Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L205D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The legal system in Spain is discussed, including the implementation of Islam and the use of force in the legal system. The importance of honoring individuals and surrounding people is emphasized, as well as the negative consequences of actions that lead to negative behavior. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of following liberal culture and the importance of avoiding friendships and staying true to one's beliefs. Dr. Ana Sabina's actions can cause travelers to avoid certain routes, leading to embarrassment and sexual misconduct.
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Hello Jim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 205 Soto to the ankle boot is number 24. To 34 Maracana, geoweb occoneechee. And the answer of his people was not, except that they said Illa and kalu aku Oh Henrico that they said, kill him, or burn him,

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as I mentioned to you earlier, that the if they were talking about what Ibrahim or Sam said to his people, and then in the middle, there was your lamotta. And then after that, there is a continuation of what Ibrahim Hassan said to his people. So this is from where his speech continues, it resumes. Everyone here is that, um, how did he invite his people? Did he threaten them, wasn't rude towards them? Know, he called them with logic, he gave them explanation. He told him why what they were doing was wrong. And at the same time, he gave them better alternatives as well. When he said to them further, we're in the law of risk. He showed them the other way. He showed them the right way.

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And he said to them Valley, calm, highroller calm, that don't worship idols, instead, you should worship only Allah. So his Dawa was full of love. It was full of affection. It was full of logic, it made complete sense. But what was the reaction of his people from Air Canada, Weber call me the only response of his people was Illa and Carlo, except that they said, we'll go to loo kill him. Oh, Heroku. or burn him? How do you go from the Ruth address? Her aura off the hill, and the hill is to burn something to set something on fire. And why did they say burn him that put him to death by burning him?

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Either killing him how like, for example, by stoning him, we're just getting him by the sword or something. And if you don't want to do that, we should have to burn him to death. And we learned this elsewhere as well. Intro to soft fat I 97 to 98 that Paolo Bonilla who bruneian and felco who filter him for Adobe Kaden feather anomalous falleen. They said construct for him a furnace and throw him into the burning fire. And they intended for him a plan but we made them the most debased

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in throttle MBR is 68 to 70 Wheeler and carlu Henry who won soru earlier taco in Canton Fair in the people said burn him and support your Gods if you are to act if you are to do anything.

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And what did they do? They actually set up the fire and they actually threw Ibrahim realism into the fire. But what happened?

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called nanocone Bolden was an amateur that Ibrahim

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Allah subhanaw taala said oh fire, be coolness and safety upon Ibrahim. We're allowed to be Kayden fudger Allah who will study and they intended for him harm but we made them the greatest losers

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for Angelica lomita now, so Allah saved him from the fire.

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They threw him into the fire. But Allah saved him from the firehouse by making it cool and harmless for him by making it peaceful for him in the field elica iottie likoma you may known indeed in that are surely signs many lessons great evidences for those people who believe it's only the believers who will get these lessons. So what are the lessons

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that when a person calls people to Islam when a person calls people to the worship of Allah soprano data, what happens? He faces opposition.

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No, hello Sam. He faced opposition Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he faced opposition Ibrahim A listener Look at his Dawa. But still he faced opposition from people. It doesn't mean that he was rude he was being offensive. This is a fact that when you call people to Allah, you will face opposition.

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That when a person is calling people to Allah, that Allah is going to aid him. Allah is on his side. People can try to plot they can try to plan they can have many conspiracies in order to arm you. In order to put you in the fire and burn you in order to kill you. They can do their best. But remember that Allah is on your side. They through a wire he wrote Islam in the fire. But what did Allah say? Yeah, now Cooney Bowden was Salam and are like Brahim because everything is loyal to Allah. Everything is except for the human beings.

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So what do we see that people they can try to harm you, but they cannot cause you any loss because you're calling people to Allah and if you are sincere

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If you are truthful in your calling, then Allah will help you.

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When people are facing some difficulties, especially in this path, what do they say if only my husband was supportive?

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I could do so much, it would be so easy for me, if only my children were cooperative.

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If only I didn't have to work and if only I didn't have to do that. But what do we see? That you have the support of Allah? And what greater support can you get?

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Even if the entire world has abandoned you, when you're on this path, Allah is with you. He is supporting you. So no matter what people try to do to harm you, even if they cut off from you, even if they leave you, you're not alone. You're in the way of the law. So seek help from him. Ask him to help you ask him to strengthen you ask him to guide you.

