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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi were silly Emery, Washington rock Delta melissani of Abu Kohli, Allahu Mahadeo Kobe was sadly Sani was ruled schemata Colby Amin, your Oberon, Amin

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insha Allah in today's session of arriba Mujib, we are going to go over some doors related to paying off one's debts,

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we see that as human beings, money is something that we all need, we need it to purchase our food to pay for shelter to fulfill our basic needs. And there are times when a person has sufficient wealth in order to fulfill their needs, and there are other times when a person does not have the wealth that they need. And so, in such times, it is permissible to take a loan to take a debt. Of course, there are conditions when it comes to taking a debt and inshallah we will talk about those conditions. But the thing with debt is that it is, you know, borrowing money is not just owning, you know, more money. Borrowing money means that you are responsible to pay it off, not just morally but

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religiously, you're obligated to pay it off. And a person would typically borrow money when they are in some financial difficulty. And so, it's not guaranteed that in the future, they will have the means to pay off the debt, or they will be able to pay it off on time. And so while a person does what is in their ability to pay off the debt, so for example, they're saving money in order to pay it off or as they receive an income, they continue to pay off the loan, they should also call upon Allah subhanahu Muthana to help them pay off the loan, because Allah subhanaw taala is a reserve the sustainer and he is the one who helps his slaves. So, whether it is you know, a spiritual need, we

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have an emotional need, we have or even a financial need that we have, we should turn to Allah subhanaw taala for help, because he is Kadeem, he is near, he cares about us, He hears us when we call upon Him, and He is Mahjoub, he responds, he helps his slaves. So, today Insha Allah, the Dora's will be related to paying off debts. And we see that you know, all types of people, especially these days, and he doesn't even matter what age a person is of so many different people, you know, they have debts to pay off from student loans, to you know, just borrowing money from friends or family or even when it comes to paying off one's car or home and things like that. Any we

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see this all around us that people are in debt. So we all should know what Dr. Oz to make, how to call upon Allah subhanaw taala to ask for his help in paying off these debts. Remember that the wealth that Allah subhanaw taala has given us in this life, it is a blessing for us. Allah subhanaw taala says who Allah DGR Hola Hola, como orbita Loulan Fung Shui Mauna Kea be her work. Hello, Marisa HeyWhat Elaine will shoot. It is here who made the earth team for you. So walk among its slopes and each of His provision, meaning the provision that Allah subhanaw taala has given you all over the world, go obtain it and use it and to Him is the resurrection. Allah subhanaw taala

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describes wealth as allottee journal Jahren Allahu Lacan Yama, it is which Allah has made a means of sustenance for you, meaning your life depends on it. So it is not wrong, to to use wealth, to have wealth to grow your wealth. This is something that is permissible as long as it is done in incorrect ways. And when a person has wealth, and they use it in a good way, in a correct and permissible way, then this is something praiseworthy, we learned in a hadith

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offered sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this worldly property is sweet vegetation, how excellent the wealth of the Muslim is, if it is collected through legal means, and is spent in the Cause of Allah and on orphans, poor people and travelers, but the person who takes his wealth, who does not take his wealth legally is like an eater who is never satisfied, and his wealth will be a witness against him on the Day of Resurrection. So if a person obtains wealth through unlawful ways, and one of the ways which is unlawful is through haram loans or interest based loans, then this type of wealth is such that it can never satisfy a person and that wealth will be a witness against a

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person on the Day of Judgment. Now, when it comes to taking a loan or giving a loan, this is something that is completely permissible in our religion, a person can take it to fulfill their needs, a person can take it to fulfill the needs of their family, to grow their business, or to pay off some bills, whatever it may be, sometimes there is some, you know, emergency situation where a person needs to borrow money. So whatever the reason is, as long as the reason is something permissible, and the loan is taken in a permissible way, then remember that this is completely MOBA. It is something permissible, we learned in the Quran in surah baqarah. In fact, the longest I have

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the Quran is dedicated to matters related to debt. Yeah, are you Halina Avenue either today and to be done in either a Julian Musa that Oh, you who believe when you borrow a loan, when you when you contract a debt, meaning when when you're making a contract like that, where there are two parties involved, one is lending, the other is borrowing, it could be in the form of buying things on credit, or it could be literally borrowing cash, then there are some conditions, some rules that must be followed. And all those rules are detailed in the Quran in surah baqarah, verse 282. Now remember, that not only is it permissible to, to give a loan or to take a loan, in some cases,

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actually it is virtuous, it is rewardable. So for example, we learn in a hadith that Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lowest heaven at half of the night or at 1/3 of the latter part, and says, Who is there to make dua to me, so that I will answer him who is there to ask me so that I give him and then he says, Who will lend to the one who is neither poor, nor is he a tyrant, meaning who will lend Allah alone.

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And Allah subhanaw taala, when he will borrow a loan from you, then remember that Allah is not poor, he is able to return it to you. And he's not a he's not a tyrant. So he will not oppress you, He will not harm you by by borrowing this loan from you. And what is meant is that who will spend in the way of Allah, who will spend their wealth for the cause of Allah, because when you will spend your wealth for the cause of Allah for the deen of Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala will take it as a loan, meaning he guarantees it's returned to you. And this is an investment that you're making. So Allah subhanaw taala will not just return it to you as it was, but he will return it to you many

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times over any in a multiplied amount.

