Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 101D Tafsir Al-Anfal 73-75

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of uniting against one another and not just looking at differences is emphasized. The need for unity and acceptance of Muslims as citizens is also discussed, including the negative consequences of racism and division among Muslims. The importance of shaping one's face during the pandemic and avoiding bias is emphasized, along with the need for cooperation among Muslims and the importance of helping others achieve their goals. The struggles of those who have a strong faith and desire for spiritual teachings of Islam are also discussed, along with the importance of balance and personal and family relationships. The segment concludes with a recitation and guidance for a book and a future read.
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When Lavina Cafaro, and those people who disbelieve Baba him, some of them earlier about they are the friends of others, meaning the disbelievers are friends of one another. And when they have to fight against you, then they come together. They're united. So when they're united against you, they forget about their mutual disputes and conflicts when they have to come against you, then what should you do?

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What should you do? Say that, oh, she's an Arab, and she's a Somali and she's a Pakistani, so I'm not sitting with them, and I'm not working with them. Yeah, you should be divided.

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If they are united against you, they forget their differences. When they are against you, then what should you do? You should also be united,

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you should forget your differences.

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Because remember more hygiene on saw huge difference between them. All right. But when they went for better, they forgot their differences. They were together earlier. Earlier, they were friends, they came together.

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And Allah subhanaw taala, saying that, look, the enemy also came together. So you better continue this, you better stay together, you better be united, and get over your worldly differences. That's Antos from this tribe. And so in so speaks this language, get over these minor differences, you have to be united. But unfortunately, we Muslims are not united. We are not united, we are very much divided. And it is this division, this division, that is destroying us that has destroyed us before. And it is destroying the still today. Whether it is within a family, or an Islamic organization, whatever it may be, when Muslims come together, and our hearts are divided. We're not together, we

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have hidden grudges, hidden enmities, then we cannot move forward. We cannot move forward at all. We are prevented from moving forward because of these biases. Because what happens, it becomes a power struggle, each person wants to be better than the other wants to go forward. And there's Leanna, there's lies, and we cannot prosper. So our goal should be on what the glory of Islam and not self glory, not self glorification, when the focus is on self glorification, that I should look better than this person. And I should have this position instead of the other person. And we Pakistanis should have a dominance and we Arabs should have dominance in this organization or Somalis should,

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it becomes Somali versus Pakistani or versus this and versus that, then I can't go far. We can't go far. And there's something that we really, really have to pay attention to. Because as much as we say that we are united, and we're not racist. In our words we are in the way that we treat each other we are when we don't greet someone just because of the color of their skin, when we don't give importance to them, just because of their accent. When we look down on someone, because of the way that they wear their hijab, we look down on someone because we say that they speak a different language. It's very important that we get over these differences, look beyond them. Focus on the

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glory of Islam, not self glorification. We're not here to glorify a race, a tribe, a nation of people. No, we're here to glorify Islam and its people. So we have to be united. Allah says when Latina cafardo, Babu Alia Oba

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they're friends of each other. And we see this just a small example. If you go to like a secular organization, many times you'll see this attitude and non Muslims that they look beyond your religion and the color of your skin. Many people are like that.

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But we can still not get over the fact that she's Indian, and she's Pakistani. And if she's Pakistani, she's from here and she's from there. And if she's Indian, she's from yours use from there.

