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Al-Maidah 82-93 Translation 82-93


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I said I'm working with

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other wonderful Leonardo suta Hill Kareem and I borrowed firewood we let him in a *load of rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Baba, surely acidity were Sidley and the word Let me listen to your holy Robbins has a

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better number 75 sort of done by either either number 82 to 93. Transmission,

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lethargy, then surely you will definitely find a shed the most intense and nasty of the people are their weapon in enmity lilla Dena, for those who are new, they believed and Yehuda, they include the Jews, when the Vina and those who are Shaku they associated partners did a chick

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well and lethargy then surely you will definitely find a Corolla home nearest of them. My word that I'm in love in friendship, Lil Edina for those who are new they believed and levina those who call you they said in that indeed we nesara are Christians then a cadet be under because indeed, men home from them. This cc in our religious priests, religious scholars, what and burnin monks were unknown and indeed they learn not yesterday alone. They're arrogant.

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Either and when some you're all they heard ma what unzila it was sent down. ILA to have a soon the messenger thorough You see, or you know home their eyes defeasible it overflows main from a demaree the tears mimma from what are a full day recognized men from a Hulk the truth. Your colonna they say? Rob banner, our rub. Men now we believed factor. So you write us mark with a share hidden those who are witnesses.

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woma and what? learner for us? Learn Not, not me. No, we believe the law he in a law warmer and what? Jana it came to us, men from a help the truth.

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And Maximo we wish. We hope

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that you the cylinder, he will admit us, Rob banner, our red mark with alone, the people of soil shame those who are righteous.

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To whom so he recommends them. Allahu Allah Bhima because of what they said. Jonathan gardens, the jury it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it, and how the rivers Holly Bina one's dwelling eternity, fee her in it, were their liquor, and that desert is recompense and mursaleen of those who are most good

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one levena and those who cafaro they disbelieved or can they boo and they belied Be it now with our verses whether he can those as horrible or companions and dream of the Hellfire

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Yeah, as you hear for you and Medina those who knew they believed less do not to hurt remove you all make unlawful for you, Bertie, good things, man. What a hella humid lawful, Allahu Allah, like home for you. All there and do not try to do you are transgress limits. You will exceed limits in Indeed Allah Allah loves not you hibou he loves and Martha Dean those who transgress.

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Walk will do and you will eat mimma from what Rosa kokoon he provided you. Allahu Allah, Helen lawful for Yuba, good. What the Oh, and you all fear Allah, Allah and levy who anthem you all be with him me don't want to believe.

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Last night you are heydo calm, he holds you accountable. Allahu Allah. The last week that the vein was

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The useless fee in a manickam your odds are lacking but you are free the comb key holds you accountable. Be male With what?

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You are firmly tied and a man the odds for cassava to who so it's expiation it is feeding I Shara den Misaki once needy men from Oh sadly most Madrid standard math what tutoring Mona you will feed Li comb your families or gifts were to whom clothing them oh or the hero freeing for over 10 of iNec foreign so whoever Lum not huge it he finds, firstly mo then fasting Salah 33 a German days.

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Then you could add the photo to expiation, a monochrome of your own either when hellstorm you also watch for blue and you will guard your protect a man or comb your own

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Delica likewise, you by Gino? He makes clear, he explains clearly Allahu Allah locum for you. It is vs. La La comb so that you the school you all are grateful.

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Yeah, you heard or you alladhina those who know they believed in them or indeed not but I will homebrew the intoxicants while maister and the gambling well I'm sorry, and the idols well, Islam and the arrows, arrows for luck

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ridgestone are effects men from among deed a shape on of the shape one

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such Danny boo. So you all avoid it la locum so that you to flee home you all are successful.

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In Nima indeed not but your ego he wants a shape or another shape on and that you care he puts been a cone between you and our daughter the enmity will Baba and the hatred fee in a home the intoxicant will may sit and the gambling where you sit the comb and he stops you on from victory remembrance. Allahu Allah, one and from a solar the solar for holesaw are and Tom you all mentor who don't want to abstain, ones who stop

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will appear and you all obey Allah, Allah, Who up to you and you all obey of a solar the messenger wash the rule and you will be cautious for in so if there were Layton you altering the way farla move then you will know a number that indeed not but Allah upon rasuna our messenger albula the conveying and moving the one clear

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laser it is not Allah upon and Medina those who knew they believed were our milou and they did a soil they had the righteous deeds do not hold anything sooner in what for a move, they ate, they consumed

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even as long as it's a co they feared they adopted the core.

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Well, I'm a new and they believed were I'm alone and they do it or slowly have the righteous deeds

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so much then it taco they adopted the core. They feared Allah Where am I now and they believed so much then it the code they adopted the code they feared Allah will actually know and the date of most good.

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One law who and Allah you have bought. He loves a mercy mean, those who do that most good.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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ready to

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love Wi Fi.

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Muna Lee

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