Aarij Anwer – Ramadan 2021 – A Juz A Day #21 The Alif Laam Meems

Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The pandemic has impacted people's health and the importance of praying and sustaining one's health. The surah of the Bible is emphasized, along with the need for a positive mindset and embracing one's potential. There is a need for testing and rewarding actions, and the physical presence of the beast is emphasized. Maintaining a strong character and avoiding overwhelming expectations is also emphasized.
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Oops, there we go all the way below him in a shade on the regime will Armando Mahima hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah He was early, he was happy he was shocked. He said we were still Li MD looked at the military of Qawwali. I'm going to add enough edenia Hassan, Hassan Okinawa salamati Kumar la he a lot I got to welcome to adjust a day. Today we are covering the 21st jaws of the heart on the 21st. Jesus, that's very high reach now Alhamdulillah and the 21st Jews of the Quran signifies something that's very special for us, not the shoe to sell. But the day that we're in. What it signifies for us is we are now entering the last 10 nights of Milan, tonight will be the 21st night

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the profits are seven has instructed us that this is these are the nights where a loss patola has placed there in the night of power Laila to lucado. And this night of power laid the other is the night when the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was the significance of it. But also it is a night where there's so much goodness in it, it is better than the goodness of 1000 months later, hi, Rahman Al Fisher. So that is how significant how important this is. And this this night occurs, you know, Allah has kept it, its day hidden from us. And that is to encourage us to seek it out and try our best for an extended period of time, 10 days, but the

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problem has given us some, you know, hints about it, that it is to be found on the odd nights of the last 10 nights. So that's the 21st, the 23rd, the 25th, the 27th and the 29th. And that is something that we should be, you know, focusing on we shouldn't be trying to be do we should be trying to do good at all times. But like the example the profits are some shows the Prophet Salaam, when these 10 Knights would come around, he would actually exert himself even further. And he would spend his nights in worship and prayer, and he would seclude himself from his family in the sense that he wouldn't have, you know, like, he wouldn't be intimate with his wives, he would, you know, secure

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himself in the masjid, and, you know, dedicate himself to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala entirely. Normally, he wouldn't do that normally, he would worship and living, you know, balanced lifestyle, but in these 10 nights, it's like you're finishing level lawn, with the with the in the best possible way, by going all out, so to say, and that's how he saw some would be, and he would be, for example, this is something that we find in the books of Hadith, that he was, for example, the most generous person among all the Sahaba. But he would be even more generous in the month of Ramadan, like a blowing wind blowing wind is something that brings relief to a lot of people, that's how he

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was also, he would be bringing Relief to People left, right and center. So Ramadan, and especially the last 10 nights, would increase his generosity, when there was increases devotion, etc, etc. So that is where we get this idea. That's where, you know, we get this precedence of, you know, really exerting ourselves in these last 10 nights. Also, we are to do is we should try to stay consistent, right, the problem I said, you know, Hubble our family in LA, he or Duomo in call, the best actions in the sight of God are those that are consistent, even if they are few. So we should try our best to consistently do something in these last 10 nights. What are some things and this is a tangent,

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I'm gonna start the Joseph data sec. What, what is it that we should do, we should make sure that we pray Russia, and we pray fudger You know, that's the first thing we should you know, that's the first checkmark the check that we should do for this night.

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Praying them and praying them as well as we can. If you have family in your house, pray them together with family if you don't have family, pray them by yourselves. No problem. hamdulillah because we're in the pandemic, we don't have the option of praying in congregation, you praying by yourself in these times, with the intention that if Allah had allowed us to pray in the masjid, I would pray in the masjid that would be actually sufficient for that act to count as if you prayed in the masjid. And this is something the Prophet has said the person who is sick or traveling and they're unable to do good deeds. Then the Prophet Allah writes the good deeds as if they were so he

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had mcclement as if they are healthy and well and healthy and stable. Idea being if something prevents you from doing a good deed Allah subhanaw taala will not decrease the the adjure he will write it as if it was without that preventing barrier. So pray at home. Pray by yourself if you have to. If you have no family, pray with your family if you can, either way what it will do for you is if your intention is or law mind if

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The message was open, I will be praying in the masjid, you will get the Agile in sha Allah for that 100%. And that will mean that if you pray fudger in Asia, that means actually that you have now attained with that intention, the reward of worshipping the whole night. But say, Hamdulillah, you worship the whole night, say, after that you have, you know, most of the nights, the left, what do you do?

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After that, you try to make sure that you support a good cause we are able to support good causes, you know, virtually so try on every night to support something small it may as it may be, that will ensure that on the night of power, you have donated something for the sake of Allah. Then next thing number three, try your best to make as much as much supplication as you can, certifications are very important for us as the as the soul food. So thing that sustain us, sustains us. So make supplications ask Allah and make a list of things that are that are bothering you stuff that has, you know, kept you or something that that you know, that you want, that you didn't get something

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that, you know, is a goal that you want to achieve something that is it has become a thorn in your side, whatever that may be, you write it down and ask Allah for it certain being certain that he hears us, and he knows what's going through us and being certain that he will respond to us. So do that and do it in any language. It doesn't have to be in Arabic or whatnot. Da is from the heart and the law, Allah is that you will die with colbyn law and COVID law prophets, Allah does not respond to the door for person whose heart is not present, meaning they're not. They don't know what they're saying. They're just repeating words they memorized. And a person who is often someone who is just

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saying things, but they're not really, you know, where they're not really present in the moment, they're not really asking, that kind of door is not answered. So in sha Allah, make the door with the intention purposefully meaningfully and asked from your heart and Allah will most certainly give you last thing is try to incorporate as much as you can some optional prayers and some Quran on a daily basis, optional prayers as much as you can put on as much as you can, in sha Allah. Do we have a live stream of the Quran recitation and the message that you can follow along with us there in sha Allah, these are good things to do in to make sure that, you know, we try to maximize the goodness

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of this night. This is what a small reminder, let's start off today with the last 10 nights. I pray to Allah as part of that he allows us to make the best of them. I mean, you're allowed to meet with that. Then the introduction. Let's get started. We are now on the 21st Jews insha Allah, the 21st Jews. It begins with surah number 29. I have 46. And in it is what 29 sort of 30 so 31 or 32 and Surah 33. A little bit of sort of 33. Right, a few pages of Surah 33. So those are the sutras that are in it Al Hamdulillah and what you will find is that these Sutras, they all so number 29 uncovered Surah 30 rwm Surah 31 lokman Surah 32 such that all of these sutras begin with Alif Lam

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Meem Alif Lam Meem lF lammi those three letters, and this is something that if you read the Quran, you will notice these things at this point in your reading or in your study. So with that, we will get started. What is the theme of this surah let's see. So the uncovered uncovered is a spider we'll talk about why it's called the spider in a sec. But what is the what is the theme of the surah? Allah says lF la meme has even so are you Taku Taku hula afternoon. Two people think that they once that once they say we believe they will be left alone and not put to the test. Well for the fatahna Latina and copy him. We certainly tried those who have gone before them. For they are element Allahu