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So we see in this hadith that Allah subhanaw taala invites us that we should give a loan, we should lend a loan to Allah. And and this is something that is rewardable. In a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that could look or when sadaqa every loan is a charity, meaning it's recorded as a charity. And the person who is lending money is rewarded for lending, as if he was giving charity. In another Hadees we learned there is no Muslim who lends something to another Muslim twice, but it will be like giving charity once meaning if you lend, for example your brother money two times or lend your car two times for for two weeks for example each. Then once it

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will be recorded as a loan, but the next time it will be recorded as if you are giving charity. In another Hadees we learned that the one who gives the gift of milk or lens silver as a loan, or shows someone the way we'll get the reward of freeing a slave. In another Hadith we learned that the reward of sadaqa is tenfold. So for example,

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Well, you give $1 in South Africa, you get the reward of $10. And the reward of lending alone is 18 times 18 times SubhanAllah. Because when you are lending money to someone, not only are you assisting them in their time of need, you are also helping them preserve their dignity, their self respect, because everyone does not want to receive charity. All they want is just a little bit of help in the situation that they're in until they can stand on their feet and they're able to manage their own finances. So lending alone is is double help. You know, you are helping someone financially and at the same time, you're helping them preserve their dignity, their self respect.

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Now, one of the dollars we learn from the Sunnah, which we can say to help us pay off our debts, we learn in Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said tomorrow there'll be a lot more and who that Shall I not teach you a DUA, which if you make when you have a loan, even if that loan is the size of Mount or hood, Allah who will enable you to pay it off Subhan Allah, have you seen mount or heard, mount or heard is not just, you know, a hill or a small mountain? It's it's a very long mountain. Any it's it extends? So imagine if a person has a loan like that. That's a huge debt. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if you say this Dora, Allah subhanaw taala will enable you

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to pay off that debt. What is this Dora? It is Allah Houma Malik al molk till Malcolm and Tasha. What 10 Zero unwelcoming man, Tasha, what's your resume and Tasha? What to the lumen Tasha viatical hide in the Kerala coalition in Kadir Rockmount. Dunya will Hera whare Hema Houma directly who momenta SHA, were thomna Omen whom am and Tasha your honey Ramadan Donini Bihar and Rama team and see work or Allah, owner of sovereignty, you will give sovereignty to whom you will and you take sovereignty away from whom you will you honor whom you will and you humble whom you will, in your hand is all good. Indeed, you are all you are over all things competent, or human of the world and

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the Hereafter, and their Rahim you give the world and the hereafter to whom you will and you prevent them from whom you will bestow Your special mercy on me by which you avail me against the mercy of any other than yours.

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So this dua is a very comprehensive dua in which we not only begin with the praise and glorification of Allah, but we also show humility and our dependence on him. And we show our reliance on Allah and trust in his decrees and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to help us pay off our our debts by besieging His mercy. So, we see that at the beginning of this there is actually an AI of the Quran, which is from Saudi Arabia, Iran. And in this if we see that we say, Kali la Huma Mackel milk in the ayah, Allah subhanaw taala says that you should say Allah Houma, Malakal, milk,

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Oh Allah, owner of sovereignty, and like I mentioned, this there are encompasses words of glorification and reliance and trust and humility. And especially in these words, when we say Oh Allah, you are the owner of all sovereignty. And this is also an expression of gratitude. That because you are acknowledging that Allah owns everything, you are acknowledging that whatever you have has been given to you by Allah. So you are showing gratitude, you are acknowledging that, that whatever anyone has any capability, any power, the source is Allah, so it is only Allah who is reliable, so you put your trust in Allah. And when you're declaring that Allah owns all sovereignty,

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all power, then you are also showing humility over here. Now Allahumma manacle molk Oh Allah, owner of sovereignty. This means three things this means that Allah owns all all possession, all sovereignty all kingship, and he he is the king of both worlds. He is the one who owns everything of this world and everything of the Hereafter. And then this also means that Allah subhanaw taala

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Product owns all people, in

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all people as well as what they have. So for example, if a person owns $50 billion, Allah subhanaw taala not only owns that person, but even the $50 billion that that person has. Allah is the ultimate owner. He is medical work, and any privilege that any slave has. So for example, somewhere in MSA, that milk over here refers to prophethood any not just kingship, but even prophethood. So, any privilege that any slave has, remember Allah subhanaw taala is its ultimate owner. He is the true sovereign, he is a medical hack. He is the true owner. In fact, everything in the heavens and the earth, including the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah only. We learn a law whole molk To

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Him belongs to sovereignty, for Subhanallah, d B, D Melaku. To condition. He is the owner of everything, even when it comes to our life, our death. Allah is its owner, when it comes to, you know, our faculties our ability to see or hear, feel that also belongs to Allah, a mainly customer well of Assad. He is the one who gives it he is the one who controls it and he is the one who can take it away. And as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said la Malika in the law, there is no owner except ALLAH, which means that when we have anything, we don't become its owners. We we just have it temporarily, with limited power, limited ability over it, limited control over it. And we

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only have it for some time. We don't have it forever. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one who exclusively owns everything.

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Willem Yoko Lucia de Caen, Phil mulk, he does not have any partner in in possession in kingship in authority and power. And the beings that people worship besides Allah, they don't own anything at all. And when Allah subhanaw taala is the Malik the sovereign, then this means that we show humility to him. So in Salah we say Alhamdulillah Hiro, Bella Alameen of harmony Rahim, Maliki Yama, Deen. And these are words in which we show humility before Allah subhanaw taala. Then in this dua, we say,

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Tim will come into shadow, when 10 01 will come in mentorship, that Oh Allah, you will give sovereignty to whom you will, and you take sovereignty away from whom you will. And here sovereignty does not just mean

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kingship. So for example, someone is the king of an empire. So Allah gave that person kingship, and Allah subhanaw taala can take that kingship away from them. And he does take it away from his slaves, we see that no king lasts forever. No president, no person in power lasts forever. So Allah gives authority to people, and he also takes it away. But Mulk over here doesn't just mean authority or kingship, it also means, for example, the ability to use one's intellect in any intelligence, some people are highly intelligent. Allah subhanaw taala gives that, that intelligence to people and he can also take it away, and he does take it away. So we see the smartest of people, what happens

