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Al-Furqan 1-20 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 3

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Lesson number 186 suited for corn, I am number one to 20.

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So level four corn is a murky soda. And this aura was revealed after pseudo trc so it was towards the mid mechon era. So far, we have learned many sources of the Quran, which include both McKee as well as Madani.

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And after a group of Maki Solas, which were 14 in a row, we learned sudo, to node which was maddening. And after sudo, to nerf, Now, again, a group of monkeys has begun. And these murky sodas are going to be at a number in a row, one after the other. And then they're going to be followed by solar hub, which is a mechanism.

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So we see that there's a group of madonie and then MKI and and madonie, and then MKI y, so that you keep getting a taste of both the sutras.

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This solo, it has 77 versus 892 words

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and 3703 proof

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as you may have realized so far, that Maki Solas. They generally cover three themes, and one of those three themes. First of all, the heat, the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. Secondly, stories of the prophets. And the purpose of that is to do this leak of risala of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to confirm the truthfulness of the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, as well as the truthfulness of the Quran. Because when the previous messengers are mentioned, what is being proven that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not a new messenger? So this is another theme that is covered by the monkey solos. What is another theme that is covered by

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the hereafter? The belief in the hereafter? So basically, monkey solos, what do they cover? belief, Imani yet matters that are about event about al Qaeda and Madani? Sora generally, what do they talk about? commandments, how to live Islam, how to follow what to do, how to live as Muslims, as you may have seen in sort of the news, it was mainly about the man's sort of pseudo sudo to either all of these rules were about comments.

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Now, this surah, it covers all of these three themes as well. The belief in a loss of panel data in the hereafter as well as the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but in particular in the surah, the truthfulness of the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the truthfulness of the Quran is established. And all of the objections, the various objections that were raised against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the people of Makkah raised many, many objections against him. They try to refute in many, many ways, all of those objections are refuted in this sort of many of them are refuted. And the objective is that is what to prove the truthfulness of profits or losses on them, as well as

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the Quran. And at the same time, this veto, what does it mean by there to give firmness to the heart to the heart of who the prophets are loaded,

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because he was facing all of this opposition, this negative propaganda, false accusations people raising doubts about him. So when such propaganda spreads about you, you begin to doubt yourself almost as well. You wonder if you should continue doing what you're doing.

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So the purpose of establishing his truthfulness is what do give him firmness and stability, the strength of the heart so that he could continue delivering the message.

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So let's look at

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah can levy mehserle for corner Allah RB D. Li akuna Leela al Ameen Ana de la bless it is the one who sent down the criterion upon his servant, that he may be to the world's a warner.

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The Baraka meaning Allah soprano Darla is greatly blessed, because he is the one who sent the Quran.

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The Baraka is from the earth mattress, bear or calf. The word Baraka is also from the same root and Baraka is what, hide goodness, but what kind of goodness is it hiral Cassie, abundant good, but abundant good that is a Sabbath that is established meaning it is permanent. So, basically, Baraka is when something is a source of good when something is a source

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have abundant, good much good and the Baraka is a verb and from this when you make the noun must rule, mobile rock is one that has Baraka in it. Who is mobarak? The one who has Baraka in it?

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Like for example, the Quran is Mubarak, why? Because it is a source of much good

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and Mubarak is something from which a lot of expected as well as unexpected height comes. You understand? Mubarak is something or someone from whom a lot of good whether it is expected or not expected. Whether you thought you could get that benefit, or you never even imagined you could get that benefit. All such benefits all such goodness come from who from someone who is mobilock

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like for example, caranas mobarak, how, what is the expected goodness that a person can receive from the Quran knowledge. But when a person continues to study the Quran, he realizes that his thinking is changing. He realizes that he's developing more subtle,

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isn't it?

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It was unexpected. When a person open up the Quran he thought maybe he will just learn he will just learn some facts. But a lot of unexpected good also comes forth from something that is bobak.

