Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 045A Translation Aal-e-Imran 64-77

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers false accusations and accusations of lies, including Juna and Kulu. It emphasizes the importance of having a strong faith in reality and being careful with false accusations. A Christian doctor discusses the meaning of Islam, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and others. Tobia is instructed to use a book to obtain wealth, while Kana uses a book to obtain wealth.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to suddenly out out of Sula Hill Karim Amma Bharath Ferodo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish SRA Halley's Saudi were silly Emery. Why Lulu rock that Emily Cerny of CO, who called the urbanization arena.

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Lesson number 45 surah. Earlier Imran I remember 64 to 77

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don't say you ya Oh,

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people. I will Kitabi of the book. tarlow you all come Ealer to Kelly Martin, a word, a statement.

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So we're an equal Boehner between us. We're Boehner comb and between you

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and Allah, that not now Buddha, we worship in law except Allah, Allah

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wa ala and nor no Shreeka We do ship we associate partners be he with him che anything.

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Wala and nor yet Takeda he takes he adopts Barbuda, some of us Barban some others are bourbon as Lourdes men from Dooney besides Allah He Allah

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for in so if the one low they turned away for Kulu then you all say ish her Do you all bear witness be Unoh with indeed we mostly moon I want to submit

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here oh

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people al Kitabi of the book. Lima why to have Juna you all argue you all dispute fee in concerning Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhi salam

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Walmer while not only that, it was sent down it was revealed a Torah to the Torah well injeel and the Injeel

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in there except men from by the he after him

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a fella do the not dark balloon you will understand

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and to hear you are her here and don't you all are her hola ie are those

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her judge them you all argued you all disputed

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femur concerning what the comb for you be with it. Aleman knowledge fair lemur so why to her Juna you will argue femur in what concerning what Lisa? It is not luck come for you all be he with it or anyone any knowledge will know who and Allah. Ya Allah mu he knows what anthem and you all law not that Allah moon you all know MA Not can he was Ibrahim Ibrahim or the Sunnah Yahoo Dejan a Jew, wala, and Nora. Nurse Rania, a Christian one Akin, but can he was uneven. One who is heavy, unswerving

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Muslim man one who submits warmer and not kinda he was men from a wish again, those who do shirk those who associate partners with Allah

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in indeed, Oh Allah, nearest most worthy

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a mercy of the people be Ibrahim with Ibrahim or to Ibrahim Len Medina are surely those people who are are surely those who it about oh who

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They followed him

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and her other this a newbie you the Prophet, what Alladhina those who knew they believed?

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Well Allah Who and Allah, whether you is Guardian close projecting friend and mean of the believers

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all that it wished loved.

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If I don't agree, men from Ugly people, and Kitabi of the book low, if you'll be Luna calm, they lead you astray. Warmer and not. While not you'll be Luna they lead astray in their except and foster home themselves. Warmer and not yesh rune they perceive

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Yeah, oh 100 People al Kitabi of the book Luma why? Tech for Runa you all disbelieve, be it in vs. Signs. Allah He of Allah wa while and don't you all? Tasha, don't you all bear witness? Yeah. Oh, Allah people. And Kitabi of the book. Lima why? There'll be sooner you all makes you all confused. Over here the meaning is not covered. Can be sooner you will mix or you all confused. But how can the truth build with the falsehood? Well, and talk to Mona you all conceal, hide and hide the truth? Well, Anton while you all Tala moon, you all know

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what call it and it said, Tara if attune a group named from a holy people and Kitabi of the book. Me know you all believe Billa D, with which, on Zillow, it was sent down Allah upon a Medina, those who Mulu they believed. Watch her at face, beginning and the hurry of the day, work for you. And you always believe our hero who it's no longer home, perhaps they yield your own, they return back.

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While they're and do not. Took me know, y'all believe in there, except Lehman. For who Tobia he followed the intercom, your religion to say in indeed alHuda the guidance, who there is guidance, Allah He of Allah

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and that, you he is given a hidden anyone miss like ma that which ot tomb, you were given?

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Oh, or you had JUCO they dispute with you all in the mirror, or become your rep

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say in indeed. And formula, the Federal the favor, B ID with hand in hand. Allah He of Allah.

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You D He He gives it man, whoever Yasha He wills will Allah Who and Allah wa Syren infinitely vast. Lee more Lehman ball was all knowing

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your dad. So he selects he chooses Baramati with his mercy Minh home Yasha Oh, he wills wala who and Allah, Vu, possessor and fugly of the father of the fever and Aleem the great

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woman and from a holy people. I'll Kitabi of the book

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man who in if that man who you entrust him by touring with a heap of wealth, you d he will return it. He will pay it in Acre to you.

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Women home and from them. Man who in if that man who you entrust him BDR in with a dean of a coin law you

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Not you d he will pay it. He will return it like to you in there except Ma. As long as MA as long as don't you remained I may he over him upon him called Emma, one standing

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there mica that be under home because indeed they call Lou they said Lisa, it is not Elena against us upon us fee concerning and Amina the unlettered ones, the illiterate ones. So be done anyway.

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Well and your colonna they say, Allah upon Allah He Allah MKV via the live or home while they are on the moon, they know burner. Rather, yes,

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man, whoever over he fulfilled via the he with his pledge, what the core and he adopted the core, he feared Allah for him. So indeed, Allah, Allah, you Hebrew he loves and with the theme, those who fear Allah, those who adopt the core

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in Indeed, Allah Dena, those who yesterday una de barter, they exchange via the with covenant, Allah He of Allah wa and Emani him their oats, summon a price for the ILA Little

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America those law not halacha and he share the home for them. fee in an era the hereafter. Allah and nor you can Lemo whom He will speak to them. Allahu Allah, Allah and nor young guru, he will look in a him towards them. Yama en de LPR Mati of the standing wala and nor use a key Him He will purify them while the home and for them although been a punishment a demon one painful

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let's listen to the recitation

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carry Matthew

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long How should he carry shaking wild turkey the bow on

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the moon

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June Fe build on email on

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the wall on

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you judging to

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be here very much

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June at EMA

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be here at Hola Hola. Hola.

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Hola. Oh,

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man Kana he belonging we are moody.

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On el

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gana honey thumb most Lima WADA here again a honey from Muslim

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Oka and I mean most shooting key

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CBE doll Hema The Lady

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then maybe one lady in

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one long one. Meaning what does

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it mean

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to the Luna Illa

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lucky to have been imagined to be

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yeah you want to venture to loan yeah kita really imagine will be soon as you have

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limited will be soon I'll have

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to move

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work all of all events

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at Zillow

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me no

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Debbie rd

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Buddha who the law he

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did we will

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the whole in copula via

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Wallah Who was your naughty yeah yup does Soviet Medini me

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all along who taught me lobby well I mean to be human

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body you at the Ely or mean

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movie The

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very curvy

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God who lays out a

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me in SMB why oh Luna Lawn Care diva who mia

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bella man

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he was

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not long

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ready NIOSH to be on the line you are a man

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you got our follow up on our home field. If you want to you wanna you can live long one little

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one little eat at me a woman

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was key him what

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