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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and importance of Islam, including its use as a command to obtain a boon and the "we" and "we'll" shots. It also touches on the history of abuse and the quote from the Prophet about making an equal to a law. The segment concludes with a discussion of the "right," meaning "has been made" by Allah to create the Earth and protect against bad things.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was off the edge May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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and verse number 21 of sorta tillbaka

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Yeah, are you hon Budo Rebecca mulethi hola como la Vina mean? Cabo de como la la quinta.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the meaning all mankind

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worship your Lord, who created you

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and those before you, so that you may gain taqwa.

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So that you may gain

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an awareness consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, the previous is

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Allah subhanaw taala was talking about the different types of people.

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And our last panel, Tiana spoke about the woman on the car field on the nirmanakaya horn.

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And in verse number 20, Allah azzawajal stopped talking about the mafia goon

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now, alas, the penalty is

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the message or the topic of that what is being spoken about. And here our last panel tada is addressing mankind.

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Now, usually you find in the madonie sutras and this is a muddiness or of course sort of advocate as a Medina surah.

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Most of the time you will find with Madani surah Allah azza wa jal addresses the believers Yeah, you Hello, Xena men, however, allies which it mentions here, yeah, a Uranus and this is the first address

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that you find in the Quran to every human being.

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So this is a reminder to us

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that our last panel to either of us to ponder over the first message to mankind, that when they are dressed all together, is what is the reason that they were created,

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who are both your

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worship your load.

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So this is the first command that you find in the ER n. The first command is mankind's obligation to worship the Lord.

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Bear in mind Allah subhanaw taala does not see Buddha law.

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This is mentioned in other places in the Quran.

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However, here, it mentions Buddha backroom, worship your Lord. And whenever you find the word Allah, Who is the Lord, that there is a number of

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messages or understandings that we take from this. Number one is that Allah subhanaw taala created you who are bukem Holly kokoon, that He created you

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and that his penalties are ours.

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And that he is your sustainer

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wahama barrel armor and that he is the one who is in control of all of the affairs for the cone in the universe.

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And fourthly,

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who am I and equal milk that he is the owner of all of the dominion of all of the creation.

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So allows a jealous reminding mankind all mankind.

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worship your Lord, your Lord who is your Creator, your sustainer, the owner of the universe.

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So, there is a link between affirming and understanding allies or jealous or rubia His Lordship to worshipping Him

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that they go hand in hand and that they cannot be separated. This is an important point

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that Allah subhanaw taala says or obudu worship or a backroom,

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or abodo a, what it means is that to submit to lower yourself to your Lord, who is Allah subhanaw taala Of course.

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Alevi holla

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The one who created you,

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the one who created you brought you into existence from from nothing,

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whether venum in public and those who came before you.

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So you are not unique within yourselves, ie that there was no unlike you rather than

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Allah is written is reminding you the History panel to Allah created you. And he created all of the people in the nations that came before you, hundreds of years 1000s of years. Allah subhanaw taala is their Lord and he supernote Allah created them as well.

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Now I look at akun and then the verse is completed by Eliza just saying to us the in the hope that you will attain taqwa, like

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pondering over the ayah taking the whole message Allah subhanaw taala is telling us all mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those who came before you

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so that you can attain taqwa, God consciousness.

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remember Allah subhana wa Tada. He says to us concerning fasting. Yeah, are you Hello Xena, Amano. quotevalet camassia.

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Oh, who you are, who have believed,

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fasting has been prescribed upon you

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cannot quotevalet lithium in public,

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as it was prescribed obligated upon those before you. Similarly here, our last panel to Allah saying that he created you, as he created those before you

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at the end of both verses, Allah Subhana dialysis locum tekun, so that you can attain piety.

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So you can attain piety by physically worshiping Allah subhanaw taala

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specifically with fasting

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so that you gain more

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and more generally Allah subhanaw taala sing worship your Lord who created you and created those before you so that you can gain taqwa. So you gain taqwa, God consciousness by worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. This is the formula worship Allah subhanaw taala so that you can gain taqwa. So for example, a person says, Well, I want to be from Turkey, I wish I desire to be from Turkey and whom Allah subhanaw taala praises in many places in the Quran, that Allah subhanaw taala will only accept from the turkey and I want to be from them. Therefore what do I have to do about your vacuum? Therefore, worship your load.

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And it isn't just merely a command IE that a Lost Planet Allah says Robert or a book of worship your Lord and nothing else said but he Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that he is the one who created us

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so because he's a pinata, He created us. We in turn then have to worship Him.

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Because this is what we were created for.

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To worship Him alone. subhana wa Tada. As is mentioned in sort of yet,

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when Allah subhanaw taala says woman Hala will Jin will insert Illa Leah boon Allah subhanaw taala says I did not create ins or Jin

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Jin kind or in mankind except that they worship me that they singled me out Allah subhanaw taala in in worship.

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Then Allah subhana wa tada says in the next verse,

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during one this is the first command you find in the Quran, to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala reminds us

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Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of the blessings that he is placed upon us.

