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Ash-Shuara 1-68 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 27-51

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He said, who said fair on set in Nara sulaco. Now for around he addresses the courtiers as well. That in the Rasulullah commanded your messenger, Allah The ORCID icon, the one who has been sent to you, he is limited to noon, surely is meant is much known Why does fit our own say that?

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That he claims to have a god other than me and he claims to be a messenger of that God. So he ignores Masada Sam over here and he speaks to his courtiers and he says, Look, this man, he is much known

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for Allah husar Islam said, ignoring your own will machete well McGreevy, He is the Lord of the east and the west one avena, Houma and whatever that is between them two if you don't understand what would it mean what Allah Allah mean is one more detail that Allah is the Lord of the east and the west whenever you know humor in quantum therapy alone if you use your intellect

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in quantum therapy alone, this should be noticed over here that for our own side, WUSA Sam is Majnoon.

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What is musala? Sam say if you use your reason, if you use your reason, then the Lord of the heavens and the earth the Lord of the world is who? The Lord of the east and the west, the one who created them, the one who owns them.

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Color now gets very furious. He gets very angry. He threatens was that isn't that in it? The huster 11 alien lady, Elon Musk Jr. If you dare to take a god other than me, I'm going to place you among those who are in prison.

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Let in at the hospital. If you are Moosa dare to take a god Illa Hana lady, then what's going to be your punishment? Leger Island NACA shortly I will definitely make you mean and must do Nene of those who are in prison must do Nene is a Florida must June, and must June is one who has been put in the surgeon, surgeon is what a prison

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for our own did not have any response. So when he was defeated in the debate, he only got angry. And he resorted to the use of his force and violence and violence. And he threatened musasa them that he was going to imprison was Allison. And this threat was not an ordinary threat. Because the prisons that fit our own had set up, there were such places that no living person would want to be. It is sad that they were such present, they were actually dungeons that were underground. And any person who wants to be sent there, he was kept alone. He was confined.

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And he was not able to see anyone he was not able to hear anyone because it was completely dark.

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So this was a severe threat. That if you dare to take a god other than me, if you don't adopt my ways, I'm going to imprison you.

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Allah musallam now says, I will urge you to go even if I come to you with a movie with something that is clear. Meaning even if I show you a clear thing, still you would send me to the prison. What is he referring to? miracles? What does it show to us? That mozzarella? Sam did not use the miracles right at the beginning. What did you use at the beginning? evidence, speech conversation. And when it wasn't going anywhere, then musala Center, he used the miracles, this teaches is a very important lesson.

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Sometimes what happens, we're so excited. We're so thrilled that immediately as we go speak to someone we say such big things to them. And when we say such big things to them, they don't have any effect. And then after that we have nothing else to say.

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So how should we go about it, gradually build it up one step after the other. And this is the technique that most artists and i'm used as well.

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color for our own set dB, then go ahead and bring in conterminous auditing if you are of those who are truthful. If you really speaking the truth, then go ahead and show us show your movie in a clear miracle.

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So Musan is an app for alpha so who so he through his staff for either then all of a sudden here it became meaning the staff it became serban and will be a serpent that was manifest Serbian. Serbian is used for a gigantic snake, a huge snake.

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And there are other words as well that are used for snake we have learned earlier, high yet on high yet on Desa. And I told you that higher is a word that is used for any type of snake, whether big or small.

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So over here, in particular, sir Ben. So what does it show to us that at the time when masala Salaam showed the miracle to fit our own? At that time, the snake appeared to be very huge, sir Ben, and it was movie. What does it mean by movie? That it was clearly

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Nik, it wasn't a hallucination.

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And it wasn't a deception of the eyes. And it wasn't that anybody missed it. No, just imagine all of the core tears and fit our own in the palace in the court.

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And you have musar listener, and then all of a sudden, he throws a staff and it turns into a huge snake.

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That the fear and the panic that that might have caused amongst some people.

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And it was a huge snake. Nobody missed it.