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to them, there comes a point where they begin to forget things, there comes a point where their smartness and their intelligence becomes irrelevant. It becomes old school, it's no longer needed. It's no longer appreciate it, they are replaced by others, when it comes to health also, any person reaches the peak of their physical strength and well being and then there is decline, there is disease, there is death, when it comes to good character, people who are excellent in their manners especially saw loving towards their children, so respectful towards their children, what happens to them as they age, you need the best of parents even sometimes they can come across as irritable and

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sometimes even rude and harsh, and this is why children have been told to do Ersan towards elderly parents that do not even say off to them, which means that there will be times when you will feel annoyed. So a clock even any when people have it, they don't have it forever, when it comes to the ability to you know give an instruction and that instruction is accepted by others. And this happens in positions of power. So for example, the person is a board member or person is chairperson of a board or a person is

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As you know, at the highest position in some kind of hierarchy, there comes a point where they are replaced. When it comes to the ability to exert effort, work hard, strive hard, earn an income, earn profits, any all of these things, we see that they are God given Allah subhanaw taala gives it to people. And then he also takes it away from people. And this is a very important thing we need to remember, especially when it comes to the idea of borrowing money. You see, a lot of people have difficulty accepting that

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they're going to be renting for the rest of their lives, they don't want to rent, they want to just buy a property with the money that they don't have. Sometimes they want to take an interest based loan even in order to purchase a property and hear a person should really be honest with themselves and ask themselves that how long can I own this property for how long? Any if I'm, if I'm taking this loan today, and it's going to take me at least 30 years, if not more to pay to pay off this loan, I don't even know if I have the capacity to pay it off fully. And I'm going to transfer this debt to my children, and they're going to be paying it off for so long. And then then what how long

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are we going to enjoy this

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20 years, 30 years, 50 years, there is no guarantee, there is absolutely no guarantee that you're going to enjoy that property for even one more day. What is guaranteed is departure from this world, not not being able to enjoy the things of this world that is not guaranteed. So if we remember that whatever we have is given to us by Allah and He will take it away, he will take it away, then a person is able to be content with what is permissible. A person is able to have contentment with the halal a person is able to

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you know have contentment even with the little that they have. And it's okay for them. If they don't have any property in their name. They're fine with that because they recognize that Dr. Phil welcome on the show with 10 Zero Milcom in mentorship and 10, zero unwelcoming but mentorship, you take sovereignty away from whom you will, this means that you take it back after giving it and yes, this happens, we see it all the time that someone buy something and then soon it becomes someone else's property, it is transferred into into other other people's name or what happens is that the person leaves the world they die, and then the property is sold and the profits or or whatever amount is

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obtained, that is divided among the heirs SubhanAllah. So you give sovereignty to whom you will and you take it away from whom you will and their own Allah say that taking it away from whom you will also means that you prevent some people from from having it end. Some people no matter how desperately they desire, no matter how badly they wish to own certain things to have certain things. Allah subhanaw taala does not decree it in their favor. Allah subhanaw taala does not let them have it. And subhanAllah there are people who will spend their lives chasing certain things, but they don't get it. They don't get any of it. Why? Because it was not decreed for them. It was not written

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for them. So remember that before even we came into this world, what we were going to enjoy of this world was already decreed for us it was written for us and all favor is in the hands of Allah. All good things come from Allah, any treasure that we seek that we desire, it is in the hands of Allah, Allah gives, He expands sustenance, he restricts and he takes it away. This is all his decision, while Allah Who yoke Bilbo way up. So we're in a little journal, we do not become owners. All right, we just become in a way borrower's Allah subhanaw taala lends things to us for some time. And we are to enjoy them for the time that we have. We don't own these things forever. And the thing is, that

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even if you you know, own a huge amount of money, and then yes, your children inherited and then their children inherited and then their children inherited, then what eventually any we learn that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will and you roll up the skies and hold them in his hand and he will say that I am the King, I am the king. Where are the kings of the world?

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Where are the kings of the world? We are the owners.

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You know, we are very proud of, we make the mistake of feeling very proud of things that we own. So, for example, we say things like, I own this much and this much, this belongs to me, I have such and such, we, our family, we, you know, my husband and I, we own such and such, and all of these words are very destructive. We learned in the Quran, Anna, I, I have this I am better, I own this. We learn IBLEES said Enter Cairo Minho, I am better than him and what happened? He was ruined, at least is ruined. We learn about fit our own, he said Lee mine, la Sally mold comecer Is this kingdom of missile not mine? Is it not? Mine does not belong to me. So when we say things like this is mine,

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this is also a destructive word what happened to the kingdom of fear own whatever he owned, he lost it all. Then the third destructive word is there in D I have I possess I own karoun said in nama ot to Allah Inman, in de, I was given all of this wealth, because of this knowledge that is with me, this is mine, this is with me.