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Allah, Dena Sadako elemental Academy and so God will certainly distinguish between those who are truthful and those who are lying. Okay. This is what the theme of the surah is. What is fitna fitna is the word here for 10 feet from the word fitna. You've known from the word fitna. What does the word fitna mean? The word fitna means a test that is severe. It's the image in its etymology is found in the burning oven. The burning oven that purifies metal. That process is called fatahna. You put a metal that's precious, and you put it in extreme heat, and that extreme heat separates the good metal, the pure metal from the impurities that are found, naturally, as the metal is acquiring

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that are is has a

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becomes that become attached to the metal, as its existence in the earth. Look at the wonderful parallel there

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are nature's our souls are pure, Manila creates them when we're born, we're sending this, but then our surroundings make put in impurities into us just like the metal has impurities that get attached to it, as it is, you know, in the earth, as over time passes, but then to purify us to separate the impurities from the pure last father puts us through tests, and that just like the metal is purified, the soul is purified in the same way. And this is what the surah is going to highlight how believers will be tested, be certain all believer, you will be tested without any speck of a doubt. And that is done not to make you miserable. It is then to purify you, it is done to bring out the

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best in you the best resolve of you. And this is something Allah has done always Min cobbly him people before as well will put to the test. You're not the first one. And you certainly won't be the last one either.

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And you will say well, how come I am being put to the test? Well, I'm trying to do something good. And these evil people are getting away with whatever they want. Don't worry about how simple

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it is to be hoonah. to these people who do evil imagine that they will escape us how ill is it that the judge Don't worry Allah, Allah will take them to task as well. And he will test them in this life in ways that perhaps we don't perceive everybody will get a test. But most certainly their accountability will be severe in the next game.

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The one who hopes to meet God should know that God's appointed hour is short, short to come. He is all hearing and all seeing one whoever strives strives only for himself. When you're doing something good. You're doing it for yourself if you're patient in the face of difficulties, that's for your own good, and nobody else is good. If you are impatient, and you throw up your arms and say why me you're doing that only to your detriment because in the law hollowbody unilateral I mean, God is independent of all of his creation. Okay, now last month that mentions some types of fitness and difficulties. That last part of may send people's ways Okay. Oh, actually before that, this is

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actually very important I number seven, those who believe and do good deeds, right? It's just not that you know, you're doing good. It's not just last month I was gonna leave you and say, you know, do what you have to do for your own sake, you know, but Allah has something in store for you. What is that he has store in store for you, the Naga Ferran and I said to him, we shall certainly cleanse them of their evil deeds. That's like our tests clean, cleans and purifies our souls, the evil deeds will be cleansed by a person who does good give, while energy is the unknown, and on top of that, we will reward them according to the best of their actions. I certainly cannot be I'm alone. We have

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good we have good days and bad days we have you know, actions we do that sometimes are good, sometimes a great sometimes are not so good. Okay. What Allah will do is that he will not take the average or the floor, he will take the best action that we have done. And every other action that we do, he will reward us as if we did it at that level.

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That is how amazing Allah's Grace is us and the league, new yamalube the best you ever did. Allah will take that best ever and apply to all that you have done. And that's how you will reward you lower. What an amazing thing. All right, fits. Now Allah mentions fitting up difficulties, some difficult types of fitna. Number one, he mentioned parents, because parents can be a fitna for a person it can be a test or assignment in Santa bhiwadi that he was not. But if your parents begged you to associate something with me, that which you have no knowledge of follow to their home and then do not obey their care.

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If If a parent becomes a trial for a child in the sense that he's wanting the child to do something unacceptable islamically the worst of it is shark and anything else below that. Right? Then that is something that is a test, a very difficult test. So watch out for that. But understand Allah is the one who is putting you to that test. Okay? And don't worry, the ones who do good, Allah will always keep them in the company of the righteous Allah will at the end of the day, bring you through it. Just be patient and try your best in it. Also from a type of test is I attend when I see my Pooja Nabila for either all the flr heliographic nutana

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Cada Bella, this is difficulties that are related to being a faithful believer, a faithful Muslim, may be a person who faces Islamophobia and Islamophobia is so severe that they just say, you know what, it's I can't handle this, I'm going to stop being a practicing Muslim because I can't handle this homophobia, right? They make the prosecution of man for the pursuit for the punishment of God. That's one interpretation of it. Another interpretation is that when something bad happens to them because of their faith, they're like, you know what, this is Allah punishing me and that means I must be an evil person and what is some what what can I do anyway? Okay, that is a tight fit that

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that attitude is a type of a test for you. That attitude is actually not going to bring you any good. It's only going to bring you bad. Now Allah Spano is going to mention

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he's going to mention

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the prophets who bore with page

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no holidays along with

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me for lobby Sophie him alpha sanity, Illa home Cinerama with a Noah to his people, and he lived among them for 50 short of 1000 years that will make it 950 years he lived. Then the luge overtook them for they were wrongdoers, they were drowned because they were wrongdoers. So this is a fitna he experienced a test that was prolonged 950 years right very, very long test but Allah saved him and those with him on the ark. Eventually alone Cabrini comes through for the believers. There is the example of Rahim Allah said Ayah number 24 gave

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me the thumbs mentioned here number 16 with Ibrahim is quarterly call me I will allow the CUDA compiler come and come to tala moon Abraham in such as people worship God, fear him, that would be best for you. If you only knew okay. And he told them that this is something what you're doing is falsehood is fabrications. What you do has no implication has no relationship to reality. These idols don't control anything. And then what was the response of the people he was thrown in the fire I 24 of them are Ganoderma po mihaela and call Dr. Lu who had repu bunger who Angela who mean and now they said kill him or burn him. But God saved him from the fire surely in this series, there are

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signs for people who believe this is very important. Ibrahim Ali Salaam experienced intense fitna

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know how Islam fitna the trial was long

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950 years but even this time it was short but extremely intense. It was literally he was in the fire, okay.

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So this is the types of examples of Prophet who endured fitna. In the next example, it will note Allah Salam ala number 26 voluto our family Allahu Luke, Luke was the one who believed in him because it was related to Abraham in Islam, a caller in the mohajirs Larrabee in who who will Azazel Hakeem, okay. What was the fitna of Lupe, the fitna of Luther was is an ayah 28 we stand locked his people and he said to them, indeed, you commit obscenity such as no people before you have ever committed. Okay, what is this obscenity in in Nakula to nirjala Takata una Sevilla Dona phenol de como Mancha, you approach men, and you waylay them on the road. Dr. Buenas subida means you are

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highway robbers, highway robbers excuse me What do you know the common man car and you commit all types of you know shamelessness in your in your gatherings what is referencing is that this is a community of people who are doing immoral actions of but not limited to sexuality that do not reach out here is not approachment as in like you know you're approaching to shake their hand this do not gel at his used in Arabic to talk or to signify someone being intimate with somebody. Okay? So this is their intimate manner being intimate with men, okay, in a sexual manner. You do that you are robbers you'd steal people's money you loot the ones who are you know, helpless because you know,

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like a highway robber is you know, picking on someone who's exhausted is vulnerable. Right. So you're like a band of neg you know your bandits, okay. And you do all types of evil in your society. These were not people just limited to one type of crime. They were doing everything. But the one that stood out unprecedentedly was this you are being intimate with them.

