Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 256B Tafsir Al-Zukhruf 57-65

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of words like "out of mockery" and "out of laughter" to make noise, and the importance of being "has been a habit." They also discuss the use of trick questions and negative examples to motivate people to study and learn. The importance of practice healthy eating and not giving up is emphasized, as it is essential to achieve personal and mental goals. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of fasting and learning about one's physical and mental aspects before starting fasting. The importance of praying and respecting one's friendships is also emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

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How y'all doing?

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Do you remember Minal?

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She was in our class and she moved to Windsor.

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She used to sit in the front.

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I met her yesterday in Windsor. I had a welcome revelon program over there. And Masha Allah MENAUL is a group in charge. MashAllah her her mother and two other sisters who have graduated from here. They're all from Windsor, they all met together and mashallah, they're running an excellent palaemon Quran program. So I went yesterday, I saw their classroom in a school library, Ma sha Allah, white hijabs amazing, you know, the way students were studying it was like a regular take up Mashallah. It was so nice to see them. And then they had gathered a huge number of people Masha Allah, and they presented the Tamil Quran program to them in such a beautiful in such a creative way, Ma sha Allah

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and I was hoping that in sha Allah, wherever you go, you will also take the slide with you. Inshallah, you know, sometimes we think that we can only do something if there's an organization and Institute and I'll do something small here or there. But it's amazing how beast, three sisters, only three of them. It's amazing how much good they are doing over there. Ma sha Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to take the head where ever we go, wherever we go, so that every day of our lives is useful. Inshallah.

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Let's begin the lesson are with the villa he Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Suzuka roof, I am number 57. Well, Emma, and when do Reba he was struck as an he was presented a blue ammonium, the son of Maria, meaning Risa Alayhis Salam, he was presented as a methylene as an example, meaning when the example of Risa and his Salam was given what happened either at once, oh, Luca, your people meaning Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your people as in the Arabs, Minho at him or at it at what at the example that was presented at once your people your sleep Dune, they laughed out loud, he asleep dune from the root letters Suad dal dal sada You're sweet do there is

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another word also from the same root which means to stop. But this version said that your sleep to this form is from the word studied and studied is to scream to make noise upon falling and found this the word sad they actually do is used for making noise, in particular, when laughing so you're asleep Dune, meaning they laughed out very loudly. So the word is used for loud laughter. So for example, when people are hooting or booing and derision you know there are jeering at someone making noise basically. All right. Laughing at somebody booing them this is yesterday dune so either como come in who you say dune at once they started laughing, clapping making noise. Why? Out of mockery

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laughing at you

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will call you and they said Ali had tuna are our gods meaning those whom we worship, are they Hiren better? Um, or who were he he hasn't recited his salah. Meaning they're the same there's no difference between reciting salah and the idols when we worship Allah says Mao Babu man not Baraboo they presented him meaning reciting his terms example. The only reason why they gave it is laka for you in that except Jeddah, Allah as dispute as mere argument meaning they didn't present his example in order to clarify the truth. Rather they presented his example just to argue with you just as mere argument Ben rather home they are calling on people who are hustling moon, they are prone to dispute

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costly Moon plural of the word hustling and who was hustling, one who indulges in hustle, hustle is dispute, meaning was habit is to just dispute all the time. So they are a very argumentative people. They're not having this discussion with you in order to seek the truth, but just to just to argue with you for the sake of arguing. Now, these verses clearly they're talking about a certain incident

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Now what is that incident? We learned that once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam in Makkah, he said that there is nothing that is worshipped besides Allah, except that it is void of any good, meaning whatever is worship besides Allah is void of any good. It's got no height in it. Now what happened? Was she keen, they said, Well, you're talking about anything that is worship besides Allah. What about a recycling center? There are people who worship Him. So you say our idols are void of anything? Well, then that means even or ISA, or the his Salam has no higher in him. And so what happened when they said that everybody started clapping, and cheering and laughing out? And

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they did this? Why? Because were they really seeking the truth? No. Why did they do this just to attack the prophets on Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Then we see that in the ayah, in total Ambia 98 Allah subhanaw taala says that in Nakhon warmer Taboola, main Dune, Allah He has a Bucha Hana, that you are idolaters and all those whom you worship, besides Allah will be the fuel of fire. All right, so the machine they said, Well, if riesa are the Who said I was worshipped besides Allah, then that means according to this verse, He will also be in the fire, not with a biller. So what happened, all of a sudden, they're like, yes, we want an argument against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did a good