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What else do we learn from this is

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that Romania, tequila HA, HA Allahumma. * Zuckerman Hazel is that whoever has the code of Allah, that Allah makes a way out for him from every problem. You see over here, Ibrahim, is that um, yes, he did suffer momentarily. He was thrown into the fire. It was as though he was defeated. It was Oh, he was finished. But what happened? That difficulty was only for some time, allow me to weigh out for him. So yes, when you're in the way of Allah, you will suffer from difficulties. But always remember, they are temporary. They're just there for some time. That's it. And after some time, you will have a way of Allah will make a way out for you.

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But you have to be strong, and you have to rely upon Allah, you have to have positive thoughts about Allah.

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That whenever you feel alone, just remember that Allah has sent everyone away so that it can be just him and you alone.

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So whenever you're alone, don't feel bad that Oh, if I only had their support now, if only this person was with me, yes, it would be good. However, Allah is with you.

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Is any wisdom behind that, that how come in the story of Ibrahim are less now all of a sudden, something is mentioned? Because this is the column of

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You see, when you're telling a story? How do you tell a story? Do you just tell facts, okay, this happened that happened. And that happened, it becomes boring, isn't it. But when, in the middle of the story, you put in details and lessons and what you can learn, then it makes it more relevant to you. So this is an evidence that this is a column of Allah.

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And the machine of Makkah, they believe in about humanism. They believed in Him, they respected him. So in the middle of the story, they're being taught that the same message was for you as well. If you deny the profits of a lot of certain people before also denied and go and look, you deny the resurrection, go and look around yourself. And you will find many evidences,

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what color and he said Ibrahim al Islam, he said, due to his people, a loss of pantalla saved him from the fire. So he went to his people and he said in the hospital, indeed, you all have only taken mendola he other than Allah, Oh son and idols, meaning you have only taken other than Allah idols. The only reason why you worship them is what my web database unicam Phil hired to do as a bond of affection among you in worldly life.

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It's not because these idols can actually help you. The only reason why you worship them is because they are a means of creating affection between all of you in worthy life.

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My word data, my word data is from the root letter as well, that that would, what does that mean? Love. And mawatha is mutual love, mutual friendship, it's not one sided love.

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It's one of the people that love one another. Mutual friendship, mutual love. And this part of the eye has been understood in two ways that worshipping idols in America has been done in Laos and worshipping idols has become a means of my web database. unicam filha today, it has become a means of love and friendship among you in this dunya

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so it's idol worship, that has brought too close together.

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And because this idol worship has brought too close together in this dunya This is why even if you see idol worship as wrong, you're not willing to leave it. Why? Because it unites you. It keeps you together. And if you leave it, what's going to happen? You're going to become a minority, you'll be cut off from the rest of your people.

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So what does it mean that worshipping idols has become a means of love and friendship among you. So in this shared rapada your friendship increases.

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Secondly, this has been understood as that the love and friendship among you,

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that you people, the love that you have among yourselves the friendship that you have with one another. This friendship this love is a means of what? Of idol worship. Your mutual love has caused this idol worship amongst you.

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That out of great love and out of great respect for your forefathers, you are worshipping idols, even though you see idol worship as something that is wrong.

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It was because they loved one another. They had great respect for one another, especially their forefathers, they were not willing to leave idol worship.

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Because when Ibrahima has said, and he showed to them through many, many ways about how these idols could not benefit them at all, remember the incident that we learned about earning that he ran behind while the people were gone, and he broke all the idols, and when the people came back, and he made them understand that look, these idols cannot do anything for you. They cannot even defend themselves and how can they help you? So what did they say? Our forefathers have always done this? We cannot leave the way of our forefathers. The machine of Makkah had the same problem.

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That although they realized that idol worship did not make any sense, it was something wrong, but because they love their forefathers they respected them a lot. This is why they didn't want to leave idol worship. So what's the second meaning? That out of love for one another out of friendship for one another? You remain firm on this idol worship.

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In no matter has done been done in LA he Oh, Santa Monica avena. Come Phil Hyatt adonia. Somebody my alma mater, then on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen? Yuck, FUBAR, loucon b, BB. Some of you are going to deny others. Some of you are going to deny they're going to disown others. That right now you don't leave either worship. Why? Because of your forefathers, because of your leaders. But on the Day of Judgment, your leader, your forefathers, what are they going to do? They're going to disown you.

