Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 087C Tafsir Al-Anam 154-165

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the book of Islam to achieve the completion of blessings and the book of moral security is emphasized. The difficulty of creating an excuse on the Day of Judgment due to the use of "how" instead of "how" in English is discussed. The importance of learning and following rules to avoid unnecessary mistakes is emphasized. The importance of focusing on acquisitions of righteousness and bringing good deeds to reward others is emphasized. The speakers stress the need to learn about religion and its benefits for one's life.
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Soma then attina We gave Musa Musa alayhis salam al Kitab the Book, because these teachings that are mentioned previously they were given to all the prophets of Allah. And then Allah gave to Musa alayhis salam, the book which book the thorough and that book was what Allah says Dharma and a completion. Meaning a completion of Allah's blessings of Allah s favors Allah upon Allah the the one who are sunnah he did good. Meaning the one who was righteous, the one who was striving to please Allah, when he received the Torah, when he received the book of Allah, that book was what a completion of Allah's blessings

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what does this show to us, that the book of Allah, when a person receives that when a person understands that when a person learns that then Allah's favours are completed upon him, which means that if a person has everything on this world, but the book of Allah is missing from his life, then the blessings are not complete on him? What do we think if a person becomes a millionaire, then yes, they have everything. If a person has this degree than they have everything, if a person has these many children, they have everything. If a person has a good husband, a loving husband, a good relationship, then they are very, very lucky that they are successful. But what does Allah say? What

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is it that completes blessings for you? The book of Allah, because until you have the book of Allah in your life, you will always have this void, you will be unhappy. And this is what we see. People who become Muslim many times they will say, I had everything but I'm just not happy. I knew that something was missing. What was that missing? The book of Allah, the guidance of Allah. So Allah sent this book as a Tama completion of blessing, but for who Isla de arsena, the one who was striving to do good,

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right, like there's so many people who say, you know, I always wanted to learn, I always wanted to become a better person, I was trying this, I was trying that I went here, I went there. And then when I studied the Quran, then everything became fine. Everything became perfect. I love the art center. And this book was also what of sealant and a detail. Luckily for every che in thing, meaning the book also contained the detail of everything meaning everything that the people needed to know, for their wellness in this world, and for their success in the Hereafter, meaning the book contained details. Well then, and it was also guidance while and immersi LA LA home so that they believe it

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was meeting robbing him of their Lord, you know,

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the book was also a source of guidance and mercy for the people and all of this, this led to what certainty in meeting with Allah that one day I have to meet him, so I better prepare for that meeting. How do I prepare according to the teachings that have been given in the book in the law? Well, her the end this Kitab en book which book has Akita the book in front of you, the Quran, Allah says this book is under now all we have sent it down. It is mobile, makan bless it full of blessings full of Baraka. The total was described as the man of sleep who the Rama, Moldova, and Quran, it is just called him about why, because when Barack gathers all of these qualities within itself, it is

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the source of blessings and goodness for you. So if you have everything, but not this book, you can never have goodness. And if you have this book, and nothing else, and something is missing from your life, whether it is the perfect loving spouse, or it is the perfectly obedient children, or it is the perfect house, doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day, you have the book of Allah, you have the book of Allah, and that means a lot, and that fulfills every void that you could have in your life. Think about it, there were companions who were persecuted. So much so that their own families turned against them must have been remade. You know, you've learned about his story. You

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read about it again. And it just blows your mind. Who was he before he became Muslim? His mother loved him so much. You know, she fed him. He wore the most expensive clothes, the most unique fragrances. If you walk from somewhere, and there was a unique, different kind of fragrance people knew was our blend from here.