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laugh out of it, they started making fun. Allah subhanaw taala revealed these verses, one of the mushy King Abdullah bin Zavala, he said about this idea that near you, Risa, or the salam was a prophet, and you praise his mother as well. And you know that the Christians worship them both. And as a prophet, or as aid is also worshipped. And so are the angels. So now they're extending it beyond where he saw his center, reside on to his center, as well as the angels that said, if they are in *, then we are pleased. So this was really an attempt to win against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in argument, so Allah revealed these verses, that these trick questions

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they are not in order to understand the truth. They are out of pride and arrogance. And many times we will find people coming up with such trick questions you know about the existence of God about the power of God or about the prophets on Allah who listen about the Quran, so many matters about religion, they come up with these clever questions. But all these clever questions, what's the objective? Is it really to seek the truth? No, it is to defeat people who believe in argument. That's the objective. So it's coming out of a position of arrogance. So Allah clarifies over here that mulgara Boo laka Illa. Allah, you don't need to take the seriously what they have said, this

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was just for mere argument. And the thing is that bell whom Coleman, ha Simone, they are a people who just need an excuse to delve into argument. That's it. Because if you think about it, the idea that Allah revealed that in a Cold War Mata buena, Mata Abu Duna, the word man is used for non rational beings. All right, it's useful later often it's used for objects for things that are not alive, and what is used for people, those who are rational, man, right. So even in terms of language, this argument was not justified. So this was just argument for the sake of argument in order to belittle the truth, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us about that. The

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, no people go astray after having followed right guidance, except those who indulge in disputes, meaning after having the truth, why would a person go astray? Why? Because they are indulging in useless, unnecessary disputes. You see matters of the aka matters of the unseen no matter how much we discuss them, no matter how much we argue about them, is it going to take us anywhere? Is it really going to take us anywhere? Nowhere? And even if we were to win an argument, what benefit did that bring to us? Nothing. You know, for example, Barak, the creature Buraq, on which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went in the night journey. So there was a

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time when people were arguing is the Brock halal or not. Meaning Can you eat it? Or can you not eat it? Now, this interesting debate? Sure, go ahead and try to debate but even if you said after this long debate that Brock has, hello, well, good luck finding one. Seriously. Right. Good luck finding one. What use is this argument? Now we might not

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won't be discussing about Barack.

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But we really need to think about what discussions we delve into. When we're talking about religion when we're talking about the matters of the outcome. It's always things like, I think this is okay. And I don't think that's okay. I think God would never decide this and I think, what does it matter? Worry about what you can do. Time is precious. Right? So Benham Coleman Hussey moon, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. wa sallam recited this idea.

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He recited this ayah. So it's a warning that when we delve into useless arguments and useless discussions, this is like opening the door to misguidance. You know, it's like going off track.

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It's like going away from the right guidance, delving into useless arguments. If there is a discussion or debate in which people are debating certain matters of the religion, you really have to see how relevant are those matters? Right? So for example, if there's an interfaith discussion about the oneness of God, but the existence of God, about God's attributes, there's nothing wrong with that. Why? Because such a discussion is going to call people to to hate it's an attempt of Dawa. Likewise, if there is a discussion on filthy matters, Ramadan is coming, right. And then you have so many questions that people have forgotten over the past year. But as Ramadan is coming,

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instead of worrying about what golden, we're going to set for myself, we're thinking, why is that mustard doing that? And why is that mustard doing this? And why are they praying at this time? And why not at that time? I mean, these things bother us, okay, it's good to have clarity. You know, it's good. However, our life should not just be about that scholar said this. And that scholar said that, no, life should not just be about discussions, it should be about doing something also. Every time I think about the discussions that people have, which are important of a leader or other things, you can't just stop by having a discussion because Allah Subhana Allah says in every verse

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in the reading, well, I'm gonna say that exactly. In Alladhina amanu, where I'm a little smiley, it's not just about Yeah, I believe and then you know, I have all these questions and these points in my head, well, good. But after knowledge, action should follow after faith action must follow. So Benham Owen Hussey moon, we have to be very, very careful. You know, sometimes, Chapin, he casts doubt in our hearts like this. He puts shock in our hearts by telling us well, you know what, you should really research into this matter, right? And you should really see what others have to say, for example, about the existence of God, what does the scientists say? And what does that research

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see? And what does that book sit? And what does that author say, you know, what I'm gonna find out myself. And then you're reading the arguments of one group and the arguments of another group, and you end up in total confusion.