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Unfortunately, such statements are heard that are very hurtful. How could you say something about another Muslim sister? How could you say this? About the Imam? How could you say this about a person who's leading you? How can you but people say these words because these biases are deeply rooted in our hearts. This racism is very, very common. As much as we try to say we're not racist we are. We really are.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam abolished this racism, remember, had to deal with our his Farewell Pilgrimage. One of the things that he said was that no Arab has

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supremacy over a non Arab, no white person is better than a black person. All are equal, right? If anyone has some greater level that is because of what their Imam their piety, their taqwa in the Quran also, what do we learn? That was your analogy. I'm sure Ruben will cover it. Why Lita? autofull. Allah subhanaw taala has made you into different tribes and nations that you can just recognize one another. It's for the purpose of recognition. Not that you boast. And you think you're better than someone just because you come from a different place in a Croma comer in the law here, at Koco. At car calm, the one who was most pious of you is the one who has most drank in the sight

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of Allah subhanaw taala. So the non Muslims, they are united, they get over their differences in length of our Lu who, if you don't do it, then what will happen? Dakota it will be what will happen fit to Nutan fill out a great fit now on the earth, great tribulation on the earth will have a certain cubby and great corruption. Meaning if you don't come together, and you don't become united, then what will happen, great tribulations and great corruption. And do we see that of course, because of this division in the Muslims, every time the Muslims have become divided, because of race, because of language because of color. We see great tribulations, many lives are lost, many

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innocents are killed, and also create corruption that there is no peace anywhere. No peace anywhere. And for sad corruption it is involves many sin, lying and cheating and deceiving and making false promises and breaking them stabbing one another behind their backs. This has happened for sadden Kabir

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in the for loop the conflict not on film of the war facade on COVID. So what is necessary, that the way the unsought and the more hygiene came together, we also come together.

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And only when we come together, can we live in peace? Can there be peace in this world?

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And if we don't get over these differences, then there can be no peace in the world? Because let me give you the example of Pakistan. Okay, Pakistan, why was it formed? Why did the people gain that their independence? What's the reason? Yes.

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To have a home for the Muslims, right? In the name of Islam. Right, the famous slogan? What does Pakistan mean? La ilaha illAllah.

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that Pakistan is all about Islam. But yet are their divisions?

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I can tell you there are

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so much so that if there is a girl who has a darker skin color, people will say oh, no, no, no. We can't accept her. She has to be fair, she has to be tall, she has to be from this family. She has to have gone to this school. She has to be from the city,

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a country that was established in the name of Islam. Where is that Islam? Nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, this is just one example. One country. And there are many examples. Where we do things in the name of religion, we start an organization in the name of religion, and what do we forget the teachings of the religion? Allah told us to come together. And what do we do? We're not together.

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So Michael, I was just sharing, I just remembered how I was looking to a view book for a university and another club section where the Muslim Student Association was listed there about seven or eight different Muslim associations, there was this Muslim Student Association, then there was a Pakistani Muslim Student Association, then there was the Indian Muslim Student Association. And then I was just thinking there that for a non Muslim who's viewing that and they want to learn about Islam, which student association would they go to? They'd be like, should I go to this one or that one? And that really shows a bad message from our parties. And if this is happening in our schools, what's

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happening in the workplaces, right? Imagine the disunity amongst the Muslims was so bad. That's just a little while ago. in Makkah, for for Jamara were established. One according to Hanafy field. One according to Scheffer effect one according to Malik effect one according to humbly

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imagine, four separate prayers were performed.

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For so for example, will have was performed how many times four times? So if you follow the chapter, if you will pray with the Shafi people you

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If you pray the humbly 50 will pray according to humbly faith, you will pray with the humbleness. This is the height of disunity. Imagine this is how it used to happen. And then on hamdulillah with the blessing of Allah it was eliminated, and others one Jamar.

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But sadly, these divisions are still in our hearts. They are if you check yourself they are. They really are. And it's important that we get rid of them. We look beyond them. When we look at a person, we don't just judge them immediately saying, because she's from this country, this is why definitely she has this and this and this and this problem. Yes, definitely people have certain characteristics, certain traits, but don't become judgmental and bias towards them because of those reasons. Understand them and learn how you can work with them. Don't become divided, don't become biased towards others. So in light of our low tech conflict Nutan fill early with Hassan COVID Well

