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Al-Furqan 1-20 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 4-9

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Lesson number 186, suited for corn.

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Let's continue.

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Instead of believing in this for corn, instead of living by this for call, there are people who, what do they do? They denied, they refuse to accept it. And they raise objections against the Quran. Now what are those objections that people raised against the Quran, we'll look at them

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we'll call alladhina cafaro. And those who disbelieve, say, in her that Illa, if quantiferon who this is nothing except a lie that he has fabricated? Who says this? Those people who disbelieve who did they say this to to one another? To convince one another? To tell one another not to believe in the Quran? What do they say? That this Quran is nothing except if can accept a lie. And this lie if there are who this man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrow the villa, what has he done? He has fabricated it. The word if cause, you know is used for a lie. But literally what does it mean? Something that has been turned around from its original direction. And from this the word if because

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use for a lie for a slander, why? Because it is turned away from reality. It is a statement that is turned away from reality. It's not reality.

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So they say it is if it's a lie, it's a fabrication. And he's fabricated it meaning it's not from Allah. But how could he fabricate all of this himself? They have an explanation for that, and what is it? Then what are on Who are they he and he has helped him who Oman Harun some other people. Ana, who is well known around what does our own mean? Help any other word from the same route?

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necessary. So an irana is to assist someone to aid someone. So he has been aided by Coleman or her own some other people.

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Who are they referring to

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a group of the allocator there were some Roman slaves who lived in Makkah, who knew their scriptures. And so the people said, that Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he has learned some of these stories from them. And this is how he has been aided by these people to come up with these stories and to come up with this book and now he's claiming that he's a prophet of Allah. Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Harun Allah subhanaw taala says for Khadija who, in fact they have come meaning they have done these people who claim the Quran is a lie. They are committing roulement injustice was surah and a big lie, falsehood. What they're doing in reality is injustice. Look, what is there don't

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refer to that by accusing the profits out of our system of fabrication. And zoo, what the zoo mean, a big lie, compared to if zoo is a big lie. zoo is basically say, well, la zoo, which is to bend to bend something from the same root as the word as well, which is a person with a hunchback. And Xu is used for such a lie that is presented as truth. It's actually a lie. But it's presented as a statement that is truthful. It seems to make sense.

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But it's actually a lie.

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And in order for a person to do that, how much does he have to lie? A lot, isn't it? to present something falsehood as truthful you have to lie a lot, you have to exaggerate a lot. This is why the word dude is used for a big lie, and especially a lie that is against the truth. A lie that is said against what the truth.

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So for the gentleman was zula. They call the Quran if What does Allah call them? What does Allah call their statement? Zeus?

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So we see that the mushrikeen, the disbelievers, they've tried to invalidate the Quran. How? By calling it a fabrication. By saying that the prophets are allowed saddam had invented it, with the help of some Romans, who told him many stories. Now, this claim this accusation is completely false. Why? Because it does not make sense that someone who does not speak the language would help someone produce a piece that is so eloquent and that is so profound. Think about it. The Roman slaves who lived in Makkah, what was their language? Was it Arabic? No, it was not Arabic. It was some other language that this book

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And the Quran is so eloquent. It is so profound, that there were many poets who, when they heard even a few verses of the Quran, what happened? They gave up their poetry. They said, we're not going to say any more poetry again, we have been utterly defeated.

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So this is how eloquent the Quran is. And how is it possible that someone who does not even speak the Arabic language would help someone produce something that is so eloquent, so profound? If you think about it, if you are ever writing something, and you need someone to help you need someone to edit your work. Who will you ask to help you?

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Someone who is better than you, someone who has more knowledge than you, someone who is more eloquent than you?

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So these Romans, their first language was not Arabic. We learned in certain NASA is number 82. That Well, okay, laminar insulated layer he lowered to fy 11, Catherine, that if this Quran was from other than a lot of the people would find in the Quran, many, many contradictions, many afterlife, but we don't see this in the Quran. What does that show that it is from Allah, it is from one source. It is from who? One source.