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In total confusion, I'm not saying don't use your mind, I'm saying that there are some matters over which people have been disputing over centuries. And we need to really take our lives our time seriously. And leave those matters about which people argue, because the more we delve into these arguments, the more confusing things will become for us. Islam is simple. Deen is simple. But when we touch only those issues over which there are differences, then the religion becomes super confusing for us. It looks so messy to us, we don't know what to do, what not to do. We confuse ourselves.

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So protect yourself by staying clear of all of these messy matters, by whom Coleman has the moon. Allah says that in Hua in not Hua he meaning Prophet recited Salam INLA except I've done a servant. He was a servant of Allah. In total man. I have 117 It's all s&m. He says that Mouchel doula home in a mountain up or near a bow de la hora b where A bacame? What message did Prophet Isa give to people that worship Allah who is my Lord and also your Lord? So what does that tell us about the status of recite listen, I'm in Hua Illa. I've done an Anna Lee an alumna We bestowed favor or they hate on him. Allah bestowed many favors upon every Saturday. So now, can you think of some some special

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gifts or qualities or strengths bless

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Things that Allah gave to me sadly center

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that he didn't have a father. He was born from only a mother. Any other neuroma?

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Yes. He spoke in the cradle as a baby. What else?

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Yes, that he was given certain miracles related to healing right in total Magadha i 110. Some of these blessings are mentioned that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will say, your E sub pneumonia over Cordonnier. Mattia alayka wa I know worldly the tick remember my favorite on you and also on your mother? Either a yet to Kabiru Hill codici when I strengthened you through the Holy Spirit meeting Djibouti Angel Jibreel that to Candolim on NASA fell Matthew Ocala that you spoke to the people in the cradle. Secondly, what is the I love to Calcutta Well, hikma and when I taught you the book and wisdom, he was given knowledge with OData well ng 30 What is the Hello camino? Clinica Hey at a

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party B Anthony. Now the miracles are mentioned that when you would make a bird from clay and then you would blow into it and that bird would come alive. What to breed? ACMA how well abrasca Be evening you would cure the blind and the leper by my permission then what is the honey jewel mo Tabby is the knee another blessing that the dead is on his son um would revive them back to life by the permission of Allah. And then what it refers to Bani Israel Ilan, when I protected you from the Bani Israel when I kept them away from you, when they weren't able to harm him, that Allah subhanaw taala lifted Prophet recited sinner unharmed, so, Ananda alayhi wa jal know who and we made him

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being recited Salam was made as a motherland as an example. Liberty is right in for the children of Israel, ill.

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How was he an example for the children of Islam? His birth was it was a proof of resurrection. It was a proof of Allah's power. And then when he saw it, he said I'm spoke and he advised it admonished the people when he addressed them, that was also an example for the Bani Israel. So why is it that Allah subhanaw taala is saying this about reciting center in defense of Prophet Isa, that these Mushrikeen are using this logic? They're saying that if our idols are going to be unhealed and Well, anyone who's worship besides Allah and that means even a prophet of Allah should be in the same place. Allah defends Prophet Risa that no prophet eerie silence Anna was ALLAH servant, he

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worship Allah. We bestowed many favors on him. In total Gambia, I have 101 Allah says in the Lavina, Saba Kotla, who Minal Prusiner, Allah econ, her mobile I do, that the servants they will be kept away from *, so far that lay us Morona has Sisa they will not even hear the sound of *, while home feed mush the hut and fusuma Holly dune and they will be abiding eternally in whatever their souls desire, meaning Prophet recited Salam will be granted many favors in the hereafter also, just as Allah gave him many favors in this world, he will bestow many favors on him in the Hereafter, and he will be far from what the deniers laugh at. Allah says well ona Shah Oh, and if we wanted ledger

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Anna surely we would make men confirm you, Mala II cotton angels fill RB in the earth. And these angels Yeah, hello fauna, they would succeed. Yeah, hello, fauna holla. I'm fat to come after someone. Meaning what do you think of yourself? Oh, people? What gives you the arrogance to laugh out so loudly at a messenger of Allah? How could you do that? What do you think of yourself? Do you not realize that you are replaceable? Do you not realize that Allah can take you away and replace you with a different creation on this earth? Don't you realize that your days are numbered?