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Lavina Manu and those people who believe what her Giroux and the emigrate wotja Her do and this Dr. feasable Allah in the way of Allah will Latina our will well and those who gave shelter one also and they helped hola Iike human movement wanna call? Those are the believers in truth, they are really believers. Their Iman, is such that Allah subhanaw taala likes it. And for such people, Lahoma Farah, for them is forgiveness, what is one cutting and a noble provision? So what do we learn here two types of people are mentioned, a those who do Hijra and be those who help those who help others. So muhajir on social, right? And what is common between them, the fact that they together, they come

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together, they're united, they struggle in the way of Allah, the health, the religion of Allah, the defend the religion of Allah, all these characteristics are there. But mainly we see that they come from two backgrounds, either Mohammed or Ansari. For such people, there's forgiveness and noble provision and such people their Iman is good. So if we want our Imam to be good also, then we have to become one of these two. Either we do hijra, or we become of those who help the religion. How can we apply this today? How can we become Mohammed, leave Canada and go to Saudi Arabia.

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Okay, that's how that's what many people say, leave Canada go to Egypt go to whatever country but what is Hyjal the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I'll move ahead Euro, man Hajra and Myrna Hello mourn. The Immigrant is the one who emigrates from that which Allah has forbidden him from

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the immigrant is the one who migrates away from what Allah has forbidden him. So from a state of disobedience, he migrates, and he moves to the state of obedience.

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He does Hijra

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from non hijab to hijab. Isn't that Hijra? Has anyone had to go through that struggle of starting to wear hijab, meaning you didn't wear hijab, and since you were six years old, there are many, many Muslims are like that, right? They start wearing hijab since the beginning, everybody wears into their family, so they don't even realize and to start wearing it regularly. And it's just normal for them.

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And we think, yeah, everybody should wear hijab like that. It's so easy. Why is it difficult? Covering your head is so easy. But as those asked the people who have had to go through the struggle, it's really, really a Hijra. It's very, very difficult. So when a person migrates from a state of non hijab, to hijab, that is what hedges

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what a person migrates from the state of shaping their eyebrows to not shaping their eyebrows, believe me, it's a big struggle. We think why is it so difficult? Leave it haram? Simple. No idea. And which is why we become so naive that we start looking down on people who are struggling through this. And we say, by the way, sister, you should stop it already. Don't you know it's forbidden? Do you understand how hard it is? Do you understand how hard it is? To leave something that you've been doing for the past 10 years, something the way that people look at you always know you have to leave it, but when you leave it, you're doing what Hijra and their awards are out of this world.

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Slowly, I'd like to share my experience live

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in shaping eyebrows, I remember used to go to the was it a Hydra? Yes, a huge one. So, I used to go to her like and this sister, she saw me the first time she made me. And she told me no, she said, This is not allowed in Islamically she gave me the Hadith, but I was like, well, it's just a hadith. It's not in the Quran. So when I came here to study the Quran, they mentioned you know, ship, the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. And we did also at by sunnah, I say subhanallah I have to leave this. So it took me almost two years to leave it exactly. Now, yes, I can imagine doing it again.

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It's literally a shift from one state to the other. It takes time takes a lot of effort. But you know, whenever we learn about something that we have to leave it or we have to start doing something, make the NEA make the NEA I am going to Hijra from the sin. And if you make the near and you start moving towards that, ask Allah subhanaw taala for help Allah who will give you tofield Allah will take you that for you know, you can't go that far yourself. You can't, it's too difficult. You need someone to walk you through, just pick you up and take you there.

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And you need Allah's help there.

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Sound like

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I just wanted to share that it's common during Ramzan to have loaded Quran. And about three years ago, then that the fear that slight dips here that goes along with it, I remember there was a habit, I was into music a lot. And even though I knew that it was wrong, and I had a favorite band, and I tried so hard to just leave, I was involved with like the friends, the forums, everything. And I tried so hard to leave and leave, and I knew I had to. But during that Dota con I remember writing down like, by this time next year, you know, just make the knee at you. You have to like just forget about it, and 100 that I didn't even realize, I thought I was leaving it. But the next year when I

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was doing data con and I looked back at what I had written and I realized oh my god, I haven't been involved in that even like for so long. And I didn't even consciously realize that I was leaving it, you make the needs and you make the DUA and Allah makes it easy for you.