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This is the kind of a teenager he was and when he became Muslim. What did he have? He was left with nothing. He was persecuted so much. He had to leave Makkah go to Medina. He was one of the first teachers of the Quran, one of the first teachers of the Quran he was and he died at the battle right the

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very beginning. And when he was buried, what luxury Guffin did he have? It was so short, the garment with which they covered him that if the governor has had his feet were exposed to the covered his feet, his head was exposed, but must have been remade. He died with the Quran in his life, right? So even though that loving mother was not there, all that money was not there. All that freedom was not there. It didn't matter why? Because the Quran mobile rock was in his life, and that fulfilled every void, every void. You know, in your life, you'll always be unhappy because of something or the other. When you're not married, you're unhappy. I don't get along with my parents. You get married,

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you have a husband, and you're like, why do we end up in arguments? And then you have children? And you're like, why are they disobedient, you want everything to be perfect and happy. You want everything to be like, you know, in those fairy tales, but it doesn't happen. There will always be things in your life that will pinch you that will hurt you that will destroy you know the happiness, the sweetness of life, they will ruin it. But what is it that will compensate for it? The book of Allah because it is Mobarak This is why Allah says fit to be rude. So follow it. What Doku and fear of La, la la come so that you are human, you are showing mercy. So follow the book of Allah. Don't

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just look at it. Don't just stare at it. Don't listen to it. Don't just keep it either follow it, follow it. If you really want to be happy, and Dakolo that you say meaning ALLAH has given you this book, lest you say, you make an excuse that in nama indeed, not only al Kitab, the Book was sent down, Allah upon law if attained two groups, men Commelina from before us, but if attained will have Potiphar. But if a group so Allah has given this book to you why, so that you cannot say that all the scripture was given to two groups before us which groups the Jews and the Christians, they were given the Scripture, we were not given the scripture we're in and indeed could now we were banned

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from the rasa team, their study, lawfully and surely unaware, the rasa from the letters Dal was seen. There are some in study education, it means Kira reading could read before someone. So for instance, when you read in front of your teacher, that really is an in depth study. Because typically what happens the teacher only reads before the students when when the student reads before the teacher that's an in depth study. Right? So don't say that, Oh, we were unaware of the study of the book. Because that is something that the Jews and the Christians used to do in their own languages. And we did not know Hebrew. So we didn't know the book and we didn't know what to do. No,

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this excuse won't work anymore. Why? Because Allah sent you the book in your language, basically, the Arabs are being addressed, that Allah has sent you the book in your own language now. So on the Day of Judgment, you cannot make any excuse. And for those of us who don't speak Arabic, what excuse do we have? When Allah subhanaw taala has made its understanding so easy, how that it's been explained in your language, it has been translated, obviously translated, meaning its meaning has been translated, its detail has been preserved. You know, sometimes you want to listen to a good lecture. And you're like, What do I listen to? There's so many out there and you're like, Okay, I

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listen to this series first, and that series next, and this one next, because there's so much out there to learn. You want to read a good Islamic book? So many, like what do I read first, you want to study in Islamic science? So many you find it difficult to choose. So you cannot make an excuse now on the day of judgment that Oh, Allah. I didn't know. I didn't know. It wasn't a different language. I was too busy. I was unaware. No. You have to make the effort now to find out because the book has been sent. Now it's your responsibility. The ball is in your court. Oh or the Kulu. You said meaning you cannot make this excuse either on the day of judgment that low if Annette indeed we

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own Zillow, it was sent Elena upon us al Kitab the Book, if only the book had been given to us lacuna shorty, we were down more guided better guided minimum than that, on the Day of Judgment, you won't be able to say that, Oh Allah. If you had given us the book instead of the Jews and the Christians, then we would have been better guided than that. Because the Jews and the Christians they were given the book, but they changed it. They altered it. They didn't follow it. They lost it. They made demands from their prophets. And you know, if Allah you have given us the book, we wouldn't have been like that.