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They're going to disassociate from you. They're not going to say Oh Allah, they really loved us. And this is why they followed our weight No, yuck for Roberto combi bow, wear yellow Nova combat robot, and some of you will curse one another who will curse the other. The followers will curse the leaders. So the leaders What are they going to do this on the followers and the followers? What are they going to do curse the leaders will not welcome on now and all of you your aboard will be Hellfire woman necromunda saline, and you will have no helpers.

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Now it will be here at the cinema as a final warning. His warning over here has become very strong,

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warm welcome and nomadic luminosity. This is very harsh. But remember, this was not at the beginning. This was as a final warning to the people because they weren't willing to believe at all.

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That desire, it teaches us something very, very important that when he said to the people, that these idols you have taken Why? Why do you worship them? Because they are a means of strengthening your friendship, your love. And because you love one another this is why you worship these idols. So this shows to us that there are two reasons behind actions such as that are clearly against how that clearly goes against.

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That although something is illogical, it contradicts the reality it contradicts the truth and a person sees that still you will do it. Why will you do it? Two reasons that either it is the ties of kinship, or family ties or friendship that unite people on an ideology.

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And the fear of being abandoned by your loved ones. The fear of being abandoned by your friends, is something that will prevent you from doing something otherwise, because your family is doing it. Everybody's doing it. You can't do something different.

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Because they are doing it, you're a part of them. You cannot do something otherwise, even if what they're doing does not make any sense. Like for example, that weddings, people do the most weirdest of things even

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doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any sense. But why do they do it? Everybody does it. And if we don't do it, it looks so bad. If we don't do it, what are they going to say about us? What are they going to think of us?

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So a person will do something wrong will do something baseless, something that is senseless. Why? Just because his family is doing his friends are doing it.

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And the second reason is that people they come together for one purpose for one thing, and as a result of that they form friendships. They form love and affection between one another. And because that thing has become a means of bringing them together.

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This is why they don't want to leave it.

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Because if they leave it then that friendship won't continue. That relationship will outlast.

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Now we say that liberal humanism he invited the people to the hate by presenting clear evidences clear proofs. And look at the reaction It was so harsh, it was so severe

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to do who Oh Henry, who he presented to them in such a logical way. And their reaction, burn him kill him. Why? Because their love for idols, their love for one another. It urged them to react this extremely, they loved one another, they were very loyal to one another. And they were very, very loyal to idol worship as well. And because Ibrahima listen him spoke up against that, this is why they reacted so severely.

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Normally, a person cannot go against his people, against his family. Why? Because he fears that if I leave them, and when I am in difficulty, who will help me, no one will help me I will be all alone. So whether people are right or wrong, what is a person who he cites with them? Now the people around him are listening as well. They held on to idolatry, they stayed with one another out of the same fear

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that although what Abraham is saying makes sense. But we cannot listen to him. Because if we listen to him, then what's going to happen will be cut off from the rest of the society. And when we're cut off from the rest of the society when we're alone, who is going to help us.

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And there's something very natural, that whenever people are living together, whenever they're working together, they develop, you know, a circle of friends. And these friends, they come together at times of happiness, at times of sadness, at times of weddings, and debts and birthdays, and so on and so forth. They are a means of support for one another.

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And whatever they do becomes a means of strengthening their bonds of love and friendship.

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And if a person says, Okay, I'm not going to celebrate the birthday, I'm not going to go to that party, let's say, then what's going to happen, he will be cut off from the rest of his friends. And he does not want to do that. This is why he will do something wrong Anyway, why?

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Just to maintain his friendship, just to maintain his love. And this is what prevented the nation of Ibrahim or Islam from accepting the truth. And he said this on their faces, that you know the truth, yet you are not accepting it. Why? Because this idol worship is a means of your friendship, the machine of Makkah, they had the same problem, that if we begin to worship Allah alone, we have all of these friendships and connections because of these idols. People from all over Arabia, they come, they respect us because of these idols because we take care of them. And if we abandon their worship, who will come and see us who will come and visit us, you understand? Now, this is what

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prevented them from believing in Mohammed's little bonus. And today also, if you look at it, what is it that prevents us from doing something that is so clear, same fear, same concern.

