Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 18

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh with your brothers and sisters and welcome to Torah we a team.

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Were talking yesterday about the means to attain the love of God once upon a time would you like to be loved by a lot? Raise your hand. One hand. Two hands. Excellent. Now we talked about Ibrahim alayhis salam a lot taking the Quran. So number four, I went to five, what

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Ibrahim? I finally the last battle has taken for him to be one of the closest to his creation to him why we explained last time

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tonight we're going to talk about a woman. Now what happened

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is panela the profits of our salon was sitting up at a salon and to be honest salon was teaching him the Koran. And then all of a sudden he said this is a DJ

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coming to you now with some food and drink. A great harmony salla Allahu Akbar extend a special Salam from me to her sisters who are watching close your eyes for a second How would you feel if to be a less lamb since you're special? Sir

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How would you sleep at night

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when you know that not only that weight will create hematoma his self love

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and extend a special surround from Allah to Khadija.

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How did how did you sleep that night?

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Not only that, what I shouldn't have because when Phil Jenner Minh pasa la Sahaba Fie hawala masa, and give her the glad tidings that Allah subhana wa Taala has prepared for her a palace in Genoa, where she will exercise no noise, no fatigue.

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You know what? Our ladies in the 21st century will say no lucky your credit. No. I don't believe in luck. Why? Because the last panel I said it.

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Appalachian in California.

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We have planned everything. Nothing happens in the universe of Allah subhanaw taala without his permission and knowledge

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for Lima Yuri, Allah does whatever he wants, nobody can stop him in Nima amor, who is the other side and a poodle upon the command of Allah is B and it is nobody can stop that.

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Khadija a woman loves by Allah Why? school started a baby furniture. She was the best wife ever. Are you listening to me sisters? Let me take a teacher.

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But at the same time, the brothers are gonna say Yes, Chef, tell them hold on. If you want her to be a DJ, you better be a Mohammed.

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Yeah. So what happened with the Allied

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she made it the processing.

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And that was in the box that was 25 and she was 40 years old. And he worked for her.

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And she found the Baraka the blessing. Since he joined her and worked for her she saw the blessings and the Baraka and all of her business and all of her wealth.

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And then

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Allah subhanaw taala has given him

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for girls

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and two boys from it, sort of your loved one.

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And look at the way she tweeted about Salah.

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And the person um summarized this in the action one time to I shall have their loved one.

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One time she's sitting with the rub salon, and she has seen this like a pattern from the processor and every time they slaughter an animal like I said, Don't forget, the Friends of Khadija send them some meat. You know what if Khadija was here now she would do this. Even one time how loyal was the person to her deja her her sister Halla came to visit and when she knocked on the door he said, Oh, you know, and she spoke the porcelain remember Khadija and he thought she's Khadija he's like oh, is this Khadija and he cried a lot on itself.

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So when I showed your lover I never heard of someone praising Khadija talking about Khadija talking about the principal teacher one time she said um he

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hasn't a lot of praise do with somebody who's better than that old woman and got so mad.

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Let me

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know Allah has never faced me with a better one than Khadija socket M and it be in a cat who

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Look at Federica Why did she deserve this with Allah? Why is she loved by Allah? She was the first Muslim

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woman to be in a cabinet she believed in me when everyone around me denied my message.

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Well, I certainly believe she had she supported me was herself. Well, Amanda and here Well, what is a penny Leatherman Halliwell it was printed has blessed me with almost all of my children from her except for him from Maria, the Coptic from Egypt.

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So Panama, you see, this is why Khadija deserve it, that status with Allah says those who are listening, go and study the Syrah of Khadija and be a teacher. If you want to be with her in gentlemen,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam look at the way she supported him with herself. He comes back after the first encounter with jabril. As an angel, he said, you know, whatever I look, I can see him filling the whole horizon in front of me. So I was so scared. I thought I was possessed. So I ran back home. And I said, Sam Malone is a Maloney Cover me cover me. I think I'm possessed, you should come down.

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As a way,

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as a woman, as a Muslim, as a believer, she should know Well, why should I have Zika la vida?

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Look at the morals and the manners of the prophet SAW Selim. Even before Islam that was the first encounter with GPL Islam, or no will La La Zika la vida, Allah will never do anything evil to Allah will never let you down. Why? Look at the lack of the proxy system. And let's imitate him and emulate him. As the best example, in NACA, to replace your hospital when you have guests. You're always generous with people

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and reach out your kinship.

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What we're in Ireland

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and when people are in a calamity, you are always there for them

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to do somebody comes to you and he's destitute. He's like in so much abject poverty, you always help them.

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This is Khadija describing who the process was and at a moment when your husband is in need of your support. This is the time you have to be there for him and as a DJ.

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So no wonder Allah gave her a special to them. And allow has prepared a palace for her in gentlemen.

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she will be joining our Prophet Mohammed some of La Jolla, send them in for a dose of Allah. If you want to be with Khadija try to stay the syrup by DJ and imitated

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by the sisters who continue to more inshallah with some means how I can get the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala because I gave you now stories of two prophets Ibrahim, and are you la mesilla Rahim salitre

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Rahim was an oma by himself and a YouTube on Instagram was patient. He accepted the color of Allah as we should do now with this pandemic and be patient. If we are patient, and we accept the color of Allah and we seek that award from Allah subhanho wa Taala. For that patience, you will get a reward equal to a martyr even if you survived this endemic in sha Allah and I hope all of us in sha Allah will be protected and be saved. May Allah Subhana Allah extend our life to this level other and we are lost that kind of dynamic us tonight amongst those who will be saved from Hellfire avviene salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Don't forget the charity