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And this is true when you make the intention to leave something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and you trust on him, You Allah, you take me out of this, you pick me out of this, you know, I'm so deeply immersed in it that I can't even breathe. So you need to take me out, ask ALLAH and he will take you out. And you won't even realize it.

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I really want to share my experiences, like I was so found of listening music, especially rap song and hard rock. You don't look like it, but

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I was really so found of you know, so even like when I was doing my engineering and most of my notes, even I speed up my speed by writing songs, you know about left, I don't want to discuss it with these people anymore. So when I started, you know, doing this course you know, when they even discuss this with me as well. May Allah give her advice of you know, that good advice whenever I go to something like shopping mall. Whenever I listened to songs, you know, I started repeating the words right. You know, my kids said like, Mom, you know this song. Mommy know this.

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So, you know, that was like, was not I started feeling that this is not good. This is really not good. Now hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah I really get rid of you know, I'm I'm not listening anymore songs, you know, a hunger that

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you see, when your heart is attached to something when you enjoy doing something. Like for example, listening to music, you enjoy it, it's even more difficult to leave it.

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But really leaving there is Hijra. Yes. So like, I feel like if you leave one thing, it kind of leads to another because I was talking with my friend the other day on the phone. And then she and I both had a problem with the music thing as well. And then she asked how I left it. And then I said it just I thought about it afterwards. I didn't really think about before. And then I'm like I kind of left it the same time I left watching shows because I was kind of addicted to that. So I guess I told her how when I watch my shows, and I hear music in the background, and I kind of like it then I searched it up who is from then I listened to it and then at least to a band and then he says

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something else. And then they kind of stopped through that. And you don't really notice after Yes.

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I also wanted to share my experience about listening music. I was too much into that. Like there were some Pakistani singers, pop singers. I used to listen to their music and the thing was I used to live in the Bay and over there it was hard to find their albums. So I used to call my holla Okay, next

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They like this week their music album will release so I need the first copy that I was and there was a huge collection of their music. So I'll have the love and I started going on and listening to the Quran in voice of different Clara. So Hamdulillah I left music and after when I left music after near the singer I used to listen a lot like delete a gene, he left Music

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So, Allah's help also came.

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So anyway,

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if we want to be those people whose Iman Allah subhanaw taala likes, if we want to be of those who are called Buddha Iike, who will mean on a haka, then either we have to become a Mahajan. Or we have to become of the answer. So where the answer those who help the dean, those who help the people of the deen those who support them, like, for example, you personally might not have to struggle yourself in order to wear the hijab or in order to not do your eyebrows or listen to music because your home has always been such or your habits have always been such. So it's not a personal struggle for you. But there are people around you who are struggling. So what is your obligation then? That

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you say it's their choice, and let them do wrong? Or if they are still struggling, you keep looking down on them? What's your obligation that you support them, you guide them, you help them, you encourage them, you motivate them the support that they need from you, you give it to them? So what do we see here? That there has to be cooperation amongst the Muslims, we have to become friends of one another helpers of one another, together, striving to attain a last panel doorless pleasure. And for this the bond of friendship, the bond of sisterhood is very important. Because who do you share your struggles with? Who? Your friends more than your parents even? Isn't that so you tell your

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friends what you can't speak about in front of your parents. So if your friend is sharing something with you, then what is necessary that you become here? Help her in whatever way that you can. So two ways will hide you or onslaught. And basically when a person is doing hijra, or he's becoming an unsavoury, what is he doing sacrificing for the sake of Allah soprano, whether it is sacrificing their ego or sacrificing their comfort, or whatever, because you see, with regards to the insock, becoming of those who helpers of the religion, many times it happens that when we learn the religion, and we start practicing the religion, then we just want to live our comfortable lives.