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Then, and that was something that as a community hadn't happened before before loot on Instagrams people okay. And then as a lot less Salam

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the angels were sent to destroy the people of Lord.

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they first came to Ibrahim to tell him that he has the he has a child that is on his on his way, but Ibrahim says Well, I number 32

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that and they said that also that these people will be destroyed the people of lot. Brian says caller in the fee Hello tot lot lives there. The angels like yes, we know who lives there. We know very well who lives there. We will surely save him and his family except his wife who will be among those who stay behind and will be vanished. Now I have 33 loads. Elisa Lam is fitna is what? When these messengers came in the form of humans, these angels came in the form of humans. They were harassed, and he was really distressed by that.

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But then the angel said, Have no fear or grief. We shall certainly save you and your household, except your wife will be among those who stay behind lotor Sam's fitna was very stressful, right? He didn't suffer persecution, he wasn't thrown in the fire. He wasn't you know, like hurt physically in this manner. But it was a very stressful situation. And that is, you know, what an example of fitna prophets who endured fitna as well like luthuli salaam and there are other prophets prophets are mentioned shortly but Islam as mentioned, I had over 36 and he is inviting people to worship Allah and not to be corrupt and then people don't accept that I 37 and the earthquake overwhelm them and

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they were destroyed our mood and same happened to Ireland some mood and this or something you know that this these stories are mentioned but the process of the are interesting about them was a you know almost a panorama home Satan made their actions seem good to them for Saddam Hussein is Sabine turn them away from the straight path. What can you Mustafa serene, even though they weren't intelligent people, they were not just like, you know,

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people who were gullible or you know, unintelligent, they were able to they were rational people, but they're, you know, what they were doing seemed good to them say fun made it looks, you know, whispered to them, this is good to keep up with that. And that's how they stayed away from the truth even though they saw a profit with their own eyes. Okay. Also qarun were for our own Harmon Cora, Pharaoh and Harmon all these were mentioned last time as Moses came to them, but they were extremely arrogant and could not escape Allah spotless Punisher. Remember I said in the very beginning, the surah says, people who are tested, you know, don't think only the believers and only the good people

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are tested. Everybody is tested, and nobody's gonna escape loves accountability, and for their own. Definitely as an example of that he lived long and enjoyed, but he couldn't escape Allah's accountability. Okay, for kulana hana bmbe This is a very interesting I have 40 the end of the adversaries of the profits, we seized each one of them for his sins. Some is struck with a violent storm, some of them were overcome by a sudden glass, some were swallowed up by the earth and some be drowned. Okay, different different types of punishments that Allah unleashed upon them, but it's not because Allah was wants to hurt them, or he wants to be a tyrant while they are the villa. Makana la

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hooghly of Lima who God did not wrong them what I can can know and fossa homie of the moon they wrong themselves and US was there and now we come just the passage that shows us the name of the Surah methylone Medina todo mundo de la he Alia okay machalilla Angkor Wat da that beighton are in our hanel ut la vita Lanka booth, la can we are among

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those who take protectors other than God can be compared to the spider which builds itself a cobweb but the free list of all structures is the house of the spider if they but knew.

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God surely knows what the invoke besides Him is the mighty and wise or typical holliness Such are the examples that we make for people or give to people but only those who are only those understand them. Those only those understand them who have knowledge. Allah has created the heavens and the earth for a purpose show the in this there is a sign for true believers. Okay, what is this example a very beautiful example. I actually don't think this I actually this is not a correct translation of free, free

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First of all structures

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because that's not what the Arabic is saying. I will handle boot. Not above all will get out the Eiffel boo to be the friendliest the weakest. But ohana is like, from the word one hand, which is like, it means weak, but there is still some structural integrity to the weakness. Okay.

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In the one hand a lot of money, for example, Zakaria, some speaks about his bones becoming weak, doesn't mean his bones are about to break. The bones still have structural integrity? Yes. But you know, he's like, I'm getting old.

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So that word is used here for the effort to describe the house of the the cobweb of the spider, the spider web. This is very interesting description. Firstly, it's an example of how if you look, you have to look at the spider web, what is the spider web, it's actually extremely,

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it catches a bug, like a spider will catch a bug in it. And once the bug is caught, it is just caught in it, it can't go anywhere. The bug has no place to escape once it's caught in the spider's web. If that's the image, if you were to look at a spider's web, and that's the purpose of the web, actually, a spider doesn't just live in it for the sake of living spider roams around all over the place. It's really meant to catch

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a bug. Okay? That is the example of the one who is taking other protectors besides Allah, other deities besides Allah. Once they are, they have swallowed that

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theology and ideology up fully, they're caught in it, it's gonna be very difficult to escape it. And, and that is unfortunately the case with much of humanity. Right, they are just caught in the religion that they're born in, or the religion that they consider to be just the norm for them. Yes, that's how unfortunately, people are you just stuck in that situation. cabeza landgoed, gamma 800 beta, it's your cart, just like the bug that's caught in the spider's web. It, that's the example.

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And the example is a lost father says that, in reality, Allah has created the heavens and earth for a purpose. So the one who is caught in a false religion is, you know, the requirement from them as is for every soul is to seek its creator. Okay. So that seeking of the Creator, through observing of Allah signs in the cosmos, that is a sign little meaning for those who are, you know, coming down that path, there is that exit for the person who's caught in that spiderweb of a false religion, if it's a very, very, you know, involved example. Also, an interesting thing is the spider's web is actually not, like, structurally it has integrity, okay? It's not structured, it's, it's, it holds

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up structure, you can, you know, it can survive, you know,

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you know, some, you know, a brief wind, it can survive, even like, you know, someone trying to fly through it, like a bird trying to fly through it, it actually holds its integrity. This is the thing. The same idea applies to these fates and whatnot, they hold up integrity, right? They stay there, they're not just like collapsing on themselves. Right? So this is the example that Allah gives. And it's a involved example, it's a very pretty, like deep example, that you all the that a person being in this kind of a situation is a fitna for them. That's the test that Allah chose for that guy, just like he chose the test of being thrown in the fire for Ibrahim, that test of low

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cholesterol on the test of profits before the test of people are, whose stories we don't know in the Quran, but you may know them from other, you know, outside. This is how Allah chose their test. And this is the test that he has, you know, he's testing them with, he's given them an exit a way to pass it, which is his numerous signs all around them. And now he is the one who is the judge of it. So it's a pretty involved example. I hope that makes sense in sha Allah. The way out of this fitna, or the way out of fitna is Luma oh here la camellia keytab what a famous Allah, establish, recite the book and establish the prayer, very beautiful. In nasaga, Tottenham, it will fracture you will

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Mancha because prayer restraints, one from indecency and evil and the remembrance of God is greater God has knowledge of all your actions This is the idea of Salah makes the desire for when Salah when pray.