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Then we learn about the people of Sabah. They said national guru coverted we are people of power and what happened to their power finished. So don't get fooled by by what Allah subhanaw taala has given you and don't become blinded by desire and greed for worldly things. Because these worldly things literally can blind a person where they can put their Deen at risk, they can put their o'clock their decency at risk, they can even jeopardize their relationships, their marriage, sometimes their relationship with their parents and things like that. Any be open your eyes and realize what this wealth really is. It belongs to Allah, and he has just given it to us for some time to fulfill our

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needs. Not so that we misuse it. We obtain it with illegal ways, or that we become arrogant about it. This is all pure foolishness. Then we say in this doll with tourism and Tasha were to the lumen Tasha that Oh Allah, you will give honor to whom you will and you humiliate you a base whom you will you see, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the one who gives honor

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and honor is with obedience, and humiliation is through disobedience, or honor is through victory and humiliation is with defeat or honor is through wealth and humiliation is through poverty and dependence. So we see this in the world, that there are people who are very obedient to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala honors them, there are those who are very disobedient and Allah subhanaw taala will humiliate them, there are those who are given victory and then there are those who are made to suffer defeat. There are those who are given wealth and status and an opulence and then there are those who suffer poverty and dependence. So these are realities of this dunya. And it is Allah who

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gives honor, it is Allah who gives a who gives a basement and humility, but to remember that Allah subhanaw taala does not humiliate his friends, okay? The friends of Allah, those who believe in Allah, those who fear Allah, those who obey Allah, those who do not cross the limits set by Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala does not humiliate them, not in this world and not in the Hereafter. This doesn't mean that the friends of Allah, the those who are obedient to Allah will not experience loss or neediness or illness or dependence in the world. No, they do. They do. And sometimes they experience these difficulties more than the enemies of Allah. Because for example, you see that

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there is a person who doesn't care about the limits set by Allah, and they go and take a haram loan, and they go and they deal with interest. You know, subhanAllah

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you know, recently I came across a property in our neighborhood that was purchased last year, and nobody lived over there. And then this year, it was sold for so much

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More money, and that that purchase was basically an investment. And people literally borrowed a couple $100,000 from the bank, with with, you know, an interest based loan, and then they purchased the property and now they sold it at a huge profit. And whatever money they borrowed from the from the bank, they returned it, but then through the interest based loan, they obtained so much profit, you know, they basically doubled, tripled their their initial investment. So, you see examples like this, and you think that all these people are so lucky, you know, through interest, they can double their money, they can triple their money, and they live in so much ease and luxury. And then you see

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another person who goes to the masjid, who is working so hard, who is renting a house, a small house, and you know, his car is old, maybe rusted, and his children are wearing hand me down clothes, you know, in the house, there is no matching furniture, things like that.

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And you wonder if these people are, you know, obedient to Allah, how come Allah subhanaw taala does not give them more, and how come they are living in such an embarrassing state?

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You see, Allah subhanaw taala tests his beloved slaves, and we learn in Hadith that a dunya signal movement. The world is a prison for the believer. This life is not everything. This world is not everything. The friends of Allah, experience loss, they experienced neediness, they experience dependence and poverty. That is not because Allah is humiliating them. No, this is because Allah subhanaw taala wants to increase their ranks in the Hereafter. And Allah subhanaw taala wants to bring them closer to himself. Because when a person is kept in poverty and dependence, then what happens? They humble themselves before Allah, they seek the favor of Allah. They yearn for ease in

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the Hereafter. And if a person lives in opulence and ease in the world, then what happens? It's very easy to become distant from Allah, it's very easy to feel arrogant, it's very easy to forget the hereafter. So, when a believer when a righteous person experiences poverty or loss, or illness in the world, remember, that is not because Allah is humiliating them. No, Allah does not humiliate his friends. This is a temporary test for afford the friends of Allah. And if you see the best of all human beings, the prophets of Allah who already who was salam did he not experienced any hardship in his life, a lot of hardship, we see that in his house, you need the oven would not be lit more than

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once. Subhanallah for days, in fact, fire would not be lit because there was nothing to cook. And if ever they had two meals in one day, one was certainly wrong, meaning it was just dates and water, it was not cooked food. So the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, who at times would have rocks tied to his stomach out of extreme hunger, he if he experienced poverty and neediness then why are we so arrogant that we cannot bear the thought of, of renting a house for you know, for for for the next few years, that we become so arrogant that we think it's beneath us that we should rent a property or stuff it Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us from pride and arrogance. And at the same

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time, you see, we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for his favor, because look at the next words, be a decal, hide in your hand is all good. Allahu Akbar, in your hand is all good. And hide in the Quran is also used for wealth. So if you want wealth, if you want increase in wealth, if you wish for something, remember it is in the hands of Allah. It is in the hands of Allah. And it is you will only have it when Allah gives it to you. So don't try to take it through unlawful means. Don't try to seek it through ways which Allah subhanaw taala has made impermissible

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and if you are tempted to take it through unlawful means stop yourself over there and remind yourself I can only obtain this if Allah makes it permissible for me. And there is no way I can get it without the permit without the permission of Allah. And if I want

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Good any wealth, then I have to seek it from Allah. I have to seek it in ways that Allah subhanaw taala loves. So seek it from Allah be ethical hide in your hand is all good. Why am I becoming hermit informing Allah, any blessing you have than it is from Allah. And then look at the words in the Kerala cliche in Kadir Indeed you are over all things competent Allahu Akbar, you know sometimes people they have weakness of faith in the sense that you know they say how is it possible for me to to purchase a property through Halal means, in this day and age? How is it possible for me, you know what, if you cannot obtain it with your own power with your own means and your own planning, you

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will obtain it when Allah subhanaw taala makes it possible for you. So ask him to make it possible for you and have faith in Allah in Nicaragua, Colombia included, ask Allah to give you through Halal to protect you from haram and use the statement in your drop in the Kerala coalition Khadija Allah you are over all things competent. So you make this possible for me you will give this to me through lawful ways. And you know, when you when you make a rule for yourself that I am not going to go to haram. I am only going to get this through halal. Allah subhanaw taala will make a way out for you. Because we're making a deadly level here there are level Maharajah where Zuko min Hazel is the one