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So basically, their arrogance is being criticized over here. That How could you be so arrogant towards Allah? How could you be so arrogant towards Allah's Messenger? willona Sha, Allah, Allah, Min Commencal meaning instead of you, we could remove you and in your place, there will be another creation living like angels.

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You are replaceable, you can be removed very quickly.

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And we see this, that how, in an instant, literally, an entire city could be wiped out

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An entire civilization nation could be finished.

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I mean, look at how the city of Fort McMurray how it was buzzing with life so busy and now it's so dangerous that people can't even go back. They can't even go back. It's been so many weeks and they can't even go back. It's not safe.

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This is our reality we are so weak, we can be replaced within moments we can be finished within moments. So while ona sha Allah jalla min Kamala Eagleton and if we remember this fact about ourselves, I am replaceable, I will die. This will remove arrogance from our hearts. This is what will bring true humility.

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Now over here, there is another message being given through this if you see the wish Tiki they said that okay, Prophet Isa is worship angels are worshipped, right? So they said if our idols would be unhealed and that means the angel should be also wonder, yeah, the biller. Allah says over here, that angels Yes, they are a very noble creation. But this does not mean that you start worshipping them because the most you can use to worship the angels also. Right. They used to say that they are Allah's daughters. So it is being said that angels are a noble creation, but that doesn't mean that you begin to worship them. Because if Allah wants, he can send the angels on earth to populate the

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earth. Yes, they're in the sky, but Allah can send them to the earth to populate the earth and live just as you live. Yeah, holophone. So, it is up to Allah to give to a certain creation, a certain status. So the power to glory is whose it is, Allah does not have the creation, no matter who that creation is, even if they may be angels, what in the who, and indeed he meaning reciting his salaam, indeed, he is Larry moon, Claire surely are in moon knowledge. Lissa for the hour. Now, the word real has also been recited as I love and Allah means sign, but even gives the same meaning over here, meaning the return of rissani his Salam will be a sign off of what off the Day of Judgment.

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When Prophet or Hassan Hassan will return that will mean that the hour is very, very near. So indeed, he is a knowledge of the Hour meaning by his coming, it will be known that the hour is near.

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Just as the birth of SRT salaam was assigned, his dissent will also be assigned, meaning when he will return later, closer to the day of judgment that will also be assigned. So we see His birth was miraculous, and his return will also be miraculous. fell out them Don't be her fella. So Do not tempt Aruna. You definitely doubt and Latin Taruna, meaning do not at all, entertain any doubt. Don't be her about it about what about the coming of the hour, it is certain it is coming. Because you see when the mushy keen, they made such a big deal out of this argument that they presented before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they laughed and they had so much fun. You know,

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these incidents? What do they bring in the hearts of the viewers or the listeners? doubts?

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You see two people arguing one person, you know, he gives such an evidence or such a proof and everybody's laughing. And then people who are watching they're like, yeah, he must be right. And the guy who's being laughed at must be wrong.

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So you can imagine in Makkah, what the situation was. And so you know, when doubt it comes into the heart, it spreads.

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So the belief of the Hereafter is being reinforced that Latin term gonna be her Don't doubt about it at all. What the biryani and follow me meaning follow, obey who Allah and follow the messenger have our slaughter Mr. Game, this is the straight path

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we see from this is that resort has Salam will return and his return will also be a miracle and when he will return, what will that mean? The hour is very, very near and Hadees also it has mentioned very clearly about how when he saw his son and will return he will do certain things.

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And amongst the things that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that is on Islam will do is alter the fact that there will be no spite or mutual hatred or jealousy in the hearts of people.

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meaning whenever he saw this and I will come the jail will be defeated what will happen and yet huge amount Jude will finish after that whole deal what will happen the hearts of people will be so clean that there will be no spite no mutual hatred no jealousy against one another and there will be so much blessing in the land that people will be going around offerings a cat but they will be no one in need of it.