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If I do something different, my friends won't like me anymore. If I don't cooperate with them in this wrong, who will come to my house? Who will I be with I will become a loner. And this is especially difficult at the beginning, when the trend is being set, you understand that as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, as he was preaching at the beginning, it was very, very difficult for people to take the step to become Muslim, because for them to become Muslim was going against the entire society.

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And after all, when everybody was Muslim, when you accept the song, what's the big deal? It's not that difficult. Like, for example, if you're the first one to wear hijab in your family isn't a difficult, yes. But if everybody's doing it, and you do it, what's the big deal?

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So this is why their award of acerbic Hoon is very great. Those were the first ones, first ones to come ahead. When no one else is doing it. They're the only ones.

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And the thing is, that when a person does something in this way, for the sake of Allah soprano data, then he will also develop more friendships. Isn't it so?

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That when you do something for the sake of Allah, then Okay, you will be cut off from the people whom you were with before. But now you will make other friends. And this friendship, this new friendship is going to be a better one, it's going to be a stronger one. Why? Because what is the uniting factor? It's the worship of Allah. It's the love of Allah.

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And because Allah is eternal, this is why this relationship, this bond, this friendship, this affection will also be eternal. It's not just limited to dunya. It continues in the alpha. On the other hand, when it's just something of this dunya that unites people

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Like idol worship, like some cultural practices, then what happens as the people die as those cultural practices become ancient become old. Then what happens those friendships also, they discontinue.

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If a people are together because of some work they do, because of some business they have done as a business crashes as a work comes to an end. As a school year comes to an end what happens that friendship also goes away finishes.

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But because Allah is an Hi, this is why friendship that is made for his sake that does not die. So what do we learn over here a little humorous and I'm warns them that today you are together, but on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen? Some of you are going to yuck photo, you're going to deny one another and others are going to yell or no, they're going to curse one another. Your friendship is going to turn into enmity on the Day of Judgment. Intro to zakharov is 67 we learn a Hilaire uyama in bubblegum liberal in our close friends on the day of judgment will be enemies to each other in them again, except for who the righteous. In total Azov is 67 to 68 we learn what

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color of banana in authority and Donna will Cobra and further Lunas sebelah the people in Hellfire they will say Our Lord, we obeyed our masters and our dignitaries, and they lead us astray from the right way, or have been added to him their feminine or their will on whom learn and Kabira our Lord give them double punishment and curse them with the great curse.

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So what do we learn in this ayah? What's the lesson that we learned from this idea?

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That we should be very, very careful about the friendships that we have about the associations that we have with people? What is it that unites us? And why are we cooperating with someone? Is it the dean or is it something else? If it's anything that contradicts Dean, it will lead to chaos, it will lead to failure it will lead to fights it will lead to arguments. What else do we learn?

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shirk is also what is a means of being a part of a social circle and other things as well. They are what it means of being a part of a social circle. And that's it. What else

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that anything that contradicts the Quran and Sunnah, whether it is something that is a cultural practice or it is something that everybody does, or it is something that is very famous, that is new that is in but if it goes against the Quran and Sunnah we shouldn't be doing it. Because if we do it today just to maintain friendship, just to gain the praise of people approval of people, this is only temporary.

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So what happened then? Manila Hulu,

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Ibrahim alayhis salam, what happened to him? He went against his people, they were doing shit he didn't cooperate with them just to maintain their love and friendship. He left he stayed different. He believed only in Allah He worship only him. So he was alone. But did he remain alone eternally? No. Manila. Hulu Luther listened and believed in him. What does it show to us? That air for the sake of the dean, you have to go against your family, your culture your people. And as a result of that you lose your friendships. Don't worry,

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alone will replace you with better friends for amarilla Hulu, Luther Allison and believed in him. Well, Carla, and Ibrahim are s&m said in the mohajir on in Arabi. Indeed I will immigrate to my Lord. What does it mean by that? I will do hatred to my Lord.

