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Al-Ankabut 16-30 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 17-23

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We're integrated liberal, and if you deny for the kuzava, oma moment, publikum wilmar allawah suli ilva level mubin who is saying this, this has been understood in two ways, that desire and the following few if they are not the statement of Ibrahim or incident, however alasa panel that is mentioning something in the middle, and this is known as Joomla, more terrible,

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apparent article sentence

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that you were talking about something and all of a sudden you switch to something else. And it's an inserted statement. And then after that you continue. So, this is not the speech of Ibrahim right. Now, however, this is what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, he is addressing the people of Makkah that were incompatible, if you deny, in who in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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And secondly, we can also understand this to be the calamity for him or listen to his people, that if you deny the messenger, whatever he's telling you, then this is not something new for other comfortable Obama men public and then the nation's before you also denied. And you know very well as to what happened to them, when I left was solely and not upon the messenger 1101 movie, except the duty to convey very clearly.

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What does it mean by Bella when will be

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conveyed? That is a movie that is clear that first of all, whatever the messenger is conveying is clear in itself. It is self explanatory.

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There's nothing confusing about it. Like for example, what are the messengers gonna be all of them?

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All of them, worshipping Allah alone? Did they leave it as something that was ambiguous, something unclear? Not at all.

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They delivered this in a very clear way. It was clear in itself this message, it was self explanatory, that if you're supposed to worship only Allah, you cannot do it.

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Secondly, unbelievable movie. What it means by that is that balau conveying that is clarifying

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that on the messenger is the duty to convey in a way that clarifies all doubts, that clarifies all confusions that removes every ignorance.

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So the duty of the messenger is to only convey if you deny, you're going to harm yourselves.

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So what do we learn in this ayah

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the duty of the messenger is to convey the duty of the messengers to do what allow, it is not to force the hidayah on people. Therefore, if a person does not accept who is at fault, he himself the messenger is not at fault.

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And similarly, the duty of the messenger is not to take herself off people either in them or illegal below what Elena has said. Before that, what do we learn? A great warning against those people who deny the Messenger of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, whether it is Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam or any other messenger? Because the people before all tonight, and what happened to them? Were they spared? Not at all. Before the example of Ibrahim al Islam who is mentioned, know her lesson and those people who denied him there. And as mentioned,

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what else do we learn in this ayah? warmer I love was suli 11 will be

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that when a person is conveying the message to the people, how should he do so?

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in clear words, in clear terms, don't say? Yeah, yeah, everything is okay. Everything is fine. You're right, we're right. Just don't do this. No, be clear. Be to the point. This is something very serious. Because many times people are afraid to speak out the truth. They are shy of it. What does this show to us? That we cannot be shy of saying the truth out? It doesn't mean we're not tactful. No, we have to be tactful. However, at the same time, we cannot make the truth ambiguous or unclear, it should be clear.

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Also we see that if it is the duty of the messengers to convey that what does it mean after the messengers, it is an obligation on the editor in them to convey why, because who are the other. They are the heirs of the prophets, there was a subtle MBA.

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And we also learned from this that will matter that was truly illegible our whole movie that the messengers of Allah they were the most eloquent of all people, because only an eloquent person he can convey clearly a person who can speak clearly.

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We also learn from this ayah that the entire *tier that a las panatela has given the entire religion that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. What is it? It's clear, because that is what the messenger conveyed.

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So we cannot say that Oh, since this is not in our religion, let's invent it. No, you can't do that. Because if a person invents something in their religion,

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He is saying the religion is incomplete, the messenger did not convey clearly.

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And amuro Have they not seen, have they not considered okay for you with the Allahu halka, how Allah initiates the creation, you believe from the root letters back, then hands up better.

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And better means to start something, to begin something.

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And it is to do something the first time as well,

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that you're doing it the first time no one has ever done it before you.

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And it's also to start the process like for example, you have a machine, you set everything up and then what do you do you turn the button on and you start the process, you initiate the process, and then it starts working.

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So better has two meanings, first of all, to do something for the very first time nobody else has ever done it before you and secondly to initiate to begin the process. So have they not seen as to how you will the law will hamper how Allah initiates the creation? What does it mean by that?

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That how Allah initiates the creation that never existed before? That he created the human being which never ever existed before. When Allah made you, did you exist before? No, he made you for the very first time.

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And secondly, chi for you, the Allahu hollowcore, how he begins the process of creation.

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That, for example, in the womb of the mother, how the process of the creation of the human being, it begins. Somewhere, you're either who and then he repeats it, you're either from the rotators, again, well, then, either you're able to return to repeat the resume. So how he repeats it just as he originated it the first time? How can we understand this, that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just create something only once.