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Now the verb devout aka that you see over here, the verb de Baraka is only used for Allah soprano. Why? Because he is the ultimate source of all goodness. The verb de Baraka is only used for who Allah subhanaw taala because he is the ultimate source of all life. So over here, who can lady bless it is the one who meaning he is exalted. He is sublime, he is the source of much, much good. And what is the evidence of that? That he is the one who has revealed the Quran? Just imagine if the Quran is a source of so much benefit. It is so beneficial. It is coming from who else apparently.

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Then imagine how much good comes from Allah towards his creation, that he hasn't just provided them with food. He hasn't just provided them with the basic necessities, but rather he has also provided them with guidance. So tabaka greatly Blessed is he who led Nestle for Karna either of the he the one who sent down the furqan upon his servant Nasrallah, Yuna zero Tenzin, what does it mean? to gradually send out something piece by piece, one thing after the other. And this is how the Quran was revealed it was not revealed at one goal, but rather, parts of the Quran were revealed at a time. And over a period of 23 years, what happened, the revelation of the Quran was completed. So

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Nazzal for Karna Allah or D.

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And l for Colin over here refers to the command because for corn is one of the names of the Quran is one of the descriptive names of the Quran.

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Now, what does this word literally mean for kindness from fair law cough fork

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and fork farakka is to separate the divide. We have learned earlier what it photokina be cool bahara when we separated when we divided the sea for you meaning the Bani Israel.

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So, for UCLA Is that something that was one body was separated into two portions, something that was one body was separated into two portions. So * basically gives the meaning of division separation, emphasize separation division, it doesn't necessarily give the meaning of breaking something into pieces, but rather it gives the meaning of separation division

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fault is also used for the hairline, right? Because it parts the hair

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and full on the word full on this is when the structure of mobile logo.

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So what does it show? That for con is something that distinguishes that separates

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but how does it separate very, very clearly, in a very clear manner. It separates two things, that each is distinguished from the other. Each can be seen as different from the other. There is no ambiguity. There is no confusion. There is no mixing no Furqan is something that completely distinguishes between

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Do things clearly, greatly excessively. So this is what for con is in the literal sense. Now the word for con is used in the Quran for several things. First of all it is used for Quran. Similarly the word for con is also used for delta.

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It is also used for Tada, the word for time is also used for Yeoman, Yeoman for corn. Similarly, the word for corn is also used for a proof and evidence and argument heard.

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Now the whole an Why is it called for corn?

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If you think about the literal meaning of the word, one that clearly distinguishes clearly separates, why is a poor uncalled for corn? Why do you think so?

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That the Quran it separates the truth from the false it shows the help as help and it shows the battle as battle. You understand? There is no confusion. there when you read the Quran, you cannot be confused as to what help is and what battle is no, it's clearly laid out what truth is and what falsehood is. Like, for example, the oneness of Allah. Is that help? Of course it has happened hasn't that been clarified in the Quran in so much detail in so many different ways. So far, in the Quran, we have learned about the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala how So, many examples have been given the example of the fly and there are so many examples we have learned so far. What do they

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clarify the oneness of Allah. So help is shown as Hulk and battle is shown as valid and each is distinguished from the other so that a person has no confusion left.

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A person has no confusion left when he reads the Quran he knows okay this is the truth and this is the falsehood.

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Similarly, the Quran it also distinguishes between hedaya and Bolin what is guidance? And what is misguidance? When is it that a person is following the right path? And when is it that a person is going off the right path?

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Similarly, the Quran What else does it distinguish the Zulu mat from the nude the darknesses from the light it distinguishes between Hillel and how long what is permissible and what is forbidden.

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And it also distinguishes between right and wrong.

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So, this book, it distinguishes between many opposite things, but basically they have to do with what guidance they have to do with a person's the. So in other words, this book gives the criteria This is why the word for cornice criterion as well. It gives you the ability to distinguish between two things criterion. So this goes on is the criteria with regards to everything. That what is right what is not right. So for example, when it comes to belief, what belief is correct and what belief is incorrect. When it comes to the manners of eating, when it comes to what a person should eat, what should a person eat? What should a person not eat? The Quran gives you the criteria, isn't it?