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I will do hatred to wherever my Lord tells me. Or I will do Hitler. lrB meaning fear of being in his way for his sake. That since I cannot stay over here anymore. People don't let me live. They try to kill me. They threw me into the fire to burn me. Since I cannot stay here anymore. Therefore I'm going to leave and where am I going to go? wherever my Lord wants me to go in the hula xizor Hakeem indeed he is the mighty and he is the wise. So what happened? Lutheran center, he left his people. And he immigrated from Iraq to Palestine and Lutheran s&m he also did Hitler, because remember, Luther listening was his nephew. So he also did Hitler. And where did he go to? He went along with

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the law he registered him but he proceeded beyond Palestine and he went to the city of Sodom.

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What does it show to us? That if a person is unable to practice his religion somewhere, to the point that it becomes a threat to his life, like it was for Ibrahim or listener,

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then Judy compromise, just to maintain friendship and approval. No.

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Allah is given a better alternative.

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What will happen Allah who is healthcare group and look at their award that was given to him? You think he was alone? No, Allah gave him another family. And we granted to him his help, and you're cool.

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is how can I listen? And then after is how could I send a miracle grandson? What's your Annette and we made feed the reality in his progeny. And Nobu, what are the prophethood? Well, kita and the book, that after him, all of the prophets that came were from his descendants from his children, from the bunny is right, and the last messenger from the bunny is married. So the Prophet heard, it was left in his progeny, and not just Prophethood, but also when keytab and Al Kitab over here is his engines, meaning all of the Scriptures, the Torah visible, the Injeel the Quran, they were given two prophets that came from his progeny. What are they now who Angela who feed dunya and we gave him

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his reward, even in this dunya what was the reward that he was given in the dunya?

00:25:49 --> 00:25:59

First of all, a family in the form of righteous children, righteous grandchildren, what else? What else was his reward that he got in the dunya?

00:26:00 --> 00:26:02

Yes, he constructed the garba. Yes.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:13

That Prophethood was in his progeny. If you look at the sacrifices that were made by him and his family, they are preserved till today in the rituals of hygiene aroma.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:16

Till today they're preserved Indonesia.

00:26:17 --> 00:26:50

Also, he was made the Imam of Las panatela set in Nigeria to call in se imama, solo Baccarat, I want 24 he was given risk. And after he was given praise, that people praised him. People of all the main religions, all the monotheistic religions, they praise Him, which are all nanomedicine acetylcholine earlier. So in this dunya, he has reward we're in no earthly roti, lemon asylee pain, and indeed he in the Hereafter is from those who are righteous, that in the Hereafter, he will be in the company of those who are sorry,

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those who are righteous, those will be in paradise.

00:26:55 --> 00:27:40

And with him what happened, Luther, listen, he was a messenger, and he went to the people off the city of Sodom. So we'll open his quarterly call me and load when he said to his people, in a coma indeed, you let them do an unfair a shadow that you commit for hasha, which for heisha, homosexuality, and this fascia is such that most of the hakomi here, no one has preceded you. In this act, men hadn't anyone at all men and women of the words, no person has ever ever committed this action before. You are the first ones to do it. After the example of Ibrahim are listed on the example of Lutheranism has mentioned the look at how he even face challenges, when he was doing very

00:27:40 --> 00:28:00

well when he was calling people to Allah, when he remained by him, when he did not indulge in the same crimes that people were committing. Look at the opposition that he faced, that first of all, when he said to the people, that you are committing fashion, such for a shot that no one has ever done this before you are in knuckle do indeed all of you let us do

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you all approach men.

00:28:04 --> 00:28:27

Is it this statue? Do you approach men why to fulfill your sexual desire? And not just that, but what Dakota owns sebelah you obstruct the road? Dr. Owner from the rivers of Bahrain hotter and hotter is to cut something and this is done in two ways First of all, in the physical sense, little hot there an idea, but

00:28:28 --> 00:28:33

remember, that to cut something to sever something for a thorough idea.

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And secondly, it is also in the intangible sense to cut something meaning to cross a path or to obstruct it to break it off, do not let other people go beyond it.

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So what Dr. Ouma Sabine, what does it mean by this that you got the way this is understood as First of all, that you obstruct the road? Which road there are that traveler stick, remember that side of the city of Sodom it was located at a place by which this main highway would go and this main highway, it was taken by many, many travelers, especially people who are businessmen trading.

