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At-Taubah 53-63 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 60

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says one more left at equilibrium

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and those whose hearts are joined together

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for them also the gap may be given to these individuals as well as the gap may be given.

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mu alpha is from the roof address Hamza Lanford What does elf mean? 1000 olfa love, Allah, He brought together he joined in love. So, I left her is one that is joined together

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one that is brought together one in which love is instilled

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olfa is put in.

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So those people in whose hearts some love has to be instilled for who for Islam and Muslims, for these people Zakah can be spent on them.

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What does it mean by that?

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That, for example, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. After the conquest of Pawnee, he distributed the war booty amongst the people of Makkah,

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the leaders of Mecca. Why,

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so that they would develop a soft corner for Islam.

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Some say that this was only limited to the time of the Prophet sallallahu

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that only he was supposed to do that and after him, we're not allowed to do it. However, there is no evidence for that. It is to be done even today. Because these circumstances they continue.

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So who are the more elevated Kowloon? First of all,

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it is those to whom some wealth is given. So that they can embrace Islam.

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Wealth is given to them is a carrot is given to them so that they will embrace us and they will become Muslim.

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When you just randomly pick up a person and say, Look, I'll give you $20,000 if you become a Muslim. No,

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that's not the case.

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What does it mean? A person is already inclined to Islam. He's already inclined to Islam. He has a soft corner, but he just has some bias against the Muslims.

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So if you give him some money, he will develop good feelings for the Muslims good feelings for Islam. And that will make it easier for him to become a Muslim.

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For example, we learned that software even omega, he said that the Messenger of Allah gave me from the spoils of her name. While he was the most hateful person to me.

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I hated him the most. But he gave me the spoils of war from her name. He kept giving me until he became the most beloved person.

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So you understand.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him, he knew what Islam was. He knew its truthfulness. But he just had this bias against profits or losses. And that's it. So when he was given that wealth, it removed that bias.

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It removed that bias.

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You know, how there's that? How do you set the head to to help give gifts and increase love.

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When somebody gives you a gift, automatically, you develop a soft corner for them,

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you begin liking them.

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Similarly, Alma, left at equilibrium also includes those people who have recently embraced Islam

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who have recently become Muslim.

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And if you support them financially, it will stabilize them in there, as well.

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Because when a person becomes a Muslim, sometimes he has to go through a lot of financial trouble. The family leaves her or leaves him completely boycotted.

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No education, probably no job probably. And all of a sudden, where do I go to I go to a shelter? Where do I live? How do I eat? How do I spend on myself? How do I get clothes for myself? So when a person goes through these difficulties, he thinks sometimes that maybe it's because of my religion, I should just give it up since I've become Muslim. I've only seen troubles and hardships and this happens to many people. You know, so many people become Muslim and they leave Islam. Why?

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Because nobody takes care of them once they have become Muslim.

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Their family cuts them off, and there are no Muslims to support them either.

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So I love that you could also includes those people who have recently become Muslim. And if you help them financially, it will stabilize them in their inner they will not lose their faith.

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For instance, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave some of the chiefs of Baraka 100 camels, each after the Battle of honey, they had recently become Muslim, but he gave them 100 camels each, so that they will become firm that he has when you become a Muslim. There certainly benefits there's so much love. There's so much

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unity amongst the Muslims.

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Similarly, what I love with Hulu includes that if someone is a non Muslim, or non Muslim,

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but they have some hatred against Muslims, they have some bias against Islam.

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And that hatred and bias could prove very harmful for the Muslims,

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it could prove very harmful for the Muslims. So in that case against the cat, maybe given to them to remove that hatred.

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Although there will still be non Muslim, but they will not dislike you anymore. They will not hate you anymore.

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Because they will see that you're so generous,

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that despite the fact that they have been saying negative things about you, you have been so kind to them, you have been so good to them.

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Then Allah Allah for the horrible also includes those non Muslims who live by the Muslim borders,

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those non Muslims who live right by the Muslim borders.

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So, Zakat may be given to them so that they remain loyal to the Muslims.