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who fears Allah, Allah makes an exit for him. And Allah provides him sustenance from where he cannot even expect. So don't look towards haram options, seek what is halal. And say in Nicola Khalifa included, indeed you are over all things competent, and don't compare your situation to others, or so and so God to, you know, obtain this in a halal way, because their family is very well off, or because their father died when they were still young. And they inherited a whole lot of property, or their parents are very generous, or they have a stable income, or they have this benefit and that benefit. And I don't since I don't have it, I am going to get it through her means No, Allah is the

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one who made it possible for them, and he can also make it possible for you. You see the CReality Sarang. When he saw with Madame risk, he asked her where did you get this from? She said, this is from Allah. What did the curiosity Salam do over there? Who Nana Lika Daraa Zachary Yarrabah right there. And then the CReality Salam called upon his Lord, that He or Allah, you give me as well what I desire, he wanted a child and he made dua to Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada gave him a child. So don't despair of the mercy of Allah. Don't give up on Allah. Don't doubt the power and ability of Allah in Nikka Allah cliche in Cadiz

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and then in this era, we say that Rama no dunya will Earth era, what are Hema Huma? That Oh Allah, you are the Most Merciful of this world and the Hereafter, and you are also there, Rahim. And you continue to show mercy no one is more merciful than you and you are continuously merciful. So you are mentioning two Beautiful Names of Allah in the store. And then you say directly who momenta Shah, what thomna Amin human mentorship, that Oh Allah, you give both the world and the hereafter to whomever you will. And you prevent them from whomever you will. Any at the end of the day, this is Allah's decree, this is his decision. He gives whomever he wants, and he prevents whomever he wants,

00:39:02--> 00:39:43

from whatever that he wants. This is his decree. And Allah subhanaw taala is decree, his judgment, his decisions, remember, they're based on His mercy and His justice, his knowledge. They're not random. If Allah subhanaw taala decrees in your favor, that you should own something that you should possess something in your life, then this is Allah's mercy. And if Allah subhanaw taala decrees that you should not have something in your life, in spite of your hard work and your you know, your desperate wishes and your hard work, you're striving and you're praying, but Allah subhanaw taala does not make that possible for you that this is his justice. This is his wisdom. This is his

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala is protecting you from something that you don't even know is harmful for you. So trust Allah subhanaw taala is decision what term narrow mean whom I'm into SHA, and then you ask Allah Ilhan Neale Ramadan

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

Will Allah bestow Your special mercy on me

00:40:04--> 00:41:00

such mercy by which Tonini Bihar and Rama, demon see work by which you avail me against the mercy of anyone but yours. Any, when you borrow a loan from someone, you are basically, you know at their mercy, that they're being compassionate towards you. So they lend you some money, right? But it's possible that they run out of that compassion, and then they say, give me my money back, and you are struggling to pay them back. So you're asking Allah, that Allah, Allah, you will restore your special mercy on me, you enrich me, you suffice me, so that I don't have to even seek the mercy of your creation. I don't have to ask them to be compassionate towards me. And to extend the term for

00:41:00--> 00:41:50

me or pardon the loan, or give me a loan. Or, you know, give me more time. Any Yeah, Allah, I want your mercy. You helped me pay off this loan, and you help me stand on my feet in such a way that I don't ever have to borrow a loan again. So this Dora the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if you make it, then Allah subhanaw taala will help you pay off your loan, even if it is as much as mount or hold any a massive, massive load. And you'll see sometimes it happens that, for example, a person borrows a loan, a huge load, and then they have a plan to pay it off for the next, you know, 3040 years, whatever. But then after 20 years, they're not able to make an income, or, for

00:41:50--> 00:42:36

example, you know, there's health concerns, or there are other obligations, because of which a person is no longer able to pay off that loan. Circumstances change. Sometimes a woman is not in favor of, you know, for example, taking a huge loan, but the husband insists, and then what happens in some cases, the husband passes away. And now that huge responsibility is on the woman who doesn't even have a source of income. So, circumstances like this come upon us. So at such a time, don't despair. And don't beg people don't put your hand before people begging for their mercy, because the prophets of Allah who are listening warned us that whoever you know, puts their hand before others,

00:42:36--> 00:43:07

any spray spreads their hands before others asking them for for charity and things like that, and Allah will open the door of poverty for such a person and they will always be dependent on others. So, seek independence, seek independence, seek sufficiency and Allah subhanaw taala will granted to you make dua for it. Now, when it comes to borrowing, you know taking a loan, then remember that we should be very careful

00:43:08--> 00:43:16

when taking a loan, and it is not right that a person makes a habit of borrowing other people's money all the time.

00:43:17--> 00:43:48

Because we learned that one of the earlier he was asked that is it permissible for a person to take a loan and go for Hajj, any kind of person take a loan of a couple of $1,000 for example, so that they can do hedge with that money and then they can pay it off afterwards. So he replied yesterday Nicola Walla, you're stuck group, that person should seek sustenance from Allah and he should and he should not seek alone.

00:43:49--> 00:44:40

Any you can ask Allah to provide you sustenance with which you can pay for HUD yourself, why are you seeking a loan? And remember that if this is not a recommended any form for hedge, then how would it be recommended for for other matters. So we should be very careful, because these days this has become so common that people even buy their groceries on credit card. You know, little little things we want to pay with a credit card. Why? Because you know it, the money won't automatically go away from our bank account. And then we can pay the minimum whenever the bill is due. And then the next month, again, minimum we will pay the minimum and then all of a sudden what happens a person gets

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

shocked by a delayed payment and then an interest charge or stuff it Allah or what happens a person realizes that the credit card bill is way more than what they can afford to pay. So this is a very bad habit, a very dangerous habit.