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regularly when you pray in the right way meaningfully, your desire for evil, you know, becomes weaker and weaker. That's what's supposed to do when done in the right way. And if that's not the result you're getting, then the Salah has to be improved. You have to re evaluate it. This is a beautiful thing for us to use to help ourselves from getting

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staying out of trouble. There's a little interfaith dialogue that's mentioned here. How do you speak to the people the book without to God? Do Al Kitab illa billahi oxen? Are you with them in the best way don't become, you know, don't don't insult them. Don't say things that are inappropriate.

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This is not the way to do an ad to have an argument. The goal isn't for you to win a debate. The goal is for people to see the truthfulness of Islam a say we have believe we believe in what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to you are God and your God are one and to Him we submit a very beautiful statement. Allahu Allahu wa had right it's not like, Allah is a different God that, you know, God Almighty, it's the same, right? We submit to Him, you worship Him alone, and that's what we invite you to as well. Okay.

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I have number 48 mentioned something very interesting. I'm not going to attack looming of Lehman keytab while at the hottovy aminika ineluctable Moton, you will not able to read any book before nor did you write one down with your hand, if you had done so the followers of falsehood would have Shoreham surely have a reason to, would surely have caused a doubt. If you were Oh, Prophet, someone who was lettered who would read and write, people would say, Well, he probably read it somewhere and that's why he's coming up with this. And that will give them like to stand on. But the Prophet did not. He wasn't unlettered, he was unlettered. He couldn't read or write, as was actually the norm

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back in the time in Arabia. But for him, it was special because he, this was a protection from people thinking that the Quran or associating the Quran to other sources, it was a sign that this is actually a miraculous revelation. I've also encouraged every believer to study and become educated in fact, at the Battle of better the prisoners of war, the ransom for a prisoner of war was either ransom like money or you teach 10 believers how to read and write. If you can teach a believer a 10 believers how to read and write, you have ransom yourself from prison, right? So this is how much he would encourage us also. Okay. If you had done so the followers of doubt false hood would have had

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caused a doubted Bell who I add to my unit on fucile do De La Nina. The Quran is a revelation that is clear to the hearts of those endowed with knowledge. Only the evil doers refused to acknowledge our revelations, you see the Quran.

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This is a true miracle of a last part that the person did not if you given his circumstances that he's unlettered could not have come up with it. He was not known as a poet because others in Arabia were known as a port and this is certainly not poetry doesn't sound has no barons or semblance to Arabic poetry, classical Arabic poetry, okay. So clearly this is I add to my you know, this is clear revelation from God, and to see the effect of it. The Quran says fish to do the love, you know, to live, it touches the hearts of those who are endowed with knowledge, those who are learning and studying it, his book touches their heart or another interpretation it's stored in their hearts for

00:33:46 --> 00:34:00

you so do you know that this is a beautiful thing as well because the Koran is preserved unprecedentedly unlike anything before it, and that, you know, his evidence offers divinity as well. Okay.

00:34:02 --> 00:34:43

The people say, Well, why isn't there a miraculous sign given to him? I 51 says, Is it not sufficient for them that we send down a the book to be recited to them? Is this not a miracle, the prophet being unlettered you know, telling people about all these historical events with such precision and so much guidance in this gap? Number one is not its preservation a miracle? Number two, okay, it's not it's style a miracle. Number three, I will admit for him is not sufficient for them, though you have sent down the book to be recited to them. Indeed, this book is a blessing and mercy for those who believe

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

the test of life or tests are part of life. The Quran reminds us of this again and again and again. Okay. Again, and again. The Quran tells us your test, your life is going to be a test. Love, we have suitors for dementia.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:28

up over there is 60 to allow us to tourists called Nemanja Omen I by the way are called the ruler God gives abundantly to whom He wills and sparingly to whom he pleases in the law of equalization in alim. God has full knowledge of all things. That's a test how much money you have, you know, this is a part of Allah tests for people. Mahajan, higher to dunya Illa. Live in

00:35:29 --> 00:36:23

La huella. Ibaraki, misreading and sorry, Mohammed higher to dunya il Allahu Allah, the life of this world is nothing but a sport and a diversion. This is a test for a proof for people to get caught up in the entertainment, in the playing and the enjoyment in the in the things that are, you know, fun but meaningless. This is a test. And by God is a nest for all of us. Because we live in a society we live in times where you know, you're affiliated, that your your your identity is determined quite a bit by the sports teams you support, and the entertainment you consume, and the subscriptions you have, and the artists you like, that defines you or your identity. That's how entrenched we are. In

00:36:23 --> 00:37:16

this. That's how big of a test it is. For us, we have to understand the reality that these are just instruments of the world. These are just distractions if you get caught up in them, because in the datalocker de la he'll haiwan it is it is the life of the Hereafter, which is the only true life haiwan in Arabic is an animal haiwan with a photon there is full of life. If some people mistake what this means quite hilariously but this mistake and the mistake is on their part because haiwan with a Fatah is means from the word Higher, higher tone is life. The life of the next life is full of life. That's a true life. No can we Allah moon if they only knew it, okay.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:19

And if for Quraysh

00:37:24 --> 00:38:15

Allah says, Our lm euro and Nigel Harmon amin and when you talk to foreigners who have been holding him is 67. Have they not seen how we have granted them? A safe century the garb and people around them all around them are being snatched away? Isn't this a sign from Allah? That people in a lawless society receive respect for age? And don't you know, loot their their possessions? Because they live next to the house of Allah? Isn't this a sign of the oneness of Allah for them? right if I'm about to the human unit will be near Mattila here fruit will still believe in falsehood and deny the favor of God. Well let's do can continue to do that. And this is something that the surah concludes with

00:38:16 --> 00:38:16


00:38:17 --> 00:39:04

One Latina, Josefina La Jolla, now unknown sabudana we will surely guide in our ways, those who strive hard for our cause, if you try a lost part that I will guide you, if you pray Allah sparkle will make will exchange I will accept that prayer and He will give you the ability, the divine tofik the default divine ability to pray more. If you take one step towards Allah, Allah will take many steps towards you. If you come to Allah walking he will come to you running. That is what this ayah says 1 million jaha delphina the unknown sabudana but you have to take the first step. Those who strive hard that's the people look guys, this is a very key idea. I would like you to underline it

00:39:04 --> 00:39:53

in the law Hama Lama Marcin surely God is with those who are not just righteous, that's okay translation mursaleen as the doers of good Allah is with those who are the doers of good, you do good and Allah is going to be with you. That's his promise and he keeps his promises. The next surah is a room Alif Lam Meem woody Bhatia room the Romans have been defeated PnL of the human body Robbie himself to the moon in a nearby land and they will reverse their defeat with a victory v build the AC Nene within a few years it's precisely within nine years was built by is actually 9:11am Roman Coppola woman bad for God rests with God rests all power. I don't know why he didn't put nine there.

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

Yeah, within three to nine years that's the correct translation. Go to Allah belongs to command before and after.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:14

That day the believers will rejoice in the victory of Allah. He gives victory to whoever he wills and he is the Exalted in Might. and merciful hula xyzal Rahim. Okay, what is this referring to?

