Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 03 – L040A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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I do want to say Leon out of surah Hill Karim, I'm about to lay him in a shape on evergreen Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Allah he saw that he was certainly every one of them the term melissani of poco. De obon has a dinner in

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Lesson number 40. pseudo earlier and Ron is number one to 13.

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And if meme and if meme, Allahu Allah. La, not him or her, any god Illa except who he

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and how you the ever living? I'll pay you the Sustainer mezzetta he gradually sent down, he gradually revealed I maker upon you. l kita. The book been happy with the truth. Mossad, the con when confirming Lima, for what bainer is between Yoda he gets two hands. Well, Angela, and he sat down, and he revealed autodata the Torah while in jail, and the NGO

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men from Albany before who then as guidance, no mercy for the people. Well, and Angela, he sat down, he revealed and forgotten the criterion in the indeed, Almudena those who care for who they disbelieved be fit with versus Allah He of Allah, La home for them, other than a punishment showed even when severe or low who and a law as isn't always Almighty, the possessor into common of retribution or into harm revenge. retribution revenge.

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In indeed, Allahu Allah. lair not your offer, it is hidden. Lie upon him. Shame on anything. fee in an LD, the earth, the land, whether and nor fee in a summer, the sky.

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He, under the Who? You saw will come he fashions you. He shapes you. fee in

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the wombs. kafer how your shirt He wills law not Eva any god Illa except who he and Aziz the always Almighty and Hakeem the all resolved why's

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he no he is who? Angela he sat down. He revealed Anika upon you elkie Thurber, the book men who form it

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versus more common ones clear ones precise. Honda be

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our mother Foundation, ella kitabi of the book what and Ohara others Mater shall be heard once unspecific, please cut out allegorical the translation is once unspecific for anma. So as for and levena, those who fee in cannubi him their hearts, Zohan deviation, photo be owner, so they follow ma what the shoba her it was unspecific men who from it able to to seek Me fitna the fitna, the discord and fitna fitna discord, or even mischief is correct, but better than mischief over here is Discord.

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Well, and if they were to seek that wheelie, he gets interpretation and the second translation of that lead

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that really its interpretation. And secondly, it's actualization from actual,

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warmer and not yeah level. He knows that we the who it's interpretation in there except Allahu Allah, wa and unless you hoonah those who are firmly grounded fee in an urn me the knowledge yaku Nana they say, Amanda we believed B he with it could learn all men from in the near rabina our

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warmer and not yet vecow he takes heat in there except to do possessors and bad of the intellects of the understanding

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Rob banner, our law do not to seal you deviate or no banner our hearts bother after is when have you guided us? Well, and have you grant Lehner for us men from London, near you. mutton mercy in Mecca indeed you and you alone, and we'll have the store.

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Rob banner, our up in Mecca. Indeed you, Jeremy are one who gathers a nurse the people, Leo men for a de la not rubber, any doubt fee in it. In Indeed, Allah, Allah, La not your clue. He goes against elmia add the promise in indeed, and Medina those who care for who they disbelieved. Len will never do Nia, it will on home from them and to whom their wealth their properties, Waller and nor, to whom their children, men from Allah He Allah shake anything what and Buddha eager those whom they are worku few enough of the Hellfire

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COVID be like condition like custom could be like condition like custom only have people followers for the owner of your own work and, and Medina those who mean from probably him before them. camdeboo they denied they belied the ayah Tina with our verses for a hoarder home. So he sees them. Allahu Allah, be the one obey Him because of their sins. Were Allahu and Allah Shetty the most severe and reverb of the retribution

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for c'est la La Nina to those who care for Rue de disbelieved. Seto la buena. Soon you will be overcome

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and Sharona you will be gathered together either to Jehan NEMA Hellfire wa and bitser how bad elmy heard the rest in place. God in fact, Canada it was lucky for you. I don't assign fee in fee attaining two groups in Dakota. They two met each other fee I don't agree with group to RT Lu it fights fi in Serbia Li Wei Allahu of Allah, wa and

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other Kafeel attune one who disbelieves your owner whom they see them, mislay him, twice of them, like twice of them per year, seeing li li of the I will la who and Allah you a you do. He supports he aids * three he With his help, man, whoever, Yeshua who he wills in, indeed fi in their lives.

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That Larry Broughton surely a lesson, Lee for possessors absolved of the visions of the sights.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Oh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman

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Can you help

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They wanna kiss

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in a lot

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gather we

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only Larry nakazato Sato una Watashi

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wa The

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audion can Allah

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be a needle

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40 rupees

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Al-Imran 1-13 Translation

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