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

that a lot of people have developed that everything they will buy on credit. And if you have a system of, you know, automatic bill payments, that's okay. But even then, any if Allah subhanaw taala has given you wealth, and it's just sitting in your bank account, use that, you know, and when you will use your money, okay, your money to spend on your needs the needs of your family, this is not a waste, you are being rewarded for it. Because sometimes the temptation is that if I use a credit card, then I'm going to get certain points, right. And with those points, I can buy, or, or I can have such and such privileges. You know what, it's possible that you don't even use those

00:45:44--> 00:46:32

privileges. For example, some people get travel related privileges, but in the past two or three years travel has significantly reduced. Even if you had 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of Amex points, for example, you may not have been able to use them. And remember, if a certain privilege is written for you, you will receive it. And the best privilege is that you get rewarded for the groceries that you buy, even for, for paying for your children's tuition, for buying clothes for yourself, your family, and all of these matters. So pay from the money that you have, and earn, earn the reward of sadaqa earn the reward of charity, that is the best bonus that you can get the best points reward

00:46:32--> 00:47:15

system that you can have. And you know, the use the constant use of the credit card, literally it is a trap, it is a trap. Because you get caught in a cycle. And before even you know it, you have a huge loan now on your head that you have to pay off, you're not able to save any money, you're not able to have Bulka in your money, because with that sudden interest charge because you missed a payment, what will happen now your money is no longer pure. And we learned in the Quran, that young Hakala who riba that Allah subhanaw taala destroys Reba meaning the money that has River in it, that that money that wealth will have no Baraka whatsoever, no blessing.

00:47:16--> 00:48:06

In fact, it will be a means of hardship, loss, difficulty, a burden for a person. So, yes, you know, for you know, in many places, having a credit card is a must. So for example, without a credit card, maybe you cannot make certain purchases, maybe you are not able to, you know rent a car, maybe you're not even able to rent a house because you need a good credit history. All of that is understandable. But at the same time, please don't get caught in the trap of purchasing everything on credit, buying everything on credit, because you you know before you know it, you could be in a lot of trouble. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that do not put yourselves in fear,

00:48:06--> 00:48:52

after having been in security, the Companions asked How is that old prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said det Subhan Allah, ne you are living a debt free life, you are living within your means and you are living in security. So, for example, you have a certain amount of money you make every month and you know that this much money goes in rent this much money goes in bills, this much money goes in, you know, groceries and things like that this much money I get to save. So, you budget, but then what happens when you take a loan, when you start buying things on credit, for instance, you put yourself in fear, you put yourself in fear, there is a there is a certain level of

00:48:52--> 00:49:19

anxiety, you keep checking, when is the credit card bill, do you? Do I have enough to pay off this this bill? Do I have enough to pay off this debt? Likewise, if a person borrows a huge amount of money to to purchase a house on credit or on mortgage for example, again, they're putting themselves in fear. If you're renting, for instance, you've given the first and the last

00:49:20--> 00:49:42

you know month's payment and then every month you know you you have a good budget that okay this much of my income will go in, in in paying rent and a lot of times you know when it comes to paying rent you have to give advanced checks. So, you you are in a state of safety. Right?

00:49:43--> 00:49:59

you because you were living within your means, but when you take on a loan, then you put yourself in fear. You put yourself in anxiety in risk, and we see that these days Subhanallah we have

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

Have so much available to us so much more than we can even enjoy. But we live in fear and anxiety, constant anxiety, because we have this bill to pay that bill to pay SubhanAllah. And we, we have filled our homes with things that we don't truly own. Our homes, we don't actually own our cars we don't actually own the things that we buy, and we bring home and we decorate our houses with those things even we don't own Subhanallah Well, we are living fake lives, lives filled with anxiety and fear. We learned In another Hadith that the person who sold the parts while he is free of three things is guaranteed to enter paradise. What are these three things, arrogance,

00:50:45--> 00:51:35

debt, and deceit in the matter off of public treasury. So pride, if it isn't in the heart of a person, Paradise is not guaranteed to them. Likewise, if a person dies, while they have debts to pay off, again, Jana is not guaranteed for them. And if a person has been treacherous with regard to public treasury, then again, Paradise is not guaranteed to them. So don't make it a habit that you're constantly borrowing or living a life in which you are just living off of debt. Learn to live within your means. In another Hadith, we learned that Allah is with the borrower until he pays off his debt, so long as the loan is not for something that Allah dislikes. So yes, it is permissible to

00:51:35--> 00:52:19

take a loan, it's not haram, it's not disliked, you are allowed to take a loan, by convention, it is something permissible, in certain situations, it can even be praiseworthy, it is rewardable. But it should not be any, the money that you borrow, should not be for something that Allah dislikes. Because if it is for something that Allah dislikes, then you will not have the help of Allah in paying off that loan. If it is for something that Allah likes, then Allah is on your side, he will help you pay it off. So for example, if you borrow money, so that you can pay for your children's tuition, and then you are, you know, striving to pay it off, you have the help of Allah. But if you

00:52:20--> 00:53:09

borrow some money, okay, for example, you purchase something on on credit, like for example, new furniture in your living room, okay, fancy, expensive furniture, which is way beyond your means. And the only goal over there is to impress the guests. All right, then this is not correct. But if for example, you need some furniture, because, for instance, you have an elderly person at home, who needs to sit in a place that is comfortable for them, and then you buy furniture that, okay, fine, you're buying it on, you know, delayed payment with no interest, and you know that it is possible for you to pay it off. You know, for example, every month you have to pay 200 300 and within a year,

00:53:09--> 00:53:36

you will have it paid off. It seems reasonable feasible, then that is fine. Because you bought it for a good purpose, a good objective, but if the NEA is to show up, if the intention is to boast, and to show to people that Oh, I am, I am so wealthy and look at my house, look at my skills, you know, then then you don't have the help of Allah in paying off that loan.