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When is our Idaho and then musallam showed the other miracle that he drew out, he pulled out his hand nesara literally means to pull out. So he pulled out his hand. For he that then all of a sudden here it was meaning the hand was bayla white Linares lean for those who look

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by law is a feminine enough appeal and appeal this affirmative Lee so extremely white, radiant with light. It had raised linagliptin for those who look meaning any person who could see any person whose eyes were functioning, could see that glowing hand. Nobody missed it.

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Allah now fit our own, he spoke up

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to undermine the miracles, what did he say? Little Mullah he to the Mullah haroldo that were around him. He said to them, in their lesser hidden early.

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Indeed, this is a learned magician. Why does he say that?

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Why does he say that? So that people don't get impressed by masais.

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They don't get affected by him. They don't listen to him. So all of a sudden he says in a Saharan alien, he's a magician, but not an ordinary magician. arleen someone was very knowledgeable and expert in the art of magic.

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And he says you redo this magician He wants you to come in ethical, that he expelled you from your land, how basically he with his magic, familiar with that model. So what do you order? What do you suggest? What do you say? What do we do with him?

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Now fit our own he calls miracles magic.

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And he also says that Musa alayhis salam had some hidden agenda.

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He believes in conspiracy theory.

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And he says to his people, to make them dislike musasa that he is here to expel you from your land. And he's going to do it by the force of this magic. You see, this magic has been very effective. Very great. This is what he wants.

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Then we'll start listening. He never said that. Give me the power. Are you going from here? What did he say?

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send the money slide with me.

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He said let the Bani Israel go. That's all he said. But further on, he completely misrepresented the call of Messiah.

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So what did the elite say in response to the question of round that format? That moron they said kalu of G? postpone him? LG. LG is from the reflectors, raw gene? Well, from the word legit. What does that mean? Hope. And Elijah yorgi. Elijah, when you take it above, if it means do defer,

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to defer someone's matter to postpone someone's mentor. Why? Because when someone's affair is postponed, then it increases their hope or fear, isn't it?

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When you know what's going to be done, when you know what the answer is, when you know what's going to happen, you're fine. But when you're left in suspense, when your measure is postponed when you don't know if you're going to get through or not, when you don't know if it's going to happen or not, then what happens you're constantly hoping you constantly have fear and hope in your heart. So are j meaning put off him? And this hat that you see at the end? This is the meat of G meaning put him off and that's turned into algae. So put him off postpone his matter what a horrible and also his brother how don't

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don't take any action against them. postpone their affair. And meanwhile what should you do webinars and send filmer there any in the cities sent who has sreen ones who gather but there is a plural of Medina and Medina is used for such a city where people live according to certain rules and regulations. Because it's from the Medina and the Medina is to be civilized.

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So it's a place where people live according to law and order. They have their own law in order so filmer there any hashing and what are these gathers going to bring yet to come they will come to you because Lisa her and Arlene with every learn at skilled magician why

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To compete against the magic of masala

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notice a word to help so how does on the structure of Farah so so how is not just a hit but an expert magician a leading magician.

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So send in the various cities of your civilization hash it in and they should bring called Lisa her and Eileen

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for Jumeirah so he was gathered who was gathered a set hello to the magicians, the gathers were sent and the magicians they came for Jumeirah sahaabah to a Salah is a Florida said and when did they come? Lima party for the appointment which appointment Yeoman Mara loom of a day that was well known. McCarthy's from the root letters. Well pastor What does walks mean? Time and Mika is the appointed time meeting point venue.

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So he sent people together the magicians and the magicians. They all came at the appointed time of a well known day. What was a well known day. Do you remember? Yama, Xena.

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And what time was it

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Now remember that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Boyd tree was at its peak.

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Everyone strove to be the best point and at the time of Masada Sonam everyone strove to be the best magician.

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Well, clearly nasty, and it was set to the people hell and too much time your own. are you all going together? This is where encouragement that at that time on Yama, Xena. It wasn't just that the magicians were supposed to consider own was supposed to come. And musasa was supposed to be there for our own wanted his people to be there as well. The people of the country to be there as well. So what keelin as it was said to the people hell anthem which to me, Ron, are you coming?

