Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-023B Tafsir Al-Baqarah 172

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing gratitude to Allah and showing appreciation for his actions in religion. They stress the lawful use of edible foods and the legal framework for negative language use. The speakers also emphasize the importance of preserving human life and avoiding empty foods. They stress the need for strong appreciation for natural and plant-based foods and the importance of healthy eating. The speakers also mention the history of the title of Islam and how it relates to people's health and eating habits.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I have number 172 Yeah, are you Hello Dina Armano coulomb into your birth email Rosa canal calm, wash Kuruvilla he in quantum Yahoo tar balloon, all you have believed, eat from the good things which we have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is indeed him that you worship previously in Surah Baqarah we learned in iron number 168 that Allah subhanaw taala addresses all people yeah are you have NAS all mankind Kulu Mumma, Phil Irby, halal and for Yuba, each of that which is on the earth, that is halal, that is lawful and that is the you that is good. Now here Allah subhanaw taala is specifically addressing the believers yet are you Alladhina Irma,

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no column in play, you buy tomatoes or Conoco. So first all people were addressed. And now specifically believers are being addressed, that you should eat of the good things which we have provided for you. And notice how you are you are learning Amande, who has been said or you will have believed there are many ways to describe a person or to refer to a person, it could be their race, or it could be their appearance, it could be their profession. And here Allah subhanaw taala is referring to a people is addressing them by their Eman. The fact that they believe, because what this means is that if they believe in Allah, and they believe in the hereafter, they believe in the

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Scripture, they believe in the prophets of Allah, then they will do what they're being commanded to do. So this shows us that what is mentioned over here, what Allah subhanaw taala is commanding us over here, that is related to our iman, meaning if we do what is mentioned in this ayah, then this is something that will strengthen and complete our faith. But if we oppose what is mentioned in this idea, then that will be a sign of deficiency in our faith. And that means that we will be damaging our faith. So all you who have believed you should eat up the good things that we have provided to you. And here we also see that you know, for example, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala uses this

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NIDA many many times yeah, you are living at home and we are you are living at home and who are you who have believed or you who have believed, we see that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is addressed yet a Johann Nabhi Oh, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you know, there is a way to address people, okay? Meaning when we have to call someone when we have to address them, then we should do that in a respectful way, in a way that will, you know, soften the heart of the person or encourage that person or allow them to feel accepted. Not that we address people in ways in which they feel discouraged, they feel humiliated. They feel like, you know, someone's picked on them, or

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using titles, and descriptions and words, which are disrespectful, any, we should avoid that. Even when we are addressing our own family members. You know, sometimes we just use their name to call them, right. And that's fine. But you know, when you use a loving description, to address someone, or you call them lovingly, instantly, they feel drawn towards you. But if you call them in a way that they feel insulted, that their name has been twisted, or they're being called by a name that they don't like, then they're not going to be drawn towards you. They're going to feel instantly averse, right? So be careful about how you address people. So yeah, Are you her Latina, Amanu or you

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have believed? What is it that Allah subhanaw taala has commanding us to do over here? Two things, first of all, eat up the good things that we have provided you and secondly, give thanks to Allah be grateful to Allah. And you must do these two things. In Kuntum iya, hooter Boone if you all actually worship Him alone, and if you actually worship Allah, exclusively purely, then you must eat of the good things and you must show gratitude to Allah. Remember earlier on in spiritual Bukhara we learned what ILA who Camila who are hit right in Iowan 63 that your God is one God. And that means that when you take Allah as your ILA, right when you worship only Allah

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That means that you obey Him, you show surrender to him? Or how do you surrender to Allah? How do you show subservience to your daddy? To the one whom you worship? You do that by not only ritual acts of worship, but also through the choices that you make in terms of food. Okay? And then after eating, then what is it that you do? So, if you truly actually worship Allah, then show that right how by your food choices, and by showing thanks to Allah who has provided you that food now let's look at the first command. Allah's Pantheon is telling us Kulu men play by tomorrow's Okanagan Eat of the good things. Okay. Now this command Kulu this command is off EBA you know, of permissibility