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They remain loyal to the Muslims. I will Sorry, I said that earlier, the Naranjo sent the messenger of a lot of gold nuggets still in its dirt from Yemen,

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that Hadees which I mentioned to you,

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and the Prophet said a lot of them divided between four people. And he said

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that I am giving this in order to instill love in their hearts.

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Similarly, kulu includes those non Muslim leaders under whom Muslims are living, I just imagine there is a tribe, the leader is still non Muslim.

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Let's say there is a man he is a non Muslim, his daughter becomes a Muslim,

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his son becomes a Muslim.

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In that case, you can give the cat tool to that man, that non Muslim man Why?

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So that he will develop love for Islam for Muslims, and he will let his son or daughter remain Muslim.

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Some will laugh at you kulu. The cat may also be given to them.

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Tell me what's the wisdom behind alma lefortovo? What's the wisdom behind it?

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It helps give a good name to Islam. It develops unity in the society

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to promote love, to promote unity in the society.

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And then last cansada says we're Federica. And in the cause of suffering, the next record was the plural of Robert and recover his neck.

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And the word recovered is also used for slaves. Why? Because the neck of the slave is in control. It is tied up. When the neck is tied. What does it show that the creature is enslaved? It doesn't have any freedom

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will fill you up is a phrase which means for freeing the next for freeing the slaves.

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Now how do you

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free the slaves? or What does it mean by what fee in the cause of

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You see, again, it has not been mentioned, but it hasn't been mentioned as well. So in the cost of freeing slaves.

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So for example, there is a slave he's being sold in the marketplace.

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You go there, you buy him with your money and you free

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Did you give that money to the slave? No, you gave that the card money to a merchant.

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Similarly, this includes, for example, there is a slave he wants to buy his freedom and this is known as macatawa macatawa.

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When a slave buys his freedom, remember the example of self managed fantasy. He was brought into Medina as a slave

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and his Jewish master What did he say that only when you grow this number of trees for me then you will be allowed to go then you will become free.

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So he was trying to buy his freedom. So if a slave is trying to buy his freedom, somebody can help him power with his pocket money. Here you take this money, this will aid you in buying your freedom.

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A man once asked, oh loves messenger direct me to an action that draws me closer to paradise and away from hellfire.

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Tell me about an action which will draw me closer to gender and it will take me away from hellfire.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said emancipate the person and free the neck.

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emancipate the person and free the neck.

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The man as well as messenger Arthur, not one of the same emancipating a person

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freeing the neck. Are they not the same?

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He said, No, you emancipate a person by freeing him on your own, but you untie a neck by helping in its price.

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So these two things that I told you, one is that you buy a slave and free him or you have a slave and you free him.

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Secondly, that a person is trying to buy his freedom.

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So what do you do you assist him with your money.

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Or, for example, two, three people get together, and they contribute in free and

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now, today, there are no slaves, at least where we live. I mean, in the real sense of the word. We talk about mental slavery, we're not talking about mental slavery, in the real sense of the word, actual slavery is not existed.

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So how can this be applied?

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Some have said that because freeing of the next has been mentioned, so for example, if a person has been abducted, if a person has been kidnapped, a child has been given that a woman has been kidnapped, a man has been kidnapped,

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and the kidnappers have set a certain price, that only if you give this much money, then this person will be free.

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Now, if the family sells their house, if the family gives up everything they have, even that money is not enough.

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It happens sometimes.

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Or, for example, a person is sent to jail with injustice. For example, He was falsely accused.

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And he has hired a lawyer.

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Now in that case, his family perhaps has enough money to eat, to pay for basic things. But to pay the high fees of the lawyer, even if the woman sells all her jewelry, if they sell their house, they sell their car. Even still, that money is not enough. So in that case, the cat can be given for that cause as well

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ransoming prisoners paying for someone's Vale or paying for the ransom of someone who has been kidnapped

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will fill your heart

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then, one hottie mean, and those who are indebted. A lot Do you mean is a clone of RM? RM is someone who is indebted, a debtor,

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someone who was under a financial obligation. Earlier, we read the word out what is called me

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What is a

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worm is anything which has to be returned or paid.

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So our aim is someone who is under the obligation of paying something of returning something.