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What happens? If somebody asks you are you coming? Even if you weren't thinking of going, what happens? Then? you're encouraged other people, they force you, they compel you, they encourage you. So how much the mirror Are you going to come? are you all going to gather together or not. And they encourage the people now who are Sahaja gum, so that we may follow the magicians in Kanu homolka, even if they are the predominant that come and support the magicians, and if they're going to be victorious, we're going to follow the magicians meaning we're going to remain on the religion of the magicians, which is a religion of fit. So come and give your support. And this is what people do

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even today

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that even if you're not a participant, what do they want you to do? Come and at least support.

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Now imagine so many magicians, so many magicians, and so many supporters and on top of that fit our own as well. And on the other hand, who do we have? Just musasa

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Just two people that are linen who Sahaja incana woman hollaby allow art and perhaps the B'nai Israel were also allowed to come

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for the merger of Sahara to then when the magician's came when they came for the point of time, or Lulu for owner the set of her own in mellonella agilon.

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In is indeed Lennar for us legend shorty award. Are we really going to get a reward in Conan Doyle even if we are the victorious if we defeat Moosa if we overcome Moosa? Are we going to get a reward or not? Are we going to get something in response or not gonna fit on set now. Yes, of course you'll get something when in nickel and indeed you even then lemon and mocha Rabin, surely you will be of those near to me. mocha Rabin florala. mocha, that yes, you will be given a good reward. And on top of that, you will also be brought near to meet you will be in the Royal Court, as close counselors and courtiers.

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What is this show to us?

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When musasa when he was told by Allah subhanaw taala ago? Did he say what am I going to get in return?

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What does that show his sincerity? His well wishes, his determination and the magician's. What is the first thing they asked? What are we getting in return?

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When a person is working for the sake of Allah, He does not want any material benefit in return.

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He does not set it as a condition. If he gets it. Good. It's the favor of Allah it's a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. However, he does not set it as a condition that only if you give

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Give me this then I will come. And if you don't give me this, then I'm not going to do the work. No.

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Because he knows that if he's doing something for the sake of Allah, then Allah is Allah Zack and he will provide for every need, he will fulfill every need.

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And when a person comes with this determination with this the worker, then Allah definitely definitely fulfills every need of this. You have to offer yourself you have to present yourself and just as we learned earlier, even if you lack certain things, as long as you have the inner drive along with will fulfill your needs, he will compensate for what you need. So what happened then caught Allah who Musa Musa Sam said to them, I'll throw my unto macoun wherever you have to throw macoun florala mulki meaning go ahead and show your magic. What does it show the confidence of Messiah

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who has confidence The one who knows he is upon the truth, he does not become afraid. Masada Salaam knew that he had been given miracles by Allah soprano.

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And a miracle is stronger than what the people can offer what the people can do. So look at his confidence and Akuma and to macoun bring it on go ahead and show what you have for an Cohiba home. So they through their ropes a valid Florida have they through the ropes, where you see your home rustling florala awesome. And they also threw their sticks will call you and they said Where is that if your own in the National hollobone and they said by the mitofit our own indeed It is we who are predominant. They swear an oath by there is a fit our own. There is that if you own that over here is awesome. And there is a honor, respect glory. So by the glory off in our own we are definitely

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winners, we are definitely going to be predominant. Why did they say this?

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Because they consider it to be like a god.

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So whenever they began to do something important, whose name would they mention? The name of it. Just as when we are supposed to begin something important? What are we required to say Bismillah. We're supposed to mention the name of Allah. However, there are amongst people those who were so weak minded, that they mentioned the name of people the name of creatures when they begin to do something important.