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okay, you need Kulu doesn't mean that you have to eat all the time. Okay, so right now, or soon as you recite this ayah as soon as you listen to this ayah you must eat something. Uh, no, it means that when you eat whatever you eat, then that food should be good food. Okay, so Kulu Minta Uberti eat of good things, which we have provided you. Now if you think about it in the world, Allah subhanaw taala has created many different types of things, right. And a lot of these things are edible in the sense that if a person were to eat them, they will not get poisoned, right? They will not die. All right. But just because you can eat something, it doesn't mean that it is lawful for

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you to eat it, that it is permissible for you to eat it. So remember, when it comes to food, things that we can eat? There are two types. Okay, what are these two types of foods? First of all food that is the YouTube and secondly, food that is hobbies. Now what is by YouTube by YouTube is that which is good, that which is lawful. All right. And Hobbes is that which is bad, that which is unlawful. Okay, now when it comes to food that is the hip, let's talk about that first. It is lawful why because it's lawful in and of itself, it's a food that Allah subhanaw taala has declared lawful by for example, a carrot okay. Or for instance, an animal that you slaughtered or you bought from a

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halal butcher place and now you are eating it right. So, it is lawful, why because in and of itself, fear Me he that food is permissible, okay. Meaning there is nothing prohibiting it in the Quran or in the Sunnah. And then it is lawful feet QSB in the way that you acquired it, okay in the way that you earned it. So for example, if you steal a carrot from your neighbor's garden, okay, that is not halal. That is not lawful, it is not the up for you. Okay, but if you take it with their permission, or they give it to you, or you purchase it from somewhere, and then you eat it, that is halal for you, all right. So the Ube is that which is halal, how is it halal fee ie where fee can be any in

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and of itself, it is something lawful, there is nothing in the Quran and Sunnah that prohibits it. And the way that you acquired it is also lawful, you acquired it legally. So this is for you. And then for your results of that which is clean that which is good. So for example, if that carrot is rotten, okay? Or if the meat you know, is decaying, it's got maggots in it, something like that. Even if you purchased it with Halal money, even if that meat is from an animal that was slaughtered properly. It's not clean, okay, so you should not eat it. It's not good for you. Likewise, if it's something that does not suit your body, you have a certain health condition because of which you

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have been told to avoid certain foods. But if you eat those foods anyway and then you fall ill, you are harming yourself, you're damaging your body. So each of the ice baths. Now remember that the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given us the laws that he has given us. They have certain objectives. Okay? Meaning there's a reason why Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us to do certain things and forbidden us to stay away from certain things and there is a reason why there is an entire legal system, okay, where there are penalties, there is punishment, there is Kafala, expiation, etc. Why because there's

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certain objectives that our last panel title once for us and what are these objectives of Islamic law? They are part of them is preservation of human life and this is the reason why murder is haram okay. And this is also the reason why we have been told to eat certain things and not eat certain things. So for example, if a person eats poison okay or eat something that is toxic or lethal for them Okay, on purpose then this is something very serious it's something haram Okay, so Coolum into you bad each of the good things other objectives of Islamic law are preservation of mind preservation of wealth, preservation of lineage preservation of religion, any that's the reason why

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there are certain legal laws in Islam okay, but here because the topic was of preservation of life that's why I only spoke about that anyway coulomb into your battery metals economical. Now, the second type of foods that are there or edible things that are there are things which are hobbies, those things which are impure, okay, now we learn that Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden the hubba is on us the impure dirty things are lost planet Allah has made them unlawful for us. So even if they are there in the world, and these things might be very accessible to us. Somebody may even offer it to us. We're not going to eat it because it is bad, it is impure. Now, how is it bad? Why

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is it bad? First of all, because it is haram. Okay, because it is haram and how is it haram because it's clearly declared as something unlawful for consumption in the Quran or in the Sunnah. Okay, Sophie IE, it is haram. So for example, if there is alcohol or for example, if there is pork, and you know, someone says, oh, it's been washed, it's been cured, you know, it's been washed properly, there is no bacteria in it, it's been prepared really well you know, the person who prepared it and you know, made sure that the entire place you know, was clean, very hygienic kitchen etc. Just because there is no germs on it, it doesn't mean that pork is halal, right, because in and of

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itself, it is haram. So it is hubbies it is impure, okay. Secondly, it is haram, why because Ficus B in the way that you acquired it, okay. So, if a person stole it same example, then it is hobbies, okay? If a person took a piece of cheesecake, okay, from a dessert place and they did not pay for it on purpose, alright, they extol it, then no matter how delicious it is, it is still bad, it is still impure. Okay. Likewise, if a person takes iron supplement, for example, from a pharmacy, they steal it, they don't pay for it, right? Then it is hobbies, it is actually bad, it is impure, it is dirty for them. Okay. So yes, there are many edible things, okay, in the world that Allah subhanaw taala