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There will be no one in need of it this is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim so this is also you know a miracle that how resign isn't on His birth was a miracle his return will be a miracle because you all are familiar with the situation that will be when resign is and I'm will return how will it be? The gel will be there. Imagine the gel and he's creating that facade all over the earth. Yeah, dude Matt Jude will come out. And yet jugement dude, when they will come out, they will also create havoc on Earth. They will drink up all the water, facade complete facade. And then there is artists and I will pray to Allah and then the dude right Jude will I'll finish and Allah subhanaw taala will send

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a special rain Blue Bottle crane because of which the bodies of the Jewish mound dude will basically be taken away and the earth will grow its abundance you know so much hair. And this head will be in the hearts of people out so every person will have a man in his heart so clean hearted, no spite no jealousy, no hatred. Imagine the state of the world at that time.

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So we're in the hilarious Melissa fella Tom Taruna via whether or not you're suddenly gonna come lay your sadhana calm, he should not at all stop you do not let Shavon stop you at all. Layers Sudan nakoma Shaitan. And you see definitely the no one was shut that this is emphasizing the know that do not at all at any cost. Allow Shaitan to avert you, to stop you, to stop you from what from Iman in Accra, from preparing in the Accra, to get influenced by such foolish arguments in the hula Komodo mobian Indeed he is to you a clear enemy.

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So from this idea, it is clear that these arguments that the machine presented and arguments that are like them, they are an attack of Shaitan to weaken you to create doubt in your heart and child Don, he tries to cast doubt in the heart of the believer in many ways to be on guard lay a sudden knock on what does it mean? Don't let him stop you as in be extra careful.

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When a man and when Jeff or ISA Jarrod he came Risa, Risa Alehissalaam. Now in defense of Reese, Arliss Alam, more is being mentioned to clarify what his true status was. Because the machine said well resign his son was worshipped besides Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala is emphasizing over here that resign his son I've never demanded that from people. He was ALLAH servant. And that is what he preached. He told people to worship Allah.

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In some narrations was he that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam clarified that whoever wants to be worshipped besides Allah, that is the one who will be in *. But he saw this and I've never wanted that. He never demanded that from people. So while I'm magia Isa will begin out when resign his son came to his people before with the clear proofs, Allah He said to them the token Bill hikma, I have brought you wisdom. I have brought you wisdom, wisdom. hikmah. Remember, that hikma? what it's used for a prophet, what does it refer to Prophetic teachings? Because we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given the Quran. And with that, what else? The hikma and what is the

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hikma Prophetic teachings? The Sunnah. Right. hikma is wisdom hikma is wisdom to put something where it belongs in a manner that is appropriate. So he brought to them the hikma you could say that he brought to them the explanation of how and why you are to do what you do. The spirit of the dean, the spirit of the dean, you see the Bani Israel eel whom resign his son was sent to they were already Muslim. They already believed in God. They had the Torah. They had the law, didn't they? So why was a scientist and I'm sent to them to revive the spirit.

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Because it happened with the Bani Israel that they were observing the law. But of course they had changed it to suit their own desires. They

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hadn't made a mess of the deen, basically. And then they were doing many things. But those actions, those rituals were void of the Spirit. And we see this amongst Muslims also that so many times we're doing what we're doing, but we have no idea why we're doing it. Like, for example, the fasting of the month of Ramadan, you know, here it's very good. You know, because in Western countries or in places where Muslims are a minority, you know, we struggled to keep the spirit of the deen of life because we're concerned about losing the religion. But when you go to Muslim countries, what happens? Fasting is just what it's just an empty ritual. Right? We don't eat we don't drink all day.

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But then when it's time to break the fast then everybody goes to restaurants. Right? Everybody's eating and there is no sign of Salah anywhere. Nobody prays

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nobody for is

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that all we on heard off. I grew up in a Muslim country. Okay. I've seen it firsthand.

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You know, hear that oh, we is known in Pakistan the work that all we people don't even know it.