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Now this was the people of that time, they used to accuse the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in this way. But we see that even today, even in this present day, there are many people who say that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam authored this book himself.

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And they say that he learned it from some Roman slaves who lived in Makkah. They knew some stories from their scriptures, and they taught him those stories. And then he came up with the Quran.

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Now this claim, again, is what? It is false. It is absolutely false. But why do people say this? Because they find a lot of resemblance in the Quran and the previous scriptures, that the stories that are mentioned the Quran, they're very similar to the stories that are mentioned in the previous scriptures. There are slight differences, however, the stories are the same.

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Now, what's the reason behind that? Why do we have similar concepts that are in the previous scriptures as well as the Quran? Because the source is the see. Allah is the one who sent the previous scriptures, and he is the one who has sent this Quran. This is why there is resemblance.

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The resemblance is not because the prophets or the Lotus Adam copied it off the Torah and the NGO. No, it's because the source is the same.

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And we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he lived for some time. And after that, he passed away.

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But we see that he died, he passed away. However, the Quran, it still remains today. And this Quran is a living miracle. It is a criterion. It distinguishes between truth and falsehood.

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And it's not possible that a book has survived so long, unaltered, unchanged. And we say that a person has authored it, a human being has invented it. When the score on guides in all aspects of life, in all aspects of life. Any person can relate with the Quran, from someone who is highly educated to someone who is not that educated from a man to a woman, a child and an adult. Every person can relate with a score on what does that show. It cannot be the word of a human being.

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And also, if you look at it, the Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years. If someone writes a book in 23 years, what happens? their thinking changes over time, isn't it? Isn't it odd that you're writing an email, and you just save a draft and you go look at it the next day? What happens? You change it, you say forget about it, I'm not going to send it you alter it, because human beings their thinking changes, their feelings change their emotions, they change. But we see consistency in the

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consistency in the themes in the message, the core messages, there is a lot of consistency, what does it show, it cannot be the word of a human being. Where it is so eloquent and so powerful and so convincing. It cannot be the word of a human being. So the fact that the Quran lives on till today, it shows that this is from Allah soprano.

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And this Quran is from Allah, He sent it Allah de and a slave would never do anything against what the master had instructed him. So everything in the Quran is from Allah subhanaw taala. It's not the word of a human being. Now there are many people who try to refute the Quran who tried to raise such objections against the Koran.

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Why? Because if the Quran is refuted, if the Quran is made doubtful, then the entire religion is going to collapse, isn't it?

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Because this is the foundation, this is the foundation, if this is shaken, if this is demolished, then the entire Dean is going to collapse. So the people of that time they attack the Quran to invalidate the Quran. And the people of this time as well. They're trying the same. But can they ever be successful in doing so they can never be successful. into the first minute I number 42, we learn layer D Hilbert will mean benei D, when I'm in config than xiaomin, Hakeem and Hamid falsehood cannot approach it from before nor from behind it. No falter can enter this book. No falsehood can invalidate this book, because it is a revelation from who a lord who is wise and praiseworthy,

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more accusations against the Quran, more objections, will call you as a three year old or welline. And they say that it is legends of the former people. The Quran is what stories stories of who the former people, which were invented by the former people, or they're about the former people, as athlete is a plural of was stolen from the Ruth at Racine, Florida.

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And it's used for such a story that is written down It is widely narrated, it is widely accepted, but it is known to be false, it is understood as false.

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So they say the Quran is only stories, as athletes are willing ik data. And the thing is that he has forged it, he has had it written down etc, from through veterus cafta. But what does that mean? Hit up book, but it also means githaba writing and that other is to write to have someone write down

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what you dictate to them. So it is to dictate something to someone and have them write it down.

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So if that ever and etc, is also to write something that has been fabricated to record something that has been invented something that is false.

