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Al-Ankabut 31-44 Translation 31-44

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una salir de soutien Karim a mobarak for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly suddenly we're Sidley Emery wash loler appdata melissani of Cabo Cali probenecid in our

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lesson number 206 Sora. To learn Caboose is number 31 to 44.

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Translation while Amma and when

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it came Roscoe Luna, our messengers, Ibrahima to Ibrahim or hair salon. Bill wash raw with the good news ALU they said in indeed we move lico once you destroy

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people had the heat of this idea, the city in Indeed, Allah her its people can know they are. Wally mean wants to do wrong.

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Allah He said in indeed see her in it. Luther Luke early salon ALU they said, national we are llamo are better knowing the man of who see her is in it. landowner Deanna who surely we will definitely save him what Allah who and his family Illa except in merata who his wife ganache she was main from a lobbying those who remain behind

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while I'm and when and that jet game was to Luna Our Messengers, Luton dilute or a salon. See he was grieved be him for them. What and Baka he felt straightened. He felt uneasy. Be him because of them that are in power in ability will call you and they said do not the horse you fear Weller and do not dash then you grieve. Inner indeed we Mona juca ones who save you

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what alaka and your family Illa except invalid attack your wife cannot she is main from a Liberian those who remain behind

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in that indeed we move zielona ones who bring down Allah upon elderly people have II of this Korea the city rages in a field of punishment men from a summer the sky Beamer because of what can oh they were you have sukoon they cross limits what are called uncertainly darracq Now we left men her from it a 10 assign by unit and one that is clear. The home for a people yeah pollun they understand what ILA and towards Medina madeon a home their brother sure Eva Sharif or his son for Carla. So he said yakko are my people were a boo you are worship Allah, Allah. What do you and you all fear Aloma the day and the last one. Why Allah and do not there are so you all commit abuse fill out in the earth

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muscadine as one to spread corruption.

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Second, the Whoo hoo. So they belied him

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so it sees them a Raja, the earthquake for us bamboo so they became fee in daddy him their homes. Jessie mean as one's fallen facedown? Where are them? And what's the mood and mood what and in fact that by Jenna it became clear Luckily for you all men from Masaki him their homes was a unit and he adorned the home for them as shapes on the shape one armella home 30 Kids facade the home so he prevented them so he stopped them

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on from a severe the way what can and they were most devastating. Ones endowed with perception

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was double sliding, once endowed with perception. Well, Koruna and our own warfare owner and fit our own wilhemina and Herman wallet and certainly jet a home he came to them. Musa Musa Salim bill Bazinet with clear boots with the clear signs. First duck bottle, but they were arrogant, fill up in the earth, warmer and not cancel. They were servicing

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Ones who outrun one to escape for colon so each a hardener We seized B then B he because of his sin.

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Fermin home so from them man who autosol Now we sent our lay upon him helsley been a shower of stones, a hurricane,

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woman home and from them man who are harder to it sees him of say her, the awful cry.

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Woman home and from them man who herself now we cause to swallow,

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be he with him and the earth. Woman home and from them man who are called aachener weekers to drown wa and not Ghana, he was Allahu Allah, Lila De Lima whom that he runs them. Well, I can but can they work and foster home themselves? He has removed the wrong

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muscle example. And levina of those who eat the hadoo data men from donella besides our earlier close friends kamasan like example, and Caboose of the spider it the harder it took it made beta a house we're in and indeed ohana most weak elbow of the houses lobby to surely house unka booth of the spider lo if only can they were here the moon they know

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in the Lucha Indeed Allah yar demo he knows man what the other owner they invoke me Indonesia he from other than him. Main from che in anything. Wha hoo. And he is a disease the always Almighty Allah Hakeem they always always what tilka and that emcell the examples now believable her we strike it. We present it lenez for the people. Woman and not your Caillou her. He understands it in law except a lolly moon. Those with knowledge. Those who know Kanaka he created Allahu Allah a semi word the skies while Allah and there will help with the truth in indeed fee in velyka that can surely assign little more meaning for the believers.

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This edition

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know let

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me know Bobby

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the lobby

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why Isla De

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Lima see the

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was a

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He house you know, I mean

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white America.

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