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Especially for ladies. It's unheard of. You know, when it's Ramadan, everybody's fasting. Yes. But at if our time. Everybody gets together goes to restaurants and they're eating, delayed and then yeah, they go home. July Yes, once a week, only the guys. That's it. The spirit of the deen is lost, we forget why we are fasting. You know, I'm giving you an example of Muslim countries. But we need to think about ourselves also, that many times we are doing certain things in the religion, just because we've always been doing it. And we forgotten why. You know, for example, hijab is not just about covering. What is it? It's about observing modesty. Right? So if we are wearing the cloth in

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our head, but in our speech, and in our dealings, there is no modesty, then what does that mean? The spirit is not there. We've forgotten the hikma we've forgotten the why of what we're doing, is we're complaining about fasting while we were doing gym, and my gym teacher who is not even Muslim had to explain it. That fasting is supposed to teach you patience. And if you're gonna if you're going to avert your daily life to do things that are easier for you, what's the point of fasting then Subhanallah that if you're fasting, but you're complaining and you're being impatient, that defeats the purpose of fasting. Yesterday, welcome, a very similar to welcome Ramadan, the chef was

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explaining a hadith about the connection between fasting and patients. And then after he went on a side note saying that with every single

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action that Allah subhanaw taala makes us do that's physical or or any command that he gives us. It's never just for the physical aspect of it. There is always a spiritual aspect to it. That can never be the objective. He said he gave the example of requiring to do it. He said, When I was pantile, it tells you to make recordings to do it. He's not targeting your back. He's targeting your heart. So that's your it's something inside you can change. Yes, very true. And when it comes to fasting also, what's the goal that Allah has given us local, the tacos, so Ramadan, the entire month of fasting is a training for the purpose of developing Taqwa.

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Living in the Salah. If we don't pay attention, we don't know what just up and down going up and down without thinking who we face in who we talking. This will be problem and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was about Hsiung he said Iman were the Serbian we don't have a disciple. Yes, that when it comes to the fasting of Ramadan when it comes to praying in the nights of Ramadan when it comes to praying on Laila to cuddle all of this is how Eman why the seven with faith and also expecting reward. Hijab should be a reminder for us that you know, we're in the spotlight. If you're a Muslim, and everyone's looking at you, your allies are on you. Sorry. See any aspect of the deen any ritual?

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Any matter of the the when we are practicing it? Yes, the focus is on the outward aspect, because that's what we see. But what truly matters is the inner aspect the state of the heart. Is it awake or not? And fasting is meant to wake us up Landler Contacta can become conscious Be alert. See the dangers? Apparently exams have been made in is as an excuse for not fasting these days for high school students. So like, is that accurate? Because I'm pretty sure it's not. Like a lot of my friends are not fasting because of exams. Yeah. I remember many years ago when I was in Pakistan fast were also very long and we had our exams and we were actually told by our teachers not to fast.

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

But of course we kept

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

Now we're fast. And we told them that we're going too fast. But many times, you know, we think that because we have exams, and because you know we have work, I won't be able to fast. You know, whatever. These thoughts come to your mind, remind yourself that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went for battle in the month of Ramadan.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:59

Right? And yes, there were days when they did not fast because of the difficulty of the journey. Remember that incident where the prophet saw the laws in a book The fast, openly publicly so that everybody would break their fast also, right? And then what happened? Some people did not and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam became upset with them. So, yes, because they were traveling, this is the reason why they broke their fast. And you know, our traveling is nothing like there's our exams, our difficulties are nothing like what the Prophet sallallahu wasallam experienced. So we really need to see what is more important.

00:36:00 --> 00:36:03

And remember that the month of Ramadan is the month of Baraka.

00:36:05 --> 00:36:35

Because honestly, in a normal day, if you skip your lunch, what happens to you? You go crazy, basically, right? If you don't sleep in the night, what happens to you, you're cranky the whole day, and you make everybody miserable, isn't it? But what happens in Ramadan, you're not eating, nobody's eating. You're not sleeping, nobody's sleeping. Don't we all survive? We do. And there's this excitement in the air everybody's, you know, happy about Ramadan. This is the bulk of Ramadan. It's the blessing of Ramadan.

00:36:36 --> 00:37:23

Something else that the shell shared was, he said, Ramadan is about realizing what's essential. A lot of the times in the year we make goals about self improvement, or leaving off like bad habits. He gave the example of someone for example, who might smoke or someone else who has a friend that they always talk to about gossip and stuff like that. And he was saying, when Ramadan hits, your entire schedule changes so fast, and you keep doing that for an entire month. And then you realize what you're capable of doing. Whereas before you'll you'll set a goal but you might not accomplish it. There are certain things that will prevent you from it. But then in Ramadan, you realize what's

00:37:23 --> 00:37:36

essential, even food and sleep, start not being completely essential. You know, Ramadan fasting, it teaches us zoot right, and what is the hood, basically, the simplicity,