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So obviously, they knew that the profits on a lot of them could not write himself. So what has he done, he has made up these stories or he has heard these stories. And he has asked some people to write these stories down for him. And then obviously he cannot read himself. So what happens for here to La la, so it is dictated upon him bookcloth and we're asleep in the morning and the evening

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to learn from the reflectors mainland. Well, mainland well in lair from Malou is to walk briskly to run in there is that one person is speaking and the other is writing.

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One person is speaking and the other is writing. So far he has done La La He it is dictated to him in the morning and the evening. Why? So that he can memorize those stories.

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Or that he can repeat them over and over again in different ways.

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Because if you look at it, some stories in the Quran, they are repeated, many things are actually repeated in the Quran

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the story of Masada, Islam is repeated so many times. So many stories that are humorous, and I mentioned stories of Lutheranism. Sure, Abraham Saleh, a listener, all of the prophets are repeatedly mentioned in the

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and it's not just the stories, but it also certain concepts, like for example, the concept of the rain coming down from the sky, and how the earth becomes green. This is mentioned repeatedly, isn't it?

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So there are certain stories and there are certain concepts which are repeated in the Quran.

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And there are people who do not like this repetition. And they say that seeing there is so much repetition in the Quran. This is an evidence that he has invented this book himself.

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The fact that there is repetition in the Quran is an evidence that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has invented it himself

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that he has come up with some stories with certain things. He has made sure that they're recorded and that he does not forget them. He has people read these stories to him over and over again. And then he presents them in different different ways. You understand?

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Like for example, if you use one main ingredient, then what will you do you will use that ingredient in different different dishes. You will make it in one way one time, another way another time, right? But you're using the same thing over and over.

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Again, why? Because that's what you have. Similarly, he has these stories. And he presents them in various ways. And he comes up with different different stories, different different versions every time.

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Now, what's their main objection? Why is there repetition in the Quran?

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This is what they're using to refute the crime.

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Now, is there some reason behind the repetition that's in the Quran? Of course,

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if you think about it, when do you repeat something? Why do you repeat something? When it is important? Like for example, you wash your face every day, despite the fact that you washed it yesterday, and the day before, but you wash it again today, and you wash it again tomorrow, why? Isn't it enough to wash your face once in a lifetime? No, it's necessary. Similarly, you eat again and again. Why?

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Because it's necessary.

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You ate yesterday, you ate the day before, but you will eat again. Why? Because eating today is necessary.

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Similarly, you love your children. You tell your children, I love you. You show affection to them, you hug them? do you do that? Only once? No, you do that again and again, isn't showing affection to your children once enough? No, whatever is important, you have to repeat it, you have to repeat it.

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So something that is important, is repeated over and over again.

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Now, if you like something, no matter how much it is repeated, you don't find it burdensome,

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isn't it? If you love hugging your child, you will not find it a burden to hug your child every day.

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But if you don't like to do something like for example, you don't like washing dishes, every time you have to wash dishes, you want to look away, you want to go into the kitchen, isn't it? Something that you like doing, you don't mind repeating it, and something that you don't like you cannot bear it when it's being repeated.

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So we see that the repetition in the Quran is a source of joy for some people.

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They learn new things every time they feel new things every time. But for other people, it's a source of irritation. They say what is this, again, the same story is coming. Again, the same concept is being mentioned. Can we not get past this? Why? Because they don't like those things. They don't like those concepts. And remember that when it comes to Tallinn, when it comes to teaching a concept, you have to repeat.

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This is why when it comes to learning the lesson, you have to repeat it seven times, you have to because if you don't repeat it seven times, you will not be able to remember it, you might get by for that day for that week for that test, but after some time, you will forget. So repetition is necessary for learning. So that what you are learning takes root in the heart and mind.

