Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L083A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing their experiences and opinions on who is the best person to represent them, including a woman from the European continent who is a good woman and a woman from the United States who is a good woman. They also discuss a woman from the United States who is a good woman and a woman from the United Kingdom who is a good woman. Later, Hoon's desire to have sex with Allah is discussed, along with her desire to have sex with him.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Coco Lee probenecid. In Lesson number 83 suited to Anam eye integral 93 to 110.

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woman and who

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is more unjust, me man, Dan who if the raw he fabricated either against Allah He, Allah, Caliban, Li o or corner he said oh here it was revealed in a year to me while I'm while Did not you have it is revealed in a heat to him shape in anything women and who color he said so on zero soon I will send down soon I will reveal Mr. Like man what Angela he sent down Allahu Allah will know and if Gara you see it when awali Mona the wrongdoers fee in amaravati agnese mot of the debt when money equal to while the angels versatile Wenzhou stretch ad him their hands, awfully Do you all take out and forsaken your souls and Yama this day or today? Today's owner you will be recompensed or wherever

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punishment and Rooney of the humiliation because of what control you were the coluna you all say Allah against Allah He Allah VEDA either them and help the truth will come to them. And you were I'm from IIT is vs does that ruin you on assumed greatness? When occurred and certainly due to Muna you all came to us for either as one's individually. Governor just as Hello Conoco we created you our first marathon time. What are often and you are left man what how will there come We bestowed upon you or or behind your backs. Warner and not narrow we see Mark come with you schufa a comb your intercessors and lovina those who come to you all assumed you all claimed a new home in the day fee

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come in you show our care partners, lockup, certainly the Katara it was cut off by Nicole between you or Bella and it was last and confirm you man what control you were does Ramon you will assume you will assert a claim

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in Indeed Allah Allah phallic one who splits and hubbie of the grains, when Noah and the fruit stones usually do, he takes out and hire the living men from Alma yet the dead well and mockridge when you take us out, and my youth the dead men from and hate the living, rarely come back Are you all Allah who is Allah, for Allah then how to for goon you all are diluted? Find the one who splits in the morning with Jeremiah and he made a lay there the night second as a means of rest was shumsa and the sun when Amara and the moon has burnin, as a means of calculation velika that the Kuru is measuring is determining and the disease of the always Almighty and Arlene the always arguing

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over and he and Lady, the one who Jr. Allah He made. Luckily for you, I'm laduma the stars they do so that you all are guided behalf with it. fee in Luma darknesses and burglary of the land one battery and the sea Earth in fact, for Sunnah we explained openly we explained in detail, but if the verses were common for a people who are on the moon, they know Whoa, whoa. And he led the one who unsure calm He created you men from nevsun Sol wahiduddin. One for Mr. Calderon, so a dwelling place well and most older, a lodging place a depository or in fact, for Sunnah, we have explained openly if the versus liquor remain for people who have cohoon they understand

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And he led the one who unzila he sent down men from a summer the sky man water for Arjuna then we took out B he with it Nevada plant coli every shaken thing for 100 Gina then we took out men who from it how the green vegetation nuclear do we take out men who from it have been green with our occupant one pile woman and from anomaly the deeper men from Canary her it spade can run on clusters benches there near them hanging low water net and gardens orchards main from our nav grapes was a tune and the olives were man and the pomegranate watershed behind resembling similar weather era and not with the shabby resembling similar Andrew you are look Illa to summary its roots either when

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Asmara it bears fruits or enter at and it's ripening in indeed fi Valley calm that are you all

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surely signs, the counting for people you may know they believe,

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or general and they made Lula he for Allah Shoraka partners Elgin of the gym, or Hanukkah home and he created them or for a coup and they falsely ascribed level for him benina sons and daughters Billy without in men any knowledge. So the Hannah who his glory, Glorified is He with Allah and he is exalted. I'm from what your seafood they ascribe

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but the deal originator a semi word of the heavens when out and the earth I'm now from where? Yoku it is Lahu for him when I do a child when I'm not the spoon, it is or she is level for him. So I have written a female companion for Hanukkah and he created color every shade in thing or whatever and he became friendly with every shading thing or anyone always annoying

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Veliko that are you all Allah who is Allah for Bocconi Europe learn not in a hurry any god except working for the CO creator cola every shake anything fair boo. So you all worship him or her and he Allah upon Cooley every shaking thing work Ilan Disposer of affairs, lead not to the Riku it perceives him absorb the eyes, or the visions, or whoever and he you'd recruit, he perceives and absorb the eyes or the visions, whatever and he will not leave the subtle al-harbi the always all aware

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God in fact, Jericho it came to you beside you visions insights, men from robbing from Europe, finance or whoever Uppsala, he viewed he perceived fairly enough seeds. So for his own self, woman and whoever armia he became blind for I lay her so against it warmer and not i know i are they come upon you, they have field at all a guardian

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worker Danica and likewise lucidly foo we present diversity and I add the verses or the evidences well and Leah kulu. So that they say that you have studied what and linear by you know who so that we explain it explicitly. You come in for the people you're on the moon they know

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it to be you follow? Ma What? Oh, here it was revealed in a car to you, men from Rebecca your leg not either her and God is there except where he was. And earlier, you turned away. I'm from I wish the king those who associate partners with Allah.

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When Oh, and if Shariah He willed Allahu Allah man, not a Shaku they associated partners. Were Ma and not Janaka we may do I lay him upon them heavy as a guardian of protective armor and not enter you or lay him upon that viewer key at all a disposal of affairs.

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Why not? And do not the suit boo you all abuse and Medina those who you're the owner, they invoke main from dooney besides Allah, Allah fire so boo consequently they will abuse Allah Allah is when do you

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To enmity the lady without a mean any knowledge karateka Likewise, the younger we have adorned luckily for every omitted people, among whom they need someone else to behave they rub my dear home they return for you in a boom then he will inform them be man with whatever can with the word yamalube they do proximo and this word biLlahi by Allah jetha firmstrong amen him there o le n Surely if jack when it came to them, I don't assign Now you may know not surely they will definitely believe we have with it. All say innama indeed Robert Elia the signs the miracles in the with Allah He Allah warmer and what you will call it will make you proceed it will make you realize

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that indeed it either when it came last not noon they will believe

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when you can label and return as either the home their hearts were upside a home and their sights come on just as long not you know they believe Biggie with it. A well a first time war and leather room we leave them fi into him the rebellion. Yama Hoon they wander blindly.

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Welcome to man.

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One that bothers

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one one lady.

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free domain you have

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no free domain.

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shabby. Oh,

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the law

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Al-Anam 93-110 Translation 93-110

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