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we learned earlier, that do not eat of that animal who was not slaughtered for the sake of aluminum on whom the name of Allah was not pronounced. So that's a criteria when it comes to eating. Similarly, when it comes to marriage, when it comes to traveling, when it comes to etiquette, when it comes to different types of manners, the Quran gives us the criteria, what is right, what is wrong, what should be done, and what should not be done.

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So this is the book through which a person knows as to what he should do. This is the book that tells the person whether he is right, or he is wrong, whether he is on the straight path, or he's not on the straight back. This is why the Quran is called for.

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There's another reason as to why the Quran is called for con, and that is that in its revelation, some of it is separate from the rest of it. In other words that the Quran was revealed. part by part *. It wasn't revealed in one piece but rather pieces. Parts of the Quran were revealed one after the other. In total Islam number 106. We learn what will earn and follow Konerko Lita Cora who are in a nasty earlier boxing, when is Zilla Hooton Zilla, that the Quran for Akane who we have separated it in what in its revelation? Why? So that you recite it to the people over a period of time, when is allowed unzila and we have gradually revealed it

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The Quran is also called for confor. Another reason and that reason is that it will serve as a means of separating people on the Day of Judgment.

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That if a person lived by the Quran, he will be in one place, he will have a particular destination. And if a person did not live by the Quran, he did not follow the instructions that are in the Quran, then he will have another end.

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So, this is called full on why? Because it gives you the criteria as to what should be done what should not be done in every aspect of life.

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Similarly, this Qur'an will be a means of separating people as well on the Day of Judgment.

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So, the battle can lead the Netherland for corner either or D. This is why greatly blessed it is the one who sent this the one who sent this for con upon his servant, because just imagine if this criterion was not given to us. If this book was not given to us, how much confusion would we be in?

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We would be so confused. People who do not know the Quran, people who do not understand the Quran, their lives are a mess, why? They don't know what they're doing. They don't know if what they're doing is right, if what they're doing is acceptable or not. But when a person studies the Quran, when a person has a close connection with the Quran, then what happens? It guides him in every aspect of life, then the Quran will tell you what you should do and what you should not do. So, this is why who can lead the natural for Karna Allah or D and r d, who does it refer to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam? Why is he called over here in this context? Why is he called

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to show that he was really a human being? Just because he received the Quran does not mean he became some other creation. No, he was a human being. He was a special human being. He was someone very honorable, very noble, because he was given the Quran However, he was a human being. And he's also called out because being an act of Allah soprano, is actually a means of great honor. If someone is called the slave of Allah, this is actually praised for that person. So NASA, NASA for Coney Island, D. and the prophets are the monitor is called in the Quran at several places. And mainly he's called of Allah in a context where the revelation of Quran is mentioned. Like for example, over here, or

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for example, in total dakara, we learned we're in control furor even me man as Allah, Allah, Allah Dena,

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that if you are in doubt concerning what we have revealed over our servant, so the profits on a lot of sentiments called out in which context in which context in the context where the revelation of the Quran is mentioned.

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Secondly, is also called in the context where he is being defended,

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where he is being defended in his defense,

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and also where a great favor is given to him. That is mentioned were in total. So that's a panel lady Asahi de laden minella she did her army It must have been

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so why has this recon been revealed to his servant leader Kunal Allah, Al Ameen and adeola so that he can be for the world's a warner? Who? You akuna who does your corner refer to it may refer to that his servant may become a warner to the world after receiving this popcorn.

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And your cooler may also refer to the fourth one that the furqan maybe they'll Amina Neeraj.

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Now olahraga mean is the plural of Ireland. And what is Ireland? What is it world?

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And problem is from Ireland, what does it mean? sign? It's also used for a flag, because what is a flag, assign and assign? It guides you to something? Isn't it? A sign it guides you to something?

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and Ireland is used for the creation of Allah subhanaw taala Why? Because it guide you due

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to its maker to its creator. And who is that? Allah Subhana Dada. So I mean, it includes everything besides Allah, everything besides Allah, all the creation whether it is

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A star or it is a mountain or it is a human being, or it is a tree, any creation besides Allah is what

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I mean. Why?