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Like for example, when it comes to marketing, if a certain product is being sold, it's new. You will see it's advertisement on the Billboard you will see it on the buses you will see on bus stops, isn't it so then you will see it on the television again and again and again. Why? Because they want to embed that thing in your mind. So that the next time you go to the store, you look for that product. Next time you go to the mall, you go to that store, they want to make sure you buy it, they want to make sure it becomes a part of you. This is why there is repetition in the Quran as well.

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Because the Quran does not just give us information does not just give us facts. This is it. And this is a fact and this is a fact no. The purpose of the Quran is what licona denial Amina de la. The purpose of the Quran is to guide people to warn people.

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And in order to guide in order to bring about a change, repetition is necessary.

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Repetition is necessary.

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In order for something to make sense to you, in order for something to become a part of you. In order for something to bring about a change in you. You need to hear it again and again. You need to see it again and again. So this is the reason behind the repetition of the Quran. But there are people who do not tolerate this repetition. Why? Because they don't like the

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last panatela says all say to them. Angela who has revealed it, who has revealed the Quran and led the Yarra lemma similar for summer where it will be

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the one who knows the secret that is within the heavens.

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The earth,

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He does not just know the secrets of the earth, He does not just know the secrets of the heavens, but he knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth. In no can have a photo of rahima Indeed, he is ever Forgiving and Merciful.

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We see in this ayah, that Allah subhanaw taala is defending his book, he is defending his messenger.

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And he mentions the reason why he sent the book earlier, that this book is not an ordinary book, this book has been revealed by the one whose knowledge encompasses all things. It's not an ordinary book, why? Because it has been sent by someone whose knowledge encompasses all things, he knows the secrets, he knows the unseen, not just of the earth, but also of the heavens. This is the knowledge of Allah. And this is why this Quran is accurate. This is why this Quran is a source of guidance, because it is from who Allah soprano.

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There are many people as well who want to help others who want to guide others who want to, you know, make them think positively, you want to bring about a change in others, but because their knowledge is limited, they cannot really help others, isn't it? So? Like, for example, there are many doctors, many psychologists, many counselors out there who are trying to help people.

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But why are they not completely successful? Because they don't know. They don't know everything.

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Like, for example, the person who's coming to you for counseling, you can tell them what to do based on whatever they have told you. It's possible they have not given you the entire story, can you help them? No, even if they have given you the entire story, your experience your knowledge is limited, you cannot help them fully.

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So the fact that your knowledge is limited,

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you cannot really help people.

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But Allah subhanaw taala is knowledge, it is complete, it is complete, he knows about everything. This is why this book is a source of guide for everyone.

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This is why this book is a source of guidance for who for everyone.

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So, Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge because it is complete he knows the apparent he knows the hidden he is a lady with Shahada. This is why this book is beneficial into the for her eye number seven the last parameter it says what intelligible Kohli for inner who urine mo Silla will have. And if you speak aloud, then indeed he knows the secret and what is even more hidden. This is our complete his knowledge, his intellect molcajete 14 we learn Allah Allah, Allah, wa who are lovely from COVID does he who created not know why he is a subtle, be acquainted, of course he knows.

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interrupt the number is 74 we learn what in Arabic Allah Allah Ma Ma to kindle sudo home woman linoone and indeed your Lord knows what their breasts conceal, and what they declare everything he knows about it. And this is an evidence that the Quran contains nothing that is false, nothing that is against reality. People thinking people's ideas, they keep changing. But what isn't the Quran? That is fine.

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In certain Missa 82 we learn well Oh, can a man or Indian lady lay the water to fix the left and kathira the fact that this quote is from Allah, this is why you don't find any contradiction.

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We'll call you and they say more objections. Many however soon. Now. First, the objections against the Quran are mentioned. And then the last panel data refutes them. Now the objections against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I mentioned

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that the people say the disbelievers they say many others. So what is wrong with this messenger? What kind of a messenger is this? that he could bomb? He eats food. What kind of a messenger is he? That he needs to eat food just as we do? Why am she filled as well? And he walks in the markets as well because the plural of soup. He walks in the marketplace is why to earn a living that says we need to

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layer on Zilla HumanIK. If he's really a messenger, then how come any Angel was not sent down to him? Why?