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So for example, a person goes to a friend and says, Can I please borrow some money from you so that I can go buy books for my children? They're starting school tomorrow, I didn't get my paychecks Do I really need money? I have to buy books for my children. They're going to school tomorrow, they don't have their books. How will they go to school? How will they study?

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So he bars let's say $500.

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Now that $500 is what room because he has to pay it back. It's a financial obligation on him.

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Similarly, a person borrows a service. And at the end of the month, he has to pay for that service, he has to pay a bill.

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So for example, a person has a phone, at the end of the month, they have to pay the bill, a person is renting a house at the end of the month, they have to pay the rent.

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Now you might say why are they renting? If they can't afford, Where do they live? Where do they live, then? They're not renting a huge mansion. They're renting a small house in which they can barely fit in, it's just sufficient for them. It's in fact less for them. In that case. If there is no one to earn money, and they are under financial obligation, they have to pay the bill, where do they get the money from?

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And we see that Zakat over here is to be given to such people.

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We think that that is only for the poor and needy. And we don't realize that in our society, even there are people who are unable to pay their rent who are unable to pay their bills. We might say why do they have the phone? Why do they have the internet? Well, perhaps they thought they had enough, but maybe they don't have enough anymore? Or maybe they just lost their job. They were hand to mouth and now all of a sudden the man has lost the job. How will he pay for the rent? Or, for example the man was earning. He passes away that the wife has left for children. How will she pay for the rent?

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Maybe they have a contract.

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Now, instead of sending years ago to somewhere else, gives a cat locally because from the Hadees we learned that's okay.

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is to be given from their rich and given to their needy. It's best if the cat is given locally.

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That is the best way of giving zakat. And we see that in every society today, no matter where you are on this earth, there are people who fall in this category.

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There are people who fall in one of these categories that will hire me, they have bills to be paid, they have rent to pay, they have a lot of things to pay, but they don't have enough.

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But remember that when it comes to hiring, it has to be alone that the person has taken to fulfill a personal need

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a personal need a basic need, not that they want to throw a huge wedding party.

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And they have to feed 200 people at the famous banquet hall, therefore they go take a loan.

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And they say that you know, Now give me the data that I can pay off the loan. No.

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This is to fulfill the basic needs. Not a commercial loan, not a business loan,

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that a person takes a loan from the bank to buy a huge house

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or he takes a loan from the bank, why

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do you have a business and he goes on asking people for their Zakat money. That is not correct. That's incorrect.

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When is the guy to be given to it mean

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when when they have taken the loan, for a necessity for something lawful

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for something lawful, and at the same time, it's not something commercial, it's not for a sinful purpose.

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For justified needs.

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seminar neodymium also includes a person who does not have bitterly take loans.

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There are people who borrow money from one person, they borrow from another person, whatever they have borrowed from one person they return. And they keep on borrowing in rotating other people's money and fulfilling their needs like that. So you can't give the cat to these people.

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They should go and work themselves. And if they don't have enough, they should be content with whatever Allah has given.

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Similarly, avoiding mean includes that if a person was a guarantee,

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when another was taking a loan,

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and that person who took the loan, he disappears,

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and all of that loan falls on him. How is he supposed to pay for it?

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Or is it fair for him that he should pay for it? It's not fair. Yes, he did give that guarantee. But that person has disappeared. It happens with so many people.

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For example, to get a loan from the bank,

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they need somebody who has a good credit history or whatever it's called, they will get a friend they will get somebody and they will come and sign on their behalf. And now all of a sudden that person disappears.

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There is no sign of that person. Now all that loan is on their back, how are they meant to pay for it? They need assistance? Or why should they give their halaal money for something like that.

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So in that case, the cat can be given for that purpose, while Vitamina that is Academy given to those who are indebted.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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so the court is not rightful for a wealthy person

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is not rightful for a wealthy person. Except in five cases. What are those five cases?

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First of all those employed to collect it,

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the person who's performing fortify.

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Secondly, one who bought a charity item with his money.

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A person who bought a charity item from his money. For example, you know, when they have fundraisers, a woman gives their gold bangle

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and they have an auction for example, the person goes and buys it.

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Is that helpful for them, it is harder for them, even if they're rich, as long as they have paid the price for it, one who bought a charity item with his money.