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But what happens? Take a plan, for example, you put a seed in the ground, you pour water on it, eventually what happens it sprouts forth, it grows into a plant, it grows stronger and bigger. And as a result, it begins to produce its own flowers, its own fruit, and then the seeds they fall to the ground and what happens, a new process begins and then a new process begins. You understand? There isn't just one plant that exists in the earth, there are so many, so many, so many ureteral every single year, When spring comes back, what do you see the same process of creation being repeated again, every time you plant a seed, every time a human being is born, the same process of

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creation is repeated again.

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And the human beings Allah has created these human beings, they will be resurrected again. So now you're either in the Delica or the Lahiya seed, indeed, that upon Allah is very easy. What is very easy on a law, what is that you can refer to the first and the second creation, Hulk and it's you're either

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creating something the first time and then resurrecting it on the Day of Judgment, or creating something once and then making more of its type again and again. There isn't just one human being, how many human beings exist, so many, each and every single one of them Allah subhanaw taala has created not just one plant, not just one animal, so many of them. And each and every single one of them Allah has created so in their liquor or the La Jolla seat it's very easy on Allah.

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We learned earlier on I have 59 that in number salaries are in the law he can mentally Adam Kanaka whom interact so makalah who can focus on that the example of restart SLM is like that of Adam. He created him from clay. And then he said to me, and he was so if Allah can create other malasana, can you not create resellers? And if Allah can create a resource, no, can you not create the many 1000s and 1000s of human beings? Of course you can. What happens to us we make something once and we cannot make it the second time again,

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isn't it? It happens so many times that you cook something or the first time you follow the recipe Exactly. And it turns out perfectly fine. You do the same for the second time or you think you did it. And what happens? It turns out completely different. You write an email once you lose it, and you write it again. Is it the same? No, it's different. We do not have this ability. Allah subhanaw taala has this ability. It's very easy for him and when it comes to resurrection, even that is very simple for him. Intro to soft fat 19 we learn for innama he has a gelatin wahida it will be only one child that's it for either homie alone and at once. They will be observing

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Once people will be resurrected,

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we learn in total armor is number 51 amona illa wahida Colombian Bulbasaur and our command is for one like a glance of the eye. It's that easy for him in the room i a 27 we learn wahoo under the year with the old Holocaust, sama, ureter whoo whoo Eleanor la he and it is he who begins creation and then he repeats it and that is even easier for him.

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in Surat, earlier in Milan, I have 47 we learned either called on Amazon for in ma akula, who can focus on that one, Allah decrees a matter he only says to it be and it is, why is this being mentioned over here, all of a sudden, the concept of resurrection in the previous is what was being mentioned, what was being mentioned the message of the Hades, and after though he what is also very important for us to believe in the belief and

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so this is why resurrection has been proven. And if you find it difficult to understand, Allah says people say to them see roofing or the traveling the earth, co2 from the roof Hatteras, senior of Cerro de sade, what does that mean? To travel?

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How do you travel

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into is that first of all Buy button with your body that you physically travel, you leave your home, you pack up your bag, you take a flight and you go to another country and you travel over there. This is what Buy button.

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But what if a person cannot go? What's the point of traveling to a place? You go meet someone? If you're not going to meet someone, you're going to see someplace? Now if you can't go there physically, what else can you do to see that place?

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Let's say you can watch a documentary or you can hear about it. Somebody else who has visited they tell you about it. So say is of two types, first of all, through the burden, and secondly, through the color that you physically travel and the other is your color meaning using your mind, it doesn't mean that you sit down you imagine in a fantasy world you're going here to there. No, it means that you want something you hear something, you read something and as you're reading it's as though you're literally traveling.

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Remember that said traveling is also a type of EBITDA.

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It is also a type of worship. Why?

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Because Allah says CD rW fill of the What did we learn is very bad. Do what Allah has commanded. Sierra is what? Fairly amor it's a command of Allah. So doing this would be what an act of worship, coo fill out some traveling is also an act of worship. And it is something that Allah has commanded many, many times on why? Because there are many, many benefits. Cyril fill of travel in the east and the west of the earth, in the north and the south of the earth, in the mountains and the valleys of the earth, in the deserts and the forests of the earth travel, go about from zero and then look, observe, see, going further el halka, how Allah initiated the creation. Go and look, go to a forest,

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go to a desert, go to the north, go to the south and see how Allah initiates the creation. How different different types of Hulk exist, how they come alive,

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how their process begins, cave over the alcohol. When you live in only your place, then you only are familiar with the trees and grow in your area. The birds that you see in your area, the insects and the animals in your area. But when you go to another place, you come across much more hunt

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that you perhaps never saw before. You never heard of before. You never knew off before. So this hudec that Allah has created a lot elders go and look. Go and see.