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Because all of the creation it points to it leads to its creator. It reminds us of who Allah soprano. And there is a world. There's an alum of the jinn, there's an alum of the human beings, there's an alum of birds, there's an alum of every type of creation.

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Some scholars say that I mean, it only applies to the jinn and the human beings and not the rest of the creation. Why? Because it's only the jinn and the human beings that are Mukunda that are going to be held accountable in the Hereafter, that we know of.

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Thirdly, some have said that Allah mean, it refers to human beings, but which human beings of all times from the beginning to the end, or from now until the day of judgment, all ages, all races, all backgrounds. So Leah Kunal al Ameen and Adela, if you look at it from among all the creation, who is going to be held accountable on the day of gentlemen, who has free will, it's the human beings and the jinn. So they need warning, and the Quran has been sent for who for them, the messenger sallallahu wasallam he was sent to guide who both of them Ramadan, Laila, Allah mean. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in the deal for hula, I mean, all of the human beings and all of the jinn. Not

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just the people of that time, but all the people who are to come until the day of judgment, not just the Arabs, but people of all backgrounds, all races, all countries.

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So Leah coonan Allah Allah Amina Nadella

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and we learn in total above 158 that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was told to say, Kalia yohannes in Neeraj sulamani, la caja Mira, that say oh people, I'm a messenger of Allah to you, to all of you, collectively. I have not just been sent to one people, but I've been sent to all people, seminarians, whatever I have 28 we learned one man autosol NACA Illa Kapha leanness, and we have not sent you except comprehensively to mankind meaning to our people, we have sent you

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the profits or lots of them himself said that barista as well as sweaty that I have been sent to the red and the black, meaning all types of people. So Leah Kunal and Amina de la, this Quran is not just a criterion is not just a warning for some people, but it is a criterion a warning for who? All people, all of mankind.

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So in this ayah, what do we learn

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that because a Lost Planet Allah is the one who is a source of all good, from whom all blessings come, the Baraka

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and from him, much good comes to his creation.

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It is of his blessings that he has sent for the guidance of people what the full con,

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and he did not just send the photon by itself, but he sent the for con to who, on his servant, that he would convey it to the people.

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And the purpose of the coming of the photon The purpose of the coming of the messenger is what to warn the worlds of humankind as well as the jinn. This is the purpose of the coming of the book. Nebula farrakhan This is a purpose. But what do we use the Quran for?

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Think about it the Quran has come for warning to warn the people. But what is it that we use the Quran for? What is it that typically people use the Quran for the blessing part only, or just to argue what else

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to ward off the jinn. If they feel that there are some general they feel that there is magic or something that is the only time the Quran will be used. But we see that the Quran has been sent as a warning. The Quran has been sent to give us a criterion so that we live by that criteria.

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seminary we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was sent on a particular mission. And what was that mission? LEAH Cohen Allah Allah, Allah meaning Avira, that he should become a warrior for all the people until the day of judgment. Now he came, he did his work, he's gone. This responsibility now lies on whose shoulders, our shoulders. So it is our responsibility now to convey the score onto an enemy because many times our objective is to only teach the Quran to our children to teach the Quran to our people, our own

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community and the rest of the people, we don't really care about them. But this is not the correct approach. The correct approach is that the Quran is for everyone. The Quran is for all people, whether they're from your country or from some other country, whether they are like you are, they're different than you. Whether they're of your age, or they're younger or older, the Quran is for all people. This is why the Quran was sent Leah Kunal Amina Madeira.

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And we see that this is of the greatest blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon men, that Allah has made arrangements for the guidance of people as well.

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And he did not just send an instruction manual that just has information in it. No, it is a source of guidance, it develops a criterion in people. It tells them what is right what is wrong, and it guides people in all aspects of life. whether a person is at home or persons at work, or a person is traveling, whether a person is at his friend's house anywhere, where does he find instruction from the Quran, the Quran guides us. And this book is as I mentioned to you is not just a criterion in this dunya that it tells you what to do what not to do. But at the same time. This is the book that will distinguish people on the day of judgment that those who lived by this book, those who gave the

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half of this book, they will be elevated. They will be honored, and those who ignored this book. Those who abandoned this book, they will suffer on that day.