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Thirdly, a hoarding a debtor,

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then a fighter in the cause of a loss.

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Or a poor man who gets a fart of the Zika. So he gives it as a gift to a rich man.

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A poor person who gets a cat.

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Let's say his brother is very rich. So he gives it as a gift to him. The brother shouldn't think oh, he got this as a cat and I'm technically not supposed to get soccer.

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So it's okay because it came to him through other means. He didn't get to share it by himself.

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Then I lost Pandora says we're feasibility law and also in the way of Allah.

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What does it mean by this feasibility?

00:19:48--> 00:19:54

This has been under a lot of discussion and debate and difference of opinion.

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Some say feasibly, the law means only jihad.

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Have means pick on

00:20:02--> 00:20:05

when people are going for battle. That's it.

00:20:06--> 00:20:14

Others say that no. feasibility is not just be that because in our DNA feasibility is not just used for

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what is it used for, for many other things.

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So feasibly the left first of all includes Jihad meaning for paying for jihad, the expenses of those who participate in Jihad for the Muslim army basically.

00:20:29--> 00:20:48

Secondly, feasibility also includes Hajj, it also includes Hajj, that for example, let's say a person is going for Hajj and he's short in money. Let's say they can buy the tickets, but they cannot be for the residents over there.

00:20:49--> 00:20:54

Or let's say they can even pay for the residents but they could just not travel for the travel over there.

00:20:56--> 00:20:59

Or they cannot afford food over there. Can you give them soccer?

00:21:00--> 00:21:19

Yes, you can. It doesn't mean they have to go and stay in a intercon hotel or they have to stay at a five star hotel at Nakata or something like that. No. What does it mean that they don't find any shelter? They don't have enough? Not that they deliberately are purchasing the package that is very expensive and very lavish,

00:21:21--> 00:21:25

basic even they cannot afford the fees a villa includes how much what's the evidence for that?

00:21:27--> 00:21:39

Because a woman's Hajj is what fees are beaten. For example, there was a woman who came to the prophet SAW that Lotus I mean, he asked her why didn't you come to Hajj with us? And she said that I didn't have a right

00:21:40--> 00:21:44

my husband has a camel which he has kept only feasible Allah and I couldn't use it.

00:21:45--> 00:21:50

The Prophet said that I just ultrafuse Aveda.

00:21:51--> 00:21:57

Sophie Sabina is not just be that, what does it include? hijas. Well, what else does it include?

00:21:59--> 00:22:00

What else does it include?

00:22:01--> 00:22:02

seeking knowledge tolerable?

00:22:04--> 00:22:13

Because what do we learn from the Hadees that when a person goes out to learn knowledge, for feasibility law, he had Al Jazeera, he is in the way of a lot until he returns.

00:22:14--> 00:22:28

Now, even if a thought about him is not poor, even if he's not needy, still the cat can be given to him or her. It can be given Why?

00:22:29--> 00:22:38

Perhaps it will make their study easier. Perhaps it will enable them to buy books and read more, learn more,

00:22:40--> 00:22:46

perhaps it will enable them to study more. So the cat may also be given to who authority but

00:22:48--> 00:22:57

again, we think the cap is only for the poor and needy for the people who are living in places where there's drought and famine. But what do we learn from this ayah

00:22:58--> 00:23:00

that the cat can be given locally.

00:23:02--> 00:23:17

And remember, it's not something bad if a person accepts something of the circuit. If a person takes something off the circuit, if it's given to him, it's not something bad. Because Allah has appointed these chairs in a light. Well, he would.

00:23:18--> 00:23:24

Then also we learned that feasibility includes our there we're

00:23:26--> 00:23:29

calling people to a loss of 100 to the deen of Allah.

00:23:30--> 00:23:43

Because in total for con we learned until it was on it's a murky surah there were jaha to whom he hadn't Kabira through the Quran, do jihad. What does it mean? spread the message of the Quran?

00:23:44--> 00:23:45

Do you not need money for that?

00:23:47--> 00:23:48

Do you?

00:23:49--> 00:23:56

Yes. Let's say you wanted to Dawa and you want to put up sign on the buses?