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has provided to us, but what is it that the believers should eat? The year that they should eat the good things? Good as in clean, not bad, not harmful for a person. And secondly, good as in lawful, and coulomb antiobesity, Moussa, Puna, calm, this is so important that Allah subhanaw taala is the logic. And this is something we have to remember. Allah is the One who has provided to us different things. And whatever it is that we you know, have accessible to us. It's something that Allah subhanaw taala has provided, if Allah did not give it to us, if he did not make it if he did not provide it to us, then we wouldn't be able to obtain it. We wouldn't be able to consume it. So

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Kuruman favourtie merasa canal calm. Remember that Allah is the Razak right? We learned that, you know, karoun, he had so much wealth. And he said about his wealth that in nama Ott, who are eliminating the basically, I got this through my own knowledge. I'm an expert, I know what to do. I'm a self made person. And this is a very arrogant claim. So remember that Allah is the provider and food. Sustenance is a blessing from Allah in Surah Nahal Ayah 114 Allah subhanaw taala says for Kulu me ma mazurka como la eat of that which Allah has provided for you. And you know, sometimes

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Seems we have, you know, money with us, but we don't have access to food, or we're not able to eat, we're not allowed to eat. I remember once I was on a really long flight, okay. And it was like 14 hours long direct flight, and my kids were with me. And I forgot to buy snacks from the airport, okay. And on the plane, the meal that they served, part of it had nuts in it, and one of my kids is allergic to nuts. And that means that, you know, I have to be very careful as well. Because if I'm eating then you know, it's on my hands, then you get super worried. So when I'm in close proximity, like this, I avoid eating nuts myself as well. So anyway, we didn't get to eat, okay, the meal that

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they served, and I didn't have many snacks, I barely had like, a small packet of cookies or something like that. So I thought I would just buy something off of the plane. And for some reason, they weren't selling any food. Any, you know, we were in the plane. And the food that was there was not safe for us to eat. You know, I had the money, but I could not buy food, I did not have access to food. So you know, these situations teach us that we can only have access to something if Allah subhanaw taala gives it to us. So Allah is the Razzak. All right. And whenever we are in a situation like this, where we feel hungry, we need access to food, or even risk in general money. You know, a

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person is trying so hard, they cannot find a good job. Or you know, their business is just not doing well. We should pray to Allah right what is Zuko now we're under Hiral, raazi pain, that era you provide us and you are the best of those who provide? What Zona were under highroad was 18. Or simply just say what Xena you provide us, Europe you give us sustenance until reserach I call upon Allah by these names that you are the provider. So quantamental You bathy Marisa Conoco wash curule Illa, right and then, after you eat, what should you do, be grateful to Allah show gratitude to Allah. And sugar, remember, is not just through the tongue, but sugar is in the heart, okay, where

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you acknowledge that this blessing is from Allah, and you feel happy, you feel that Allah cares for you, you feel love for Allah, you have, you know, thanks in your heart, you know, for Allah, you acknowledge that the source of the blessing is Allah. Right. So this is the first step of sugar, that you emote, you experience that emotion of gratitude. And then secondly, sugar is also on the tongue that you verbally express that for example, you say Alhamdulillah, you say, sugar, sugar Allah, in your own language, in your own words, or you know, the words that we have been taught you express gratitude to Allah. And then thirdly, sugar is also through action, that you are enjoying

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the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given you, then you DO what is pleasing to Allah, you use the blessings in the right way. You know, for example, if someone brings you a cup of coffee, and you just say thank you, and that cup of coffee just sits in front of you gets cold, and then you throw it away in front of them. That's some gratitude that thanks was like a useless thanks. Okay. Any if someone brought coffee for you, and you're thanking them, that means that you're also going to drink that coffee, right? So you're going to use it. And then after using it, you're not going to be constantly complaining about how terrible that coffee was, or you know how it just wasn't good

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enough and things like that. So when Allah subhanaw taala gives us a blessing. Then part of sugar is that we show chakra through our actions as well through worship, through using the blessings correctly, properly, and then by benefiting others as well through the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us sharing that blessing, extending that blessing to others. So wash Quran, Allah be grateful to Allah show thanks to Allah, ye shall thanks to Allah because he provided you that food. Right? He provided you he is the source. All right. And you see food is something that doesn't just sustain us. It is also something that brings us joy.

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Roy, you know, for example, when you eat a good meal, you enjoy all those flavors and those textures and then you feel so satisfied later on any Allah subhanaw taala brought you joy by giving you that food. So thank him now. Now we think that if we are being very righteous people then we shouldn't enjoy you know good food and things like that. That's not the point. You know, Allah's parents are does not want us to be deprived of good things. No, He Himself gives us good things to enjoy. So what are we supposed to do? Our part is that we happily receive the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us without any guilt, we use them correctly. We use them responsibly. And then we

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express joy as well. And we thank Allah. So wash Kuru. Linda, be grateful to Allah in quantum a Yahoo taboo, if it is only him that you worship. And this shows us that eating what is lawful, is part of worship. And showing thanks to Allah for the good things that you eat. That is also part of worship. Because remember, Ibadah I mentioned this too early on in the course. That Ibadah is not just prayer. Okay. It is not just charity riba that is called Luma Hibou, Houma everything that Allah subhanaw taala loves, whether it is words or actions we will acquire Lee will Arman Okay, so a word that you say, which Allah subhanaw taala loves that word is an act of worship and action that

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you perform that Allah subhanaw taala loves that action is also an act of worship. And these words and actions can be Allah hidoe, well, batinah they can be apparent external or they can be internal. So for example, you eat, okay, halal food, with your right hand, you say Bismillah All right, you're eating this is an external action, but you're eating lawful food you're eating with the right hand in the way that Allah subhanaw taala likes, then this is an act of worship Valtellina it can also be internal, that you know, in your heart, you're feeling so much gratitude for Allah that you're up. Thank you so much. I was so hungry, and you provided this food to me, and I feel so satiated. I feel

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so energetic, I feel so satisfied. Alright, so that feeling that you have in your heart, that feeling also is an act of worship, you get rewarded for it. So in quantum iya, who taboo don't if it is only him that you worship, then showed that worship How by doing the things that Allah subhanaw taala loves, and that means in this context, eating good things, and then showing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala as well. So Kuruman tell you about the models of Conoco wash kulula Now one question, why is it that we should eat only the Ube food? Why eat by you? When even hobbies may be accessible to a person? Why should they eat by you? Because Allah subhanaw taala has ordered us to eat what is

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for you. And remember, when Allah subhanaw taala orders us to do something when He has commanded us to do something, then it means that that is an action that Allah subhanaw taala loves, that is an action that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with. Okay, so just because haram food is there in the world, it doesn't mean that you are allowed to eat it. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us to eat lawful things, good things, okay. And when we will eat lawful good things, then Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with us. Okay. In a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in Allahu Allah you been, that Allah is pure, and he accepts only that which is

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pure. Meaning if you give in charity, then you should give from your pure earnings, not unlawful earnings, because Allah only accepts that which is pure. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has commanded the believers the same thing which he commanded His Messengers by saying, Yeah, are you have Russolo Kulu minute by EBIT? Wiremu salejaw That all messengers Eat of the good things and do righteous actions. And here what is it that the believers have been commanded to do? Coulomb into you batty matzah, Conoco wash Kuruvilla right

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So this is the first reason why we should eat the food because it is something that pleases Allah. Allah subhanaw taala loves what he has legislated what He has commanded. So by eating good food, clean food, lawful food, we are earning the approval of Allah. Secondly, we should eat of good things of pure things of lawful things. Why? Because it has a direct impact on our Ibadah All right, on our worship, there is a Hadith in which we learned that, you know, there is a person who is lost with disheveled hair, you know, basically a very messy condition, very difficult condition and he calls upon Allah, Yara br Rob, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that How can his dua

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be answered when his clothing is haram? Right? He acquired his clothing through unlawful means. And his body is haram. How is it haram because that person only ate what is unlawful and so his body is made of unlawful food it grew on unlawful food. So this person's dua is not accepted. So in quantum iya, who Tara balloon, if it is only Allah that you worship, then eat only good things. Because when you will eat good things, when you will eat lawful things, then your worship will be accepted, then your dogs will be accepted, otherwise, they will not be accepted. So eating has a direct impact on us, you know, whatever we eat has a direct impact on us. And you will notice that, you know, when

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you start eating carefully, you pay attention to what is suitable for your body, what your body needs, and you eat carefully, responsibly, then you have more energy, right, you have more attention span, you are able to worship better, you're able to recite Quran, you're able to fulfill your obligations. But when you deprive yourself of proper food, then that has a direct impact on your productivity on your energy levels. So eat responsibly, you know, these days Subhanallah all our focus is on satisfying our tastebuds. And we don't pay attention to what we are eating, how much we are eating, is our diet balanced? Are we eating food that will nourish our body that will benefit

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our body? What is the portion size, you know, these are things that we don't learn about, and whatever we see, whatever we hear about, we just want to go and eat it without paying attention to how it will impact our body. You know, there are people who are mashallah advanced in age, but because they've been eating well, all their life eating properly, you know, they have the energy, the ability to pray properly, to go for Hajj to continue to fast, Mashallah. But then there are people who are young, but because they've been eating poorly, right, and they still made poor choices when it comes to food, they can barely get a professional. Alright, if you don't eat

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properly, you cannot sleep well. If you're not sleeping well, then again, your energy levels are affected. So there is a lot of things in our lives that we can fix. Or we can improve just by improving the way that we eat, learn about, you know, what the proper portion sizes should be. And you know, how much we should be eating, and what kind of foods we should be eating, what is suitable for our body what is not suitable for our body. And you know, when you pay attention to these things, it doesn't mean that you are belittling certain foods and you are being arrogant and you are being ungrateful. No, you're not being arrogant, you're not being ungrateful. You're just making

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responsible choices, because you know that it's going to impact you. But this doesn't mean that we declare non type foods to be haram. So for example, you know, if there's something that is very sugary, and very, very processed, and you're not going to eat it, that's fine. You're not going to eat it. But don't say that it is haram. Be very careful about that. In a hadith we learned about how once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was served some meat, okay. And when he was about to eat it, may Monado de la Mora and his wife, she told him that it is lizard meat. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this is meat that I don't eat. Right? So he did not eat any of

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it. Now the rest of the people who were there they began looking that does it mean it's halal? It's

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haram in what's happening to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told him Go ahead and eat you know you can eat it if you want. And the people president over there among them was caught it had been bullied among them was follow even our best and Abdullah bin ARBUS or de la Horne who and he they ate lizard meat in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam did not stop them. Okay. However he himself did not eat. And why did he not eat from other nations we find out that it's just something that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam did not eat growing up. So it was, you know, meat that was unfamiliar to him food that was unfamiliar and

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food that he just did not want to eat, and may want to learn more on her. She also did not eat it. Okay, why did she not eat it? Because she said I don't eat what the prophets of Allah who already said does not eat. Okay? Because imagine now if everyone's eating the Prophet sallallahu sallam was the only one who's not eating the Prophet sallallahu arias and it would feel left out. So we went out of the long run her in her love for a sort of loss and Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and to kind of you know, give him company that okay, you're not eating. I'm not eating this either. Right? We're both in the same boat. Right? So this was her love for him SallAllahu Huerta he was setting up. But

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see the Prophet sallallahu al Islam did not call lizard meat unlawful, he did not begin to shame the people who were eating it. Okay, this was his personal choice, right? It was his preference and for whatever reason, he did not eat it. Right so you have that freedom to choose what you want to eat, but be careful about the labels halal and haram. So Eat of the good things and be grateful to Allah intro to Nahalat 114 Allah's parenthesis for Kuruman Marrazzo Kakuma level Halal antha uban wash Kuru near Matala, he includes a Yahoo Darboux don't eat what Allah has provided you what is lawful, what is Thebe and be grateful for the blessing of Allah if it is only him that you worship. And you

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know, we think that righteousness is in abstaining from good things in life. And that is not the case. In a hadith and even magia. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that athyrium was Shakira, the person who eats and is grateful is Beeman Zilla to saw him a sabe is in the same position as the person who fasts and his patient. Okay, meaning one person is eating larval food and is showing gratitude to Allah. They're getting similar reward to the person who is fasting and is observing patients. Any gratitude is a big deal. It brings you a whole lot of reward. Because you see, sometimes a person is not able to fast. So yes, you're not able to fast but you have the

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option of being in time Shakir someone who eats and shows gratitude. Now, how do you show gratitude after eating? Ibrahim in a hurry said that sugar Tommy, that gratitude for eating is that you mentioned the name of Allah when you eat, you acknowledge the fact that this food is from Allah. All right, and then you praise him, you thank him after eating. Now how do you praise and thank Allah after eating food by simply saying Alhamdulillah right? Alhamdulillah it is often a shocker. This is the best way of showing gratitude. And even you know, you should say Alhamdulillah if you eat one bite of food, you know, for example, if you're having a candy even, right, so you should say

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Bismillah before you put that in your mouth, and once you have swallowed it then Alhamdulillah because in a hadith we learned that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with the slave who eats a morsel of food and praises Allah for it, thanks Allah for it, or drinks a sip, and thanks and praises Allah for it. So it doesn't matter how much you're eating. It doesn't matter what the quantity is. The point is that whatever you eat, before you eat, take the name of Allah and then after you eat or drink, then thank and praise Allah. And of course, part of that is to say the Dora after eating Alhamdulillah Hillary attorney had a dorama was a Canadian lady holy mini will have to work in a

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hadith and a Buddha would we learn that if a person eats some food and then says Alhamdulillah he lady All Praise and thanks is to the one who Athar money had who fed me this bomb this food what is the money he and provided it to me mean lady how the money without any power on

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I parts will occur when or any strength on my part any this was not my ability. This was Allah subhanaw taala his gift to me, right then what will happen? All of their previous sins will be forgiven? Can you imagine? Any you eat food and you say that this the raw and your previous sins are forgiven. There is another era in which we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say Alhamdulillah he Cathedral on the uban Mubarak and fee later on McPhee, and while I'm wondering, well, I'm struggling on Hura burner This is an Sahiba hottie that all praise and thanks to Allah a lot of praise good praise, bless it praise over something that we cannot have enough off. Right

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meaning this food we can ever say. That's all we need. We cannot do without we can never be free of need of it. That yeah, Allah we need more of this food in the future. So you show your dependency on Allah by saying the door like this. Another door we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam would say Allahumma Athan, there was a spider or other NATO connaitre were her data were a hater follicle hamdulillah Amma later that Oh Allah, you gave food you gave to drink and you have given richness sufficiency and you have guided and you have given life. So all praises for you over what you have given us. Another dua Alhamdulillah Hilary of Dharma was Sokka was a Willa who were Darla

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who Maharajah, this is from a Buddha would that all praise and thanks to Allah Who gave food and who gave drink, and who made it swallowable any I was able to take it down. I was able to drink it, I was able to eat it. Because sometimes the food is there, but we're not able to swallow it. You know, for different reasons. There could be a health issue. And there's such a spectrum when it comes to inability to eat. There could be different reasons why people have difficulty eating, have difficulty swallowing. It could be an eating disorder. It could be, you know, a throat issue. It could be a breathing issue. You know, it could be age old age. So thank Allah for the fact that you

00:37:21 --> 00:38:13

were able to swallow that food. So wha hoo, Allah made a passage in your body for you to take that food in and then we're Jarl Allahu Maharajah, and also made a way out for it. Any being able to use the bathroom after you eat, this is also a blessing. And hamdulillah Hila the Dharma Wassa Wassa Wassa who Ajarn Allah Who Maharajah another Dora Allahumma barik lana fee, he will author him now Hiram Minho. That Oh Allah bless us in it any the food that you have given us to eat? Bless us in it any make this food, bless it for my body beneficial for my body and feed us something better than it as well. There's no harm in desiring delicious food, no harm at all. It doesn't mean that you're

00:38:13 --> 00:39:01

being ungrateful for what Allah subhanaw taala has given you know, you are grateful for what you have right now. And you want to have even more delicious and better foods. Nothing wrong with that Allahumma Vaticana fee will appear him now. Hi Ron Minho, and after you drink milk especially Allahumma by Declan I feel he was eaten I mean, who? That Oh Allah bless us in it and give us more of it. Give us more of it. So there is nothing wrong in desiring more food, good food, better food, more nutritious food, money as long as you do that in a lawful way. And you also do that you know with gratitude, so who don't even play you buy tomatoes or Conoco wash curule Ilahi in quantum a

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year who Tom Boon

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