00:40:16 --> 00:40:58

Firstly, a room is the Romans, okay? And you can see a movie with a room. It's actually speaking about the Byzantine Empire. Okay? the Byzantines were the eastern flank of the Roman Empire. They were they were Romans, but they were called, you know, the long history, how they broke off and whatnot, and became the Byzantine empires but outside of their, you know, outside of Rome in the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, everybody else knew them as the Romans, okay. And the Arabs especially, everybody from that side was a room, the Romans because that's what the Quran is referring to. But it's referring specifically to the Byzantine Empire. Okay. And it's speaking about

00:40:58 --> 00:41:03

a king from the Byzantine Empire, based out of Constantinople concert Robles, modern day Istanbul,

00:41:04 --> 00:41:45

in Turkey, and his name was heraclius, Iraq, this in Arabic helical is the king that this is referencing, and actually Iraq, Hirata Iraq, this is a important trigger for us because the Prophet sent him a letter inviting him to snap and he had a very lengthy conversation with a Sahabi, about Islam, who at that time was a Muslim. That's how he was not a Muslim at that time. So that's why he tells the story later on. After he becomes a Muslim, and Iraq, this was actually close to becoming a Muslim, because he knew as soon as he got the letter, and as soon as he spoke to us a hobby, he knew that this is the Prophet that they were all waiting for. He didn't know, though that that prophet

00:41:45 --> 00:41:50

will come from the, the family of Israel, from the progeny of Ishmael.

00:41:51 --> 00:41:57

But he didn't accept this thumb, because he didn't want to lose his kingdom. Okay, what is the historical background,

00:41:58 --> 00:42:07

the sassanid Empire, this is the Persians. They had reached, you know, a place in 615.

00:42:09 --> 00:42:17

That there are many years of battle many decades of battle that were happening between the two empires. And in 615.

00:42:19 --> 00:42:54

It was at a point where they were ready to allow the Byzantine Empire to become a Persian client state even permitting host row, the second to choose the Emperor. This is the they had ravaged This is the Byzantine Empire reach all the way into the city of shall Caden which is very close to Constantinople, and was 1615. They were at they had almost broken the Byzantine Empire. Okay. But for whatever for, for better for worse, they left the Byzantine Empire in its tattered state.

00:42:56 --> 00:43:38

By 622, that's exactly seven years after that Irakli is the king of the Byzantines, recovered, spent all that time, you know, recovering, and he mounted, he was ready to mount a counter offensive, okay, he won a very important victory in the fall of 26th 2020. And then in March 6 25 624, excuse me, he left Constantinople to attack the Persian Heartland, exactly nine years after the time from the first attack or the point where they were almost broken. Okay. That is what I was reading from my notes, this is from, you know,

00:43:40 --> 00:43:52

finding the historical background of this. That is what this surah is predicting, but Woody, but the room and 615 and by 624, they will be back.

00:43:53 --> 00:44:34

They will be back. And it's exactly what Iraqis did. within nine years. He was attacking the sassanid Empire in the middle of the Persian Heartland, and victorious, won many victories, you know, in that in those battles, okay. But what's amazing is not just that prediction that this is actually showing that the Quran is predicting the future and this is from Allah. Allah Paulson will not have known this. This is not like, it would have been absolutely impossible for someone to predict this because the Byzantine Empire was in tatters. But the problem was not predicting the future. It was telling the people what Allah was saying, Okay. But also, there's a second

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

prediction, which is, we're Yama iya, for whom movement on on that day the believers will rejoice, and exactly on that day on in March or 624. ad on the 17th night of Ramadan. In the second year after hijab was when the believers were also winning a battle, the Battle of butter in March of 24. Isn't that amazing?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:24

Literally, you know, historically, if you want to narrow down is the same month of the same year. And, you know, we don't know exactly which day of which, which mount which day that assault of by Iraqis are taking place. But it's so close, you are absolutely like, you know, within the ballpark of this, to

00:45:25 --> 00:45:51

understand that this is truly a miracle that Allah is predicting on that day that believers are going to have a victory as well. And that's the victory of butter. And how amazing is that two predictions in one and both coming through on the same day, both against the odds, both against the odds, and that is how Allah gives victory. He gives victory to whoever whoever he wills, young, pseudo Maya.

00:45:53 --> 00:46:38

And that is a sign of Allah, the sign of Allah is the promise that Allah makes the signs of Allah. That's the theme of the surah is the science of Allah is this great, beautiful book that Allah has sent? Because this is predicting the future and those are signs of Allah. God does not feel his promise, but most of the people know not okay. There is many signs that people are oblivious to or the choose to be oblivious to that gay, we do not contemplate within themselves. Allah has not created the heavens and the earth and what is between them except in truth, and for a specified term, but they're not see that there's a order to the Universe, and Everything that's living is

00:46:38 --> 00:46:50

dying. So eventually everything in existence is also going to die, if it had a beginning is also going to have an end. But most people are disbelievers in the meeting of their Lord, em.

00:46:51 --> 00:46:59

This is a very, this is a very sad reality, right? There are signs of a lot all around us a

00:47:03 --> 00:47:45

festival Hana La Nina too soon our minutos beehoon is 17. Okay, well, I will hand over some of it. We'll all do our Shinya mahina to rune and to him is all do all praise throughout the heavens and the earth. Exalted is He at night, and when you are at noon, he brings the living out of the dead. This is, for example, maybe a seed is dead, but living comes out of it, or brings the dead out of the living. This could be a reference to someone who has a miscarriage, you would assume that this is a person who's going to bring forward life, life will come out of life. But the opposite happens. And this is a tragedy, right? One is a celebration, the others a tragedy. This is the ends of the

00:47:45 --> 00:48:07

spectrum that loss monta, wants to highlight he is in control of both things. It's also a metaphor, the living out of the dead, is someone whose heart is dead, right? Like they're disconnected from the Lord but Allah will revive it and now they become alive again. Okay, and the dead out of the living is also a metaphor in that someone is,

00:48:08 --> 00:48:52

you know, they could be tested where there is they're surrounded by people who are spiritually alive, but this person has the wretchedness to not follow the straight path. And now they're literally like a dead person in the middle of all these living people. This is the test that Allah gives. He's trying to show the ends of the spectrum here with this example well you're in Alabama multi her and he brings life to the earth after it's lifelessness worker that he got to Hello June and this is how you will be brought back to life as well. Look at this passage is going to talk about Allah's signs, from His signs, off his signs, off his signs, off his signs off his signs, off

00:48:52 --> 00:48:55

his signs, you see how many times that comes

00:48:56 --> 00:49:42

123456 times it comes in this passage repeating office signs that he created you from dust and then suddenly you are human beings dispersing through the earth right has such humble origins Adam in Islam was created from dust we're you know a byproduct of the process of creation recreated from a drop sperm. We live off what rose in the dust is so fickle. And then all of a sudden we are dispersed around the earth and populating the earth and strong and powerful office signs that he's created from you. created for you from yourselves mates when is he and Hello fellow comin unfussy whom as version data school new EDA so that you may find tranquility in them. This is the purpose of

