Good Now we were hardly in wanzhou same

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color. He said Sofer will soon istockphoto I will seek forgiveness. Luckily for you, Robbie from my Arab inner who indeed he who are he is a lover for the most forgiving of him the Most Merciful.

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fella. So when the holiday entered Allah upon usofa Yusuf alayhi salam, where he brought clothes

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lie to himself

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about why he his two parents wore color and he said to Hulu, you all enter missile missile Egypt. In his share, He willed Allahu Allah airmini as ones who are secure

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waterfowl and he raised a boy he his two parents Allah upon a large the throne were heard rule and they all fell Lahu for him so Jeddah once prostrating

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Wakanda and he said yeah, liberty, Oh my dear father had this that we interpretation, rural area of my dream main from a blue before but in fact gr Allah her he has made it Bobby my rub have gone through workers and in fact our center he did good be with me is when a her journey He brought me out main from a surgeon the prison wotja and he came become with you all men from Alberta we the village or the desert.

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Men from Bard after undead naza

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he instilled Discord.

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he instilled discord, a shape on the shape on many between me webinar and between a squatty my brothers in indeed Robbie my rough luckily for one who is subtle, or one who is kind

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Lima for what Yeshua He wills in the who indeed he who he is Aleem the always all knowing. and her team you always always

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or be Oh my god. In fact, as a trainee, you gave me men from Al Malki, the kingdom, the ownership well and our lumpini you have taught me men from the wheel interpretation, a Hadith, of the speech of the dreams of the narratives of the reports.

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surplus originated smls of the heavens will love and the earth and you are well III my guardian fee in adonia The world will a hero and the hereafter. There were funny you raised me, you cause me to die. Muslim man as a Muslim will ensure Kony and you join me beside the hain with the righteous ones.

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Then later that men from amber news alive of the unseen, know he will reveal it alayka to you, warmer and not concern you were letting him near them or with them is when he Maru they all agreed.

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They all reached consensus. amerihome with their matter, well whom and they em Kuru they were plotting,

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warmer and not acceptable most unless of the people Willow even if prosper. You desired eagerly, you desired greedily meaning at all believers warmer and not does Allah whom you ask them or lay upon it men from a jury in any reward? In not who it except they cruel a reminder they'll either mean for the world's

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water Asian and how many men from 18 assigned for summer work in the heavens will up and the earth Mr. ruler they pass or lay her upon it while home and they unharmed from it. What are you doing once you turn away?

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warmer and not you may know he believes Excel will most of them will lie in Allah. except we're home while they wish the cold ones who associate partners

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do further than Aminu. They feel secure and that that their home it comes to them last year to an overwhelming calamity

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while she had an overwhelming calamity or an overwhelming main from either having the punishment of Allah O or dia whom it comes to them a Sarah to the our boat attend suddenly. We're home while they learn not yet. Sharon they proceed.

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Ponce howdy this subby Lee is my way.

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I invite Allah to Allah He Allah, Allah upon buslee attain an insight and an eye woman and who it avani he followed me was super Hannah and Glorified Allah is Allah woman and not Anna I mean from a wish seeking those who should

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woman and not all of a sudden now we have sent Min oberliga from before you Illa except regionalen men No Shave, we inspire we review la him to them. Men from early people are poorer of the towns a phenom did they're not or do they're not ESU they traveled fill Earth in the earth science Zoo so they look gay for how Ghana was occupied to end result. And Medina of those who knew him from before them.

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Well and last surely the home and after of the hereafter. Hi Ron is better than larina for those who ate the code they feared Allah fella do the not darky do you all understand? Or you all have intellect

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have that until either when you stay as he despaired of Russell the messengers while they're new and they were certain unknown that indeed they called in fact called the blue they were denied or they were lied to

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get a home it came to them now salona our help for No dear so he was saved

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Ludia he was saved money who national we will Weller and not your do it is returned. But sooner our mind our punishment. I'm from account the people allegedly mean the criminals.

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lockout certainly Ghana was see in kasasa him their stories are able to tune a lesson literally for possessors and burb of the intellects. Math, not Ghana, it was Hades and a speech. You thought it was fabricated what I can but just be a confirmation allottee of that which beignet a day before it was obscene and a detail clearly for every che insane. Well, who then and the guidance what method and immersi Lee Coleman for a people

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that listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Ba ba ba

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in law

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Virgin Mary.

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In me

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on a sofa. Don't feel

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so bad.

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be here for

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shame on me.

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of the

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most Muslim

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Ronnie was

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udimi La

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Mancha Howdy, a

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lady a

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lady in a new autopsy. Let

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me know