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Right? That I should fast in the month of Ramadan, and fast every Monday, Thursday, and fast every three days of the month. And you know, give this charity go here for this lecture, go here for this class. And I'm enjoying my religion, in my home living a very happy, comfortable life. And then you find out somebody wants to learn the Quran. And you're asked, Can you please help in some capacity? What capacity there, let's say,

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helping run the place to open up the building and close the building? And you say, No, I can't do it, because I'm already doing so much. And it's enough for me. But you see, you're helping somebody learn the religion. You understand? Even that requires what? Sacrifice that requires a lot of sacrifice. You know why? Because when you're learning the religion, yourself, you're motivated. You have a goal, I have to complete my study of the Quran, you have a goal. When you're helping somebody else learn the Quran. It's very, very difficult. You know why? Because you tell yourself, I've done it already. And I might as well live comfortably my house and my daily routine, why am I putting

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myself in so much hardship? To really appreciate the people who come here, as your group in charges as people who you don't even know about? Who come open the building, who come close the building, who, you know, look after these lights, and these fans and the heating and the air conditioning and the carpet, they're all helpers, so that we can study, we should appreciate them for their efforts. So we see here that sacrifice one is to live their religion, at the level of you know what's comfortable for you. As long as it's comfortable, I'll do it. And the other is that you go a step higher. You're sacrificing either to gain it or to give it

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what does Allah subhanaw taala want from us, sacrifice, sacrifice in whatever capacity that you can. And when you do that, then you get the description of Allah Iike who will Muna *

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paella homophobia. What is concurring

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I just wanted to share, like, my experience at my home about my dad. So my mom, she started learning the Quran. So after that, like Ma, me and my sister and both my brothers, we started learning and so it caused a lot of money, right? But we never noticed that my dad never said anything. He just whenever my mom mentioned that, you know, I wanted to do this, I want to like put me in this course. And he's like, okay, fine, go ahead, I'll pay for it. And then I never actually realized what a sacrifice it was for him. And now that our neighbor, she wanted to learn the Quran, because she started the audio course, here. But her husband didn't support her. So she had to leave eventually.

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So I realized after that how great my dad would is because he's spending on us. He's making us you know, giving us the time and the support to you know, come and learn this. So we never think that way. We don't thank them. We just ignore that, you know, they're not doing take it for granted. We take it for granted. Exactly. But yeah, my mom's paying the fees. I mean, she has to obviously I'm her daughter. Who else would, but do you realize that the money is coming from somewhere, she could be saving up and buying herself nice shoes and nice bags every other month.

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But instead, she's spending so that you can study the Quran, she's facilitating that. Alright, so either we become those who are doing the work or become those who are facilitating the work

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when Lavina and Manu and those people who believe mimbar do after meaning, those people who become believers, after the time of the companions, after the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam wa Giroux and they migrate, meaning they get out of the state of sinfulness to a state of obedience, they migrate what Jaha do and as Dr. Markham with you, either it was that they joined the Prophet salatu salam later, or that they became Muslim afterwards for the struggle in the same cause. What does Allah say for Hola, ecoman calm so they are from among you. Meaning they will also attain similar levels because of their struggle because of their striving, because of their Hijra.

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And we see that there were people who never met the Prophet salallahu Salam, they wanted to, they became Muslim, but they could never join him because of whatever reason and they were struggling in their own lives. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the Companions about them that when you meet this person, ask him to make the offer you who was he?

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Always academy or the law horn.

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And we see here that it wasn't just the people who came soon after the prophets, Allah Salam, but until the Day of Judgment, the one who believes and follows the way of the companions of unity coming together, struggling for the religion, living the religion at the level of sacrifice, their level is really high.