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Well the thing is that the book has come to you. What are you doing today? For God so in fact, Jaya accom it came to you but you not on a clear provement Rob, we come from your Lord. Now a clear proof has come to you a detailed proof has come to you a clear evidence has come to me in this book, this Quran has come to you, telling you about everything that you need to know. And what are you doing something very similar to what the you who did what the masala did? And this guitar was also what who then and a guidance what and a mercy? So what's the main lesson from these verses that no one can say on the Day of Judgment? Oh Allah, I didn't know. I don't know what you want me to do? No,

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Allah has informed us in detail. Allah has sent the book in detail. We have to find out. We have to learn, we have to follow and if we don't follow whose fault is it? Whose fault is it? It's our fault if we don't learn whose fault is it our fault? Because Allah didn't just send the book. He made it easy for understanding. He made it easy for learning for memorizing. So if somebody doesn't learn somebody doesn't understand it is their fault. Because the Quran isn't rocket science. It's very simple, straightforward. It is a straightforward column. Yes, there are parts of it would seem a little complicated, but a little bit effort a little bit reflection will really make things easy for

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you it will open up your mind for you

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from and so who Ozlem who is more unjust mimin then who got the by he rejected he belied the Atilla with verses of Allah, meaning, the greatest unjust person is the one who rejects the verses of Allah who calls them a lie, and then will suffer and he turned away on her from it. Sada from the auditor slogged alpha. And so the idea is to turn away from something, it's basically to avoid something, okay, it is it at all to avoid and Munder stay away from it is to turn away from something, avoid something and refrain from it. So he calls the vs ally, the Quran a lie, and then he avoids it, he turns away from it. Such a person is the greatest unjust person who is doing injustice to himself

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and other people. Because when you call something a lie, you're not going to benefit from it. And you're not going to let other people benefit from it either. Because instantly other people will have doubts about it to center Jersey soon we will recompense Alladhina those who yes Lee Foner they turn away and if Tina from our verses, how will we recompense them so allow the evil punishment why be mad because of what can who they were yesterday phone they turn away because of their having turned away from the verses of Allah, they will suffer consequences. So let's reflect on ourselves. How much is it that I go towards the book of Allah? I accept it I open it I read it I recite it? Or

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is it that I'm turning away from it? There is an opportunity to read and I said no something else. There is an opportunity to reflect and like no something else. The person who turns away from the book of Allah is committing a serious crime for which there will be punishment. Allah says * are young Luna they wait in law except on that deal when it comes to them who and Mala Chica the angels? Meaning what are the waiting for? So that they can believe? What are they waiting to see? Why are they procrastinating? Why are they delaying? What are they waiting to see the angels? The angel of death? You know, sometimes there's something very important for you to do. Like for instance, you

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have to pray it's moment of time. And you're like, Yeah, I'll just get up. Let me just read this, then I'll get it. Let me just finish my conversation that okay, let me just finish watching this, then I'll get up. Alright, you keep making excuses. At that time, ask yourself, am I waiting to see the angel of death? And then I'm going to get up? What am I waiting for? Because if the Angel of Death comes now, then what excuse do I have to offer? what excuse do I have to offer? Because there are many important things that we keep deferring and delaying and avoiding? Allah asks Holly young Runa Illa and Dr. Homegirl, Mala Erica, are there waiting for the angels to come to them? The angels

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of death the angels of punishment. Oh, or yet Dr. Rob book that your Lord should come to them? Because the machine they were refusing to believe the truth was crystal clear, but still they wouldn't believe. So Allah asks, Are they waiting to see Allah? Are they waiting for the day of judgment to come forth? And then they will believe Oh, or yet Thea? It comes Barbu some Aya signs Rob, big of your Lord. Which signs are the

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Is the signs of His promise meaning the signs of the Day of Judgment? Are they waiting to see those signs? And then they will believe? Because it's amazing. Whenever people want to discuss something about the religion, what will they talk about? Oh, this is a sign of the Day of Judgment. You know, people are doing this, the strange thing happened must be a sign of the Day of Judgment. They're not concerned about learning how to improve their salah, learning about what there are to make to Allah, learning about what food they should avoid? No, they don't want to learn about an eye of the Quran. What are they concerned about? What's going to happen near the Day of Judgment? This is something

