Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L192A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who

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suddenly are Delta Sunni and Karim another word for Aruba? Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem furbish Rani Sati silly MD the workload of data melissani Cody probenecid. In Lesson number 192 sort of the SRA is number 69 to 104 Translation what Lu and recite la him abandom never news, Ibrahim of Ibrahim or the salon. It when Allah He said, Leah be here to his father, what call me he and his people, man what terrible don't you all worship? Call? No they said Naboo we worship us Mammon, idols Fenella Lu. So we remain left her for it, our caffeine ones who are devoted Allah He said how do yes morona comb they hear you all is when the owner you all call Oh

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or yen Pharaoh una con de benefit you all Oh or your boon they harm pilu they said Bella rather or Jelena we found about Anna, our forefathers? Because alika does, yes alone. They do. Allah He said a thorough item. Did you then see, man what kuntum you all Dr. Boone you all worship and Tom, you all whatever will come and your forefathers of the moon, those who are ancient for in the home. So indeed they are the one enemy leave for me in there except Rob. Rob alameen of the world's Allah de who Halekulani. He created me for who? Then he Yeah, Dini, he guides me? One lady and who, who he used every morning, he feeds me while you're staining, and he gives me to drink. What either and

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when? Maria? I was sick for who? Then he yes Feeny. He grants recovery to me. Or he cures me. One lady and who? You may Tony he gives that to me. Some more than your Genie. He will give life to me. One levy and who are tomorrow? I hope and that young fella He will forgive Li for me hopefully at the my sins yoma on day a dean of the recompense Rob be or my rep have grant Lee for me hoekman wisdom, well Hackney and join me, bizarrely Shane with those who are righteous, or dull and you make leave for me lisanna tongue mentioned reputation, seduction, of truths of honor. fee in hitting those who come later, when you're ugly, and make me men from rasa, inheritors gender of Paradise and

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Noreen of the blessing, welfare and forgive lethaby for my father in law who indeed he can he was men from a bar lien those who are a stray Weiler and do not don't Xeni you disgrace me. Yo ma en de you bartone they will be raised. Yo de la not yen Pharaoh, it will benefit melon wealth, while air and nor banana sons Illa except man who attacked he came Allah to Allah because of being with a heart, Salomon one that is sound, were overly fat and it was brought near agenda, the paradise lil Mota clean for those who fear Allah or Buddha, and it was exposed. It was brought forth Elijah hemo the Hellfire, Lil horween, for those who are astray joaquina and it was said to them a number where

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or anaa were mad that which kuntum you were terrible. Don't you all worship men from dooney besides Allah, Allah, how do young sorona come they help you out or ganda saloon? They help themselves. They take revenge for Kabuki boo. Then they were hurled. Then they were overturned. fee her in it home. They were

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Hoon and those in error what do you do and troops soldiers a beliefs of a police edgy my own altogether How do they said we're home while they see her in it? Yes Does Simone they dispute with each other de la he by Allah in indeed corner we were laughing surely in Berlin and error mobian in one clear is when Musa we come we equate you build up be with Rob olala mean of the world's warmer and not other lenor he misled us Illa except almajiri Moon the criminals from us are not Lennar for us men from Sheffield in any intercessors wanna end nor so deep in a friend Hemi men one who is close fellow. So if an indeed Lennar for us Calverton another chance for an akuna so we would be men

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from a remote meaning the believers in indeed fee in their Lika that lay surely assign warmer and not Canada he was acceptable home most of them meaning believers are in and indeed Rebecca Europe Lahore surely he is a disease the always Almighty of Rahim the always All Merciful.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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What learning

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all about

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Lrd Hakone v. One, V.

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v one, v two v two.

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be heavy.

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Lisa Nelson.

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me wanna see me

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a baby

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the moon.

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Mommy, Mommy, what else?

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Ash-Shuara 69-104 Translation 69-104

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