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Once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked his companions, whose Eman do you think is amazing?

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So the Companions they said the angels because I mean the angels. There are so close to Allah subhanaw taala. So their Eman is really amazing. The prophets have a lot of time set and why wouldn't the angels believe when they are angels? I mean, they received direct orders from Allah subhanaw taala. They are naturally inclined to obedience. So what's so amazing about their Eman?

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So the companion said, okay, the prophets and the prophets of Allah Islam said, Oh, and why would their Eman be amazing because they receive revelation

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if they didn't believe that would be amazing. That would be surprising. So if they believe that's something expected

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so they said we are Ilana is amazing them because we're, I mean the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam said and why because you see the Prophet, that you are with the Prophet. Why would your iman be amazing? The prophets of Allah Islam said amazing is the man of those people who will come after you, who will come after you. They will find the book

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they will find the book meaning the Quran and they will read it and they will have they will accept Eman. They will believe on the basis of what the Quran their Iman is amazing. And they will not just believe they will strive

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in the way of Allah for the sake of the religion living as unsolved as why would you lean years after the Prophet sallallahu their Iman is truly amazing job.

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So ask yourself what level of faith

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What level of commitment?

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How do I live my religion? Is it just because it's a part of my life because my parents made this choice, that's why I'm living this religion or do I actually love the religion myself, so I am going to sacrifice something, either my time or my money or my prime years of my life, I will sacrifice because you see, this time also that you're sacrificing in order to learn their religion, it's a great sacrifice because many times we people don't want to, they struggle. Because this is a time when five days a week you go to school, so that you can have a good career and two days a week, you just 40 you enjoy yourself, right? But if you are taking up another course on the weekends, doubling

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your work, cutting out on your fun time, then that is a sacrifice. That is a big struggle, and may Allah reward you for that struggle, and put blessing in that struggle and make the struggle really meaningful. So when Medina Amanu those people who believe mimbar do after what had you Raja hadoo, Marco foot hula ecoman Come, then they are also from you. They're also among you. Their rank will be like yours? What little or ham, and the possessors of the womb? What does it mean all around those people who possess a relationship, meaning those who are related with you, because of the connection through the womb, meaning blood relatives? Allah says the blood relatives Barb, whom some of them

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hola are closer, more entitled to be bothered with others. And where's this written fee? Kitab Allah in the book of Allah, in Allah because Alisha in irlam Indeed, Allah is Knowing of everything. What does this mean? Oh, Allah is from the letters why will lamea wali friend hola closer. And it also means one who is more entitled. So the blood relatives are more entitled to one another? What is this referring to even our bus will blow or I knew he said that the MaHA Giardina and the unsought used to inherit from one another. When the bond of brotherhood was established between them, the more hygiene and the Assad used to inherit from each other initially. So imagine a person from

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Makkah, a person from Medina, if the prophets of Allah sort of made them brothers, then what happened if one of them died, the other would, would inherit from him who inherits relatives, right? So they would inherit from each other. And he said, Until Allah subhanaw, Taala abrogated that practice with the fixed share of near relatives, meaning when sort of the Messiah was revealed, and in that the fixed chairs of the relatives were appointed, then that abrogated. And this ruling, and that is again mentioned over here, that yes, there is the bond of brotherhood between the believers. But remember, that family is also something

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they also have some rights, because it happens and when people become very committed to their religion and very enthusiastic, then who do they neglect first and foremost, their families? There are two extremes either people say, My house, my children, I have to teach my children I have to look after my children. I have to support my family. That's why I don't have time for the religion. I read my Quran, I pray my salah, I go to a weekly halacha. And that's sufficient. I can't sacrifice beyond that. And there are others who say that, no, no, you have to sacrifice even if your children are going the other way. Doesn't matter. I'm going to come. I'm going to study the Quran. Even if I