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that people love to talk about. So Allah asks, or they're waiting to see one of the signs of the judgement. Then when they will see that sign, then they will say, yeah, what the Prophet brought was true. What the Quran says is true, because yes, the sign did actually happen. Allah says, Yo Mama on day Yep, D it will come Barbu some Aya signs Rob big of your Lord, the day the signs will appear, meaning one of the signs of the hour appear, then what will happen, learn not yearn for it will benefit nap son, any person Immanuel, its belief. Meaning if a person sees that sign of the hour, and he says, I believe I believe, now I will change. He sees the angel of death and he says, You

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know what? A stop for Allah. Allah forgive me for all that I've done. I will change No. Allah says Whoever believes then then it will not benefit them. Ly yen Varun Epson Eman or her it's Eman will not benefit it. Which person that lamb did not the cone it was emanate it believed in Kabul from before. If it did not believe before, then believing now it's not going to help. If they did not believe before then believing now is not going to save them for their own. Wasn't he delaying as well? Wasn't the truth clear to him but he had he rejected right. And when he saw the waves collapsing on him, he said I believe I was too late. He didn't believe before so his believing now

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didn't help him. Oh or cassava it earned fi in Imani has its belief higher on some good meaning if it didn't do some good before. Now doing good is not going to help. Like for example, a person knows they should spend for the sake of Allah on the poor and the needy. They should spend in good ways so that in the Hereafter they have something for themselves. But a person keeps delaying delaying delaying Let me save. Let me save. Let me say let me buy this. Let me buy that. And charity. Yes, tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow. And then what happens when he's about to die? He says give $5,000 Here give my car to so and so. You know this jewelry of mine give it away. So emotionally you know

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they're giving everything of their Zwick. But what uses that's

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what uses that. So the car because it's become other people's property now anyway. It's gonna go to them now anyway. So what do we learn from here, that whatever is necessary to do do it right away, don't delay. Because if you're delaying, and you wait until the last moment, if you do it, then it's not going to help you.

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Unless you did it before. You had the reputation of doing that good deed before. Like, for instance, once the companion his mother passed away, and he wasn't there. So he came to the Prophet salallahu Salam, and he said that my mother passed away. And I know that if she was alive, if I was there, she would have told me to give such and such in Allah's way because that was her habit before. So if I give something on her behalf, would it benefit her? He said yes, it will benefit her. Why? Because she had a reputation of giving sadaqa spending in Allah's way. So now even if she's gone and somebody gives on her behalf, it will benefit her why? Because she did it before she did it before

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and if a person doesn't do it, doesn't believe doesn't do any righteousness and waits for the last moment. He does it then it's not going to work. Cool say interview keep waiting. Keep waiting. keep delaying. You say you're not going to believe until you see this until you see that go ahead wait in that indeed we move into little ones wait meaning we're waiting with you. And we'll see what happens in a Hardee's we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the last hour will not commence until the sun rises from the west. One of the signs of the day of determine his word that the sun instead of rising from the east, it will rise from the west and when the people witness that they will all

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believe they will all believe. However, he said that this is what Allah subhanaw

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Tata says Lyon firm Epson Eman over

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if you didn't believe before there Iman is not going to benefit recitation

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settle kita but Nala lady

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sleeping unequally what up sleep Felicia you

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all mean you may know

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waha kita boom

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dump double O

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you got to deal mocha D about

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yo nya t.bk

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found us and Iman

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V Manny, how are you all,

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now towards the end of the surah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is told and by extension, all of us are advised that in indeed a Levina those people who fell Roku they divided Vina home their religion, what can Oh, and they became Shia and groups sects. Those people who divided up their religion, Allah subhanaw taala gave them the deen. And what happened? They divided it up for Rocco. How did they divide it up? That instead of following the teachings that Allah subhanaw taala gave, they strayed away from it. And when they strayed away from it, each person went his own way. For example, there are 50 people going on one highway, and what happens, one takes one exit and other