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Like for example, the magician's they said there is a defeater own. But even today, there are people who when they meet one another, they mentioned the name of some people, some seeds, some righteous men, that by the virtue of so and so by Your Honor, by their honor, such and such should happen. So the people of Iran also the munitions, they said something very similar, and they showed their magic. And when they showed their magic, what happened, we learned into our life I went 16 that's how our Internet's they be which the eyes of the people that the people thought that all of those sticks and ropes that they had thrown there turned into snakes, this is why it appeared to be so

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musasa then he showed his miracle for elkaar musasa, who then Mussa through his staff, for either he had an all of a sudden it was delicate for my FICO and it devoured what they had falsified. musallam he threw his staff and within a moment, what happened, that snake, it began telco, it began swallowing what the magician's had falsely made. The output from the infectious lamb coffee lock, and luck phase to grab something quickly by the amount, or by the hand.

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You may have seen how certain birds they come in to just quickly snatch what's in your hand or they quickly snatch whatever is on the ground. Within seconds, it's gone. Literally, it's possible that sometimes you holding something in your hand and they just come and pick it up in front of you away from your hand. Similarly, how frogs how they catch their prey that within seconds. So similarly, this is how the staff of Masada Santa turned into a huge snake it began swallowing the magic that the magicians have produced yet, goon.

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Why is this set may get going?

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Because whatever magic The Magicians were showing, that was, what if

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it's a lie, because magic does not have any reality. It's only a twisted representation of reality.

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It's only a vision that the eyes of the person have been affected.

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That just imagine, it is said that there were approximately 80,000 magicians

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If even one magician through one stick, and the other magician through one staff 80,000, snakes 80,000 and Lutheranism staff, what does it do? It consumes all of them 10 of my FICO, what does it show? that nothing, nothing at all, no matter how numerous no matter how strong it is, can stand against the miracle of a loss of parameter.

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What you need is conviction

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musalla Center, he was convinced that this is the miracle of Allah.

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This is the miracle This is much stronger. And when he showed that when he presented that it demolished, it completely caused failure to the magic of the magicians.

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Similarly, even today, one of the

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can be sufficient to defeat the magic of the magicians. Why? Because this is not ordinary color. It's the kurama who Allah subhanaw taala just as that stuff was not an ordinary stuff, it was assigned miracles by who Allah subhanaw taala so a defeated 80,000 80,000 Just imagine. So what happened then, when the snake of musala snapped, it consumed all of the snakes off the magician's for oltenia Sahara to sajida into the magician's, they fell down in frustration,

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in frustration due to a loss of habitat. Why? Because they accepted their defeat. They knew that what muthana said I'm sure could not be magic. Why? Because they themselves were experts of magic. And they knew that what they had done, what they had shown, could only be countered by something much, much more stronger.

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They were experts of magic. And their magic was defeated by this one staff, one chore one demonstration. So for all the Assetto Corsa jadine they fell down in frustration.

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And notice the word olkaria its module What does it show that how swiftly how within moments within seconds the entire scene was changed, as if they were forced into it they were overcome by what they saw.

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carlu and they immediately said and Barbara mean, we believe in the Lord of the worlds, but I'll be Moosa the lord of Moosa will have rune and Harun?

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Look at these magicians just a few moments ago. What were they asking? What are we going to get from you? And they said beer is that if at all? But what are they saying now? And get off the dial Ameen or be masaharu. Why? Because a man had entered their hearts. Look at how they changed. Look at how they changed completely. They were completely different people now.

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They accept it. They surrender. Why? Because they saw the reality. They understood the reality and they accepted.

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Fear. On the other hand, what was his problem? He did not accept it. This is why he remained stubborn. No matter what evidence was shown to him, no matter what evidence was given to him, no matter what miracle was shown to him. He wasn't going to believe. But the magicians once they saw the reality, they accepted it. They humbled and such humble people are those who are less likes for our own. He was infuriated because he was defeated. He was embarrassed.

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By caller he said unto you believe in him. You believe in Musa covenant and as an icon before I give permission to you, as an affront even meaning how dare you believe in Him? Without my permission? Why didn't you ask me?