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To help him to aid him, to support him to go to the marketplace for him, to serve him to assist him.

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Like for example, if someone is very prestigious, if someone is very, very important, then do they do everything themselves? No. They have many people who are guarding them who are protecting them who are doing their work for them.

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So this man, he claims to be a messenger. But look at him, he eats food. And on top of that, he has to go buy stuff himself, he has to go earn a living. If he's really a prophet, then why has an angel not been sent to him to help him to support him for a akuna mar hoonah deal, and that Angel would be with him, another a warner.

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So, first of all, they call the Khurana fabrication. And then they say, we will not believe in a messenger, who is a human being just like us, who needs to eat just as we eat. Because if he needs to eat, and if he needs to go earn a living, then there is nothing special about him. He does not have any precedence over us. You understand why they're saying this? There is nothing special about him. He has no precedence over us. He goes to the same places that we go to. He does the same things that we do. So how can you be a messenger

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and if he was a messenger, he would be accompanied by the angels but we don't see any angels around him. important people are always surrounded by others. But we don't see him being surrounded by any angels into the zone of if 53 we learn fellow law all clearly as well to men that have been older Mr. Humala equal to mokhtari. Nene. If he's a messenger, then why have there not been placed upon him bracelets of gold? Or come with him the angels in conjunction? If he's a prophet, why does he need to make money? Why doesn't money just come to him? Why isn't he so wealthy? In certain minerals is 3334 we learn marhaba illa verschuren with local economy matter Coronavirus, men, who is Ravi

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Mehta. Shaboom. While in authority international myth, Lacan in the Canadian law serum, that this is not what a man like yourselves he eats, of what you eat, he drinks of what you're doing. And if you be a human being, then you will be losers. So this is how the people they raised false propaganda against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that there is nothing special about him. So why should we believe him?

00:27:18--> 00:27:35

And they continue? Are you by la higgenson? or How come a guns a treasure has not been given to him? Kansas from their newsletters, gaff noon day and Kansas used for a lot of wealth, a heap of wealth. And in particular, it's used for such wealth that is also hidden.

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So he's a messenger. How come he's not rich? How come he does not have a guns? out akula? Who Jonathan, or he should have a garden? Yeah, kulu minha that he should eat from? If you notice, they're contradicting themselves. Earlier, they said, How can we eat? And now they say, how come he does not have a garden from which he can eat? they contradict themselves.

00:28:04--> 00:28:14

So what do we see? Their main objection was that why isn't he rich? Why doesn't he have a lot of money and a lot of power?

00:28:15--> 00:28:34

Because, unfortunately, many people if they want to see that someone is true, someone is right or not. What do they look at his worldly status? Is he wealthy? Is he powerful? Does he have authority? If he does, he's right. And if he doesn't, then don't listen to him.

00:28:35--> 00:28:51

But we see that the messengers, the prophets of Allah, they were not given a lot of worldly things. Many prophets were given a lot like for example, so the man on his center, who else au Brennan Center,

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but there were many other prophets who were not given a lot of worldly things.

00:28:57--> 00:29:28

And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam before he received Prophethood, he was quite wealthy. He was a merchant, and his wife, a digital designer, all of her wealth, he would go and do business with it, and he would bring back a lot of profit. But when he received his prophethood, then what happened? Because he had to convey the message to the people his work, you can say it reduced his time that he would spend making money that reduced because obviously he had a huge responsibility on him.