00:37:37 --> 00:38:20

adopting simplicity, keeping away from those from fulfilling those desires that make us heedless. So Ramadan teaches us simplicity. When you have limited amount of time limited amount of energy, you have your exam to study for, you're going to make sure that you study for your exam, right? You're not going to sit with your friends for two hours, it's chilling, you don't have time for all that chilling. So those who are thinking of you know, okay, I'm going to make up the fast later, for whatever reason. One thing that comes to mind is that the fast of Ramadan, the reward, no makeup fast will give you that reward that you would get if you fast during that month. Exactly. So before

00:38:20 --> 00:38:26

you decide to leave your fast analyze, if it's even worth it, that excuse is it really worth it.

00:38:27 --> 00:39:00

So I mean, as it's an Hadees, to that fasting is for sake of Allah, and Allah, Allah, Allah has said that fasting, especially for me, and I keep the record, it's just like one of the pillars of Islam, we still get because our animals, sometimes we have it, sometimes we know what our quality of prayer is, and a lot of us still struggle, there is a little little danger in it when we are trying to do things properly. Sometimes we are judging people. And we really don't know I mean, maybe

00:39:01 --> 00:39:43

some of us have always been fasting, and it becomes easier, but somebody who is struggling, and maybe they're trying to do it first time, or even if somebody's struggling with scarf or whatever, whether it's culture or whatever, but they are struggling on their own level. And here we give them the attitude, whatever you're doing is not good enough. It kind of It's a dangerous place because it's kind of bring us as if we are judging it. And Allah doesn't like it that when we show our pride that way. So, we need when we are discussing these matters, we are focusing on who ourselves right that if we are seeing something in somebody else we we don't we don't look at them and criticize

00:39:43 --> 00:40:00

them for the sake of criticizing them. Because a believer is a mirror of a believer. So when you see fault in someone, you check yourself, Does this fault exist in me? And then the other objective is also what also will help me what also be surprised that if amongst your friends

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

There are people who are discussing, I don't think I'm going to fast this year, I don't think it's going to happen. It's your job to in sha Allah, encourage them and motivate them and remind them of the blessings of Ramadan, that inshallah we'll do it, we'll help each other, we'll do this together, we'll make it happen. So we take it as a reason to insha Allah encourage one another, this discussion is not to look down on others, or put them down or criticize them and think that we're too good. This is a discussion to remind ourselves of the importance of fasting in the spirit of whatever we do in our religion, so that we can encourage each other and many times like because

00:40:36 --> 00:40:46

modeling is the best way, like if you're doing it, but many times the adviser advice we all know mashallah, what advices, but sometimes the advisor

00:40:47 --> 00:41:29

bring it that way that we sometimes discourage people or hurt them in there. So I mean, I'm just talking on an individual level, yes, whether it's work placement or at school or university, because sometimes, like we aren't doing it that good as sherek we want to do it with with all the good intention, but shaytan has its own way, and shutdown want to use us not not as being good, but to have them discouraged. Yes. And, and it's good to be careful. Very true. I remember in school once was around the time of Ramadan, and people don't generally pay attention to Salah. But when it comes to Ramadan, yes, they will think about praying, sometimes here or there. So I remember sitting with

00:41:29 --> 00:42:08

the few classmates, it was time for me when we were having our exams, everybody would stay too late for homework and whatnot. And it was most of time and usually myself and another student, we would get up and pray. And everybody else would just sit and watch or just keep talking, even though we would get that break to press on. Usually they would go in Smoke upstairs. They wouldn't pray. You know, at that time, I remember, we encourage somebody to get up and pray. There were so many excuses. I can't pray because of this and this and this and this. I've even forgotten how to pray. I don't remember what are you supposed to say? How are you supposed to say so many excuses with gentle

00:42:08 --> 00:42:12

encouragement, and Alhamdulillah that person actually prayed.