00:49:42 --> 00:50:00

getting married. The purpose of marriage is to find tranquility. That's what it is. So many people like what is this talking about? But it is true. That's actually what this purpose of the marriage is, to be tranquil to have. serenity and calmness and enjoy

00:50:00 --> 00:50:09

If and that is found, because Allah has placed between you affection and mercy, but what was in a coma what that omarama

00:50:10 --> 00:50:50

this is, you know, like shades of different type of emotions, and how a person expresses them physically to their spouse and also emotionally to their spouse, both things are there in that there is a sign for people who give thought and from His Signs office signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, laughed it off was in a coma almani calm and the diversity of your languages and your colors, indeed in that or science for those of knowledge, right, this is a very beautiful thing, that diversity of Allah's creation is highlighting the magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala that is something to be celebrated. That is not something to be

00:50:52 --> 00:50:58

to be considered as a as a bad thing. I mean, I t menambah lanewatch

00:50:59 --> 00:51:45

min fadli. His science is how you go to sleep, and how you wake up. At night you sleep and you recover. And during the day you work and you travel, and you do things seeking Allah's bounty. This is a sign how he's created this system for those who listen, his sign is that he causes he shows lightning, causing fear and aspiration, how often what am I fear and hope because when the the lightning strikes, or lightning is is heard, that is actually try lightning to see in Thunder is heard. When you see lightning, excuse me, that means there's a little bit of fear, like wash your hands like the earth is or the sky is splitting up. So it's fear but also if you are hoping for

00:51:45 --> 00:52:27

rain, that is a source of happiness because you're like, Okay, there is lightning, that means and Sharla rain is not far off. This is a very interesting power parable, Allah does the same thing inspires to almost opposite emotions. If this is a sign from Allah, that's how we are as human beings, we're able to process a very variety of emotions. That's why when you say we worship Allah, in fear of Allah is punishment, and also in hope of His mercy. It's very similar, right? These two emotions can be balanced. And that gives us the, the ability, that's the the balanced way to worship, Allah Spano Dada, not one way or the other, he sends down rain from the sky, but which

00:52:27 --> 00:53:05

brings life to the earth after it's lifelessness Indeed, there is science for that, for people who are people of understanding from a science is that the sky and the earth are in command or they remain by his command. But then there will be a time and Allah sponsible and everything. And when he calls you as famous with a single call from the earth, you will immediately come forward because he is the owner of all that is within between the skies and the earth, and everybody is devoted, obedient to Him, He is the one who begins creation. And then he repeats it.

00:53:07 --> 00:53:50

The first time he created that he repeats the process of creation. And that is even easier for him who are one way or the other meaning of you have the whole costume or you redo he began he started the creation and then he will bring you back to life and bring you back to the law, your life bringing you back to life is even easier for him to create you the first time because creating the first time was from nothing you didn't exist, bringing you back from to life is from your existing materials, the existing carbon and iron that's in our bodies exist those existing materials, those elements are there, he will recreate you and that's easier one early also if you do something first

00:53:50 --> 00:54:18

time second time the same thing is easier. So this one was not the same thing logically, if he can bring you into existence, he it is easier for him to bring you into existence a second time. Well, I want motherlode honor for some of our people out to Him belongs the highest attribute in the heavens of the earth. And he is the one Exalted in Might and power many many beautiful examples. Benny, many beautiful signs that ulimate tells us that are all around us.

00:54:19 --> 00:54:25

He gives us some food for thought here okay. He gives us some food for thought.

00:54:26 --> 00:54:27

When it comes to,

00:54:29 --> 00:54:34

to the worship of Allah I number 40 Allah Allah the hollow comb.

00:54:35 --> 00:54:50

So Morocco comb, some, you may to come to my ecoman Allah is the one who created you, then provided for you, then he will cause you to die and then he will give you life. Are there any of your partners who do any of that

00:54:51 --> 00:55:00

any of your partners any may whether it be a man or profit that you worship, or anything else? Is there any

00:55:00 --> 00:55:33

But he else who has the power to do this so mahana who was on my school Exalted is He above what the associate gave a last one that gives an example of resurrection okay alone of the euro Syria I have 48 it is a lot who sends the winds and they stir the clouds and spread them in the sky however he wills and he makes them fragments so you see the rain emerge from them? how precise of the of a description is that of how

00:55:35 --> 00:56:13

how the rain falls further asabi manga show me a bad either mistubishi don't rain falls people like yes, it's raining. We can grow our crops. We're out of drought. Yes. When cattlemen Hubli universal, Allah him and calmly Isla Mobley seen, but just before it rained, they were in a state of despair. So panela what is human psychology how fickle we are as people before Allah gives us we are in a state of despair. We are you know, downtrodden, you feel like nothing is going our way. And when it comes we're like yes. Yay, game.

00:56:15 --> 00:57:02

This is that that kind of imbalance. That is something like we mentioned before, the believer is able to control their emotions they're in understand that emotions are able to control their emotions are able to control how they react. That is the believer. bondora 30 domitilla. So observe the effects of Allah's mercy but also observe, when Allah sends His mercy k for your elder brother multi how he gives life the earth after its life. This is here. The rain is called the mercy of Allah. That's what rain is. It's the mercy of Allah. It is the thing that gives life to the dead wahoo Allah kulesza in Kadir and sorry, how it gives life to the earth after its lifelessness indeed

00:57:02 --> 00:57:39

the same one Allah will give life to the dead in the same way and he is competent of all things this is a great sign of Allah for us to consider and by the way rain we shouldn't you know be upset at rain. Oh, it's raining again. Oh, it's a rainy day. You know, these are expressions of use is fine, right? But rain is a mercy of Allah. without rain, we have drought without rain, we're suffering right? without rain you have like forest fires, right? Look, look at what happens in like California, for example in the summer, right? It's, it's, it's at the mercy of Allah, we should be thankful and when it rains we should make we should be happy and if it like, you know, ruins your

00:57:39 --> 00:58:22

plans, you wanted to go to the beach and it's raining, it's fine. You can go and get right but be happy. And you know, don't don't say bad things about rain because it's a beautiful, it's a beautiful, you know, gift of Allah, Allah Allah. Allah says, but if you were to send a bad when and they saw all their crops turned yellow, they would remain there after disbelievers love a looming body of fruit like after all this celebration and happiness, if a love brings them back to a situation that they lost what they had gained, they would become despondent, and in a state of despair and now even so ungrateful that they perhaps become a disbeliever This is the kind of

00:58:22 --> 00:58:35

emotions that human beings fluctuate through. And the Prophet is told you can change people's minds in the color to smear and motor you cannot make them here. If they don't want to hear you cannot

00:58:36 --> 00:59:26

ask them to do you cannot guide the one who doesn't want to see you only will make here those who believe you only will make this message will only reach those who are interesting in listening. And if they're not interested in listening, well you can do much surah number 54 gives a beautiful example of aging. That's a sign of how we age gate Allah Hola, hola, Coco min Dorf. He has created you from weakness in a state of weakness. And then so much I remember the laughing kuwa after a state of weakness he brings or he gives you strength. That's when you become an adult. a grown man or woman woman. Okay. You straight state of strength, the mumin jhala member de la fin. Oh what

00:59:26 --> 00:59:42

thermodynamik body phone wash Eva, and later after that. He has given you infirmity and gray hairs in place of strength after that you lose your strength and you have gray hairs. And you have

00:59:43 --> 00:59:59

us two years back in a state of weakness. Right? It's like life has come full circle. Yeah, hello Kumar Asha. He creates whatever he wills will ali-mohammadi. He's giving the example of the creation to remind us that there is work

01:00:00 --> 01:00:40

We're feeble, we're not all powerful. We're not all dominant, we have stages of extreme weakness and helplessness, and stages of power and independence, and then a stage at the very end, we're helpless again, and weak again. Okay? This is how Allah has made us to remind us that we are from a humble origin. And we are humble beings, and our Lord is the one who we should be humbled to. Also an example of creation is not to last forever creation is going to wither away and die, and then be brought back to life on the last day. And that's why the last day is mentioned very, very frequently here.

01:00:41 --> 01:00:49

So that is that, well, hamdulillah the surah concludes with a very, you know, interesting passage, which is

01:00:51 --> 01:00:52


01:00:53 --> 01:01:42

the disbelievers that you will do as we say, on the day of judgment that they only lived on the earth for an hour. Okay? But the believers and the ones of knowledge would say, You lived as long as Allah wanted you to live, okay? But today is the day of resurrection. And you were not aware of this, like you, you know, you you you you chose to not pay attention to it. So today your excuses will be of no will for yo yo ma de la invar, Latina Vala woman lira to whom Allah whom you start a boon. Today, your excuses, ma zero is excuse your please are not going to benefit. And today there's no way you can go back to make amends. So right now when you're alive, make amends. That's what the

01:01:42 --> 01:02:09

Quran says Surah number 31. This Rockman begins with lF lambing Tikka to Kitab Rocky, these are the verses of the Book of Wisdom is a guide and mercy for those who do good, those who established the prayer and pay this a god they are firm in their faith in the hereafter. These are the people who are God has guided who are rightly guided by their Lord, and they are the ones who will prosper a beautiful You know, if you're a few are

01:02:11 --> 01:02:51

very, you know, big, the important aspects of life are mentioned or established the prayer gives the gap be certain of the next life and that is our guiding principles. momina nassima your study will Hades among men are some who spend their time in idle diversions. Their whole life is about just idle talk, talking about sports the whole time that life is consumed by sports, I watch sports too, but my life isn't consumed or defined by it. Okay, the life becomes consumed by it, or the life which is consumed by entertainment, we see these filthy magazines that are just, I mean, the people are just consumed by it.

01:02:53 --> 01:03:14

And that kind of you know, that that kind of deep dive into these things that are frivolous? You the lance I mean love isn't leads them astray and leads people astray from the path of God. People forget what their purpose in life because they're too occupied, worrying about who's sleeping with who, right and who scored how many points.

01:03:17 --> 01:03:18

And they do this.

01:03:20 --> 01:03:27

They hold up their religion to be a really cool though the amount of scrutiny and the amount of nuance that we have when we talk about sports. If we had that about religion, right?

01:03:28 --> 01:03:32

Then we would have a very good conversation about religion, it would allow

01:03:33 --> 01:03:43

for such there's a humiliating punishment in store. A very interesting this surah speaks about local man al Hakim Lockman was a African man.

01:03:44 --> 01:04:26

And look man was a person who there's some disagreement about whether he was a prophet or not, but it seems like he's not a prophet because a lot of that doesn't say he was said because when he talks about a prophet Allah says he was sent Adelson right Ross from the word Rasool or from he's acting in a manner that seems divinely ordained like heaven. In the example a Moosa okay. So the man Salam is not mentioned in those manners, but he is still a honored man because Allah mentioned him by name, and mentions the good of him and mentioned that he was bestowed with wisdom, okay. And the wisdom that was given to look man was be grateful to God, he is. He who is grateful is grateful only

01:04:26 --> 01:05:00

for the good of his soul. But one who is ungrateful, surely God is self sufficient and praiseworthy. If you're grateful to Allah that's good for you. is good for your soul right now and good for your salvation. It is not adding anything to Allah or taking anything away from Allah spawn Tada. Look, man is going to advise his son and look at the advice he says yeah, buena Yella to Shrek Billa my son, do not associate anything with God. That's the foundation of our faith. That's the foundation of success. We worship Allah alone. The Rondo brought us into the world is the one we were

01:05:00 --> 01:05:10

Worship the one who will take us out of the world is the one who worship and nobody else can because associating others with Allah is a terrible wrong in the shilka lavon Manali okay

01:05:13 --> 01:05:57

he mentions yagoona year in the heart intercom is all a habit in Manhattan. But according to Socrates rotten over summer they often have the TV Hello in the lawn no differently. Number two he says what my son though it be but the weight of a grain of mustard seed and though it may be hidden in a rock, or in the heavens or in the on the earth, God will bring it forth. Okay, what is he talking about? He's talking about, even if something as small as you can imagine, getting the smallest thing you can imagine. And you think of the most obscure place that you can hide it, the most obscure place on earth or in the sky, where it is, you know, hidden wherever that might be,

01:05:57 --> 01:06:03

Allah will bring that on the Day of Judgment, that thing and you know, bring it to Assembly

01:06:04 --> 01:06:47

in the locality for Habiba. God is the neuro subtleties and he is the most aware meaning what he nothing is hidden from him. Don't think you can fool him will think you can live a double life and get away with it. Everything you do, Allah will bring it to the table on the Day of Judgment. So you see what he's building is the foundation of, of faith. Understand Allah is the only one where do you worship on set Allah is the only one who will hold us accountable and Nothing escapes his accountability on the Day of Judgment. Then he goes to the rituals Yamuna Yaki Massara established the prayer number three, what mobile maruf enjoying good number four 101 God forbid evil number five

01:06:47 --> 01:07:25

was Mira alhama azabache number six. Number six, patiently endure whatever it may be for you. Whatever happens in life, good or bad, but especially bad masaba guys actually specifically about something that's bad. I'll sign off on the word We'll see. But right when a child a tragedy calamity comes to you. Be patient, control your emotions, keep them in check, see only what's appropriate and good. And understand a loss partner has wisdom. And you will see that soon in the valley common asmall. Emotionally This is something that requires firm resolve, it's not easy to do all these things, but it requires strength of character as

01:07:26 --> 01:07:26


01:07:28 --> 01:08:06

as number seven, to avert your face from people out of hardiness meaning Don't look down on people don't just like say you know, like a too good for them. No, you're just a person like anybody else. Without them shipping out the model. Ha don't walk on earth with pride. Don't think that you're better than anybody else. And you're the center of universe that you're so important. You're not in the law. Hello, you're here bucola Matalan for whole for God does not love the arrogant, boastful people. Well said Thema chic, walk modestly. Number nine wildeman soltec and lower your voice, okay? Your voice is not the most important voice. Don't always try to hear yourself talk. Don't always try

01:08:06 --> 01:08:24

to drown other people's voices and opinions because that's a like a an element of narcissism in there. Okay. In uncle Swati De Soto Hamid, the worst type of the ugliest of all voices is the brain of the of the donkey, the donkey, about what you think okay.

01:08:26 --> 01:08:31

The soil concludes with a very beautiful passage number 33. in unison

01:08:33 --> 01:09:15

blockshow Yama, all men seek protection or people actually seek protection when your Lord and fear the day when neither will the father be of any oil to his son, nor will the son be of any oil test father, even though this the surah mentioned a father and a son, yes, and a beautiful relationship or father son, where the father is a righteous wise man. And he's beautifully advising his son with all sorts of beautiful things with the foundation of faith rituals, standing up for justice and good causes, being patient and having you know, fortitude and character having humility, not being full of yourself all the kinds of things you want in a young person, yes, and more.

01:09:16 --> 01:09:44

But that is only for this world. Once the next life kicks in. You know, all of that will end. Then a person is by themselves until they go to Jenna and then we're back as families together on that day. There is no relationships you're by yourself. Okay, a father will be of no use to a son and a son will be of no use to a father in Nevada law you have God's promises. Surely true. So let not the worldly life beguile you let let it not deceive you for

01:09:46 --> 01:10:00

the dunya and don't let the deceiver deceive you concerning God. Well, hold on no Camilla Hello her or don't let your the deception that that comes as part of the enjoyment

01:10:00 --> 01:10:41

of life the luxuries of life the entertainment of life Don't let that make you forget about the purpose of life a rule here is he says a shape on don't also let the deceiver IE shape on make you forget about the purpose of your life and the the finality of this day in the Lucha in the Hawaiian Massara truly God alone has knowledge of the hour and he sends down the rain and he knows what's in the wombs. Right? Nobody knows when the hour is rain is you have the probability of precipitation you don't know for a fact if it's going to rain, and he knows what's in the wombs. Right when they're developing and until they have formed and then you can see them through ultrasound until

01:10:41 --> 01:11:21

they have formed you don't know what it is only Allah knows until that point. Okay? No one knows what they will earn tomorrow, meaning you don't know whether you're going to be alive tomorrow or not. And you don't know where you will die Latina zombie II, out intermode. These are examples of things that are known to Allah only in the LA Holleyman hobby. Because Allah is all knowing and all aware, I'm gonna quickly conclude with a short Surah Surah such that this is a surah that you should try to read every night surah number 32 and Surah 67 the problems and these are two sutras to read. They protect you from the punishment of you know, the hereafter and they are a source of blessings

01:11:22 --> 01:11:23

and comfort.

01:11:24 --> 01:11:29

begins with a beautiful passage and Islam meme, as you notice is the fourth Alif Lam Meem in a row. Okay.

01:11:30 --> 01:11:33

Tansy will get Abbey min Allah He,

01:11:34 --> 01:12:14

excuse me, Laura Murphy, he may or may not mean Rob but I mean, this book has, beyond all doubt men revealed by the Lord of the universe. And they do they see that he has made it himself. No, in fact, he is not. It is the truth from your Lord, to warn people who people who before had never seen a messenger. This is talking about mcca people America, they had never seen the messenger before or heard of a messenger before in this context. So that's why perhaps that they're reacting this way. So Allah is gonna give them evidences. Allah is the one who's created the heavens and the earth in six days, established himself on the throne. He is the only one worthy of worship Why do you Why

01:12:14 --> 01:12:26

don't you pay heed to that he is the one who directs all affairs from the sky and the earth is the one who knows everything that he garlin will have a view of Shahada right the day when he brings you to

01:12:27 --> 01:12:44

judgment Academy dot o l fissara. De matar doon then again we'll ascend to him on a day whose length is 1000 years by the way you measure game time is relative in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. It has relativity.

01:12:45 --> 01:13:30

He has perfected everything. Curry originated the creation The Man from clay made you into progeny, min Sula, let him in mind by him from an extract of a humble fluid. But then he made you into molded you breathe into you His Spirit our souls gave you the faculties of hearing and sight and hearts * was somehow absorbed or an offender kuleana matter school? How little are you grateful? It's such a beautiful, I gave the surah has an interesting passage that people say Are we going to be brought back to life after we are dead? Allah says yes, you will be brought back to life. And you know what's going to happen when the Day of Judgment If only you could see how these people will be

01:13:30 --> 01:13:48

hanging their heads in shame before the Lord. And on that day they will say Our Lord we have seen and we have heard Stefan Jenna send us back numbers all and now we will do good. We promise in our movie no now we know for a fact that you exist. Now we know for a fact that we can be brought back to life

01:13:50 --> 01:13:50

to date.

01:13:52 --> 01:14:35

If Allah wanted to, he could have given everybody guidance, but this is not Allah's choice. Allah has chosen for this life to be a test. And if you failed it, you can at that point say, Please give me another chance because you had so many chances when you were alive. Okay? And that is the reality for those people. But those who believe they will be the whole They are the ones who fall in frustration. And they're reminded of the Lord. They're not arrogant. They wake up at night to pray. Yeah, their own album Hold on What am I making dua to the Lord in hope and in fear. And they spend from what we've provided them, they lived this, this is how they live. So now when they you know are

01:14:35 --> 01:14:59

resurrected, that genda that they were working for the I will attain it. This agenda is no soul knows what is kept hidden in store for them as a reward for their labors. It's so incredible. You actually cannot conceive it fully, but it's not the ion it is the joy of your eyes. Jessa I mean, I can hear I'm alone. Okay, I'll conclude with this one.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:40

If this is an important I have, which is one of the phenomena I've been added, not doing another activity on your own. Allah says something very interesting about life. He says, We will make them taste a lesser punishment, before the greater punishment, so that perhaps they may return to us in repentance, meaning life will have, you know, Allah will have these incidents that will happen to us, things that will happen to us, that will be very painful. But that very painful, you know, circumstance that we will go through is a last reminder that wake up before it's too late, right? Because these people will complain right? In this surah people are like, Oh, just give us one more

01:15:40 --> 01:16:25

chance, God, just one more chance now we know. But Allah says he's going to give you reminders throughout your life, to wake you up, to help you come back on your own, so you can come back to the straight path. And that is, if you don't pay heed to that, then the loss is yours. These are the sewers that we covered today. hamdulillah surah Anca boots are 29. So the theme of it was fitna surah room, the signs of Allah that are all a word that are clear from the prediction of the fall of the sassanids and the victory of the Byzantines to the prediction of the process on them on the Battle of other two examples of signs of a lot all around us. And then the story of McMahon and the

01:16:25 --> 01:16:59

beautiful father son relationship and of course concluding with surah such the so number 32 inshallah, tomorrow we will pick up from Surah number 33. So to accept thank you for staying with me to the end, we will now end around 740 to 745 just because we have a little bit more time. Sorry 747 45 because we have a little bit more time and today I spent some time talking about the last night. So I hope that is okay with you all just like McLaren for giving me your time and your attention. I hope to see you again tomorrow. subhanak Allah Mohammed Ganesha de la ilaha illa Anta Mr. Furukawa gnotobiotic wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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