00:29:30--> 00:29:43

And with that, he suffered from financial loss. And on top of that, later on what happened the Muslims, they suffered from the boycott, which was three years long,

00:29:44--> 00:29:59

in which the Muslims, they were opposed to the extent that they were forced out of Makkah into shares of Italia, and social as well as economic sanctions were imposed on them. No one was allowed to trade with them. No one was allowed to sell anything to them. No one

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was allowed to socialize with them. And this is why the prophets are allowed to sell them as well as the believers have suffered from a lot of financial loss. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that 13 nights have gone upon me, and Bilaal, in which we did not find anything that a human being would eat.

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And when was that in terrible?

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30 nights went by. Just imagine how much they suffered. For the machine, they would say that what kind of a messenger is he? He suffers from poverty. He suffers from hunger. He suffers from opposition so many hardships. If he's supposed to be a messenger, then How come he's not held by God? What kind of early Muna and the wrongdoer say in that w una de la la Julian masuleh. You are not following except a man who is Masood. Someone who is bewitched. Emma's her person near the Arabs was someone who was possessed by the Jews.

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Massoud was understood as someone who was possessed by the jinn, because the angel jabril would come to the prophet SAW the Lotus and they would say that your shadow Dawn is coming to you.

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And similarly, the word was heard is also used for someone on whom magic has been and so he is under the effect of magic.

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So, you are not following except a man who is bewitched, a man who has been affected by the jinn, who is under the effect of magic. Basically, you are following a person who has lost his mind who has not remained himself anymore. He was very wise. He was very truthful. However, he's not remained himself anymore.

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Look at this accusation.

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But remember that this accusation is not something new. The profits are a lot of them was called mushroom. And the profits before him even they were called mushroom and Majnoon aquaguard and sort of the Sharla is number 27. That Allah in Nara Sula, como la de la la comme la mer junoon, that your messenger who has been sent to you he is much noon, in total Islam I 94. We learn why men are NASA and human who is German Buddha Illa and Carlo a virus Allahu Bashar Sula.

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What prevented people from believing was that How could a human messenger be sent

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and that human messenger, they would call him a madman, they would call him insane, they would call him as someone who has been affected by magic. So, this is how they try to refute the messengers

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and they also try to refute the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. It was a prank Allah says, Look gay further abou local emcell look at how they strike for you comparisons. lm sad is the plural of missile or method.

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Look at the kind of descriptions they are giving you. At one point they call you must prove at another point they call you an inventor. They said that if there are Who?

00:33:11--> 00:33:20

Now if someone is inventing something so eloquent, tell me how can you be possessed by Jim, how can he have gone mad? How can you have gone insane?

00:33:21--> 00:33:25

Someone who is in his right mind only can say something very eloquent.

00:33:26--> 00:33:30

Only he can say something that is not contradicting.

00:33:31--> 00:34:17

So look at the kind of descriptions they give you. They call you Massoud. They call you a liar. They call you a magician. They call you a forger. For Balu they have gone astray. How? By giving you all of these accusations by accusing you in this way. They have gone astray. Phil is thoroughness Avila so they will not find any way meaning any way to guidance. They call him mad. But they forgot that they themselves had gone mad. Because they were not using their mind. They were not using their intellect into the truth. I had 20 we learn Mac no yesterday or on a summer. What more can we assume that the people they were not able to hear? nor did they see, the truth was so evident. It was so

00:34:17--> 00:34:20

clear. Still they were not able to see the truth.

00:34:21--> 00:34:24

It was so obvious that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was not lying.

00:34:25--> 00:34:30

Whatever he was saying was true. miracles were shown to the people.

00:34:31--> 00:34:37

When the truth is so clear to someone still he does not believe what does it mean? He is not using his mind.

00:34:38--> 00:34:43

They say to the messenger, you're not using your mind but in reality they were not using their mind.

00:34:44--> 00:34:58

And so to have a one on one we learned a Latina Canada uniform field report in our industry. What can you lay us to the owner Cemre those people whose eyes had been within a cover removed from my remembrance and they were not able to hear