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And remember, we have learned earlier that there are ruins they can still be seen from the Miami movie, remember from the clear road from the main highway. So, these people, the people of Lutheranism, what would they do as the travelers would pass by they would mistreat them, how that they would rub them. They would line way to the road, they would kill the people and they would lose their possessions. And it is that that even the travelers they would commit evil act with them. They would even * them.

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Like we see that later on. When the angels came to Lutheranism in the form of men. What happened? What did they say hand over these travelers to us? So Dr. Ana subete and others

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What would happen, people avoided taking that pathway people avoided taking that road. And when they would avoid taking that road, they would have to take a longer route which was so difficult for them. But it was so insecure because of the actions that these people would commit. Secondly, what Dr. Ana Sabina has been understood as that you got the way meaning you obstruct the way which way Sevilla law.

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In other words, you stop people from the way of Allah. How, like, for example, when Lutheranism he advised them, what did they say in mockery in

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Iran, and so other people, they would not listen to what Lutheranism would advise them. So they would stop people from the way of law, they were doing wrong themselves and at the same time, they were stopping other people. Thirdly, Dr. Rona Seville, author Seville is understood as author anessa

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that you got the way the sabeel of human progeny by your practices

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that when you approach men to fulfill your sexual desires, how is your progeny going to continue? You're cutting away you're cutting this normal method this normal way. The Sabine this way of human race to continue you're cutting that off.

00:31:14 --> 00:31:24

And Dr. Aruna Sabine fourth, he has also been understood as that you have cut off the usual known fitrah way of fulfilling desires, that even when you do approach your women, you go into their double

00:31:25 --> 00:31:31

what tuna and you all commit feanor decom in your meetings and mooncup the faults the wrong

00:31:32 --> 00:31:47

nadie from the root letter is known then well, or known that Yeah, any other word from the same root? Neither. What doesn't that mean? Got to call out to someone to raise one's voice. And sometimes it's also used for a loud sound.

00:31:48 --> 00:32:01

And nadian is used for dampness wetness. You may have heard of nada. What is another? do in the morning, as you go outside? You see? Do it's damp, it's wet.

00:32:02 --> 00:32:23

Now, there is a connection between dampness and speaking loudly. What if your mouth is too dry? If your throat is dry, can you scream out? Can you yell? Can you make loud voices? Can you speak? No You cannot. Your mouth has to be damp in order to keep talking. This is why people keep sipping on water as they're talking.

00:32:25 --> 00:33:12

And nadie the word that you see over here Nan de is used for a meeting, a gathering, a place where people meet together or a gathering of people value their own idea who so he should call his nadie meeting his assembly, his friends. Because when people are sitting together in a gathering what happens? There is their voices. You can imagine the Parliament House, what happens? people raise their voices. So what don't afina decom nadie calm it refers to your gatherings, that in your gatherings. What do you do and mooncup wrong things that when you sit together, what kind of actions do you commit wrong actions. It is said that they would commit this act of homosexuality together in

00:33:12 --> 00:33:36

groups and also with a tuna feanor de como Mancha that when you sit together in gatherings What do you talk about? What do you discuss bad things, obscene things about committing evil things? And we have to be very careful that when we're sitting with our friends, what do our conversations revolve around? This shows to us that a person cannot do something wrong unless and until he has some bad company

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because they had an entity This is why they were able to say Mancha, do Mancha if a person does not have other people to do the same one car with him Can you do it? Know what I don't afina de como Mancha so what happened when he made his people feel that look what you're doing is wrong for Americana? Joba call me? So the response of his people was not Illa and Carlo except that they said it dinner VR that will bring us a punishment of a lot in quantum anisotropy, if you're truthful.

00:34:06 --> 00:34:48

Meaning they refuse to believe in him and they said if you really truthful about it, go ahead and bring the punishment. So what happened? Allah loot Alyssa Lampard, or B oh my lord on Sony helped me, LL calm obsidian against the people who are Mischief Makers against the people who are troublemakers, those who are moveset helped me against them How? By sending your punishment, because they challenged him that if you're truthful, bring the punishment because Lutheranism warn them. If you continue on your ways, then the punishment is going to come upon you. So then Lutheranism he prayed to Allah, that he or Allah helped me against these people how by sending the punishment

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so what happened then? Allah soprano Dada answer the school

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will listen to the recitation.

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is Paul Allen homie

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for the

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learned the stuff Luca wanted to predict Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Al-Ankabut 16-30 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 24-30

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