00:23:57--> 00:23:58

Let's say

00:23:59--> 00:24:02

or maybe on the go station on the subway.

00:24:03--> 00:24:06

You want to put a sign over there? It's a lot of money.

00:24:07--> 00:24:11

Maybe you want to put an ad in the newspaper? Maybe you want to put an ad on television.

00:24:12--> 00:24:16

Isn't that a lot of money? It's a lot of money.

00:24:17--> 00:24:18

Where are you going to get that money from

00:24:20--> 00:24:24

bad people for donations. Don't let them go until they give you money. No.

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is the carrot that people give it's not just for the poor and needy. It's also for feasibility left for Dawa in Allah.

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Also even heard he said that peace of Allah includes any way of the deen all branches of righteous actions. All various ways of righteous actions. For example, building hospitals, orphanages, schools.

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All of this is what is the cause of a lot.

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It is an action that pleases Allah subhanaw taala. It's done for the pleasure of Allah.

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Sophie Sabina, the cat must also be given in the way of Allah.

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It also includes massages, because massages are the hub of what they are what?

00:25:13--> 00:25:15

And similarly Islamic schools.

00:25:16--> 00:25:20

Because remember, who is coming here in Islamic school for people?

00:25:22--> 00:25:24

Who are you helping out students of knowledge.

00:25:25--> 00:25:31

And remember that in every era, we have to see what we can learn from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu.

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That in Makkah, he was told to do jihad, through what through the Quran.

00:25:38--> 00:25:56

in Medina, there was another type of jihad. So if you are at the Maki stage, where spreading knowledge is something very important, then we must focus on this. And if we're not at that stage, then how can we talk about that? We cannot talk about qatal at all.

00:25:57--> 00:25:59

Our focus should be spreading knowledge what these

00:26:02--> 00:26:16

webinars Seville and also the traveler Academy also be given to the traveler, even if he's rich back home, and he needs money. Earlier we have read this article may be given. But now we learned that even the cat can be given.

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And all of this is a furry bottom in a lot. It's an obligation from Allah, meaning Allah has made this a duty.

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Allah has set these shares, Allah has specified these categories.

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will look lahardee would Hakeem and Allah is Knowing and wise. So this division is based on a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Nobody else can come and say, well, Amina Elena, they shouldn't really get a share in it, or feasibility Allah, why did they get a share in it? Or the weapon is a bead? Why should he get a share in it? No, it's based on Alice's knowledge and wisdom. So we are not allowed to spend the cat in any other way.

00:26:57--> 00:27:05

Zakat can only be given to these people, these categories these causes. Because the ayah begins with what?

00:27:06--> 00:27:28

In only, only these avenues, only these people and if a person spends a cut anywhere else, that would be disobedience. That would be fiscal. Although you are doing an action that's very righteous. It's an obligation you're giving Zakat, which is a fault. If you don't give at the proper place, then what does it mean?

00:27:29--> 00:27:30

It's not accepted.

00:27:31--> 00:27:37

It's not accepted, it won't be valid. If you go gives a class to a rich person deliberately. It's not accepted.

00:27:38--> 00:27:48

And along with that, just remember, that's a cat cannot be given to first of all non Muslims, except for in the case of more or less vertical boo boo.

00:27:49--> 00:27:52

Secondly, for the family of the Prophet sort of autism,

00:27:54--> 00:28:10

because a prophet sort of autism clearly for bathing, in Sahih Muslim is recorded that are the metallic, even a little bit harder is an alphabet. Even in our best they went to the Messenger of Allah asking him to employ them to collect the zakat. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam refused. Why?

00:28:11--> 00:28:19

Because they would get a share in it. And he said that verily The arms are not allowed from Mohammed nor the relatives of Muhammad Sallallahu.

00:28:21--> 00:28:26

So it and it wasn't just at that time, but even today, so those were very proud of being sent here.

00:28:28--> 00:28:38

And sometimes people falsely put this name that there say it was there not at all say it. This is incorrect. Besides, such people are not eligible for receiving Okay.

00:28:40--> 00:28:43

We'll listen to the recitation of these if and then we'll continue the lesson.

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Or two little Foucault evilness.

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