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I know what this is in the hula calbuco indeed he is your big one. He is your great one. Allah Dr. lemma como Sera, the one who has taught you magic. This is all a conspiracy. Moosa is actually your teacher he is one was taught you all of this magic. This is just something that you are showing to me pretending and now the reality has been exposed. You dare to play with me Fela Silva Darla Mona, then surely soon you're going to know that they're under a vehicle. I'm not going to leave you alone. I'm going to cut your hands. What Oh, Julia come and your feet how many laughing from opposite sides, right hand and left foot or left hand and right foot. I'm going to cut your hands

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and feet from opposite sides.

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And even then I'm not going to leave you while it was slightly bent knuckle merge marine and surely I will definitely crucify all of you to get why does he say edgy marine? Because the magician's were so many in number. So he's trying to show to them. I'm not afraid of your great numbers. No matter what you do, no matter what you say. Now

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I am going to punish you in this way. I am going to crucify each and every single one of you.

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What was the response of the munitions padula? Boy, they said no problem. No harm. Go ahead, do whatever you want. What does lay to me? Ladies on the roof that is la de la. And bada you Leto is to inflict harm and loss on someone. So even if you cut our hands and feet, even if you crucify us, you cannot really harm us. Because what is the maximum that you can do? Kill us, okay, if you kill us, in our opinion, kalibo then anyway, we're going back to our Lord.

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If you kill us, we'll just go sooner. If you don't kill us, we live for some more time. Eventually, again, we are going to back to our Lord. What do we see over here? the bravery of the magicians, that how brave they became,

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what is it that gave them this bravery? It was a man. It was a recognition of the truth. It was accepting the truth musallam even he was upon the truth. This is why he had confidence. The Magicians when they accepted the truth, even they were confident even they became bold, but for their own, he was not on the truth. This is why he kept on changing the topic. He kept on accusing and threatening. This is something that we see constantly in the behavior of Iran. So when a person is on the truth, he should be confident.

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The Magician's they said in Nana tomorrow, indeed, we hope you're feeling out of buena Havana that our Lord will forgive us our sins. Because obviously as magicians they have been practicing magic. And magic is not something that brings good to people. It's something that harms people. So they pray that we hope that our Lord will forgive us our mistakes that we committed before

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and cannot overlook meaning that we have become the first of the believers. That because we are the first ones to believe in Masada center, from the Egyptians. We hope that because of this, Allah will forgive us our sins. Now what happened after that? We don't know if our own actually did this or not. But there are scholars who say that yes, but our own did kill and crucify all of the magicians. This is why it is said that they were magicians at the beginning of the day, and martyrs at the end of the day.

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So now, the truth was made evident to all the people to the entire nation of Egypt. But still they blindly followed him around because they were afraid of him.

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They did not want to go against him.

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And further on he refused to let the Bani Israel go. Now Masada Salaam he remained in Egypt for many, many years after this. And he continued to advise the people he continued to advise for their own. And during this time, a Lost Planet. Allah sent many many punishments up on fit our own and his people. This is the details of which we have learned earlier in total are off the blood, the frogs, the lice, the locusts, so on and so forth. But what happened every time they were struck by disaster, they would come to Masada, Islam, and they would say, pray for this to be removed, we will believe. What does that show that they knew musallam was true. But every time the problem was

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removed, they would go back to their display.

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And then finally, Allah subhanaw taala commanded most artists and I'm to take the bunny slave away from Egypt, which we will learn in the following Ayah. But what do we see over here? That the constant denial of their own, despite the fact that he recognized the truth, this gave comfort to the prophets

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because he was facing something very similar from the people

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that although they recognize the truth, they weren't willing to accept it. This is why at the beginning of the sutra, Allah subhanaw taala addressed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that la la cabeza nepsac that perhaps you would kill yourself, don't kill yourself la Economou Mini. Your responsibility is to convey the truth if the people don't believe that they will be held responsible. They will be held accountable.

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will listen to the recitation of these if

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all see

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Nasha Nunez in law

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for one minute

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Boo coolies

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in a

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boo boo

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boo Polly ponies are obscene enough

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or me

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on me

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de Paula

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ob be

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Obi Wan

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You read

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right, una como si?

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como una.

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de la

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feola no Muna