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person takes another exit, a third takes a different exit. So what happens they were all on the same path. But each when it deviated from the right course, it went its own way. Allah gave people one religion, same teachings, Allah called all people Muslim, told all of them to stay away from Schilke. The basic teachings were the same, what happened? They divided up their religion, what can or Shia and eventually they became into groups and factions. She is applauded of sheer. And what does she mean? This from the root letter, Shinya? I, it is a group, a division, someone who has separated from the mainstream. Okay, someone who's separate from the mainstream. And then the

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formulate a group is in support of a certain ideology in support of a certain individual. So for example, the common understanding the word Ciara is what the people who are shear are too early, the supporters of early because they separated from the rest of the Muslims and they said we're going to support our Utopia la Horne, who in his cause, it was a political movement of initially and eventually it became a theological division. So anyway, those people who divided the religion and became

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into groups and factions. Allah says, Oh Prophet sallallahu sallam, less that you are not men home from them fee in che in anything, meaning you have no association with them, you have nothing to do with them. In other words, you are different from them, you are not going to associate yourself with them, you're going to stay far from them, you're not going to be influenced by them, you're not going to go on the same way that they went, you're not going to affiliate yourself with them. Why? Because they are upon misguidance. And if you follow their way, if you become like them, if you associate yourself with them, then what's going to happen, you are also going to get misguided, lets

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them in on vishay you're not going to associate yourself with them. So those people whose concern is division, division, separating themselves from others constantly all the time, this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong.

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And they're dividing the religion for the Kadena who will kind of Shara and those people who went on this way that follow this particular way, follow this color follow this school of thought and now there is nothing about Islam except for you know, Sunni, Salafi, Sufi Shia, this that this is what Islam has become

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a division. So many groups and within the Sunni become Hanafi Shafi Maliki, this that this that there are so many divisions and then as you go into more detail, there's more divisions. Is this the religion that Allah gave us?

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Were the Muslims, not Muslims before Imam Abu Hanifa who were they not Muslim before he won the Shafi where they're not Muslims, before a certain scholar, they were Muslim. What were the following the Quran and the Sunnah. So let's keep it original. Let's stick to the roots to the foundation. Let's stick to the Quran and Sunnah. Because this is what the prophets of Allah Islam is advised over here, that people who divide the religion, you are not going to affiliate yourself with them.

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You're gonna call yourself a Muslim. Primarily, this verse is about Jews and the Christians. Allah gave them the Book and what happened, one group formed and then another group formed, they have the same book, but divided sects in them are indeed not but um rowhome their affair it Allah to Allah, their matter is with Allah meaning he will judge between them who was right who was wrong, because differences will always be there. But these differences should not become a cause of division, when they become a cause of division. That is a problem. all matters of FTR Allah subhanaw taala will clarify that Summa Yuna Bo home, then he will inform them Bhima with that which can well they were

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your fire alone, they do a local Donna's about our deeds, meaning he will recompense people for their deeds. So we have to see what are our actions like, in your opinion, you may be different but what are your actions like? What are your words like? Because sometimes we think it's justified for us to say extremely harsh words about someone, right, that show only enmity and animosity and hatred. Allah will look at our deeds that despite differences, how did you deal with others? So in this aisle, what do we learn that the true Dean is one dean, the Dean of Islam, that is what Allah subhanaw taala gave to all people. Later on it was that people became divided, they call themselves

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Jews, Christians, so on and so forth. You should stay away from this mess. Don't touch it. Don't get into it. Stay away from this mess. Focus on what? Focus on acquiring righteousness, because that will be rewarded generously. Allah says man whoever Jetta he came Bill has an hour with the good deed on the Day of Judgment, whoever brings a good deed then what will happen follow so for him, I shouldn't 10 unfairly her it's likes um third is a Florida method or method. Method is what likeness of something that which is similar to something. So whoever brings a good deed on the Day of Judgment, he will have 10 times it's like, in other words, the reward will be multiplied, how many

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times how many times 10 times you recite Elif Lam meme for Elif you get 10 Good deeds, multiply 10 times and this is the minimum This is the minimum Maxa Allah can multiply it as many times as he wants. We learned in total Bacala person spends in charity does multiplied up to 700 times and that also Allah can increase the reward. Woman and whoever Jabba he came Bisaya with the evil whoever brings a sin on the Day of Judgment. Fella so not you desire he will be recompensed in that except Mithila it's like meaning the sin that will not be multiplied. That will be

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One for one, one for one not multiplied, well whom and they learn not use them on they will be wrong people will not be wronged on the Day of Judgment, there will be justice on the Day of Judgment. In fact, there will be generosity on the day of judging because 99 parts of Allah's mercy are reserved for when that day, this is why a person will bring one good deed and he will be rewarded 10 times.

00:30:25 --> 00:31:15

You see, the justice is what give someone what they deserve, all right. So for a sin, the punishment will be for one sin not 10 cents, okay. And for good deeds, because Allah subhanaw taala has mercy will be so prevalent on that day, what do we see that the reward will be multiplied many, many times? Many, many times. All right. In a hadith we learn. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, your Lord is Most Merciful. Whoever intends to perform a good deed and does not do it, it will be written for him as a good deed. Why? For his intention, if he performs it, it will be written for him as 10 deeds. Imagine, if he does it after the new year, it will be written as 10 deeds to 700 to many

00:31:15 --> 00:32:00

times more. And whoever intends to commit an evil deed, he makes the intention I'm gonna yell that person. I'm gonna lie there. To get out of that problem. Whoever intends to commit an evil deed, but does not do it changes his mind do it or No, not right, I shouldn't do it. It will be written for him as a good deed. Imagine a person decides to do something wrong, changes his mind. It's written as a good deed. If he commits it, it will be written for him as a sin only one sin unless ALLAH erases that also. And he said only those who deserve destruction will be destroyed by Allah. Because when Allah is so generous yet someone ends up in hellfire it's really their fault. They really

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deserve destruction. The Prophet said a lot of sun was told cold say in any indeed I had any he guided me rock Be my Lord. Ila to sloping above musta came straight. My Lord has guided me to the right way. What is that right way? Dina a religion that is pm and correct. The abbreviation of Pm and Pm is that which is correct itself upright itself. And it also rectifies establishes others so Dina's upright itself and it also rectifies the state of people of society of mind of heart, your welfare. It sets the affairs right if you follow the religion correctly. And this religion is milette a creed Ibrahim Ibrahim, who was Ibrahim Hanifa unswerving focused one I can I mean and

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Mushrikeen and he was not of those who associate partners with Allah. Why is the Brahim Melissa mentioned because the machine they used to say that we are the followers of Ibrahim we are his children, his descendants we follow his religion. Allah clarifies over here. The religion of Ibrahim was up though he'd have submission to Allah focused on righteousness. That was his religion to check yourself. Where do you stand? Pull say indeed solidarity, my prayer when no Sookie and my sacrifice Why am I here? Yeah, and my life why am I mad tea and my death Lilla you for Allah. Rob Lord Allah al Amin of the world's the prophets of Allah Islam is made to say this and what about us? Should we

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not say the same thing?

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That in solidarity, my prayer, my worship, all my rituals, every prayer of mine that I offer, every act of worship is for who? Allah one Oh, Sookie nusach Noon seen calf is used for sacrifice rituals of Hajj, sacrifice slaughtering the animal, my sacrifice my rituals, even they are dedicated for who Allah. So I will not eat any meat except that it comes from an animal which was logic for whom? Allah azza wa jal it was slaughtered for his sake. Why am I here and my life? What is your life, your habits, the things that you accomplish? The things that you acquire your life, your day, how you spend your life, what do you achieve in your life, what you give priority to in your life, that

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is what your life is about. So my life is for who Allah I dedicated to Allah, I presented to Allah, I give it to Allah. Really? Ask yourself, my 24 hours. I say my life is for Allah. Is it really for Allah? Where does my time go? What am I working for? Is my life about my children? Is my life about my school? Is my life about my friends? Is my life about my spouse?

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What is my life about? The prophets have a lot of them installed over here say, my life is for Allah. Ask yourself, is my life for Allah? Or is it for someone else? Am I living for him? Or am I living for something else? Why am I here yet? On the Marathi and my death, meaning when I die, I will die for Allah, I will die in submission to Allah. And how can that be when a person lives for Allah, then he can die for Allah, when he remembers Allah when he lives by La Ilaha illa Allah, then at his death, he will be able to say La ilaha illallah wa Marathi Lillahi Rabbil aalameen It is dedicated to Allah the Lord of the Worlds he gave me everything, and everything I have, I gave it to

00:35:52 --> 00:36:41

him. Luxury color law not surely any partner level for him, meaning he has no partners. And this is why I don't dedicate any of my worship, my rituals, my prayers, my life, my death to anyone but him, because he has no partners will be there liquor and with that omit to I was commanded. This is what I was commanded to do. And the same we have been commanded to do as well. What an honor, and I am a one who first and Muslimeen of those who submit I am the first of the Muslims, meaning even if nobody submits, I will surrender to Allah. Even if nobody follows the laws of Allah, I will follow what a woman was telling me. It's always easy to be the second one, to be the third one to be the

00:36:41 --> 00:37:25

fifth one to be the 50th one, but being the first one is most difficult. This is why the reward is the greatest. What an overwhelming Muslim mean, what does it mean? Even if the whole world is doing something else, I will still obey Allah because that was the way of the prophets, no harlot and I'm the first messenger. He said, we'll move to an akuna minal Muslim in use of our lesson and he said, There were funny Muslim and recited sinner, His followers, what did they say? Why should we anonymously Moon, the prophets of a lot of things made to say that a world was living? I am the first of those who submit, all say, Allah is it other than Allah He Allah, I believe I seek Robin

00:37:25 --> 00:38:12

Lord, are you telling me to find someone else as my Lord and not Allah? Why would I do that? I would never do that I will only take Allah as my Lord. Why? Because we're who while he is Rob boo Lord cliche of everything. When he is the Lord of everything, the creator, the provider of everything. I'm not going to go to anybody else. I'm not going to give my life to somebody else. If it's a career, what did that career ever do for me? What happiness did it bring me that I dedicate my life to that career? If it's a house, what did that house ever do to me except bring me misery and fatigue and exhaustion, and worry and concern and anger and frustration? It's not worth it. My Lord

00:38:12 --> 00:39:01

is only Allah, I dedicate everything of mine to Him, because He is the Lord of everything. The Lord of everything, Ally Lee, the one who is above everyone in everything while our tuxedo and it does not earn cologne, Epson every soul Illa except our layer upon it, meaning no soul earns anything except that it will be against it in the sense that if a person does anything wrong, he will suffer for it. While others you and it will not bear from while zero was your turn any bear of burden. Wisla burden of another, no bear of burden will bear the burden on another. You tell me now, do this, do that tomorrow, you're not going to show up for my health. So why should I care about what

00:39:01 --> 00:39:38

you say? I'm not going to listen to you. Because there will be many people who will tell you to do this to do that. And it contradicts the book of Allah very clearly. But remember, they're telling you now, tomorrow they will not be there for you. Because what does your was the rotten wizard of Accra on the Day of Judgment, no person will carry the sin of another Thumma Illa Rob become more general come then to your Lord is your return everyone's going back to him for you not to come so he will inform you be man with that which quantum you were feeling in it the telephone, you all differ on the Day of Judgment. All of you are going back to him. You can't avoid him. He will tell you

00:39:38 --> 00:39:49

about all that you've accomplished. And imagine on the agenda. Allah tells us, you pass this test, you ate this food, you did this, you did this, you did this. And you say your life is for Allah, what is for Allah?