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Some Allahu and then Allah Yun Shu, he brings forth he produces a Nash aphylla the second creation the other creation, Yun to noon Jean Hamza Nasha. Nasha is Hulk to create it he Jad to invent and to produce to bring into being To cause to rise. So how Allah initiates the creation, how he makes it once, and then some Allahu Yun Chico Nash, Akira and then he will produce the creation another time and what does this refer to the day of judgment

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and Nash ethyl alcohol can also be understood as one that is different from the one before as we learned in sort of noon if 14 that summer and Shatner who halcon aha that the fetus in the womb of the mother is something completely different. But when it is born, it is something completely different.

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And when the people are resurrected, even that is different.

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So in the lower eyelid coalition, or the indeed a lot about everything is capable, he can do everything he can create, he can resurrect, he can create once he can create another time.

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So what do we learn in this ayah?

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That where we are told to travel, we were also told the purpose behind traveling. It should not be endless. Generally people go and travel, and they want to see what things that people have made.

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Why don't you go to that country? Why don't you go to that city? Why don't you go downtown and see that building and that structure, and that thing that people have made, and that museum that people have set up? For? What do we learn over here, that along with that a person should go and travel funds, okay for the Hulk, that also look at what Allah has created. Because in every place, Allah has placed a unique creation, that when a person travels, and when he goes and looks at the different creation of Allah, than his knowledge expands his recognition of the Creator, it becomes stronger, his belief that becomes stronger, that if Allah can create this, if Allah can recreate

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this, and so many times this process is repeated, can he not repeat it one more time on the day of judgment? Of course he can.

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ariba is not just about ritual acts of worship, it is definitely about that. However, ibadah is also doing other things that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded. And when we do different different types of Riba, then it brings excitement and enjoyment to our worship. For example, when you travel, you go perform or you go perform hajj, will not bring more joy and pleasure to your Salah. Of course it will. When you look at the variety and the beauty of the creation that Allah subhanaw taala has created. It makes you love the creator more it makes you appreciate the creator more

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and it makes you realize that in the Lucha Allah coalition, Khadija Indeed Allah has the power to do everything, everything. Now when we think about SEO, we think or going to another country, we think of too expensive.

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But SEO can also be stepping out of your house, stepping out of your building, and going for a walk in the park, going to the forest, going to the river, taking your children over there and showing them what Allah has created.

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Another very important point that we learned from your cereal, fill up fun little cave with a long hug, that when a person goes to different different places, and just to see the creation of Allah, and he will come across also different human beings, different people who speak a different language, who have a different culture, who perhaps don't even know about what Islam is who Muslims are, what the Quran is. So when you stay confined in your own place, will you be able to allow, you have to travel.

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We are encouraged over here to look to use our eyes to use our ears to open up our mind and this is what we need to encourage other people to do as well. You are unbelievable my Yeshua he punishes whom He wills, we are hammelmann Yeshua and he has mercy upon whom He wills. Why is this mentioned over here in the previous if the belief of the Day of Judgment is being established, so on the Day of Judgment, along with your legal mania, you will punish whomever He wills and what is are the real Koba punishment.

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Well hammer mania, and he will have mercy on whom He wills what he lay you to collarbone and to him, you all will be returned, your hammer, your hammer, or a hammer. What is the hammer? It is of the effect of the loss of penalty of his attributes. And what does it mean, to show favor to show in to do arson.

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I remember once a long time ago I told you about the meaning of Rama ellada to listen to intend to do good to the other in order to hide to intend to show good to the other. But Rama is not just about Elijah, especially for our loss of private data. It's a sliver of Allah. It's not just it either. It is to show in our own it is to show our favor. And how do you show a favor to someone by either bestowing some benefit, bestowing something that is beneficial or taking away removing that is harmful. So Rama of Allah means that Allah shows favor to people by giving them what is like, and by saving them from what is harmful. So on the Day of Judgment, you are evil mania, or hypomania

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that he will save him from Hellfire and admit him into Jenna. And remember that whenever the mushy ovalized mentioned the will of Allah that is based on His justice on his wisdom. So we cannot say that Allah will just randomly punishments ever he will then randomly bestow favor on whom he will to know mania shirt means the one who is worthy. What led to Cologne woman

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And you are not be more Xena fill up at all ones who can cause failure in the land, one after summer nor in the sky, meaning you cannot cause failure to Allah, you or people or human beings with your denial, you cannot at all cause failure to Allah, neither in the earth nor in the sky.

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You cannot frustrate his plans, you cannot escape his punishment, you cannot escape his grasp, neither in the earth nor in the sky. Why? Because his rule is everywhere. women come and not for you, men do any law here other than Allah muhuali in any way, well, honestly, nor any helper, who is really

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a close friend, or guardian, what does the Guardian do?