00:33:37 --> 00:34:07

know that my 15 year old is watching movies after movies at home, talking to friends going out with people, I don't know what's happening in her life. I have my code on assignment do she's young, she'll get over it someday. No, there has to be a balance. And where does that balance come from? Where do we get that balance from, from the Sunnah from the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know he would be at a battle, and behind him, his daughter passed away.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:46

We learned that once the prophets of Allah son was at a battle and his daughter passed away. He didn't stay away from the battle just because his daughter was near death. The prophets Allah Allah was busy with something with the companions. This message was sent that his grandchild was dying, very sick. The prophets Allah loves him sent words of encouragement and patience to his daughter, and he stayed where he was. And again, the message was sent that please come, please come. And then eventually he came. Was it because he didn't care about his family? No, he cared about his family, definitely. But he also realized the urgency of the need of the Muslim community of what the

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

religion demanded from him at that time. So there has to be a balance where the family is important. The religion is also important and who can keep this balance? Who can keep it the one who takes the religion as a personal matter

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

because it's just like if you have two kids, if one is sick, well you forget about the other. I don't care if my baby needs a diaper change. My three year old daughter is sick, and I need to be by her side. And that baby is crying. Hungry? Will the mother neglect the baby? What will she do? Look after the sick child and look after the other child as well. Both are important. It's not either this or that. It's both. It is both both are important. If you become a mother, you're not exempt from your responsibilities towards your husband.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:03

Right? If you become a wife, you're still obligated towards your parents. Correct. You still have responsibilities as a neighbor, as a worker, as a student. If you go to work late, they ask you why. And you say, Oh, my husband really wanted me to have breakfast with him. So I got a little late. Will they accept it?

00:36:04 --> 00:36:07

That's it Enjoy your breakfast every morning with your husband, you're fired.

00:36:09 --> 00:36:09


00:36:10 --> 00:36:26

So what is necessary, work is important husband is important. So my school studies are important. And my Quran studies are important. Recently, I got this complaint that many students are not memorizing their lesson because they're saying they have exams.

00:36:27 --> 00:36:30

You have exams at school, and you have exams here too.

00:36:31 --> 00:37:15

Isn't it? You have both. And remember, we learned that a believer has to struggle extra. Right? So you have to struggle during the week and you have to struggle on the weekend. Why? Because you want extra reward Inshallah, right? Why are you encouraged to take extracurricular activities? Why? Because the more you do it, the farther you will go. So likewise, we want to go higher and higher in Jana. This is why we have to strive even more. And with this message, the Sula ends a very, very important message. First of all, sacrifice and secondly, balance. Both are important family and Dean. That's the sort of the recitation

00:37:17 --> 00:37:20

well levena Cabo boom

00:37:24 --> 00:37:26

in the fall, who that

00:37:27 --> 00:37:29

fits not to feel

00:37:30 --> 00:37:31


00:37:32 --> 00:37:37

Gaby will levena

00:37:38 --> 00:37:41

Joe Jana Goofy's

00:37:42 --> 00:37:43

he will learn

00:37:45 --> 00:37:51

all one Lavina one off Oh.

00:37:53 --> 00:37:57

Come home or remove me noona help for love.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:01

Feel on two worries.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:07

Caddy one levena.

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00:38:12 --> 00:38:14

now icon for all.

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about boom.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:37

No longer be Felicia in gnarly pain.

00:38:39 --> 00:39:20

So in sha Allah. The next order that we will study is pseudo Toba and Surah. Toba is one of those tools for which you really have to understand the Sidra of the Prophet salallahu Salam in order to understand the surah correctly. So I recommend that over the week, if you are able to read through a book of zero, just Medina and era from the time that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam migrated to Medina until basically he passed away. So if you can do that, that will be really good inshallah. And if I find some good lecture or something, I'll inshallah have it emailed to you, but please do go over it in sha Allah Subhana Allah Allah behind the ignition to Allah Illa illa Anta na

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stockbroker wanted to make a Salam or Aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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