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

What is for Allah? Ask yourself, my 24 hours. My life. What is it for where is it going? What am I

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00:40:01 --> 00:40:52

well who and he is a lady, the one who Jharna come, He made you holler if successors plural of Khalifa, who is Khalifa, one who succeeds the other. And that means he will be succeeded by someone else. Allah has made you holla if I have, he has made you successors of the Earth, meaning you succeeded someone, now they're gone, you're here, and soon you will be gone and succeeded by someone else. What does this remind us off? We're here for some time, what we have we have temporarily our time, our money, our strength, we only have it for some time. We don't know when our time will be over. So do something with this life before your chances are over? Well, Farah, and he weighs

00:40:53 --> 00:41:35

baldachin some of you followed above violin, others that Rajasthan in ranks, he has raised some of you over others in ranks, meaning Allah did not create all people equally. Rather, he kept variation in them, how that he preferred some over others in different things. One person is more in the rank in the degree of knowledge, education, another is more than the other in the degree of wealth. Another is more than someone else in the degree of beauty. You see even skin color, there is variation, but literally by degrees, you know, like if you're going to go buy a foundation for your skin. And what happens there's like so many options. Why? Because every skin color, every shade is

00:41:35 --> 00:42:21

different. The Rajat in everything height, shoes, you're gonna buy shoes, you try eight, you try eight and a half, you try seven or nine, have you tried, why do you try narrow? Why? Allah has made everyone different? Why? Because the one who has eight and a half shoe size is better than the one who has eight shoe size? Is that the reason? No, no, not at all. But isn't that what we think? If someone's skin color is of this shape, then they're better? If someone has 75.5, then they are better than the one who has 74. Right? This is what we think these are the standards that we've made for ourselves. But what does Allah say? What's the reason? Leah volu calm so that he tests you feel

00:42:21 --> 00:42:51

in math, that which attack he gave you, Allah is testing you by what He has given you? Everyone has been tested those who have been given what do they do? How much are they grateful? What do they use the blessings in and those who have not been given? What do they do? Do they complain? Do they have self pity to the waste your life complaining? Or do they do something with what Allah has given them? In not Bucha indeed, your Lord city or Swift at aeroclub, the retribution he is swift in retribution

00:42:52 --> 00:42:53

is something very scary.

00:42:54 --> 00:43:14

Meaning, if you do wrong with what Allah has given you, abuse the freedom that he has given you, the blessings that He has given you, then remember, he is swift in punishment. We're in the who and indeed he Lola for surely forgiving, or him merciful, swift and punishment towards

00:43:15 --> 00:44:06

those who disobey. And He's forgiving and merciful towards who those who turned to him, mistakes happen for those who turn to him. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful towards them. And with this, we reached the end of so little and Iran. And really the last few verses are the summary of the surah. What does the surah teach us, your life for Allah, everything you do, should be Allah approved. Dedicate yourself, your days, your minutes, your hours, your money, your spending everything for Allah. Because whatever you have, is precious. And it should be only given in a cause that's worth it. You're not going to spend your $1,000 at $1 store. It doesn't make sense. It's silly to do that.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:43

If you have all that money, you better use it for something that's worth it. Your minutes your life that Allah has given you. It's not worth the petty things on this world. It's worth more where is it worth spending and investing for the sake of Allah because he will reward you like no one else can every good deed he will give you 10 times the reward and more and what does this world do to you? You give it everything and it gives you nothing gives you nothing. So the main messages in the salinity one was to keep over here yet one more man at the level of

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