00:53:38--> 00:53:43

It is also permissible to borrow money in order to help fulfill someone else's need.

00:53:44--> 00:53:59

For example, we learn that Bilal Radi Allahu anhu, when he was asked about the financial position of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that I was the one who managed the wealth of the Prophet sallallahu, Arrhenius, and I'm on his behalf

00:54:01--> 00:54:49

when a Muslim would come to him, and the Prophet sallallahu Eddison found that Muslim to be naked, any they're not dressed properly, then he would tell me to clothe that person. So I would go borrow some money, purchase some clothes for him, and then I would give that person the clothes and the food, etc. And the prophets of Allah who where it is and would later pay off that loan. So there were times when the Prophet salallahu Urdu center would borrow money. Alright, buy things on credit, of course, Hala unknown. Why in order to fulfill someone else's need, because you see, for example, there could be someone in your family, among your acquaintances, maybe your own children who

00:54:49--> 00:54:59

situation is such that nobody's going to lend them money because they don't have any credit history, for instance, right? So they need a guarantor. Someone

00:55:00--> 00:55:53

And who will guarantee that the rent will be paid etcetera. So, you should help in such matters, you should help in such matters and you will be rewarded for it and this is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, when it comes to borrowing money, taking a loan, whatever that loan may be, could be in the form of cash or kind remember that it is essential it is it is a condition in fact, that the term should be specified meaning there should be agreed upon there should be an agreed upon term that okay, so and so is lending this much to so and so for five months, for one year for three years, five years is the ajilon Musa, the specified term should be

00:55:53--> 00:56:09

agreed upon and it should be known and clear to both parties. And it is better to write the transaction, okay to have it in writing, because the last parenthesis factor woohoo. And this is an AMR off of

00:56:10--> 00:56:56

is the hubbub and it is recommended that you write it, because when it's written, then in the future, there will be no arguments because sometimes it happens that, you know, you say something, you agree to do something and then you completely forget. But when you have it written somewhere, then that becomes as a reminder, and as proof, of course, justice, fairness, honesty, all of that is necessary when when having such a transaction. And it's also better to have witnesses, especially if the transaction is vague, then it's better to have witnesses. And sometimes Subhanallah within family, sometimes between siblings, sometimes between parents and children, you know, the families

00:56:56--> 00:57:51

get ruined, because of such matters, where something was borrowed, something was lent, that term was not specified, nothing was recorded. People become dishonest, because of greed for money. There are no witnesses. And so people find themselves in so much problem. And we learn in a hadith that there are three people who if they make they're all he asking for help in regarding their matter. They're not helped. And one of them is the person who borrows a loan, but does not appoint a witness. Any you're borrowing such a significant amount, and you did not bring any witnesses. All right, you did not have the transaction recorded. And now there is a dispute. And you know, each party is claiming

00:57:51--> 00:58:44

something else. So now, how do you how do you seek help from Allah, when you did not follow the rules that Allah subhanaw taala gave you in the first place. So it's very important that even if you're lending something to your own child, please write it down. Please have witnesses. If you are lending, even for example, jewelry, to your daughter in law at the time of you know, her wedding, for instance, then please make it very clear that this is lending not gifting. So things should be clear. If you're lending a car, if you're lending any kind of property, make it clear. Don't say, Yeah, this is your own. Of course, everything of mine belongs to you take whatever you wish. And

00:58:44--> 00:59:22

then after, after a few days now you start talking bad about that person, oh, they've borrowed this and they've never returned it to me. And and then you go demand from them. And then they're surprised that what's going on? I thought you gave it to me as a gift. Now you're demanding it from me. So make your matters clear, especially financial matters. We learned that in a hadith, that a man came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam demanding his debts and that man behaved very rudely, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were angry at that man that How dare you speak to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam like that. But the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said to them

00:59:22--> 00:59:48

leave him because the creditor has the right to speak, can he if he's demanding his wealth harshly for me, then he has the right to do that. So for example, if you have lent something to someone, and now they're not giving it back, you are allowed to use harshness in demanding your property back. But harshness does not mean violence. It does not mean that you're going to injure them that you harm them.

00:59:50--> 01:00:00

If a person has wealth, and they have borrowed money, and they're not paying the loan back, then this is sinful. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that, uh

01:00:00--> 01:00:15

When a rich man takes a long time to pay a debt, that this is loaned him on his part, this is injustice. In another Hadith delay in payment on the part of one who possesses means, makes it lawful to dishonor and punish him.

01:00:16--> 01:00:36

And even robotic explain that dishonor means that he may be spoken to roughly and punished means that he may be imprisoned for it. Of course, it's the authorities that will do that you cannot go and you know, trap the person in his car or in his house and say, demand and you know, give me my money, and I will not let you go. That's not in your

01:00:38--> 01:00:47

in your authority, but you can take someone to court and you will not be wrong for doing that even if they are your sibling, even if they are related to you.

01:00:48--> 01:01:37

And when it comes to paying a loan, you returning alone, then we should do that in the best way possible. We learned in a hadith that once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had to pay Jabil de la Mourinho in a he had to get returned a loan to him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam repaid the loan, and he gave even more than what was due even more than what was due. But remember that the lender cannot demand more, because that will be interest. All right. And in the same spirit, it is not permissible to give a gift to someone that you have borrowed money from, because that is interest, it is a form of interest.