00:42:13 --> 00:42:55

So it's, you know, tact and gentleness is extremely important. So anytime we hear somebody afraid about Ramadan and fasting, remind them off the blessings and the virtues of Ramadan inshallah we'll continue. Salaam Alaikum I was thinking, you know, when we have a guest, what we do special guests, we clean about home and we clean up everywhere and we prepare everything is a nice food. So we have to clean up our heart from if we are angry with someone or we have some hazard whatever, just we have to clean up our heart before the guests come, which is Ramadan. And this guest example is actually very good because you know, when you have guests coming in, you could be super busy, you

00:42:55 --> 00:43:44

could be having your exams, but that doesn't matter because you have guests coming in, isn't it? So what do you do? Yeah, you study in the night but in the evening you're sitting with your guests and smiling and you know talking to them and entertaining them and serving them food as if nothing is going on in your life. And then later on your study, right? Meaning you compromise on your comfort. You sacrifice so much because guest is guest that's it simple. At the same time exams are exams work is work, but somehow you make it all happen, isn't it? So the same way and I'm Alana is a Yamamoto that just a few days and I come and go, so it's difficult, but inshallah we'll make it happen. So

00:43:44 --> 00:44:26

reciting his sunnah when he came to the people, he said Peduto Campbell Hekmati. I have brought you wisdom, and we're talking about wisdom and we ended up talking about Ramadan. So he brought he revived the spirit of the deen when he obeyed Hina calm and I have come to you why, what an lubaina so that I may clarify Lacan for you Baba some of that which Allah The Witch Doctor Lee fauna fee you all differ in meaning some of those matters in which you differ in you've created so many differences. I have come to clarify those matters to you. Because the Bani Israel yes, they had fallen into a lot of division by this time, a lot of differences even though the book was the same

00:44:26 --> 00:44:59

Torah but still so many differences and mainly it was because they had made so many changes in their religion and there was a lot of division so his job was to bring unity factor cola Sophia, Allah will alter your Rooney and obey me and resign his son I'm sad to the people that in the Lucha indeed Allah who will be He is my Lord will become and also your Lord Farah boo so all of you should worship Him Haslett. Otto musta came. This is the straight bye

00:45:00 --> 00:45:48

So these were the teachings of reciting his sunnah. He never claimed divinity he never claimed to be God. He never told people to worship him. He told people to worship Allah. But what happened for the lava, but he differed Zaboo the group's the denominations you could say, as I was uploading of his we have done this word in a lot of detail before. And here Zapp is referring to the divisions, the denominations within the Jews and the Christians. They differed mundanely him between themselves and these differences. Were not just at a theological level, but they were also eventually, in politics. I mean, we see how over the years, over the centuries, how much they have fought against each other.

00:45:49 --> 00:45:52

And sadly, we're doing the exact same thing today.

00:45:54 --> 00:46:42

Because of theological differences, we are raising weapons against each other. Fuck Bellefonte Zaboo min benei him, they differ amongst themselves. And these differences lead to so much disunity. Allah says for Waylon so a big war meaning this is a threat of punishment. Lilina Varano. For those who have done blown, Minaya be of punishment, which punishment, Yeoman Lehmann have a painful Day, a day, how could that be painful? This is referring to the punishment of that they will be extremely painful. So for such people is a great punishment that day, which will be painful for who for Lala Moo, what's the volume that these people committed? First of all, the loom of schicke in the Shinkle

00:46:42 --> 00:47:08

alumina Aleem? Because we see that some people they believe in or Asante sana, some people outright rejected him. Right. Some people claim that he was the Son of God, or that He was God himself. So this was their loom. The loom of Schick on the other hand loom of denial rejecting the Prophet of Allah to the point that some of them are tempted to even kill him. This was also when

00:47:09 --> 00:47:13

we see that a lot of Lenin was also committed against each other

00:47:14 --> 00:47:31

against each other. That because you hold a different belief than mine, I have no respect for your life for way too little Medina wala movement either be Yeoman Aleem, and these differences in divisions led to a lot of oppression a lot of injustice.

00:47:33 --> 00:47:34

That's listen to the recitation

00:47:36 --> 00:47:43

while I'm Elbonian Baba and Omar Brianna methyl and either mocha I mean who else we do

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walk although

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for your own

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now Mamula can

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bloom or moon

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in war

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bury is already what ownership

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home we're in

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Debbie Oh home

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they'll be What else will then go more Shavon in

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Moby was

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born according to

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Matthew obey

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when he obey in Allah

00:49:11 --> 00:49:17

Malachi Dr. Leif telephone Fe double long our lp

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in law has been more comes out more do

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they'll say off

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the bat the fell Stella fell

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in the way you little lady nirvana. I mean nada. Be a woman ally.

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