Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L147A

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Al-Isra 66-77 Translation 66-77

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I'm about to be left him in the shape of rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara he is for the way silly MD partially

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open and signal in

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Lesson number 147 suited to Islam I am number 66 to 77

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Bob book on Europe and lady is the one who use g he moves forward he drives the comb for you alpha polka bishops fee in Albury the See, lit up the whole so that you will seek men from fugly he is bounded in who indeed you can and he is ever become with you all rahima always All Merciful, what either and when my second it touched you of the room the harm fee in the sea, when it was last man whom the owner you all invoke Illa except a year who only him for the AMA then when Naja come He saved you enter to albery the land are up to you altering the way what can any is ever insanity the human being guffawed are extremely ungrateful.

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Did for them, I mean to you all felt secure, and that Josefa he causes to swallow become with you all. Jennifer part Albury of the land, oh or UCLA, he sends la come upon you have sleeper, a storm, a shower of stones? Some then learn not that you do you all find lecan for yourselves were keela a trustee

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or amento you all felt secure and that you're either calm he will return you He will send you back fee in it dollar 10 at a time of law, another for your seller. So he sends on a come upon you. Also if I'm a hurricane men from a vehicle, the wind for you Rico come consequently he drowns you all Bheema because of what Kapha to you all disbelieved, so much then learn not that you do you all will find luck home for yourselves are leyna against us be here with it. There'll be an Avenger a follower

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one occurred and certainly columna we have honored bunny children Adam of Adam or heusler Warhammer home and we carry them fee in Albury the land while battery and they see what are the cleaner home and we provided them main from a for you back the good things will fall burner home and we prefer them are the upon casita, in many women from whom for lacuna we created just leave a definite preference yoma on de Nether, oh, we will call cola every owner soon people be emailing him with their record from and then whoever OTS he was given kita who his book be emini, he in his right. For Ola iica so those Jaco owner, they will read kita BA home their book, wanna and not you've lamona

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they will be wronged for Tila in the least as a thread on idiot stone.

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Woman and whoever can he was fee in heavy this armor blind for her. Then he fee in Alaska, the hereafter? aroma blind? Well, oberlo and more astray sebelah in way

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we're in and indeed, caribou they were near lefty no naka, surely they put you in trial. And about a lady that which Oh haina We inspired Elijah Do you did a study so that you fabricate Alena upon us later who other than it was and he then then let the Hudsucker surely they took you Halina as a friend while Ola and if not, and that that but NACA we strengthened you. We made you to stand firm laqad certainly get the you were near. You would have

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done Can you incline Li him towards them Shay and a thing Alina a little. He then then

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NACA surely we would make you taste therefore double and hayati of the life work and therefore double ultimate of the debt so much then learn not that you do you would find lucky for yourself or Elena against us mislead or any helper

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what in and indeed care do they were near layer stuff is Zuniga surely they seek to unsettle you they startle you

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men from the earth Leo Viduka so that they drive you out men her from it what he then and then less not yellowbird sooner they remain sila soccer behind you in the except early the

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Sonata way man of whom are in fact our Salah we sent a blocker before you men from Rosalina Our Messengers whether or not that you do you will find listen Latina for our way that Wheeler any changing any shifting.

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That's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Hola. Hola.

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una kita

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the hyena.

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Latina Mila.