01:01:38--> 01:02:23

Now, it is also greatly rewarded, if you take the responsibility to pay off someone's loan, and is someone who is not able to pay off their loan themselves, and you assist them. This is an excellent good deed. We also learned that someone who is in debt, who is unable to pay off the loan, it is permissible for them to receive the cat money and with the cat 20 They can pay off their loan. So for instance, if you know someone, you know, for example, a student who wants to borrow the loan to pay for their education, and now they're not able to find work anywhere, or they weren't even able to complete their education, maybe there was an illness or some

01:02:24--> 01:02:32

you know, emergency in the family, because of which they were not able to pay off the loan, then you can assist them with the cat,

01:02:34--> 01:02:34


01:02:36--> 01:03:21

on the part of the lender, remember it is very rewardable if you pardon the loan, any if somebody has borrowed money from you, and now you see that they're not able to pay it off, you can you can pardon that loan. And this will be a source of great, great reward for you. We've learned that such a person will be protected from the difficulties of the Day of Judgment. And a person who pardons the loans of others Allah subhanaw taala will pardon that person. And we learned that at the time of death. Angels also will show compassion mercy to the person who showed compassion and mercy to people in regard to loans.

01:03:22--> 01:04:12

Also, we learn that whoever grants respite to a poor person or alleviates it for him, meaning extends the term or pardons the loan completely, then Allah subhanaw taala will shed him on the day of judgment under his throne, Allahu Akbar, what an honor. Now, when it comes to paying off a loan, of course we use the means that Allah subhanaw taala has provided to us and we must also make dua to Allah, that he or Allah, you helped me, you shouldn't we should not take this matter lightly. Because if a person dies, and they owe debts, then we learn that even if a person dies as a martyr, everything will be forgiven except for the debt Subhanallah we learned that any person who takes a

01:04:12--> 01:04:58

loan, having resolved not to pay it back will meet Allah as a thief, a StuffIt Allah. So be very careful regarding this matter. Don't take it lightly, that you borrow and then you don't return no have the intention to return. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever dies owing a dinner or a dinner hump. That's a very small amount. It will be paid back from his good deeds, any on the Day of Judgment, you will not be able to pay back with dinner or dinner or dinner, you will only be able to pay back with your good deeds. Now, Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran that we're testing we'll be lucky who am Allah can hold on to Allah Allah is your protector. We learned

01:04:58--> 01:04:59

in a story that zoo

01:05:00--> 01:05:18

Made Radi Allahu Anhu when he was, you know, before he passed away, he told his son that pay off my debt and if you have any trouble paying off my debt, then appeal to my master to help you. So his son did not understand that Who is your master? He said Allah. So

01:05:19--> 01:05:55

his son, he would say that all Moeller of zubaid helped me pay off the debt of zubaid. And his son said that every time that he would make this thorough Allah subhanaw taala would help him pay it off. So this is something that you can also say that when you have a debt to pay off, or somebody in the family whose debt now you have to take care of make this dua that all all my Mola helped me pay off my debt Oh, my protector helped me pay off my debt. Another thought we can make we learn in a hadith that

01:05:56--> 01:06:41

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say the star before going to sleep. All right, he taught that we should say the star before going to sleep. And this Dora is a love model but somehow it would have been ugly. What a better Oh Sheila Aleem would have been our coalition a fairly can have be one our women Zilla talathi Will ngd will for con by all the becoming Sheree coalition in antioxidant be now so Yeti Allahumma Intel outwell Felisa Publika che were until acid for laser bar the cache will enter la hit for laser focus che were until Battlin, Felisa Duna cache equally on a Dane will have nominal *er, that Oh Allah, Lord of the Seven Heavens and Lord of the great

01:06:41--> 01:07:26

Throne, our Lord and the Lord of everything, splinter of the grain and the date stone revealer of the total and the Injeel and the full con, I seek refuge in You from the evil of everything that you see is by the forelock or Allah, you are the first and nothing is before you, you are the last nothing is after you, you are the most high nothing is above you, you are the most near nothing is nearer than you remove our deaths from us and enrich us against poverty Subhan Allah What a beautiful dog. So say it before you sleep, and whatever loan you have, it could be huge. So ask Allah subhanaw taala that Oh ALLAH equally on a day and help us pay it off and save us from poverty.

01:07:27--> 01:07:52

Another thought we can make along my in the road to becoming a semi well Muslim, and as radula Horton who said that, sorry, I shall not the Longhorn who reported that the Prophet sallallahu already said he would say this dua in his salah, that Oh Allah, I seek refuge with you from sin and from debt. Ne ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from ever being in a situation where you even need to take a loan.

01:07:54--> 01:08:37

So make this thorough in Salah, another Dora Allahu mfine Behala Lika and holonic will only need the public Armand Seiwa or Allah suffice me with what you have allowed, instead of what you have forbidden and make me independent of all others besides you. Any when a person has borrowed money from someone they're in a way dependent on them, so you're asking Allah Allah made me independent of them. Make me independent of all others besides you, I want to depend on you and no one else. Another Dora Allahumma in the road to becoming an HMI Well, husband. Well, RG will Castle while Bulkeley will juban Wadala. A Dany wahala butter region that will Allah I seek refuge with you from

01:08:37--> 01:09:17

worry and grief from incapacity and laziness from cowardice and miserliness from being heavily in debt and from being overpowered by other men. And unnecessarily. The law Mourinho said that the Prophet sallallahu earlier seven would make this door a lot. So we should also make this there are a lot because we're asking a lot to protect us in this drop from things that harm us from things that make our life difficult. And among these things is Bala Indane. The the heavy debt meaning being heavily burdened by debt, that it seems impossible to pay off. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and may Allah subhanaw taala help us in sha Allah we will conclude over here Subhan Allah who will

01:09:17--> 01:09:23

be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta Astok Furukawa to Lake wa salaam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh