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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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in the lamp Davila

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monastery in order Stouffville whatever we will be learning in show the unforeseen Omen sejati armor Lena, when yeah he loved who further when

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fella heard the other? Well you know how long Winder would actually kinda wanna show you under Muhammad Rasool some logMAR they he was he was so happy he was unlimited Sleeman Kathira or he got the law. We'll see kimono CB Docomo here. asila John, come up ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Bear the Ruby Mina chez Malinois Jean Smilla

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Rahim Yohannes it Taco Bell C'mon lady Hanukkah akumina Suwa hidden Wirkkala come in hustle Jaha what Bethel in Houma Regina and Kathy on one Isa, what topple model Levitas Donnelly he will have in Baja Canada.

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Eva, my brothers and sisters, today we learn about the name of a bar so agenne roof of what is mentioned in the Quran 10 times and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is a rove as in He is the Most Compassionate, the most kind.

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The scholar mentioned with regards to the name of our oath

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a level higher than a Rama. So we all know Rama we all know mercy from Allah Subhana Allah rasa is a level of higher than karma. So it is compassion of our Creator towards the creation, both towards all of the Creation

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and in the hereafter Tosu believed of this world. And so that is, what a rougher work was which Allah is the most compassionate. Now we see that in the ayat of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala ad ends some verses with his names. So for example, when you see the name of Allah subhanho, wa Taala or Rockman, or remove

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Malik, whenever I ends with the name of Allah subhana for one of the names of Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, wa what this indicates is that the ruling of the verse is related to the name of Allah that ends that verse. So in the verse you might find something that sort of contradicts or not necessarily contradicts, but it doesn't really connect or it takes away from the purpose of what we might think the verse is referring to. And so we'll take an example in sha Allah Who to Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada says in verse number 30, and on yo Motegi, cool Luna seem to mean hiring.

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One I needed

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someone to know and

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well, you have the ruku Laguna have said, on 104 movie Nerida Allah subhanho wa Taala here in this iron, he says yo moto couldn't do enough Simner me let me more

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on that day, on the Day of Judgment, we will stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala every soul will stand before Allah and we will see the good deeds that we did when we left Minsu and we will see the sins that we've done. So what do they know? How will they know more other than that, are you done? A soul or a person would wish that their sins are pushed further away from them, that they are kept far away from us? Right? None of us want to be close to our sins. We want to disassociate ourselves from our sins. We want to be close to the righteous in this world. We want to be close to what is good, you want to be close to Allah, we want to be close to our good deeds. So on the Day of

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Judgment, we want to keep our good deeds so that when we stand before Allah, we can present these good deeds. So what do we know? Anabaena how were Bina who am Adam Derrida, people will see their sins in wish that their sins were pushed further away from them so that you're not associated to them.

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And Allah warns about himself.

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And Allah warns about himself, reminding us that, hey, on that day, you won't want to be close to your sins. So be careful of the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for the sins that we may commit in this world. And then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, Allah will be there

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will often be there a lot and Allah is full of kindness, compassion, towards his surface. And so that is what's indicated here. The compassion of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is a woof, despite indicating in the idea that people will see their sins and they will want to stay away from their sins and they will wish that they were distanced or disassociated from them. Allah subhanaw taala then warns Be careful of the punishment of Allah Pedowitz added for those sins be near you on the Day of Judgment despite wanting to be pushed away from you. Be careful of the punishment of Allah be mindful.

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But then no more concludes by saying no longer often believe that. And Allah is the most compassionate will take examples of that in the second half of this clip one shot long to add up all of our suffering for social

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Food Wine.