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protects you, benefits you takes care of all your matters. And who wasn't asleep, the one who helps you, the one who supports you.

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So in Wali, and asleep when they come together, while he refers to one who can give some benefit, and asleep is one who can remove some difficulty. So in this ayah is a great warning. That if you don't believe you turn away, you don't accept you reject the messenger, you reject what he's saying. And away will you run? Can you go up to the sky and escape the heavens? No. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went from a Raj, what happened as he reached the first heaven?

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What happened? Permission had to be sought. So you think you can go up into the skies and escape the grasp of Allah impossible. In the earth? You think you can go and hide from Allah? Not possible. So if you deny, if you turn away from Allah, where can you go? So what does this ayah show to us?

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the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala as he cannot be rendered weak, he cannot be defeated anywhere at all.

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What does it show to us the perfection of Allah, no one can defeat him, no one can escape him. You can defeat people, you can avoid them, you can hide from them, you can outsmart them, but you cannot do this with a loss of panel data.

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What else do we learn this is

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the weakness of the Hulk of Basha

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the weakness of human beings before Allah subhanaw taala before the Harlock

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that you are only a hunk if you try to hide in the heavens you cannot do so if you try to hide in the earth you cannot do so. And you turn away from Allah there's no money no honestly to help you to aid you. We learned into facilite I have 15 that for Amar Adam for stackable roofing are delighted to have that the people have arrived they became very arrogant to the land without any right what Carlos Manisha Dominica. And they said who is stronger than us in power?

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Meaning we are the most powerful ones, no one is stronger than us. Unless Pongala says lm euro, have they not seen anila? Lady Hanako, Booyah shadowman

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that a lot the one who created them, he is stronger than them in might. So what this does is show to us

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the weakness of people before the creator before a loss of

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one lady, aka four will be Ruby Ayatollah he and those people who deny in the eyes of Allah, what do you call he and his meeting?

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What does it mean by the meeting with

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the Day of Judgment. So those people who refuse to believe in the Ayat of Allah, whether it's Tony or Sheree, and they deny the kavala, the meeting with Allah and remember that the meeting with allies of two types, first of all, generally, that all people will meet Allah, when

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on the Day of Judgment at the time of accountability, and this will be from behind a veil.

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Because many people on that day will not be able to see almost a planet. So what is the general meeting and the second is the specific the special meeting, which is for who for the chosen servants of Allah Subhana Allah, when Allah will meet them

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and they will see Allah they will speak to Allah and Allah will show His mercy to them.

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And they will also meet a lot of Pankaj aware in general. But there are people who deny that meeting, refuse that meeting. Allah says Allah He Sumit Mati. Those people they have despaired from my mercy. Yeah, so yes, yeah, Hamza seen, how sad is this?

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that a person denies the meeting with Allah he doesn't believe in it. Then such a person has despaired of the mercy of Allah. He has despaired he has given up hope of gender. He has given up hope of Allah's forgiveness of Allah's mercy of Allah his reward. This is why he does not believe in the Day of Judgment, because if a person believes that the Day of Judgment then what does he believe in? reward? What does he believe in forgiveness.

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What does he believe in the many favors in paradise? But if a person rejects that, then he is rejecting he is despaired of the mercy of Allah, Allah, Allah Hamada would allow him and for them, there is a painful punishment. What do we learn in this ayah?

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That in the previous is we were encouraged to travel called zero fill out, but there are people who travel, but still they do not believe. So those who do not believe we're Latina, cafaro will be Atilla he, they see the ad, they see the signs, but what do they say? This is just evolution, this is just this, this is just that. Such people, they have despaired of the mercy of Allah. They don't have any open forgiveness of Allah engender in reward, nothing.

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despairing of the mercy of Allah is a kind of goofy,

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because it is the calf that despairs of the mercy of Allah, Allah, aka Islamic remedy. And we learned this elsewhere as well into the use of I 87. That innner who lay assuming lo Hilaire, in little Komal caffee

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that indeed, no one despairs of relief of Allah, except the disbelief in people who gives up hope at the mercy of Allah, those who do not believe in Allah.

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Because the believer no matter what difficulty is going through, what is the belief

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that even if I'm going through this difficulty, there is something good in this for me, because Allah wanted this for me. Allah sent this my way, and Allah would never intend evil for me. He has positive thoughts about Allah.

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What else do we learn?

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that a person who does not believe and he gives a pope of the mercy of Allah, He gives a pope of reward of Allah. He has despaired of it he doesn't look forward to it. Then what is he calling upon himself?

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painful punishment. That is what he is inviting. That is what he's asking for.

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Listen to the recitation.

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de la. Kawamoto wasco La, La La easy to

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Cody you are

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la Zoo want

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to be more cheesiness

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you wanna know see

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