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And la vieja Allah Allah Kumu Otto bossier Asha that he is the one who made the earth as something flat for us.

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a resting place for you was a beaner. And that History panel to Allah made the sky like a canopy.

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Well, anzahl Amina sama Emma, and that he sent down from the skies arranged for you. For Raja v min ephemerality, it is quite lucky. So that you can then bring forth with fruits from the earth.

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So our last panel to add on the previous verse reminded reminds us commands us worship your Lord who created you worship your Lord,

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who created you?

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Yeah, and we when, as we say again, when we mentioned Rob, it means that Allah is the one who created you. Allah is the one who sustains you know Allah subhanaw. taala is the one who owns everything and is in control of everything.

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In this verse, Allah azza wa jal goes into

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More detail reminding us that he is the one

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who flattened the earth made the earth a place for resting place something beneficial for us. Now, when you look at the earth, you find that the earth is different types of terrain, there are types of terrain, which are uninhabitable, it's very difficult to live on. The whole of the Earth is not like that. There are places the majority of the earth if you like, is inhabitable. You can live on it and you can rest on it, and you can exist on it. This is the from the photo of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that he made the sky as a canopy over you, to protect you.

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And that History panel to Allah sends down rain so that you benefit from this, this rain so that you can then grow fruits and provisions.

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All these meanings here go back to us reminding what Allah subhanaw taala said, worship your Lord. And remember when we say Lord, Allah is your Creator, which he said paneled Allah reminded us of

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and that he said penalty is your sustainer which Allah subhanaw taala again is reminding us here

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that he sustains us by sending us down rain, protecting us with the sky from the the outer things in the universe and protecting us

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at the end further

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further alluding so therefore, and this is the first command you find a first prohibition rather, this is the first prohibition you find in the Quran.

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To avoid schilke that do not associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala further tarja Allah and then turn to the moon so do not set up rivals partners with Allah subhanaw taala in worship while you know that

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there was a hadith which is unbelievable hearty and Muslim, and it's the hadith of Abdullah but Masuda radi Allahu and

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he said, I said the out of Salalah O Messenger of Allah which evil deed is the worst with a loss of pinata

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and taggi arlena he needed

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to make an equal to make an equal with a law while he alone created you.

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He Allah subhanaw taala says a failure which is a prohibition tachiyaku do not make

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touch Allah, Allah means to make something

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as Allah subhanaw taala

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told us in the beginning of this ayah Allah de jure Allah, Allah

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that He made for you the earth, Allah Israel created the earth and made and formed the earth, like that, for us, I formed the earth like this in a way that it wasn't like before gyla

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likewise here a lot of planets, others do not make, I do not make things that weren't previously

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in this way, one created for that purpose, do not make them into something

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which will be equal to Allah subhanaw taala. So, do not bring from idols, do not make your desires, any forms of worship anything that you have or any whatever it is, do not make it equal or on par with Allah subhanaw taala

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and that the single is the word need which means like an equal or a partner something is equal to Allah subhanaw taala says do not make any equals

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to don't make any forms of equals to Allah subhanaw taala will enter into Allah moon and that you know, and that you're fully aware of, who Allah subhanaw taala is.

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And if you think about it,

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the ending of this comes when Allah subhanaw taala is explained things very, very deeply and in detail to you. That He created you that he sustains you that he is your Lord.

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And then you should gain taqwa by knowing this, that he made the earth a dwelling place for you and he made the sky as a protection for you, and that he sent down the rain so that you can bring fruits from the from the ground after all of this a loss of analysis. After you know this do not make any partners with our last panel to add. It is not just simply worship your Lord and don't associate any partners. This is the Kelly matola Illa Illa Of course.

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This is another way how Allah subhanaw taala is explained the kalama to us. La ilaha illa Allah is based upon

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If bad, affirming, and nothing to negate,

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la isla, heard there was negation. There is no deity, of course worthy of worship Illallah there's the affirmation except Allah subhanaw taala likewise here,

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Allah subhanaw taala firms that are hate by saying or Buddha or a backroom, in verse 21 worship your Lord.

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And here's the negation at the end of 22 Fela taggi Allah He and dad, to negate any equals to Allah subhanaw taala. This goes beyond that goes without saying the fact you're not going to make an equal with Allah subhanaw taala that you will not make anything above Allah azza wa jal or Yellowfin Villa, you're not going to impose something on par or equally with Allah subhanaw taala let alone take something above Allah subhanaw taala melas which will protect us from that.

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So Allah subhanaw is very emphatic and very clear to us and explaining to us in different ways, La ilaha illa Allah with affirmation with negation is very important we that we understand that and that when we read this, these two if

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you find the kalama of a towhead in there, but further explained.

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We're going to stop here and show our love to Allah.

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And we'll continue in our next lesson, just like malo hayleigh or sallallahu wasallam robotic anatomy and Mohammed in early he was a vegetarian Solomonic on October cattle.