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I mean, when I came onto the team, what was suddenly what was certainly more than a vehicle carrying in LA of course Allah to Muslim

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brothers and sisters,

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banking off the idea or the topic of Allah being the most compassionate. Some of us from the community are hungry Allah, Allah chose us to go and perform Umrah. And we went last month. This is why many people were asking why

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where we went from 180. And that is from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. That after two years of COVID, and two years of not being able to travel in two years of constant regulations and guidelines and limitations, and all the things that we know of that we're very tired of all of these things, ALLAH SubhanA, who were to add a pretty much put them aside for us. When we went, we felt as though Allah's Mercy was really upon us. That roof was blessing us with the ability to go, and not that we were chosen as special people, not at all. But Allah subhana, which had to put it in the hearts of every single one of the people we went for going on with to make lots and lots of dua for

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everyone in the community. All that people were talking about was like, we need to make sure that this thing goes away, we need to make dua for our family members that we left behind, we need to make dua for our community, we need to you know, Allah brought us so close to the hadham make dua for everyone that wishes to be there that they get to come as well. So from the, from the compassion of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah as our oath is that he gives us certain things in life. And we cherish it when we're going through that beautiful moments. And then we returned from hombre and about half of the group tested positive for COVID-19

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myself included.

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And so

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we had to isolate and through the challenges you go through the hardships of trying to breathe for some of us it was more difficult than others for some people it was like didn't have anything fever for a day. For some you know, with asthma, it was even harder, you know, challenging to get oxygen in the lungs even until now like the the effects of it still remain.

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But the question is now is with regards to Allah being a roof? Will we focus on the kindness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for selecting us to go for Allah?

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Or will we focus on the fact that we came back and now we're going through a hardship and difficulty y'all know why people ask this question why? Don't ask why Alhamdulillah Allah blessed us with it? Alhamdulillah Allah gave you some goodness Alhamdulillah Allah had has blessed you with something that you know everyone else wants.

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So will you focus on the fact that you went for a MRI? Or will you focus on the fact that you now have COVID? Or will you focus on the fact that the hardship you're going through is from a booth because it is forgiveness from the sins that we've committed as well?

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And you go for online you come back you think to yourself, how did you know we went we made your Allah Allah make us from amongst those who are forgiven, Allah brings you back and then reminds us that just because you went for Allah and yes, forgiveness is one of the aspects of the Ummah you still need to continue to ask for forgiveness. So for those of us that have gone and I'm not saying just now in this recent trip, anytime in our lives, gone for Hajj, gone for Ramadan, or even pray Juma or read any of the five daily prayers we know that those are means of forgiveness from what woof but the thing is after Juma after the Salah after Hajj after ombre are we continuously turning

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to a roof to ALLAH asking for forgiveness seeking His mercy or are we forgetting

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are we forgetting him

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so remember Allah subhanho wa Taala is the most compassionate and the most kind despite whatever complaints we have in our lives, he still continues to be coming towards us a lot on a Sunday

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on a Sunday today even early in life

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although Muhammad Muhammad came about

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a lot more filling our home now with

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a lot more dedication can FET in in Virginia young

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woman in a song heavier

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yeah Allah please make it easy for every single one of us to seek your forgiveness and to be completely and fully forgive Allah please remove our sins and do not have them there on the day that we stand before now largely is compensate those things with good deeds and allow us to see mountains and mountains of good deeds the day that we stand before Allah please make it easy for every single one of us to go and perform Hajj and Umrah multiple times. Allah please make it easy for us to continue to be from amongst those that look after the rest of our community members, the rest of our family members rest of our neighbors and friends and relatives. Allah please make it easy for us to

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Our hearts to you and open our hearts to your deen Allah these makers from amongst those who are connected to you through the and through Sala and through fasting Allah make it easy for us to do as many good deeds as possible

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in the law here and we'll be diving into it when we fracture

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is called bias when we are stitching on is incoherent

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in line morning?

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So yeah whoa

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set up are they equal more or less Law Center more headache or more?

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for your patients on on your way in waiting outside in the cold almost had mercy on you and your family and bless you immensely. Please do remember to pray your son at home because we have another congregation after this prayer and also donate as generously as possible on the way on the chart a long time